Anticipation and Excitement for Savage Rifts®

Rifts for Savage Worlds on the WebI hope you’ve all enjoyed your holidays and new year amid the crescendo of Savage Rifts® talk we’re hearing lately. Some of you are still waiting for your packages, staring out your mail slots with hungry eyes. Others are scanning the pages even now. We know you’re both excited groups, but remember to eat, bathe, and go to work!

From the I-just-can’t-wait camp, visit Geek & Sundry for their
Roleplaying Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2017 list. Yep, you’ll see Savage Rifts® on there, along with some other things I’d never even heard of until I read the article! It’s definitely worth a look.

From the look-what-I-got camp, be sure to watch the Rifts® Kickstarter Unboxing from Eric from Bloat Games. It’s always nice to see people’s eyes light up, and you’ll get a good look at some of the games you might still be waiting on.

If you’re wondering where your Kickstarter stuff is—whether it’s about to be shipped, is in transit, or may have been stolen by that neighbor that keeps poaching your packages—check the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter Updates for the details!

Pranac Pursuit Reviewed

Savage Worlds Reviews on the WebJames Walls of Living 4 Crits has a review and recap of Pranac Pursuit, an adventure for The Last Parsec. He’s shared his take on the setting, the adventure, and the genre itself!

Why should you listen to his opinion? This is a man who not only has run Pranac Pursuit, but has read every single item available for The Last Parsec that currently exists! That’s a level of dedication you just don’t see every day.



Two New Shaintar Releases from Savage Mojo

Prelacy of CamonIn news of classical high fantasy, Savage Mojo has released two new products for ShaintarPrelacy of Camon and The Freelands.

Prelacy of Camon is a guidebook to the theocratic state controlled by the Church of Archanon. How did they come to power? What lie is the secret they keep to maintain control? Find out many of their secrets as well as new gear, Edges, and powers!

The FreelandsThe Freelands details a stubborn people married to the concept of personal choice, a land without King or Queen. The council of Lanthor presents itself as the face of the region to the rest of the world, but each community has its own goals and values. Discover the beginnings of Shaintar’s history and how this area has survived without being gobbled up by another country.

Happy New Year from Pinnacle!

Savage Worlds' Brave New YearThe year is nearly over, and 2016 has definitely left its mark. We’ve lost many friends, celebrities, and luminaries. There’s been war and terrorism throughout the world. Economies and politics have been exciting in the old-Chinese-curse sense of the word. As easy as it can be to focus on what’s gone wrong in 2016, it’s not been all bad.

We’ve had nearly 150 million new babies join us, filled with hope and wonder. Advances have been made in nearly every field of human endeavor, including several hopeful new lines of antibiotic research. Interest and drive to explore has reignited with a public passion for Mars. On a smaller but no less important scale, new friends have been made and good times have been had by nearly all of us.

In gaming, Pinnacle has brought several new settings to Savage Worlds and you’ve taken us to new heights with our Kickstarter projects. Savage Worlds has come to more languages and more parts of the world. Our licensees, including Fan Licensees, have grown and come up with an amazing cornucopia of settings and accessories—their creativity and drive continues to be an inspiration and amazement.

As much as we look forward to what we’re going to bring you in 2017 and what we’ll see from fans and licensees, we hope that you’re able to join us in having hope for the new year. Be open to new things and people, and accept the small and unexpected joys you encounter in life. And be sure to share your happiness with friends and family.

Oh, and for all the math geeks out there, we can clearly have high hopes for 2017—it is a prime number, after all.

Savage Mojo Releases Adepts Orders & Citadels for Shaintar

ShaintarLogoMages aren’t the only ones who build schools. The Adepts have their own places of learning, and now you can learn all about them! Shaintar Black Lantern Report: Adept Orders & Citadels by Savage Worlds licensee Savage Mojo brings you behind the scenes.

See how Adepts master the ability to subtly influence or directly attack the minds of others and take a tour of the Citadels throughout the land. New Edges, gear, and rumors to be investigated will help bring your Shaintar game to new heights. Are you ready?

Happy Holidays From Pinnacle!

Happy Holidays from PinnacleTo all our friends out there in gaming land, Pinnacle Entertainment wishes you the happiest of holidays and good fortunes in the upcoming new year!

