Are you planning to join us at a convention? Check out these tips from “Savage Mommy” Chris Fuchs and the Rocky Mountain Savages for Players and Game Masters.

Scheduled Convention Appearances:


January 12-14 PAX South San Antonio, TX  Jodi and Clint Black

February 15-18 2018 GenghisCon Aurora, CO Shane Hensley, Sean Patrick Fannon

February 16-18 2018 Con of the North Minneapolis, MN  Trigger

February 16-18 2018 RadCon Pasco, WA Scott Woodard, John Goff, Sara Quinn, Brendan Quinn

February 16-19 DunDraCon San Ramon, CA  Randy Mosiondz

February 23-25 ConNooga Chattanooga, TN  Jodi and Clint Black

March 9-11 MACE West Asheville, NC  Jodi and Clint Black

March 9-11, 2018 AndoCon Atlanta, GA  Sean Patrick Fannon

April 5-8 PAX East Boston, MA  Jodi and Clint Black;

May 4-6, 2018 Chupacabracon Round Rock, TX  Sean Patrick Fannon, Ed Wetterman

May 25-28, 2018 KublaCon Burlingame, CA Scott Woodard

June 1–3, 2018 ConCarolinas Charlotte, NC Jodi and Clint Black

June 13-17 Origins Columbus, OH  Jodi and Clint Black

August 2-5 Gen Con Indianapolis, IN  Jodi and Clint Black

August 31 – September 3 DragonCon Atlanta, GA  Jodi and Clint Black

Nov. 9–11 MACE Charlotte, NC Jodi and Clint Black

Nov. 30-Dec. 2 PAX Unplugged Philadelphia, PA Jodi and Clint Black


January 27-29 PAX South San Antonio, TX  Shane Hensley, Jodi and Clint Black, and Preston DuBose (Booth 10055 Carolina Game Tables)

February 10-12 OwlCon Houston, TX  Shane, Preston DuBose, Ed Wetterman

February 16-19 GhengisCon Aurora, CO  Ed Wetterman, Ross Watson, Sean Patrick Fannon

February 17-19 RadCon Pasco, WA John Goff

February 17-20 OrcCon Los Angeles, CA Scott Woodard

February 24-26 Con Nooga Chattanooga, TN Jodi and Clint Black

March 3-5 CoastCon Biloxi, MS Sean Patrick Fannon

March 10-12  PAX East Boston, MA Jodi and Clint Black

March 25 MACE West Asheville, NC Clint Black

May 12-14 ChupacabraCon Austin, TX Jodi and Clint Black

May 26-28 MantiCon Bloomington, MN Sean Patrick Fannon, Ross Watson

May 26-29 KublaCon San Francisco, CA Scott Woodard, Randy Mosiondz

May 26-29 MisCon Missoula, MT John Goff

June 2-4 ConCarolinas Concord, NC  Jodi and Clint Black

June 14-18 Origins Columbus, OH (In the Studio 2 Publishing booth) Jodi and Clint Black

June 30-July 2 Magic City Con Birmingham, AL Sean Patrick Fannon

July 15-16 Crit Hit Phoenix, AZ Sean Patrick Fannon

August 12 conFUSEcon Pasco, WA  Brendan and Sara Quinn

August 17-20 Gen Con Indianapolis, IN (In the Studio 2 Publishing booth) Jodi and Clint Black

September 1-4 Pacificon Santa Clara, CA Randy Mosiondz

September 1-4 DragonCon Atlanta, GA (That’s the gaming registration website. The official DragonCon page is HERE) Jodi and Clint Black

October 6-9 Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous Great Falls, MT John Goff

November 9-12 Con on the Cob Richfield, OH  Sean Patrick Fannon

November 10-12 MACE Charlotte, NC Jodi and Clint Black

November 17-19 PAX Unplugged Philadelphia, PA  Jodi and Clint Black

November 24-26 LosCon 44 Los Angeles, CA  Scott Woodard


January 29-31 PAX South San Antonio, TX Jodi and Clint Black

February 11-14 Genghis Con Aurora, CO Jodi and Clint Black, Sean Fannon, Ross Watson, Shane Hensley

March 5 Gamerati Game Day Tacoma, WA John Goff

March 17-20 GameStorm Vancouver, WA Scott Woodard, Brendan Quinn, Sara Quinn

March 18-20 MACE West Asheville, NC Jodi and Clint Black

March 25-27 Anomaly Con Denver, CO Sean Fannon, Ross Watson

April 21-24 Conclave of Gamers Denver, CO Sean Fannon

April 22-24 PAX East Boston, MA Jodi and Clint Black

April 30 GameCon Colorado Springs, CO Sean Fannon

May 13-15 Chupacabracon Austin, TX Jodi and Clint Black, Preston DuBose, Sean Fannon, Shane Hensley, Ross Watson, Ed Wetterman

May 27-30, MisCon 30 Missoula, MT John Goff

June 15-19 Origins Game Fair Columbus, OH Jodi and Clint Black, Joel Kinstle

August 4-7 Gen Con Indianapolis, IN Jodi and Clint Black, Scott Woodard, Cheyenne Wright

September 2-5 Dragon Con Atlanta, GA Jodi and Clint Black

September 16-18 Grand Con Grand Rapids, MI Sean Fannon

November 11-13 MACE Charlotte, NC Jodi and Clint Black, Joel Kinstle

November 10-13 Con on the Cob Richfield, OH Sean Patrick Fannon


February 13-15 RadCon Pasco WA John Goff, Sara Quinn, Brendan Quinn

February 13-15 Con of the North Plymouth, MN Michael Ysker

February 13-16 DunDraCon San Ramon, CA Randy Mosiondz

March 13-15 Conquest Sacramento, CA John Goff, Cheyenne Wright

March 16 through 20 GAMA Trade Show  Las Vegas, NV Shane Hensley

March 19-22 GameStorm Vancouver, WA Sara Quinn, Brendan Quinn

March 20-22 MACE West Asheville, NC Jodi Black, Clint Black

March 20 through 22 Mid-South Con  Memphis, TN Shane Hensley

March 26-29th AggieCon College Station, TX Ed Wetterman, Preston DuBose

March 27-29 Emerald City Comic-Con Seattle, WA Cheyenne Wright

April 2-5 Norwescon SeaTac, WA Cheyenne Wright

May 22-25 MisCon Missoula, MT John Goff

June 3-7 Origins Columbus, OH Steve Todd, Mike McNeil

July 30-Aug. 2 Gen Con Indianapolis, IN Shane Hensley, Jodi Black, Clint Black, John Goff, Teller, Randy Mosiondz, Steve Todd, Mike McNeil

August 8-9 IN-CON Courtenay, BC Randy Mosiondz

August 19-23 Worldcon Spokane, WA Cheyenne Wright

August 22 conFUSE Richland, WA Brendan Quinn, Sara Quinn

September 19-20 Rose City Comic Con Portland, OR Scott Woodard

October 15-18 Con on the Cob Brecksville, OH Steve Todd, Mike McNeil

November 13-15 MACE Charlotte, NC Jodi Black, Clint Black

November 13-15 AetherCon Shane Hensley, Scott Woodard, Aaron Acevedo, Alida Saxon

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