Deadlands Novel News!

Thunder Moon Rising, a TOR Deadlands Novel

Fear is abroad in the Deadlands as a string of brutal killings and cattle mutilations trouble a frontier town in the Arizona Territory, nestled in the forbidding shadow of the rugged Thunder Mountains…

The second Deadlands novel will be available* September 20! Preorder a copy of Thunder Moon Rising by Jeff Mariotte to avoid the heartache of an empty shelf where the book you wanted so badly should be!

The third novel, Boneyard by Seanan McGuire, is getting its final editorial tweaks now. What could possibly go wrong with a carnival of freaks roaming the Weird West? You’ll have to read it to find out!

And, of course, we can’t forget the first book in the series, Jonathan Maberry’s multiple award-nominated Ghostwalkers. If you haven’t read it, you really ought to fix that!

* At least in bookstores you should go to…


Shaintar Black Lantern Report: Origins of the Society Released

Savage Mojo's Shaintar Black Lantern Report: Origins of the SocietyThe Black Lantern Society is known far and wide in Shaintar for spreading the arts and philanthropic works. Clearly the rumors that it’s an underground networks of spies are completely false. Clearly—but what a clever handshake you seem to have there…

Savage Worlds Licensee Savage Mojo has released the Shaintar Black Lantern Report: Origins of the Society. Find out the secrets concealed by the shadows cast by the light of the Black Lantern. Learn the traditions, aims, and even the secret handshake.

Answers to mysteries, adventure, and more material for your Shaintar games all awaits you, so open the Shaintar Black Lantern Report: Origins of the Society as soon as you dare!

Gun Metal Games Releases Codex Infernus

Codex Infernus from Gun Metal GamesSometimes, no matter your best intentions, your game just seems to go straight to hell. With Savage Worlds Licensee Gun Metal GamesCodex Infernus, you can take it there directly—on purpose!

With information for everything you need on that broad and easy path to guide you when you get there, Codex Infernus: The Savage Guide to Hell has you covered. Don’t worry—there’s plenty of material for those who are there to fight against the flames and darkness, too!

Be sure to check out Codex Infernus and all the other products from Gun Metal Games today.

Deadlands Double-Shot Debuts Next Week!

Deadlands Classic Limited Edition DeluxeGood Intentions: A Deadlands Plot Point CampaignWho says thirteen’s unlucky? This is the time for it to shine with the coming Deadlands Double-Shot of Kickstarters running September 13–29! Don’t miss the one-two punch of the Limited Edition Deadlands Classic hardback and the final of the Four Servitors Plot Point Campaigns for Deadlands, Good Intentions.

You want more details? Well, you can do the same thing that the Deadlands Double-Shot does—embrace the past and stride into the future. Check out last week’s introduction of the Deadlands Double-Shot and come by here next week for the exciting kickoff!

Two Kickstarters. Twice the Deadlands action. September 13–29. Mark your calendar.

More Excitement for Savage Rifts®

Savage Worlds Reviews on the WebThe fine folks over at the Gaming Gang have included our own Savage Rifts® in their Ten New Upcoming RPGs Worthy of Your Attention in Late 2016. Check out what’s got them excited and see if it’s the same thing you’re looking forward to (or already enjoying, you wily PDF purchasers, you)!

Goblin Adventures Kickstarter from Rebel Minis

Dark Hold Goblin Adventures KickstarterThis is your chance to live up to the highest ideals of fantasy gaming—keep your people safe from marauding creatures, protect your ancient homelands, raid the fallen intruders for their fascinating goodies, and become the hero you were always destined to be! That’s right, my friends, it’s time to be a goblin!

Savage Worlds Licensee Rebel Minis has launched the Dark Hold Goblin Adventures RPG Kickstarter campaign to rousing success. Be sure to visit the Dark Hold Kickstarter for full details on rewards, backer levels, and stretch goals, as well as more information on your noble role in saving goblins everywhere from the incoming dwarvish scourge before the world as you know it is destroyed!

Announcing Deadlands Double-Shot Kickstarters!

previewDeadlands was originally printed in 1996 to rave reviews and industry awards, with a revised edition only a couple years later.

Fans praised it for its writing, flavor, and innovative use of playing cards and poker chips in a unique setting that accommodated both character histories and an ongoing metaplot. It won every major award the industry had to offer and then some!

The success of Deadlands also gave birth to numerous licenses and spin-offs, including the Doomtown Collectible Card Game from AEG and Hasbro, Deadlands Disk Wars from Fantasy Flight, GURPs Deadlands from Steve Jackson Games, Deadlands: The Great Rail Wars miniatures game, Deadlands: Hell on Earth, and Deadlands: Lost Colony. Eventually the mechanics from Deadlands morphed into Pinnacle’s current flagship, Savage Worlds, another best-selling award-winning RPG. Deadlands continued under the Savage Worlds system as Deadlands Reloaded, Hell on Earth Reloaded, Deadlands Noir, and the upcoming Lost Colony Reloaded. Deadlands has also been licensed for computer games, movies, novels, and comics.

