Get a Little Taste of War Today

The Last Sons Player's GuideSo, you want to know your way around the bloodiest parts of the Weird West without looking behind the curtain of War’s secrets? We’ve got you covered.

The Last Sons Player’s Guide is now available, and it covers all the new player options—like new Edges, Hindrances, powers, and gear—that you need to expand the horizons of your Deadlands games, leaving the full-scale, all-out battle of a Plot Point Campaign for your Marshal’s eyes only. Round out your native heroes and get a deeper glimpse into the shadowy world of secret agents.

You wanna’ know the best part, partner? The Last Sons Player’s Guide is totally free to download along with The Flood Player’s Guide from the Pinnacle Downloads page. Don’t miss out on any of your Weird West options just ’cause you didn’t click on ’em!

Of course, if you want the full experience of The Last Sons, don’t let me stop you from getting The Last Sons PDF, preorderin’ a print copy of The Last Sons, or even goin’ whole hog and gettin’ The Last Sons Preorder Bundle. The choice is yours, amigo, but choose wisely!