Support Zombie Noir—The Goon™ Kickstarter Launches Next Week!

The Goon for Savage Worlds KickstarterSpring—it brings us warmer weather, wildflowers, and The Goon™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter, March 28th through April 13th! Be the best antihero you can be!

Whether you join the Goon’s crime syndicate, start your own, or even play as Goon, Franky, and the crew, you get to join in Dark Horse Comics’™ darkly funny setting. Bust up the guys what need bustin’, resist the bleak tide of suffering, and try not to get too beat up by the occasional giant squid.

Save the date for March 28th at noon Eastern for the launch of The Goon™ RPG Kickstarter to learn full details on backer levels, timing, and Stretch Goals. There’s too much Goon goodness to stuff in a regular-size book, so this one’s bonus-sized!

Think things can’t be any better than this? Hold on to your .38s, because it’s a Kickstarter Double Feature with Fear Agent™ RPG for Savage Worlds! Get a whole team of Dark Horse settings soon!

The Fear Agent™ Kickstarter Brings the Terror Back to Pulp Sci-Fi! Launching Next Week!

Fear Agent for Savage Worlds KickstarterWhen you can’t get your planet back, at least you can get revenge! Grab your blasters and bubble helmets, it’s almost time for the Fear Agent™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter!

Mark your calendars: Fear Agent™ RPG Kickstarter runs March 28th–April 13th!

Earth is collateral damage in a war between two alien races, and what’s left of humanity get thrown into a galaxy of terror and adventure we never knew existed! With more twists than anaconda yoga, it’s only going to get darker out there in space…

Start your journey at the Fear Agent™ Kickstarter—see what backer levels, rewards, and Stretch Goals await you in the cold night of Dark Horse’s pulp sci-fi setting. A setting this big won’t fit in a standard-sized book, and it’s spilled out into all sorts of accessories!

If that’s not enough, the Fear Agent™ Kickstarter is only half of the Kickstarter Double Feature! Be sure to get a gander at The Goon™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter, too. Both launch at noon Eastern March 28th!

Pine Box Entertainment Calls Out the Champion Kid!

No, the Champion Kid isn’t some dangerous new Doomtown Reloaded card with an early bed time. Her name is Maia and she’s a nine-year-old genuine winner of a Doomtown Reloaded tournament—with a tough deck, to boot! Shoot-outs are right fine places for the young’uns to have fun!

What, you didn’t realize Doomtown Reloaded was back in town? Not only has Pine Box Entertainment kept it walkin’ on top of Boot Hill, but you can hear them interviewed on Analog Gaming! Keep up with the news, and be ready to draw, partner.

Join the Savage Worlds Retailers Squad!

Savage Retailers ProgramDid you get the great bundle offers we recently sent out to our Savage Retailers? We hope so, because we hate the thought of any retailers missing out!

Be sure to register with Savage Retailers to keep up-to-date on products and offers, and we’ll get you listed on our Savage Retailer Search to help people find you!

Are you looking for a retailer? Need a friendly game store to browse our product line and put down some of that cash that weighs down your pockets so uncomfortably? Be sure to check out that Savage Retailer Search today!

Mythic Campaign Kickstarter for Savage Worlds Relaunches

Mythic KickstarterTechnical difficulties. Sometimes it’s static on your television, sometimes you can’t find that file on your computer, and sometimes you have to relaunch your Kickstarter because you just can’t edit something. Yeesh.

Official Savage Worlds Licensee Chimera Press invites you to check out their relaunch of Mythic: Ennam & Saduri for Savage Worlds Kickstarter! Come visit their fantasy world rich in analogs to some of the greatest cultures of our past with a Savage spin, and join in as it expands!

For full details on backer levels and rewards, be sure to check out the Mythic Kickstarter today! Don’t let it pass you by—the target is fairly modest before the Stretch Goals start kickin’ in!

Knight Errant Releases FREE Titan Effect Demo Kit

TitanEffectDemoKitKnight Errant Media, an Official Savage Worlds Licensee, is proud to announce their first release for Savage Worlds with the FREE demo kit of their upcoming espionage science fiction setting, Titan Effect.

Titan Effect is set in a contemporary world where psychic spies clash with genetically enhanced soldiers in a secret war—with the future of human evolution at stake.

Take on the role of a trained operative gifted with psychic abilities. Perform dangerous missions all over the world for the international clandestine organization known as the SPEAR, and fight against dangerous creatures and organizations. Survive long enough, and maybe you will be able to make a difference.

You think you have what it takes to become a SPEAR operative? Find out now with the free Titan Effect Demo Kit!

If you are a fan of Metal Gear Solid, Tom Clancy, the X-Men, or just curious, this setting is for you! And the price is just right.

Boost Your Luck with Our Big Bennies Sale!

BenniesIt’s a confusing week. Between this update and the next we’ll have the harmony of Pi Day, the unfortunate terror of the Ides of March, capped with the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! How’s a person supposed to watch out for their own fortune in such tumultuous times? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our fabulous Boost Your Luck Benny Sale!

For a limited time, we’ll put more luck in your hands, cheaper than ever, all with beautiful setting-themed artwork. All our Bennies are on sale for 15% off—even the double-sized pack it takes for a full pot of Deadlands Fate Chips!

This is your chance to score big with our 20* different Bennies and Fate Chips! While you’re at it, look at all our other accessories. Would you believe we have Savage Worlds Power Armor available? I hope not, because we don’t—but there is lots of other good stuff up there!

* See what I did there? That’s a “score” joke. Think Lincoln, not hockey. There might be a reason I write these instead of Hollywood comedies.

Savagepedia—A Trove of Fan License Material

Savage Worlds Fan License ProjectsHas your creative spring sprung just as Spring is coming? Curious about what other gamers and GMs are thinking? I know of just the thing for you.

Check out Savagepedia, a wiki filled with Savage Worlds Fan License creations—from full settings to house rules and tweaks! We’ve always been amazed at what Savage Worlds players have come up with for their home games, and bringing so much of it together in one handy space can be awe-inspiring.

I’m still waiting for Deadline: A Savage Worlds Setting of Weekly Web Updates in a Dark World with Sharks. I suspect I may be waiting quite a while. If you want something remotely plausible, though, go see what Savagepedia has to offer!

The Savage Cast Strikes Again!

Savage Cast Episode 16It’s happened again! The Savage Cast has snuck up on us and released a new episode!

Listen as guest host David Garrett joins the Savage Mommy* and the Savage Bull** to talk about meta considerations and news of the Savage Worlds world!

* If you don’t know him, his name is Chris. No, really.

** After that last footnote, I really wish I could add “If you don’t know her, her name is Millicent.” Sadly, that would be inaccurate and misleading, but funny.

Rifts® for Savage Worlds Powers and Mega Powers List

RIFTS_Powers_List900We heard a brilliant suggestion a while back: to create one file with both the powers from Savage Worlds and their Mega Power version from Rifts®: The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide.

The Powers and Mega Powers List saves those of you new to Savage Worlds from flipping between the two books every time you use a power or Mega Power. Game play should be a few seconds faster this way! It’s is perfect for player and Game Master alike.

If you supported our Rifts® for Savage Worlds Kickstarter then you already have a copy in your Pinnacle account as a bonus! If you missed the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter, or just want a handy compilation of a lot of cool powers for Savage Worlds, check out the Rifts® for Savage Worlds Powers and Mega Powers List today!