Cornucopia of Savage Rifts® Updates and Releases

Rifts One ShotsIt’s a big day for Rifts® for Savage Worlds5 new One Sheet adventures from Ross Watson, 6 newly-updated PDF files, and a print errata sheet* all at the same time!

For more details and a little discussion about how and when PDF files get updated, check out the latest Savage Rifts® Kickstarter Update.

* We try to keep them down, but it’s the nature of printed books to have errata. I’m excited that there’s only about a half-dozen items and that covers three books!

Savage Rifts® Bundle Added to the #Fun4Liz Raffle

Savage Worlds for a Good CauseYou’ve heard us refer to you, roleplayers at large, and other RPG companies as our community, as our friends and family. In many ways, that is truly what you are. Those of us in the industry realize just how small a crowd we are and how closely-knit our common hobby brings us.

This is also the kind of community where you want to help when times are tough, and we’re adding a Limited Edition hardcover Savage Rifts® Bundle to the #Fun4Liz Raffle to do our part. One of our friends and colleagues, Jamie Chambers, is helping his daughter Liz fight her battle with blood cancer, and this is one way we can lend a hand.

The #Fun4Liz Raffle has amassed a treasure trove of gaming goodness with a value of over $1,500, all donations from supporters in our community. Jodi and Clint Black’s Carolina Game Tables have put in a $900 gaming table (including shipping!), the team from 12 to Midnight has put up an East Texas University Bundle, and several others have chipped in as well.

If you have it in your heart and budget, buy a raffle ticket today. If you’re hoping to get a 7500%+ return on your investment, buy a raffle ticket today. If you’re thankful that you’re not battling cancers in your family today or have personal experience with the struggle, buy a raffle ticket today.

One thing Jamie points out on the raffle page sticks with me. He said, “there are many in greater need, and we encourage you to help where you can.” If this isn’t a place where you can help, reach out to someone during this season to offer what you can, even if it’s “just” a warm hello to someone who’s lonely. Likewise, if you find this is a season of struggle for you, please, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help for yourself.

GRAmel Releases The Justice of Kerir Shar for Beasts & Barbarians

The Justice of Kerir Shar for GRAmel's Beast & BarbariansRevenge, hate, and the perils of the Lush Jungle await you in The Justice of Kerir Shar, an adventure GRAmel Games has released for its Beasts & Barbarians setting.

How does the vengeance curse of a powerful sorcerer connect to a remote village and a young blind musician? Or does it relate at all?

Hardy Tales Releases Ghost Punchers!

Ghost Punchers: Bare Knuckle EditionHardy Tales brings you Ghost Punchers, their first Savage Worlds Licensee release!

Ghosts are real, and they need to be punched! Only you, a psychic gifted with the ability to sense the restless dead, touch them, and deliver a mean right hook can save innocent people from these cannibal haunts.

Ghost Punchers brings you a new setting, new Hindrances and Edges, new Setting Rules for ghostly behaviors, and “the obligatory much more.”* It’s certainly worth a look!

* No, really. That’s a piece of text straight from their promotional blurb. I think I like these folks.

Contagion Released for Savage Worlds

Aegis Studios' Contagion for Savage WorldsAegis Studios debuts their first release for Savage WorldsContagion.

The world of Contagion is a dark and terrifying place, but no different on the surface than the world you and I live in. Despite humanity’s vast ignorance, horrors are everywhere. Angels, demons, gods, and Hellspawn war in the shadows. Clergy and Slayers rise from the human flock to protect their brethren and work God’s will. Magi and Witches wield powerful magics in their pursuit of enlightenment.

There’s a war in the shadows. Choose a side. Get Contagion.

You Got Your Deadlands Classic in My Deadlands Reloaded!

Deadlands Conversion GuideThat’s right, friends and neighbors, the walls between the Weird West as it was and the Weird West as it has become are tumbling down. The Deadlands Conversion Guide is now available as a free PDF download to help you bring your critters and characters from Classic into Reloaded or even vice versa.*

While you’re at it, you might want to grab a freshly updated version of the Good Intentions PDF and the totally free Good Intentions Player’s Guide PDF (with all of the good player stuff from the front of the book, and none of the spoilers from the back).

I reckon that’s enough to get you on down the trail for the week, so head on out to whichever Weird West floats your Maze Runner!

* Watch out, though. Most of the Blessed aren’t fond of vice in either system, and I doubt they’re like to put up with much versa, either.

A Fine Solution Released for Savage Rifts®

A Fine Solution One Sheet Series: Welcome to the WorldRifts® for Savage Worlds opens up a whole new world of possibilities—actually, several of them! Let us help you get started with the A Fine Solution series.

The A Fine Solution series is a collection of five One Sheet™ adventures that you can use like a Plot Point Campaign. Just weave these adventures into your ongoing game or let them serve as the backbone for your campaign, and you’re good to go.

But a campaign skeleton without structure is simply a pile of bones. Be sure to introduce them in the right order and enjoy as your players discover the ongoing machinations:

We did mention that these, like all our One Sheet™ adventures, are totally free, right? I thought you’d like that. Now go play!


Deadlands Classic 20th Anniversary Edition Reviewed

Savage Worlds Reviews on the WebAre you wondering what’s really in the Deadlands Classic 20th Anniversary Edition or want to see if your opinions line up with someone elses? Go check out Hours Without Sleep’s review.

A Bonanza of Deadlands!

DeadlandsWhat lies beneath the baked and dusty surface of the Weird West? Sometimes, with just a little scratching, you get a gusher that blackens the sky—and that’s what’s happenin’ today, partner!

  • Deadlands Classic 20th Anniversary Edition is now available on DTRPG as well as direct from Pinnacle’s Web Store. If you like to keep all your online PDF purchases in one place or you’ve got a gift certificate or credit, you can still get the awesome revival of Deadlands Classic that you really want.
  • Good Intentions, the Plot Point Campaign that rounds out the stories of the Servitors and focuses on the main mad man, Doctor Darius Hellstromme, has a big week! We’ve updated the files for the Good Intentions PDF with some minor tweaks, released the totally free Good Intentions Player’s Guide PDF, and added Good Intentions to DriveThru RPG as well as the Pinnacle Web Store!
  • Get ready for more excitement than you might be able to handle with three brand new adventures for Deadlands! Sawed ‘Em in Gomorra mixes your characters into the conspiracies surrounding Hellstromme’s entry into the augmentation trade and their desire for Professor Perriwinkle’s secrets from the Collegium. Land Beyond the Busted Doorframe pits your posse against time and a Wasatch Rail team to master the enigma of the Huntington Ruins. The Twilight Protocol puts your cowpokes in the cooperative crossfire of the Rangers and the Pinkertons as almost everyone tries to foil one of Hellstromme’s plots in a now-darker Weird West.
  • And here’s one for your ears—a new soundtrack for Deadlands’ City o’ Gloom! Blood, Sweat, and Gears brings fan favorite composer Harry Mack back to the studios to set your mood for Mad Science Central!

Whew. When’s that day of rest, again, amigo?

Palladium’s Rifter Talks Rifts® for Savage Worlds

The Rifter Issue 75Palladium’s magazine, the Rifter, takes a look at the new Rifts® for Savage Worlds.

Get a perspective on the project from the people who were there when the Rifts first opened!