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The Guns of Dagerov Released for Accursed

The Guns of Dagerov Adventure for Meior Via's AccursedWith The Guns of Dagerov, the new adventure for Melior Via’s Accursed dark fantasy world, you and your allies get to confront the banes of Baba Yaga. Marching through Steppengrad in the winter is the kind of thing only fools would dare, but it’s exactly what you must do to turn the tides against the Grand Coven.

This full-length adventure written by Sean Patrick Fannon may be played as a stand-alone affair or nestled into the Plot Point Campaign included in Accursed. Don’t delay—rush your horrible monsters out into the bitter cold of winter and regret today!


Hellfrost Atlas of the Frozen North Kickstarter Begins

Hellfrost: Atlas of the Frozen North Kickstarter ProjectSee the frozen lands of Hellfrost in a detail never seen before! Back the Atlas of the Frozen North Kickstarter to unlock the secrets lost over countless millenia of snow and ice!

After many requests from devoted fans, Triple Ace Games is set to bring you the entire epic landscape of Rassilon. The Atlas of the Frozen North is currently set to be a 352-page hardcover book. In addition to the gorgeously detailed maps themselves, it will include rules for creating sacred places and expanded details on 49 other realms.

Check out the Atlas of the Frozen North Kickstarter today for full details on backer levels and rewards—and never be lost again!

Spotted on Kickstarter: Plugged Nickel Playing Cards

Plugged Nickel Playing Cards Kickstarter ProjectWe ran across the Plugged Nicked Playing Cards Kickstarter. It’s not affiliated with Pinnacle or any of the licensees, but it just screams Deadlands with its tag line—”Playing cards based on the Old West. And dead people. But mostly the Old West.”

Oh, sure, you could probably use these cards for virtually any Old West game if you wanted. But you know you’re thinking Deadlands, too. And don’t be a slowpoke—the Plugged Nicked Playing Cards Kickstarter ends this Friday!

While you’re out there (and only if your wallet can take it), you might want to poke around for other great themed decks for your various Savage Worlds games.

Happy Fourth of July!

Fourth of July FireworksAs we take to our back yards, pools, and parks to celebrate American Independence Day [or Good Riddance Day for at least some of our British cousins], we want to wish all of you a very happy summer season.* It’s time for watermelons, barbecues, and family vacations. There’s probably even a good dose of game convention time for some of you, too.

Whatever it is you’re getting up to this year, please take a minute and do it safely. Wear some sunscreen. Keep your picnic foods at proper temperatures. Obey pool rules. Don’t hold lit fireworks in your mouth.** Watch for ticks.

None of these things are particularly challenging, and many of them can make a great deal of difference in preventing something unfortunate from happening. As much as I wish you all the care-free fun that summer can bring, I truly hope to see you at the end of it, none the worse for wear.

Now, go. Have some fun. Make some memories.

*Yes, I am aware that some of you are south of the equator and aren’t so much having summer right now as winter. I hope you’re having a lovely time of it wherever you are, whatever season you’re having. Truly.
**Seriously, this is a problem every single year in my family.

Savage Reviews Added to the Savage Bloggers Network

Savage Worlds on the WebSavage Reviews is proud to be the newest member of the Savage Bloggers Network!

You might be surprised to hear this, but Savage Reviews provides short reviews of Savage Worlds products. I know, I expected videos of dancing bears, too, but push past that disappointment and check out their articles. You’ll be glad you did.

If you’d rather have your Savage Worlds news curated for you or want to find new Savage Worlds web sites, be sure to visit Savage Bloggers Network today. They can handle both those needs admirably!

Find the Queen of the Lost Valley

The Queen of the Lost ValleyGRAmel brings you The Queen of the Lost Valley, the sixth adventure for the Beasts & Barbarians fantasy settings for Savage Worlds.

The way through the Iron Mountains has been impassable for months. Surely you can help the enterprising merchant Jannah the Red evade or overcome the bandits of Justaios the Rebel. Perhaps you can use the long-forgotten pass Jannah has discovered on an ancient map and be the first to step into a valley left alone by civilization for centuries. Surely.

The Queen of the Lost Valley also includes a Book of Lore discussing the Iron Mountains, their savage people and a host of strange forgotten places.

Several Updates to the Suzerian Continuum

Suzerain ContinuumThere’s big changes coming to Savage Mojo’s Suzerain Continuum. First, the core Savage Suzerain PDF is now available on a pay-what-you-want basis. Between that, the free primer Suzerain Continuum , and the SuzeWiki, you’ll have most everything you need to add the Suzerain setting to your Savage Worlds game stable. 

But that’s not all that’s happening. All of the books are being updated to Savage Worlds Deluxe (where needed), getting a visual pick-me-up (including a new cover and all new art from Talon Dunning in Dogs of Hades), having stat blocks better standardized, and including any existing errata or updates. And print versions of all the books will be available as print on-demand through DriveThruRPG.

At this point, they’ve updated Savage Suzerain, Dogs of Hades, and Shanghai Vampocalypse. Noir Knights should be done very soon and then Caladon Falls should follow. If you’re bought any of these books as PDFs in the past, you’ll get the updated PDF for free. If you purchased Savage Suzerain, Dogs of Hades, Shanghai Vampocalypse, or their Player’s Guides from directly from Savage Mojo and have not received an email with a discount code, contact

Moon Valley, New Accursed Adventure, Released

Moon Valley for Melior Via's AccursedMelior Via has released Moon Valley, a new adventure for their dark fantasy setting Accursed. This scenario can be played as a stand-alone adventure or incorporated into the Accursed Plot Point Campaign.

Some of the Chimera’s experiments have begun to migrate, wreaking more havoc that usual. Homes are abandoned, lands are stripped bare of plants and game, and fleeing residents are attacked. Can you defend Moon Valley from the encroachment of creatures as hideous as you are? Can you find out what these new monsters hope to achieve?

Steamscapes Releases the Gungslinger’s Guide

Gunslinger's Guide for SteamscapesThe Gunslinger’s Guide is now available for Steamscapes. With extensive setting information, optional rules, and an extensive weapon customization system, the Gunslinger’s Guide offers more play options and story hooks for shootists in the Steamscapes world.

Keep your gadgets and goggles and machines. With a gun and this guide, the world is your shiny, target-shaped oyster!

Race for the Jade Scroll—New One Sheet for Day After Ragnarok!

Race for the Jade Scroll One Shot for Day After RagnarokAtomic Overmind Press has released Race for the Jade Scroll, a new One Sheet adventure for The Day After Ragnarok. Explore Hong Kong in full Savage Worlds style in the world after Serpentfall—all with quick and easy game prep for the GM.

Hong Kong is home to criminals, eccentrics, rebels, refugees, and an occupying Japanese army. But a letter telling you of the death of your old friend living in the city—former Oxford University Professor Cyrus Lockheart—has arrived. He’s left certain papers and personal effects to you, broadly hinted to be of great value—but they must be retrieved in person. Where will this strange bequest, and its even stranger outcomes, take you? Can you win the Race for the Jade Scroll?