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Savage Worlds Stopovers on the Information Superhighway

Savage Worlds on the Web: An Interview with Shane HensleyThe internet isn’t filled with just cat pictures and, uh, let’s say “baseball statistics,” you know. Sometimes, there’s Savage Worlds stuff, too!

Cheyenne Wright made an interesting little Google Story of Cheyenne’s trip to ConQuest Sacramento with John Goff. It’s a really nifty annotated picture album of the trip, including preferred candies, that time they got surprised by a mountain range, and photos of John Goff himself worthy of framing.*

If you want your pictures moving, check out this 50 Fathoms fan-made game trailer. Now that’s quite the impressive combination of recruiting, invitation, and save-the-date card!

And if you want your Savage Worlds reference wrapped in a big ol’ sci-fi magazine, see if you can spot the full-page Savage Worlds ad in the latest Sci Fi Max magazine!

* Admittedly, I’m not really sure what decor calls for framed pictures of John Goff. Come to think of it, I suspect that applies to most anyone in gaming.


Stone is Coming Your Way!

Stone and a Hard Place for Deadlands ReloadedYou know, when we said that that Stone and a Hard Place would be shipping almost immediately after the Dead Men Walking Kickstarter duo concluded, we meant that! The Stone and a Hard Place PDF has already released to Kickstarter backers, and it will be available for preorders starting next week.

Heck, if your draw is half as speedy as our fulfillment, you might just stand a chance when the right hand of Death comes a-callin’. Oh, who are we kiddin’…you probably don’t…

Savage Insider Open Call for Contributors!

Savage Insider Call for SubmissionsHave you ever wanted to write in the gaming industry? Now’s your chance!

Savage Insider is sending out an open call for contributors. They’re looking for both writers and artists, so be sure to check the full details of what they’re looking for and send in a submission today.

If you’re interested in breaking into the wider world of game publication, a piece in a known magazine is a real feather in your cap. Don’t let this opportunity just pass you by!

Kids Play Savage Worlds with Disney Action Figures

Savage Worlds on the WebWant to see the next generation of Savage Worlds players in action? Want some ideas for using your Skylanders or Disney Infinity figures in tabletop gaming? Want an actual play video different than any you’ve seen so far? Then we’ve got exactly the thing for you with Living 4 CritsSavage Skylander v. Disney Infinity Skirmish video!

Of course, if you’re the heartless sort who’s not interested in the gaming equivalent of a cute-kittens-and-kids video, just move on along. Move on along.

Dead Men Walking Now at Rest!

Dead Men Walking Kickstarters Fundified!That’s it, amigos—our Dead Men Walking Kickstarter duo has reached the end of the line. Actually, they both went way past the end of the line with wild success! Both the Cackler Graphic Novel Kickstarter and the Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter closed last Thursday.

The Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter raised just over $50,000 of our $6,000 target, meeting every stretch goal we put out for it!

The Cackler Graphic Novel Kickstarter raised just over $35,000 of the higher $20,000 target, likewise meeting every single stretch goal we set for it. With over 500 backers, it even met the stretch goals laid out in the Cackler’s Challenge to wildly expand the Stone and a Hard Place rewards!

The Dead Men Walking campaign was a new challenge for us in many ways. We’d never considered running two Kickstarters at the same time, and some people told us we were mad for even thinking it! I guess we know who’s crazy now, eh? The Cackler Graphic Novel was also a bit of unknown territory for us, too, as we walked with Visionary a little way off from our normal RPG hunting grounds. But with friends and fans like you, we can do anything! We want to sincerely thank you for all your help and support, and we hope you’re looking forward to these two great products that will reshape the story of the Weird West for years to come!

Pranac Pursuit Adventure Released for The Last Parsec!

Pranac Pursuit, a Last Parsec Adventure for Savage WorldsThe scout ship Distant Light was last heard from going into the Pranac System. When a whole ship goes missing people get touchy—whether it’s the loss of investment, the loss of the crew, or simple fear of the unknown, everyone has their own reasons.

It’s best if someone finds her, and finds her fast. It’s time for your group of heroes to negotiate with strange aliens, explore a primeval planet, and solve the mystery of the so-called “sages” to find the ship and her missing crew, before it’s too late.

Pranac Pursuit is a 23-page adventure for the Last Parsec written by Sterling Hershey. Don’t leave those poor souls lost in hostile space—play Pranac Pursuit today and be the hero we know you can be!

Pinnacle Starts March Convention Season!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouMarch is the time to get out of the house, visit a game convention or two, and catch a member of the Pinnacle staff loose in the wilds. For the next few weeks, it looks like we’re going to be nearly everywhere!

Catch us at any of these fine shows. We’d love to see you. We’d also love to see your photos of our games in action, so be sure to tag them with PEG when you upload them to social media!

Be sure to watch for us. We’ll be watching for you…

Fabled Environments Kickstarts Floor Plans of the Wild West

Fabled Environments Wild West Floor Plans KickstarterWhether you’re riding the dusty trails of the Wild West for fun, glory, or a higher purpose, you’re eventually gonna’ get your fill of the great and majestic out-of-doors. One day, you’re going to need to go inside.

You might want to a buy a drink, pray in a church, sell a saddle, or just sleep in a real bed, but you’re going to have to go in a building to do that. Wouldn’t it work out better if you had a building to go into?

Fabled Environments has you covered with their new Wild West FloorplansKickstarter. They’re applying their renown for crafting realistic and incredibly usable layouts to the buildings of the old west, and this is your chance to get in on the ground floor.*

To be honest, this looks like the most value-filled Kickstarter I’ve ever seen. Stretch goals will be adding a building for every $250 after their funding goal, there’s bonus products from other game publishers, and you can even get the entire Fabled Environments DriveThruRPG catalog for only $100! Be sure to check out the Wild West FloorplansKickstarter today for all the details!

* Remember, getting in on any other floor will be harder and may require a ladder…

Dead Men Walking ‘Cross the Finish Line!

The Cackler Graphic Novel KickstarterStone and a Hard Place KickstarterThis is your last chance to hitch your wagon to the Dead Men Walking Kickstarter duo. Both the Cackler Graphic Novel Kickstarter and the Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter close Thursday, March 5, at 7:00 pm Eastern Time.

Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter is about 900% funded and has met all the stretch goals we’ve put on it. Don’t let this fantastic Plot Point Campaign and general southwest setting book pass you by—back Stone before that dangerous varmint gets away from you, and remember the Cackler’s Challenge!

The Cackler Graphic Novel Kickstarter is about 150% funded and even met the Cackler’s Challenge! At 500 backers, we unlocked a slew of additional content for the Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter—that’s new Deadlands Reloaded Game Master Screen Inserts, The Lone Killers of the Southwest with stats and adventure seeds for notorious outlaws, and the never-before-published Deadlands Reloaded version of Dead Men Walking, the most lethal Deadlands adventure Shane runs! Don’t get left out in the cold when we start a new chapter in Deadlands history—back the Cackler while you still can!

To those of you who’ve already backed either or both of our Dead Men Walking Kickstarter pair, our sincere thanks. It’s your support and spreading the word that helps make all this possible, and we couldn’t be happier that you’ve come along with us for this ride deep into the Weird West!