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Ilina's Awkward Gaming Story Thread

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Joined: 13 Jan 2015
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 2:05 am    Post subject: Ilina's Awkward Gaming Story Thread Reply with quote

i decided to make a universal thread where people can share their recent and prior savage worlds gaming stories. there is no rule on the stories you share and the only rule i suggest, is to not insult or single out other participants for their stories, but share any stories you wish

to break the ice, here are a handful of stories from the last month

the bow idea got rejected and i was allowed to replace it with a 9 millimeter but i have some stories with the stingy Weekly William i would love to share to help encourage you to share some of your own stories

last month, i brought in my Psychometabolic Doctor, Ilina Selene Hawkins-Young, named after myself in a very beer and pretzels toned silly post apocalyptic modified savage worlds broken earth campaign. we have a party mostly from the Iron Shelter, a human Wierd Scientist named Jack, who has the Jack of All Trades Edge and deals with most of the knowledge and repairs, a male human vault security guard named Tuco, who is probably the best shot in the party with a D6+4 shooting die and no penalties on a moving vehicle, he has a Semi Auto Streetsweeper Military Shot Gun, a Bolt Action Rifle and tries to keep a minimum of 3 frag grenades at the start of each Adventure, Hector, a Male Synth who primarily fights with a katana and tower shield, but also has and M16 and a Bazooka, and our fifth member is another male Synth i will simply call Riddick for lack of a better name, Riddick has a Bazooka, a pair of Arm Blades, and a Streetsweeper as well

our Vehicle is a Deus and a Half outfitted with am M60. stinger missile ports, heavy armor, and enough space to carry lots of cargo, plus it has Ramming plates for Ramming other Vehicles

in a fight with what basically amounts to a platoon of T-850s, we barely won, by backing them into a retreat, despite them being greater in number and better armed

and there was a point were the small and cute doctor recieved a box of 10 Frag grenades from a cockroach dressed like Santa Clause, because Saint Nikolai be worse than the guy from Narnia and gives a box of 10 frag grenades to every cute little girl he sees, well, i had Quirk, childlike image as a hindrance. and it proved useful because the Cockroach was like "have you been a good little girl?" and i answered "yeppies, i saved 2 dozen lives in the last week alone" then i took 2 of the 10 and distributed the other 8 among the party.

but the session that ended 2 hours ago.

we end up in a psychic hotel nightmare, but after that, i talk down 10 guys with shotguns into not shooting us, by simplying playing the role of the Amiable little girl (who is really in her late twenties, not that anybody can really tell due to lucky genetics combined with experimentation), and telling them, "i'm this inventor's apprentice" pointing to the wierd scientist and telling them "we aren't members of the Wright household. we are just Scavengers out to make a living" so they let us pass

against a mini kraken, i used boost trait to boost Hector's driving skill and have him leap across a creek dukes of hazard style with an additional plus 2 with the side effect of knocking the squid onto dry land, running it over and having it die of suffocation

against a cybernetic gorilla, i use smarts tricks to distract the gorilla by making it look for an imaginary space marine corporal by the name of Jason Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes while the party hosed it down

against a dragon, well. i mean a 13 foot tall pyrokinetic chicken that uses pyrokinesis to fart fire, i had used radiation resistance power to give everyone radiation resistance 2 before entering the university for up to 24 hours, so the party had radiation resistance against the "dragon"

but because i was using psionics in non standard ways and solving a lot of problems or making them easier. i got a bonus experience point at the end of the session because the group normally shoots first and asks questions later

but, i wonder what stories you fellow Savages have to share.
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Sir Viliulfo

Joined: 30 Aug 2015
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:25 pm    Post subject: Sacrifice Reply with quote

We were playing a one-shot where we were a group of goblins who had set up a "toll" spot in a forest. A group of four adventurers and their 10 guards rode through. Refusing to pay, we attacked them. I was a goblin with sword, medium shield, and leather. I managed to take out their Dwarf Warrior, his horse, their Human Rogue, his horse, and a few guards. Someone's adventure card gave the adventurers allies, and a group of Crossbowmen showed up. They tried to shoot the other Goblin warrior, and my adventure card let me take the hit for him. It gave me a wound, where it could have killed him. After the adventurers and their guards had been killed, I started heading for the Crossbowmen while the others retreated. After 3 rounds of charging and almost making it to the 6 Crossbowmen, their focused fire killed me. The others escaped though.
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