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Geek Watch One Interview with Shane Hensley

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebKylan and Ken of Geek Watch One interviewed our own Shane Hensley at Get Con. Rather than seal the interview deep in a vault, they bundled it with several other pieces from Gen Con into one massive convention episode: Straight Outta GenCon!

If you want to go straight to Shane, he’s at the 111:30 mark. No, that’s really three ones—there’s a lot of Gen Con, you know! But don’t just listen to Shane, catch the whole thing. After all, you wouldn’t eat just the peanuts from your Peanut M&Ms, would you?


Find Us at ConFuseCon Game Day This Weekend!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouOur very own webmasters Sara and Brendan—the fine folks who make this page itself work—are going to be at ConFuseCon Game Day in Richland, Washington this Saturday, August 25. If you’re gong to be anywhere near the area, drop by, say hi, and play a game or two in the Pinnacle-sponsored Savage Saturday Night games!

Seriously, drop on by. The event is free to attend and family-friendly. What are you waiting for?

New Releases for Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop SoftwareThe latest Savage Worlds releases from Fantasy Grounds are ready to go, and it’s a gritty bunch.

Take your chances among the not-so-dearly departed with War of the Dead: Chapter One. Where were you on the day the earth died? Find out on Fantasy Grounds!

Looking for a game with a little more of a future to it? Try out Interface Zero 2.0 for a future not so very far from our own, but riddled with the problems that make cyberpunk and transhumanism so very exciting!

And don’t forget all the Savage Worlds titles available right now at the Fantasy Grounds Store! Check it out and make your on-line gaming smoother, easier, and more fun.

Necessary Evil 2 Coming in Two Weeks!

Black hand compoundIt’s the superhero prequel of the summer, the one that you demanded be made—Necessary Evil 2: Break Out! And you can get your hands on it in just two weeks!

When the evil v’sori destroyed earth’s superheroes, the resistance fell on the shoulders of its supervillains—including you! The nefarious resistance of New York City was one of the last to hold out against the new alien overlords, and the v’sori responded by “quarantining” Manhattan in an unbreakable energy field. Can you survive the ongoing battles for food, weapons, and dominance? Deal with the powerful gangs and the Black Hand’s black market? Handle the strange creature swarms in the sewers and subways? Can you even, possibly, Break Out?

In just two weeks, you can get your hands on the exciting prequel to Necessary Evil. It details the New York City Prison setting, complete with Plot Point Campaign for Street Level super villains trapped inside. You’ll need Savage Worlds and the Super Powers Companion, but the original Necessary Evil is purely optional—fantastic, but optional.

Gen Con Podcast Follow-Ups

Savage Worlds on the WebWell, Gen Con is behind us for another year (or just eleven months away, depending on how you look at it). While most of us have been sorting through our new stuff or getting back into our routine, some of the podcasters out there have been productive!

Gamerstable has put out a flattering discussion of why they love Savage Worlds. Be sure to listen to Episode 225: Savage Worlds Lovefest to get the full effect.

G2V Productions has released G2V Extra: Gen Con 2015 Part 1 (and Part 2). Not only do they discuss the Flash Gordon announcement, they talk with Scott Woodard, the Sixth Gun RPG author and Flash Gordon RPG Brand Manager!

The internet is chock full of good stuff. Go out and listen to some of it!

Carolina Game Tables Launches Kickstarter!

Kickstarter Video Static ImageTwo of our own, Jodi Black and Clint Black, have announced Carolina Game Tables and their Kickstarter launch. We’re excited to see what their experience in the furniture industry will bring to our game rooms everywhere! In their own words:

“When we announced the Kickstarter for Carolina Game Tables in the PEG Seminar at Gen Con, we were stunned and humbled by the cheers from the Savages. What a show of support! Thank you! Even though this is not a Pinnacle product, it certainly reflects our Fast! Furious! Fun! philosophy for Savage Worlds. We think gamers In Real Life want the least prep time and the most rewarding games—and they want a table they can dine on all week long but have ready for gaming anytime they want to play.”

Be sure to visit Carolina Game Tables on the web, on Facebook, on Google Plus, on Twitter (@game_tables), and on Kickstarter!

Kickstarter News for Conan: Rise of Monsters

ReaperThe Conan: Rise of Monsters Kickstarter crested $100,000, and they couldn’t have been happier with the support and enthusiasm of their backers. So, you might be wondering why it was closed down.

Fear not! In the latest CROM Kickstarter Update, they explain it all. With the strength of the Kickstarter and the possible interest of Reaper Miniatures, they are “going to cancel our current Kickstarter, readjust some things given the advantages this new alliance gives all of us, and come back stronger sometime later this year.”

Watch for Conan again later this year, even stronger…

A Tale of Two Killers—And Much More!

DLR-A-Tale-of-Two-Killers_webToday’s a good day, amigo. Well, it’s a good day if you like more adventure in your Weird West, because it’s comin’ for you with a vengeance!

Matt “No Mercy” Cutter’s PDF adventure, A Tale of Two Killers, featuring both Stone and The Cackler’s gang is available right now! Pull back the curtain and see what the Cackler can really do in an adventure previously only available to Kickstarter backers.

But that’s not all. Thank our five extra-special Dead Man Walking backers—because of their unparalleled support, we’re rolling out a gang of five Deadlands One Sheets! Each adventure features a unique Deadlands hero in the Wild Southwest: Eyes Like Embers , …Is That You?,  Mound of Doom, Shotgun Wedding,  and Strikebreakers.

Enterprising Marshals can assemble the five One Sheets and PDF adventure into a mini-Plot Point…that leads right into Stone and Hard Place!

Conan: Rise of Monsters Kickstarter Launches!

Conan: Rise of Monsters Kickstarter SetsOur own Shane Hensley is a founder of Pulposaurus Games, who just launched their CONAN Kickstarter live at GenCon.

Pinnacle doesn’t have the Conan RPG license, but we know plenty of you already play Savage Conan on your own and this is a great way to get amazing premium prepainted minis for less than the cost of most average RPG minis!

Since Shane was one of the designers, you can be sure it’s as fast, furious, and fun as our own Savage Worlds. And did we mention premium prepainted minis from the savage world of Hyboria!!?

Take a look at what all you get and please check out the Kickstarter now!

The Last Parsec Bundles—Future Space Available Here and Now

The Last Parsec Total Bundle VirtualThe sci-fi future of The Last Parsec is now available in specialty bundles. Get everything you need for what you want to do, and save yourself a few credits while you’re at it! Each bundle fills a different niche, and The Last Parsec Core book is an optional add-on for all of them.

Space is yours to command. Grab the tools today and save yourself some money!