Knight Errant Releases FREE Titan Effect Demo Kit

TitanEffectDemoKitKnight Errant Media, an Official Savage Worlds Licensee, is proud to announce their first release for Savage Worlds with the FREE demo kit of their upcoming espionage science fiction setting, Titan Effect.

Titan Effect is set in a contemporary world where psychic spies clash with genetically enhanced soldiers in a secret war—with the future of human evolution at stake.

Take on the role of a trained operative gifted with psychic abilities. Perform dangerous missions all over the world for the international clandestine organization known as the SPEAR, and fight against dangerous creatures and organizations. Survive long enough, and maybe you will be able to make a difference.

You think you have what it takes to become a SPEAR operative? Find out now with the free Titan Effect Demo Kit!

If you are a fan of Metal Gear Solid, Tom Clancy, the X-Men, or just curious, this setting is for you! And the price is just right.

Boost Your Luck with Our Big Bennies Sale!

BenniesIt’s a confusing week. Between this update and the next we’ll have the harmony of Pi Day, the unfortunate terror of the Ides of March, capped with the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! How’s a person supposed to watch out for their own fortune in such tumultuous times? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our fabulous Boost Your Luck Benny Sale!

For a limited time, we’ll put more luck in your hands, cheaper than ever, all with beautiful setting-themed artwork. All our Bennies are on sale for 15% off—even the double-sized pack it takes for a full pot of Deadlands Fate Chips!

This is your chance to score big with our 20* different Bennies and Fate Chips! While you’re at it, look at all our other accessories. Would you believe we have Savage Worlds Power Armor available? I hope not, because we don’t—but there is lots of other good stuff up there!

* See what I did there? That’s a “score” joke. Think Lincoln, not hockey. There might be a reason I write these instead of Hollywood comedies.

Savagepedia—A Trove of Fan License Material

Savage Worlds Fan License ProjectsHas your creative spring sprung just as Spring is coming? Curious about what other gamers and GMs are thinking? I know of just the thing for you.

Check out Savagepedia, a wiki filled with Savage Worlds Fan License creations—from full settings to house rules and tweaks! We’ve always been amazed at what Savage Worlds players have come up with for their home games, and bringing so much of it together in one handy space can be awe-inspiring.

I’m still waiting for Deadline: A Savage Worlds Setting of Weekly Web Updates in a Dark World with Sharks. I suspect I may be waiting quite a while. If you want something remotely plausible, though, go see what Savagepedia has to offer!

The Savage Cast Strikes Again!

Savage Cast Episode 16It’s happened again! The Savage Cast has snuck up on us and released a new episode!

Listen as guest host David Garrett joins the Savage Mommy* and the Savage Bull** to talk about meta considerations and news of the Savage Worlds world!

* If you don’t know him, his name is Chris. No, really.

** After that last footnote, I really wish I could add “If you don’t know her, her name is Millicent.” Sadly, that would be inaccurate and misleading, but funny.

Rifts® for Savage Worlds Powers and Mega Powers List

RIFTS_Powers_List900We heard a brilliant suggestion a while back: to create one file with both the powers from Savage Worlds and their Mega Power version from Rifts®: The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide.

The Powers and Mega Powers List saves those of you new to Savage Worlds from flipping between the two books every time you use a power or Mega Power. Game play should be a few seconds faster this way! It’s is perfect for player and Game Master alike.

If you supported our Rifts® for Savage Worlds Kickstarter then you already have a copy in your Pinnacle account as a bonus! If you missed the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter, or just want a handy compilation of a lot of cool powers for Savage Worlds, check out the Rifts® for Savage Worlds Powers and Mega Powers List today!

Email PEGJeannine Your Gen Con Games!

backJeannine has started to get emails from people running our games at GenCon 50, but we know there are still more out there!

Are YOU running Savage Worlds games at Gen Con 50? Want free stuff?!?

You can get free goodies and even a FREE Savage Worlds Red Twill Shirt for running 4 or more registered games. It all starts with emailing Production Assistant with your confirmation email from GenCon. She needs to know how many Savage Worlds games you are running (homebrew settings are welcome) to figure out how much free stuff to give you. And there’s still time to submit games to Gen Con!

You don’t want to miss out on the fun of Gen Con’s 50th anniversary celebration. Email Jeannine today!