Before we lose you to presents, lights, and the high hopes for 2017, let’s take a quick minute to think of how big a year it’s been for Pinnacle and Savage Worlds. If you’re not up for remembering a whole year all on your own, you’re in luck—our own Jodi Black has already done it for you! Check out her Savage Worlds 2016 guest post on FlamesRising.

Big things are already happening for Savage Worlds. No need to wait for 2017 to get started! You can watch Rifts® for Savage Worlds on the Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast, live streaming on Twitch! They’ll continue the campaign every other week on Mondays at 7:45pm Pacific. Watch their character creation session on YouTube and plan to log in on Monday nights to join in the fun!

Well, with that done, let’s all get back to our traditions. Join me in a carol, won’t you? “Oh my damage output is frightful with an attack roll so delightful, and since my dice all explode, let ’em roll, let ’em roll, let ’em roll…”

Double Dose of Rifts® Releases!

Tome of DestinyIt’s a Christmas two-fer for Savage Rifts®!* The bad news, though, is that you’re only allowed to buy one. The good news is the other one is totally free!

Tome of Destiny is a new PDF adventure, ready to take your Rifts® group into a hunt for what could be the most dangerous book around. Oh, but it’s not some shopping trip to the book store. There’s only one available, and you might not be the only crowd looking for it—or the most heavily armed.

rifts_savaging900If that’s not enough hours of fun for you, Savaging Your Favorite Rifts® Ideas will help you pass your holidays turning all your existing Rifts® material into Savage Rifts® material! Why stop there? Start turning all those holiday specials, old television shows, favorite books, and even cartoon strips into new ideas for Savage Rifts®! Heck, not even the sky is the limit with this free conversion guide from the same folks who brought you the SR book in the first place.

* I just wish they were both forest-themed so I could make a “pair tree” joke here. Sigh.

Rifts® Grab Bags at Palladium!

Rifts Christmas Grab BagsWe’re not the only holiday game in town, especially when it comes to Rifts® for Savage Worlds—the fine folks at Palladium have their own little Christmas gift twist for you. You can get their Rifts® World Books, Sourcebooks, the core rules, and miniatures at a ridiculously low cost with the purchase of one or more Palladium Christmas Surprise Packages. The perfect way to expand your knowledge of the Rifts® setting, characters, monsters, magic, and more!

The Palladium Christmas Surprise Packages have $90-$95 worth of RPG books (often $100 or more!) for only $45 plus shipping and handling. That’s 4-6 books for $45 plus shipping! Do you want the books signed? Rifts® creator Kevin Siembieda and available Palladium staff and freelancers are happy to sign EACH and every one of them. It is all their way of saying thank you for your support.

It is a “surprise package” because you send Palladium a list of 10-14 desired titles and they make selections from your “Wish List.” That way it really is like a Christmas present and you do not know what you are getting until it arrives. Palladium fans have been enjoying the Christmas Surprise Packages for nearly 20 years. It is a Christmas tradition. Order this weekend and you are likely to get your Surprise Package in time for Christmas! Offer ends January 9, 2017. Enjoy.

Gamecca Magazine Savage Review Series

Gamecca Magazine Reviews Savage WorldsGamecca Magazine has come to Savage Worlds! Since September, they’ve been reviewing Savage Worlds books every month.

Browse the whole Gamecca catalog or just go hunting for the articles in the September 2016, October 2016, November 2016, and December 2016 issues. The choice is yours. In September they covered Savage Worlds Deluxe, October Rifts® for Savage Worlds, November the Super Powers Companion (2nd Ed.—still a few Limited Edition hardcover copies in stock!), and lately the Horror Companion.

Did I forget to mention they’re all free? Yep. Treat yourself today!

Deadlands Review on ZardozGames

Savage Worlds Reviews on the WebWhether you’re just joining the Deadlands hoedown and hootenanny or you’ve been around for all twenty years of it, it’s always good to get a fresh take on a setting as broad as our Weird West.

This week, we direct you to Zardos Games’ Deadlands Review. They’ve got a nice, quick overview, including a little rundown on the differences in Classic and Reloaded. Just like the undead gunslinger probably said once, “Give it a shot!”