Dons’ Game for Deadlands Noir

The much-anticipated Dons’ Game for Deadlands Noir was held at Gen Con 2012. All the Don-level supporters of the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter were treated to a special sneak-peek playtest of our upcoming setting of Deadlands in the gritty backstreets of a hard-boiled Big Easy of the 1930s. Games were run by our own gang of misfit palookas, including John Goff, Cheyenne Wright, Clint Black, and Shane Hensley!

Our thanks go out to our Dons and to everyone who helped make the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter such a rousing success. We can’t wait to bring you to our bloody bayous, swanky nightclubs, and voodoo gin joints!

We also appreciate Daniel W. Cisek of for the photos. Additional photos and Gen Con coverage are available on the Savage Worlds Explorers Society web page.