Licensee Spotlight: Gun Metal Games

Gun Metal GamesWe talk a lot about Savage Worlds products that are coming out and appearances, but we don’t actually talk about the folks who make them that much. Well, we’re going to start fixing that with an new series introducing you to some of the Savage Worlds licensees, starting with Gun Metal Games.

Gun Metal Games is a small press RPG publisher since 2005. In that time, they’ve put out over 100 titles in PDF, print, and print on demand. And all their Savage Worlds games are 40% off right now to celebrate being the first in our Licensee Spotlight—and there’s that little GM’s Day sale going on…

They’ve been a Savage Worlds licensee for the last seven years, and we’ve been happy they are! They’ve brought you Totems of the Dead, Codex Infernus: The Savage Guide to Hell, Interface Zero, and the critically acclaimed Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk. They’re also busy making products for OGL, True20, Fate, and Pathfinder.

Their support for their game lines has been impressive, and they plan on continuing to support their Savage Worlds game lines as well as producing new settings and supplements for your enjoyment!

If you’ve never really looked at them before, now’s a great time to say hello to our little friend, Gun Metal Games.

PEG and PAX East Hit Boston March 10-12

PAX EastIt’s that time of year again—the time when people flock to Boston for PAX East! Joining the migration are our COO and Managing Editor Jodi Black and Savage Worlds Brand Manager Clint Black.

PAX started in 2004 with the folks at Penny Arcade who decided they wanted a show exclusively for gaming. After all, games are just as cool as comics, anime, and other nerd hobbies, right? Bursting out of their old venue from doubling each year, they expanded into Boston for PAX East in 2010 with tens of thousands of attendees in the inaugural year.

PAX East has tabletop boardgames (with games for all ages), console freeplay, a PC area, a handheld lounge, panels, an exhibit hall with all the con goodies, concerts and Ommegathon where the lone survivor of six games wins a trip to Japan.

Come see Clint and Jodi Black at their booth for Carolina Game Tables, booth #10109. Not only will you get to talk to two Savage Worlds luminaries that happen to be genuinely nice and interesting, but you can also get a gaming table that converts to a beautiful dining room table!

Come out to experience the fun!

Savage Worlds Red Twill Shirt for Preorder!

frontWear your Savage Worlds pride with style in our awesome new Savage Worlds Red Twill Shirt with the option to have YOUR name embroidered above the pocket!

The shirt can be pre-ordered starting at $50, and either shipped to your home or picked up at Gen Con 2017. This well made, sturdy, button down shirt even has a pen slot in the pocket for giving or gathering autographs at the convention. The back features our Savage Worlds logo in full color screenprint, and the Pinnacle Entertainment Group logo is embroidered on the sleeve.

The sizes available are S – 5XL for men and S – 3XL for ladies. The ladies’ shirts are made to fit a more female shape.

Are you GMing a game at Gen Con? Want to get one of our Savage Worlds Red Twill Shirts for FREE? Read here!


PEG’s Gen Con Plans

GenCon 50

We’re preparing for Gen Con‘s 50th anniversary. We hope you can join us, and we’d absolutely LOVE to hear if you’re running a Savage Worlds game!

Forward Production Assistant Jeannine Acevedo ( the email you received from Gen Con registering your Savage Worlds games. She’ll make a note of it and we’ll have some goodies ready for you at the Studio 2 Publishing booth:

  • Coupons for your players. Who doesn’t love swag? These $5 coupons can be used at the Studio 2 Publishing booth on Pinnacle products or used online for physical or digital purchases. Each coupon is redeemed separately.
  • A coupon for YOU, as thanks! Even one short “demo” game will get you something from us. GMs running 2 4-hour games for 6 people get a $20 coupon. But you may want to consider running 4 games. This usually grants you a free badge to Gen Con (see their website for details–you must submit for the free badge) and we’ll give you one of our new Savage Worlds Red Twill Shirts, embroidered with your name on it! That’s a $60 value or more!

You have until May 28th to request a free GM’s Badge, but don’t delay! The best time slots for running are filling up, and event (game) submission closes March 26th!

Thank you to all the Game Masters who take the time to run fantastic games for others at Gen Con. This year’s Gen Con will be epic, and we can’t wait to see you there!