Step Up and Save a Savage Son

Savage Worlds for a Good CauseIt’s not often we use these updates to raise money for charity, and it’s incredibly rare that we do so for a single individual. But that’s exactly what we’re about to do.

Eduardo “Dudu” is seven years old and fighting leukemia. He’s scheduled for a transplant that can likely save his life, but he needs our help to make it happen.

Why Dudu out of all the patients out there? He the son of the Savage Worlds line manager for Retropunk, our Brazilian Savage Worlds licensee.

They need to raise about 10,000 reals. While that sounds like a lot, it’s only about $3,500 US. Any contributions you could make would be incredibly helpful. Just $25 could make a big difference. If every regular reader gave a dollar, that would more than cover the procedure. Retropunk is accepting all donations via PayPal at, with every dollar going straight to the family.

Most of us play RPGs to be heroes, to make a difference, to make our mark on the world. Today, you can do that for real. Don’t let this chance pass you—or Eduardo—by.

Beasts & Barbarians Returns!

Beasts and Barbarians Golden EditionBeasts & Barbarians Golden Edition is back, now in both softcover and hardcover print-on-demand as well as PDF!

Not only is GRAmel’s sword-and-sorcery back in print, but it’s been improved with several tweaks, errata fixes, and layout upgrades. What are you waiting for? Grab a sword, a dagger, or something more arcane and dive back into a world of adventure, a world of Beasts & Barbarians!

Weird War I Available for Immediate Orders!

Weird War One Direct OrdersNow you can bring “over there” to your doorstep! Weird War I is now available for direct order. No more Kickstarters or preorders—get a copy whenever you say you want one.

This is your chance to get your feet in the mud and the head in the game! This is also your chance to get your feet dragged into the mud by a creature of muck and darkness woken by a steady flow of terrified blood or to get your head into fogs of gas more horrible and lethal than anything man has ever pointed at man before.

Never mind the horrors you never meant to experience, both natural and non—step up to your duty and face Weird War I today!

War is, sadly, not a limited availability thing. You have options for the evil unleashed by its brutality, and some of them are on sale! Right now, you can get the Weird Wars: Rome Fantasy Grounds Add-On and the Weird War II Fantasy Grounds Add-On at 20% off, and check out all the other Fantasy Grounds Savage Worlds Add-Ons! Rumor has it that a similar sale will happen on Steam as well, so take a gander or two over there if that’s your platform of choice.

Rippers: Resurrected Adventure Report

Savage Worlds on the WebJames Walls of Living 4 Crits took a trio of adventurers through the Rippers: Resurrected One Sheet Caterwauler. See what he’s got to say about Rippers, Caterwauler, and even more things in his recent blog post, Caterwauler – A Savage Worlds Rippers One-Sheet.

We were pretty sure he had a good feeling for the  setting when we read this line: “If you aren’t familiar with the setting, Rippertech is sort of like monstrous, organic cyberware harvested from the minions of evil.”

Not only is his post available for free, so is the Caterwauler One Sheet!

Porter’s Portfolio Builds a Cyber Knight!

Rifts for Savage Worlds on the WebFollow along as Porter’s Portfolio walks you step-by-step through the process of building a Cyber Knight for your Savage Rifts® game! You’ll get the details of his thought process and what you’d need to do to make a Cyber Knight of your own (if you don’t want to use his—which is already ready to go).

Porter’s Portfolio: Savage Rifts® Cyber Knight is the first of an ongoing series. Tune in next time to see what sort of folks Porter will cook up in his lab/basement/blog!

ChupacabraCon KickStarter Specials!

ChupacabraCon 4 KickstarterWait, what? ChupacabraCon has a Kickstarter now?

Oh, sure, it’s a wildly successful convention in its fourth year. Sure, ChupacabraCon has become one of the best places to hang out with gaming industry professionals in a much more relaxed environment than Gen Con. Sure, ChupacabraCon is a great gaming experience for the whole family. And, most importantly, ChupacabraCon will definitely happen May 12-14 no matter what comes of the ChupacabraCon Kickstarter!

