Reviews, Discussions, and Podcasts—Oh My!

Savage Worlds on the WebWhere are those extinguisher ear muffs—our ears are really burning! Who’s talking about Savage Worlds lately?

The fine folks at The Gauntlet Podcast  have a new episode that includes a discussion of Necessary Evil and Savage Worlds in general. That part starts around the twelve minute mark, but feel free to listen to the whole thing—the more you know, and all that.

Forgot My Dice has put out a dedicated review of Savage Worlds in anticipation of the release of Rifts® for Savage Worlds. They also go into highlights of quite a few settings.

There’s also a new episode of The Wild Die: A Savage Worlds Podcast out there for you. It’s got a pretty wide variety of topics in it, so buckle up for the whole ride!


GRAmel Releases Prison of the Dragon God

GRAmel's Prison of the Dragon GodWelcome to Bailongan, jewel of the southern seas. There are secrets here—nefarious Sky Pirates preying on the helpless, strange jellyfish people, dangerous Imperial Japanese forces under the mystical Black Dragon Society, and a volcano hiding a darker secret still. Danger, excitement, and things that really shouldn’t be in the skies await you in the Prison of the Dragon God!

The Prison of the Dragon God is a pulp adventure for Savage Worlds from licensee GRAmel Games. It has enough setting material and story hooks to start a pulp campaign of your own on the exotic island of Bailongan, or it could be a standalone adventure for a group of four or so (with pre-generated characters included as a option).

Why wait? The Pacific is calling you—or is that something else calling entirely?

The Cackler Comes to Town—In Hardback!

The Cackler Graphic NovelThe identity and plans of the Cackler are a Deadlands mystery twenty years in the making, and the answers are finally in your grasp! The Cackler graphic novel and PDF is available for immediate purchase—make it yours now!

Who is this man? Why is he so terrifying that the Union and the Confederacy are willing to work to together to stop him? What dark purpose does he have for a very specific girl? Can her reformed witch sister save her? Get the answers to all your questions as well as hints at the future of the Deadlands timeline today with your own copy of The Cackler!

Art for this tale of Weird Western woe is by the legendary Bart Sears, a true master of the medium. He’s worked for every major comic publisher, from Marvel to DC, Valiant to Crossgen. Colors are by the amazing Michael Atiyeh, who includes DC, Dark Horse, and Star Wars credits to his name!

Savage Worlds Messenger Bag Now Available!

Savage Worlds Messenger BagYou really can take it with you, and you can take it with you in style with the new Savage Worlds Messenger Bag.

This is not just some sack with a logo, either! This black polycanvas messenger bag has pockets for pens, a water bottle, and a nice roomy 13″ x 11″ x 3″ pocket for your Savage Worlds books!*

Lift the flap with a secure Velcro closure to marvel at the interior organization, including a media pocket with earbud port. There’s even an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle.

Quit fumbling with your stuff and look really, really cool—grab your own Savage Worlds Messenger Bag today!

* I guess you could put other stuff in there if you wanted to. We won’t judge.

Ghostwalkers Nominated for the Dragon Awards

Ghostwalkers, a Deadlands Novel from TorGhostwalkers, the debut Deadlands novel by Jonathan Maberry, just keeps getting more recognition. It’s already won a prestigious Scribe Award nomination, and now it’s been nominated for the inaugural Dragon Awards! Check out the whole slate of nominees.

If you’ve not had the chance to read it yet, pick up your own copy of Ghostwalkers today! You can even preorder the next Deadlands novel, Thunder Moon Rising. Heck, if you’re feeling lucky (and quick), you can still enter to win a copy of Ghostwalkers!

Reviews from R’lyeh on Deadlands

Savage Worlds Reviews on the WebOkay, here’s something you just don’t see every day—at least not now. Catch Reviews from R’lyeh’s piece on the original Deadlands RPG.

Yes, the original, from 1996. Sure, it’s a bit of a throwback, but the twentieth anniversary of Deadlands has some people reminiscing!




Visit GRAmel’s Garden of Death!

Garden of Death for GRAmel's Beasts & BarbariansThere is a place, among the dreaded mountains of the fallen Realm of Keron. There, those dead before their time wake up, alive, to enjoy a new life. It is a place of forbidden marvels, exotic beauties and obscure terrors. A place difficult to enter, nearly impossible to leave. Dare you enter the Garden of Death?

The mysteries of old Keron await the heroes in the Garden of Death, GRAmel’s seventh adventure for their Beasts & Barbarians setting!  In addition to the adventure, you’ll get an extensive Book of Lore dedicated to the Fallen Realm of Keron, its many dangers and forbidden secrets.

Weird War I Preorders Close Wednesday

Even the War to End All Wars came to a close, so too do the Weird War I preorders. Wednesday is the last day to place Weird War I preorders on BackerKit.

For our friends in Europe, remember that preorders through BackerKit have much friendlier EU shipping and tax breaks.

Watch this space for final shipping dates and more news in the near future!

Savage Rifts® Resources and Videoplays!

Rifts for Savage Worlds on the WebRifts® for Savage Worlds is quickly becoming a world of many worlds unto itself! I suggest you come for a nice long visit soon.

Be sure to check out the G+ Savage Rifts® Community, and don’t forget to join the Savage Rifts® Facebook Group. Along with all the great conversations, there’s a lot of very enthusiastic folks creating (and re-creating) great races, cool ideas for Iconic Frameworks, and talking about their adventures in Savage Rifts®.

You can also watch a videocast of Ross Watson running the Savage Rifts® All Stars game at Ropecon. The first three and a half hours is all his game, run for designers and well-known folks in the Finnish gaming community. See it in action—with Finns!

Gen Con 2016: A Glance Back

Pinnacle Entertainment Group at Gen ConGen Con 2016 was a great time—and a great time to play Savage Worlds.

Our own Clint Black ran a couple demos of Rifts® for Savage Worlds, and they were filled in the first five minutes of sign-up! Some folks were waiting two hours for chance. Check out one of his crowds in this handsome photo, including Palladium‘s Kevin Siembieda:
Clint Black's Savage Worlds Game at Gen Con 2016

All of the games went fast! If you’ve ever thought about running a game at Gen Con and wanted to make sure you had players, running Savage Worlds seems like a great way to do it. And don’t forget—Savage Worlds GMs who have a game on the books get swag at the Pinnacle Booth. Free stuff and a good time? Sounds like you should sign up for next year!