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A Heap o’ Deadlands Comin’ at You!

Deadlands Volume 1: Dead Man's HandAre you ready for Dead Man’s Hand? It’s the first original collection of the Deadlands comics series produced by Visionary comics and IDW, and it’s chock-full of Weird West goodness. You get the original comics (Devil’s Six Gun, Massacre at Redwing, Death Was Silent, and Black Water) plus two new stories from Deadlands creator Shane Hensley (Vengeful) and Deadlands Big Bug Matt Cutter (What a Man’s Gotta Do). If that’s not enough, you’ll also get a first-anywhere sneak peek at Ghostwalkers, next year’s Tor novel from New York Times’ best-selling author Jonathan Maberry!

Dead Man’s Hand is coming to comic shops in March 2015, but you’ve got to get your orders in now to be sure that your store will have enough. That might seem weirder than a dead man throwin’ snakes, but that’s just how things work ’round those parts. Check January’s Previews Catalog with your local retailer.

But of course, there’s more! That’s right, friends and neighbors, as you’re pre-ordering Dead Man’s Hand, the Kickstarter for The Cackler graphic novel will launch. This is your chance to hitch your mule to the team bringing you the original story of the secret history behind Deadlands‘ biggest mystery villain, the Cackler! Shane Hensley himself will be writing this story twenty years in the making, and Death Was Silent artist Bart Sears will handle the illustration honors. This comic will change the world of Deadlands forever, in a way no licensed book ever has, and this is your chance at an exclusive edition available nowhere else!

These are excitin’ times in the Weird West, partner. Join us for the first step on the trail to the twentieth anniversary of Deadlands in 2016, and expect adventure and excitement all along the way!


Explore Scientorium’s Wonders in The Last Parsec

Scientorium PDF for The Last ParsecFind lost technological treasures and knowledge beyond Known Space’s understanding in the library of Scientorium. This mammoth artifact lies hidden by sheer distance and forever shrouded from the minds of the curious. It’s strange experience chambers offer passage to millions of histories on millions of worlds, secrets and technologies undreamed of. Mysteriously abandoned except for its automated security systems and enigmatic caretakers, its workings are strangely twisted and jealous, meting out reward and punishment in equal measure.

Scientorium is a setting book for The Last Parsec. It contains new locations and characters for the epic journey to find Scientorium, new Setting Rules for the library’s many wonders, a Plot Point Campaign, Savage Tales, and detailed insight into the world of the reclusive Librarians.

The Scientorium PDF is available immediately, but the printed versions of the book are still on the Last Parsec Preorder Page! You can still preorder the whole Last Parsec line-up, including adventures, the GM Screen, tokens, all three system books (Eris Beta-V, Leviathan, and Scientorum, each with its own Plot Point Campaign), and custom dice, Bennies, and miniatures! Check it out today.

Hungarian Classic MAGUS Reborn as Savage Ynev with the Fan License!

Savage Worlds Fan License ProjectsHave you ever wondered what you can really do with the Savage Worlds Fan License? How about bringing a classic RPG back to new life? That’s exactly what Hungarian Savage Worlds fan Bulldy did!

MAGUS – Chronicles of Adventure Roleplaying Game and its world of Ynev was a major RPG in Hungary in the 90s. Last summer, a contest was proposed on a Hungarian roleplaying forum to rework Ynev, the classic world of MAGUS, into a newer system. Five developers submitted their works: a modified d20 game, a FATE version, a unique custom system, a revised Hun system, and a Savage Worlds version. With votes from all participants tallied, Savage Ynev was named the winner!

If you can speak Hungarian (or have a translator you’re happy with), be sure to check out Savage Ynev. Even if you can’t, follow its lead—use Savage Worlds to breathe new life into an old setting today, and use the Savage Worlds Fan License to share it with your friends and fellow fans!

Leviathan Now Unleashed for The Last Parsec

Leviathan for The Last ParsecThe jungle planet Leviathan teems with mammoth lacerauns—savage beasts of enormous size and cunning, potential trophies unmatched in other star systems. Left intentionally undeveloped beyond a few tourist-oriented settlements, Leviathan still draws more than just adventure-seeking hunters. Researchers and those who would see the world left completely untouched are both willing to turn the tables on any would-be hunters.

Leviathan is a setting book for The Last Parsec. It contains new locations and characters for the planetary system, new Setting Rules for Leviathan’s natural dangers, a Plot Point Campaign, Savage Tales, and a host of new creatures–especially the lacerauns.

