New York Reclamation Zone Released for Interface Zero

The New York Reclamation ZoneNew York, abandoned in 2038 after terrorists blew the levees protecting her from rising sea levels, forgotten by America, slowly rotting away. New life, hybrid and otherwise, claims the watery streets while humanity clings to the tops of the surviving towers.

The waters are dark and dangerous. So is everything else, including the clandestine labs, corporate goals, and personal motives. Can you prosper in the fallen greatness as it tries to rise again? Can you even survive?

The New York Reclamation Zone is Savage Worlds licensee Gun Metal Games‘ latest addition to the dystopian future of Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk.


Strange Arcana Anthology Kickstarter Coming Soon

Strange Arcana KickstarterWatch the night skies, for unspeakable terror is coming, coming soon!

Strange Arcana: The Stars are Right is a mind-bending collection of eldritch horror stories in a weird, dangerous universe, where superheroes face powerful ancient beings, crazed doomsday cultists, and a dark secret they all share.

Featuring stories from Arnold T. Blumberg, Satyros Phil Brucato, Ian Eller, Dean Gilbert, Shane Lacy Hensley, Dan McGirt, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Aaron Rosenberg, and John Wick.  With illustrations by Aaron Acevedo, Matheus Calza, James Denton, Jason Engle, Bien Flores, Grosnez, Aaron Riley, Alida Saxon, Jonathan Taylor, and Jeremy Wilson.

The Strange Arcana: The Stars are Right Kickstarter by Savage Worlds licensee Sigil Entertainment Group, launches next Tuesday, June 21. Watch the stars, watch the web, and watch out behind you.

Pinnacle’s Summer Convention Plans

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouWhat are we up to at the two big summer conventions?

Jodi and Clint Black will be at Origins Game Fair June 15-19 in Columbus.

Gen Con in Indianapolis, August 4-7, will play host to Jodi and Clint Black, Scott Woodard, and Cheyenne Wright! While there won’t be a Pinnacle Seminar this year—so you can quit trying to find it in the program—you can drop by the Pinnacle Booth in the Studio 2 section to ask Jodi and Clint any questions.

Why aren’t more of us out there this year? Why is there no big panel? Is this the beginning of doom? No. We’re putting out more stuff than ever, but someone’s got to stay at their computer and make it happen. With the amount of new material coming out, that’s actually several someones! We’ll see you as soon as we can, but you’ll be so busy with all the new products that you won’t really have time to miss us.

Guests of Honor and Future Conventions

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouConventions don’t end when summer does, by any means!

This October, Con on the Cob is going to have Sean Patrick Fannon as a Guest of Honor. Both Con on the Cob and Sean have their own unique charms, and together they are not to be missed!

We’re even looking forward to next year. Jodi and Clint Black are announced as Guests of Honor for ConCarolinas 2017. Make your plans now—you’ve got plenty of time to join in on the fun!

Be sure to keep an eye on the Pinnacle Conventions page for more appearances as we schedule them.

Savage Cast 8 Released!

Savage Cast Episode 8The latest episode, Savage Cast 8, is now available. Featuring Savage Rifts‘ Sean Patrick Fannon and Accursed’s Ross Watson, the main focus is on world-building.

Of course, that’s not all. In over an hour of gaming goodness, you know the topics will wander and much more ground will be covered, so go give it a listen!

Rippers Resurrected Shipping Now!

RippersRippers Resurrected is in the midst of shipping. Many of you have probably seen pictures of Rippers deliveries “in the wild” posted on social media. So, here’s the full skinny.

Most of the backer rewards from the Kickstarter have shipped, and the rest should finish shipping this week. Preorders will follow, then Rippers will start making it through distribution and into retail stores.  The release date for the hardcovers, GM Screen, maps and card decks is set for Monday, June 27th.

For all our backers out there in the European Union, remember that we’re paying the customs taxes and shipping to Germany, then reshipping to your homes. You’ll be saving money—sometimes lots of money—but it’ll take longer. Thank you for your patience.

New Deadlands Bundles Available!

Deadlands Marshal's Print BundleThe Weird West of Deadlands is a mighty big place, where every man wants—and gets—something different. Now we’ve set up our Deadlands Bundles the very same way, with four new options.

Each bundle gives you some wiggle room in what you care to get—we don’t want to make you buy parts you’ve already got. What’s not optional is the discount—you’ll always be getting one no matter what options you pick in your bundle!

So go try those new Deadlands Bundles on for size. After all, if you walk a mile in another man’s boots, they’re yours now!

Savage Worlds Projects in Russian, Portuguese, and English!

New from the Savage Worlds LicenseesHere’s your chance to join a crowdfunding effort for a Savage Worlds Licensee project in one of three languages. Heck, if you’re a polyglot,* fund them all!

* Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Savage Rifts® Countdown Party Actual Play on YouTube

Rifts for Savage Worlds Preview CoverThe Savage Rifts® Countdown Party Actual Play video is now available on YouTube! That’s nearly four hours of RPG excitement waiting for your click!

Our thanks go out to Total Escape Games for hosting the event, and our very special thanks go to Stoneforge Studios for the taping, editing, and posting of the video! If you enjoy the video and want to see more from Stoneforge, I encourage you to support their Patreon campaign. They have some pretty modest goals, and you can make a big difference.

Savage Worlds Communities Coast to Coast

Savage Worlds CommunitiesOkay, maybe not exactly coast-to-coast, but certainly coast-to-close.*

The Emerald City Savages is a new community to support Savage Worlds games and players in the Pacific Northwest. Check out the Emerald City Savages Google+ Group, watch for the monthly Monday Night Savages games in West Seattle, or preregister for some of the Savage Worlds gaming at OrcaCon and OryCon!

Michael Sprague and Tim Hannon have started WNY Savages for all the Savage Worlds players in western New York. Visit the WNY Savages Facebook Group or drop by either of the monthly Savage Sundays—the second Sunday of the month at Just Games in Rochester or the last Sunday of the month at Dragon Snack Games in Buffalo! You’re going to love the in-store promos! You can also find them in the dedicated Savage Worlds room at Queen City Conquest this year!

* Don’t hold my “sense of humor” against Pinnacle, please. Thanks.