DeadlandsBod_4 copieNow, for the 20th anniversary of this milestone in roleplaying game history, Deadlands Classic will re-release in a Limited Kickstarter Edition, full-color hardcover! The revised (and best) printing of the original black and white game has been lovingly COLORED by top artists to create the edition its creators always dreamed of.

True fans of this groundbreaking game can also pledge for a VERY limited Collector’s Edition wooden “Whiskey Box”! Inspired by our French partners, Black Book Editions, this gorgeous case looks like a whiskey case from the world of Deadlands, but inside is the Limited Edition full-color hardcover printing of the original game, two decks of playing cards (used for initiative in Deadlands and Savage Worlds…as well as “dealing with the devil” for hucksters), one set of themed dice, and Fate Chips!

Deadlands Classic—Still Kickin’ After All These Years!

Fans of Deadlands Classic are still playing this system today, including a live stream on Twitch. Want to see the system in action? Check out the EvilSqueegee channel’s Youtube videos here. Fair warning—some parts are NSFW!

The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

While fans of Deadlands Classic enjoy the new edition, those keeping up with the Servitor Plot Point Campaigns for either system will be happy to know we’re also launching the fourth and final book in the series, Good Intentions! Dr. Darius Hellstromme’s plans are finally in motion, and only the posse can stop him! If you’ve followed the events in The Flood (Reverend Grimme), Last Sons (Raven), or Stone and a Hard Place (BOTH Stones!), you’ve GOT to be here for the big Hell-bound finale!

Besides this tale of the lost and damned, Good Intentions features new Interventions for Blessed characters so they can summon forth plagues of biblical proportions or even resurrect the dead, steam augmentations from the so-called City o’ Gloom such as piston-powered arms or venomous fangs, new critters and villains, and a return to the Weird West’s favorite blood sport–Skullchucker!SLIPSTREAM FINAL PPC.indd

Best of all, the dual Kickstarter features FREE rules for converting characters and creatures from Deadlands Classic to Deadlands Reloaded and vice-versa! Use whichever system you want, partner!

But Wait, There’s More!

Fans can back one or both Kickstarter projects as they wish—shipping will be combined in the pledge manager after the projects close (shipping will not be collected during the Kickstarter itself). Pledge for one or both, add whatever you want from the rest of our Deadlands line, and combine shipping for all of it! And it’s even EU Friendly!

 Two Weeks. Two Kickstarters. Twice the Deadlands action. Sept 13-29th. Mark your calendar.

Rifts® Coalition Field Manual and Bookmarks Released!

RIFTS_Coalition_900It’s a good day for both players and characters in Rifts® for Savage Worlds!

For all those fighting the good fight against magic and monster, trying to keep the Coalition States safe, it’s your lucky day. The newly-released Rifts® Coalition Field Manual PDF is now available to help you build a better Dead Boy! There’s all the newest gear, from heavy lasers to better body armor that’ll help you take down a pesky Glitter Boy, and all the P.A. 101 stuff from Rifts®: Savage Foes of North America for you in one, easy, convenient spot.

For everyone who is still in our world, sitting around the table, we’ve got the new Savage Rifts® Bookmark Set to help you keep track of what’s in your Savage Rifts® books. With four iconic characters and the option to print as many as you want, it’s quite the bargain—especially since it’s free!

Pinnacle Staffers Secretly Infiltrate Dragon Con and TactiCon!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouShhh…don’t tell anyone. Several of the crew from Pinnacle Entertainment are going to be smuggled into conventions this weekend, but not necessarily as Pinnacle people.*

Our own Jodi Black and Clint Black will be at Dragon Con this weekend. Look for them at their Carolina Game Tables booth on the 3rd floor of AmericasMart Building 2.**

Our own Sean Patrick Fannon will be embedded at Tacticon this weekend, but you’ll have to check for him with the Evil Beagle*** crowd. Heck, you can probably just listen for him, actually.


* Yes, I know that sounds like some creepy low-budget horror movie set in the mountains where innocent RPG writers slowly become cannibals from a weird altitude-initiated disease and start hunting down hikers and skiers like winter-sport bacon-on-the-hoof. But, no, that’s not what we’re talking about. I promise. But if you happen to be out hiking or skiing this weekend, feel free to go slower so I have a chance at lunch, eh?

** There are actually four entire floors of Exhibit Hall down there this year. Take a map and a friend.

*** Yes, there’s a “who let the dogs out” joke to be made here. No, I’m not going to do it. Honest. See.

Enascentia Released!

Enascentia Game Masters Guide Enascentia Players GuideCome to a world where heroes are made, not born—just like everyone else! It’s a fantasy world like no other, with several unique races and factions—and characters that just might live forever.

Brought to you by GG Studio, who translate several of our Savage Worlds settings into Italian, the Enascentia Player’s Guide and the Enascentia Game Master’s Guide are the result of their successful Kickstarter to bring their original fantasy world to English.

Should you buy this because it makes it more likelier that other great non-English settings will come to English in the future? Probably. Should you buy this to help support the globalization of our intellectual community? Probably. Should you buy this because the world is amazing, the art is beautiful, and it looks overall awesome? Most definitely!