The Leviathan PDF is available immediately, but the printed versions of the book are still on the Last Parsec Preorder Page! You can still preorder the whole Last Parsec line-up, including adventures, the GM Screen, tokens, the two other system books (Eris Beta-V and Scientorum, each with its own Plot Point Campaign), and custom dice, Bennies, and miniatures! Check it out today.

Big Deadlands News Brewin’

DeadlandsThe Pony Express was a fantastic advance in getting news into and out of the Weird West. Then things noticed a steady supply of food traveling overland, and they even started eating the ponies! It’s probably easiest and safest to keep your eyes on this space for all the upcoming Deadlands news—and there’s a few ponies’ worth a-comin’, partner.

You’ll be getting more details about the upcoming release for Stone and a Hard Place, the third Plot Point Campaign that puts you face-first into the spaghetti Western roots of Deadlands and up close and personal with the hardest of hard-nose killers—Stone.

For all you literary types, keep a lookout for news about the upcoming Ghostwalkers, the Tor novel by Jonathan Maberry! That’s right, the bonafide New York Times Bestselling author has taken a walk on the Weird side, and we’ll be giving you some sneak peeks soon.

And, possibly most satisfyingly, you’ll hear something next week that’ll scratch a most peculiar itch that some of you have, and might have had for decades now. Just remember, scratching isn’t always advised…

Game Registration Open for ChupacabraCon II

ChupacabraConGame registration for ChupacabraCon II is now open—rush on over and sign yourself up today! Join in on the Savage Saturday Night hosted by the Lone Star Savages or at any point in this fine festival of gaming, January 9-11, 2015 in Austin, Texas.

You can also catch Shane Hensley, Clint Black, Ed Wetterman, Ross Watson, and Sean Patrick Fannon there. If you want to think of them as Pokemon, go ahead and catch ’em all. I wouldn’t try putting any of them in my pocket, though. You can also see Jeff Dee, Ken Hite, Robin D. Laws, John Wick, and many others—check the Convention Guests page for a full listing.

It’s only a month away—register today!

Get the Fabled Environment Limited-Time Discount Bundle!

Fabled Environments Game MapsCheck out the Fabled Enviroments Savage Worlds Module Bundle, Volume 1. It includes four different Fabled Environments maps, a Savage Worlds adventure for each one, and additional extras for a few of them. Our own Clint Black wrote Throwdown at the North Pole, and Cake Walk comes from John Beattie (of Weird Wars Rome’s Wellspring).

If that’s not enough for you, there’s a larger bundle—the Fabled Enviroments 12/14 Catalog Bundle includes nearly forty* fine Fabled Environments products, including everything from the Savage Worlds Module Bundle, Volume 1. With this kind of discounted value, what are you waiting for?

* I kept miscounting as I scrolled through. My most common number was in the 36-38 area, with one 41. I leave the determination of the actual number as an exercise to the reader.

Preorder The Last Parsec Now!

The Last Parsec Preorders PageStake your claim to space and the future of humanity (and “friends”) today from The Last Parsec Preorder Page! You’ll get any PDFs as soon as they’re available and your physical products are planned to ship during May 2015 (earth time, that is).

This is your first chance to preorder everything from The Last Parsec line-up, including adventures, the GM Screen, tokens, the three system books (each with its own Plot Point Campaign)—even custom dice, Bennies, and miniatures! Check it out today.

Oh, and there’s two things you need to keep in mind if you’re one of our original Last Parsec Kickstarter backers. First, thanks again—you’re fashionable, good-looking, pleasantly aromatic, and generally awesome. Second, you don’t have to preorder anything you’re already getting unless you want another copy. You’ll still be getting everything coming to your backer level through other means.

Get a jump on the future today—it’s not going to wait on you, you know.

Super Powers Companion Nominated for a BAMFsie Award!

Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (Second Edition)The Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (Second Edition) has been nominated for a BAMFsie! Check out the full list of BAMFsie: Gamer’s Choice Nominees, review our worthy and illustrious competition, then cast your vote for your three favorites.

And for those times you want to try something other than superheroes, check out our full line of Savage Worlds Companions today!

Savage Worlds Google+ Group Milestone

Savage Worlds on the WebThe Savage Worlds Google+ Group has topped 3,000 participants and continues to grow! Drop on by for news and conversation with a dedicated group of Savage Worlds fans and friends today.

Want to keep up with Savage Worlds on social media? Be sure to follow us on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and our new YouTube channel!