So, why then? The ChupacabraCon Kickstarter has several benefits. With enough participation, they’ll have more money to bring in even more special guests, add more special features, and just sprinkle the whole town with special dust! It’s also an opportunity for the frugal among you to get a better deal on preregistration than you can get anywhere else! For those of you who might be a little more giving, you can turn those savings into scholarship funds to help students who couldn’t afford to attend come enjoy the convention with you—heck, you can even just sponsor someone if you can’t even attend yourself!

Be sure to check out the ChupacabraCon guest lists both past and present. Clearly, we enjoy it, and you can expect to see many of the Pinnacle Staff returning in 2017 as well. And if you can trust anyone’s tastes, it’s ours.* Be sure to check out the ChupacabraCon Kickstarter for full details on backer options and levels today!

* Except maybe Joel’s. And you can trust me on this one—I’m Joel

Shaintar Guidebook: Olara Released

Shaintar Guidebook: OlaraOlara—a country born in war and at it ever since. The first Olaran King, with assistance from the Dwarves beneath him and the neighboring Elves, fought for freedom from the evil Kal-A-Nar empire. These seemingly dour people have turned war and honor into an art, but can still revel in the few times when the fighting stops.

Shaintar Guidebook: Olara from Savage Mojo brings you new gear, edges, powers and fighting styles along with everything you need to campaign in Olara or create a great PC or NPC! Be sure to give it a look today!

Dual Bulls-eyes for the Deadlands Double-Shot Kickstarters!

Deadlands Double-Shot Kickstarter Thanks!Sometimes, all you can do is tip the brim of your dusty hat and offer up your most sincere “Thanks, amigo.” That time is upon us.

With nearly 3,000 backers and nearly ten and twenty times our funding goals, we’re once again humbled by your enthusiasm. Thank you for your support and excitement—those are the things that keep us stumblin’ on down the dangerous trails of the Weird West!

If you missed out on the Deadlands Classic 20th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter or the Deadlands: Good Intentions Kickstarter, don’t panic. You’ll still be able to get the books and enjoy the Weird West of twenty years ago as well as the final installment of the Servitors story arc. You’ll just have to wait out the backers and be jealous of their Kickstarter exclusives…we’ll offer preorders for Good Intentions and the 20th Anniversary Edition of Deadlands Classic soon. We can’t offer any more of that Boxed Set, though!

If you want to whet your Deadlands appetites,* then get ready to feast your eyes! Check out the Deadlands Reloaded Actual Play and the Deadlands Classic Actual Play videos. You’ll even get to see some friendly, familiar faces—and you’ll get to watch them suffer for your amusement.

* Assuming you’ve not gone all wendigo on us. After all, we’re happy to give you what you crave as long as it isn’t actually us!

It’s Murderthon Time for Savage Rifts®!

Murderthon, An Adventure for Savage RiftsCongratulations! You’ve been invited to participate in the newest Juicer blood-sport! Sure, it’s freakishly violent, but they’re so very popular.

The one-night special event looks good with its funds for charity and fantastic cash prizes, but something smells as fishy as a Mega-barrel of sardines. Can you find out what’s going on before you’re thrust into the ring? After all, how dark does the truth have to be to use blood-sport as its “innocent” cover?

Grab your copy of Murderthon, an adventure for Savage Rifts®, today and discover the truth for yourself!

Savage Worlds in the Fantasy Grounds Top Five!

Savage Worlds on the Web: An Interview with Shane HensleyThe folks over at ENWorld just posted a list of the Most Played Games on Fantasy Grounds by ruleset, and we’re feeling pretty good about.

Not only did we make the top five, but the top five is basically Savage Worlds and four flavors of D&D—even the list article says so!

Thanks again, folks. We make these games for you to play, so it’s really nice to see that you’re playing them!