Savage Worlds Explorer… WANTS You!


Savage Worlds Explorer, Pinnacle’s new, ongoing publication, was successfully launched this past weekend at the 2017 Origins Game Fair and now, we’re reaching out to you for content for future issues.
If you’ve ever wanted to write official (yes, officialSavage Worlds material for Pinnacle Entertainment GroupSavage Worlds Explorer is precisely what you’ve been waiting for.
Whether you’re an established RPG author or a first-timer looking to get your foot in the door, we want to hear your ideas!
Here are some quick and dirty guidelines on what we’re lookin’ for:

  • Adventures: 5,000 words. Stand-alone Savage Tales for any of Pinnacle’s Savage Settings or Companions. (For Licensee settings, please contact the company directly for permission!)
  • Creature Features: 2,500 words. Include creature descriptions and statistics, along with ecology, legends, or other information as applicable/interesting.
  • Character Archetypes: 2,000 words. Include any and all critical mechanics with your query.
  • New WeaponsVehiclesMechsGearetc.: 2,000 words. Devoted to a single item or a compendium of related goods.
  • Something Completely Different: 2-3,000 words. Maybe it’s a useful genre rule we overlooked in Savage Worlds Deluxe, or a suite of Setting Rules to facilitate underwater or ethereal adventuring, or… something else!

So how do you get your stuff into our hands? Just follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Check out our guide to Writing for Pinnacle. Learn it. Know it. Live it.
Step 2: Send a query to Editor-in-Chief Matthew Cutter briefly describing your idea, which Savage Setting it’s for, any illustrations or maps it might need, and any of your published credits, if applicable.
And that’s it! If we like what you submit we’ll work out all the details and give you a deadline.
We look forward to hearing your ideas and seeing you all among the Explorers’ ranks.


Let’s Hear It for Another Savage Review!

Tales of Horror 2 Cover Reviews on the webIt’s always nice when enthusiastic and thorough reviews of our products pop up online and its even more thrilling when said reviews are of materials we published a while ago as it shows that people are still finding that there’s loads of fun to be had in our back catalog.

Case-in-point, all three volumes of our popular Savage Tales of Horror line were originally unleashed upon the world back in 2015, and DriveThruRPG featured reviewer, Cedric C., has just posted a terrific review of Savage Tales of Horror: Volume 2.

Of one of the tales, LARP of Horror, Cedric writes: “LARP of Horror stands out as a scenario new gamemasters and players should try for their first games of Savage Worlds.” See if you agree with Cedric’s review and then grab your own copy of Savage Tales of Horror: Volume 2from our store (available in hardcover and softback)!


Painting Tutorial: Adding Some Color to The Sixth Gun, Part Two

ashercobbA few weeks back, we shared a terrific, step-by-step guide to painting the official Sixth Gun RPG miniatureof legendary Big Bad, General Oliander Bedford Hume.

Now, user “Sam and Max” tackles the Nine-Foot Mystery Mummy himself, Asher Cobb, in all his bandage-wrapped glory. From his wide-brimmed hat to his billowing crimson cloak, you’ll learn how to transform this beautifully sculpted model from bare metal to unliving color, ready to terrorize your players’ gunslingers upon your game table!

Check out this and Sam and Max’s other Sixth Gun miniature painting tutorial over on today!


Conan: Rise of Monsters is now LIVE on Kickstarter!

ConanKickstarterThe wait is over…

Conan: Rise of Monsters is now live on Kickstarter and the battle for Hyboria has begun!

From Pulposaurus (a part of Pinnacle Entertainment Group) and created by our own Shane Hensley along with George Vasilakos, Timothy Brown, Jack Emmert, Mack Martin, and illustrator Victor Moreno, Conan: Rise of Monsters is an epic fantasy battle game with high-quality, pre-painted, 34mm plastic figures, fast-play rules, custom dice, cards, tokens, and more. The backstory is a brand new tale inspired by Robert E. Howard’s original Conan tales and the Marvel and Dark Horse Comics stories and adaptations.

Check out the pledge levels, epic stretch goals, and incredible add-ons (including some amazing unpainted terrain pieces from Reaper Miniatures). Plus, if you want to try before you buy, the Core Rules, Unit Cards, Terrain Cards, and Fate Cards are now available for FREE on DriveThruRPG! Contemplate THAT on the Tree of… WHOA!

And for those who supported the first Kickstarter back in 2015, the Pulposaurus gang hasn’t forgotten you and will be offering add-on credit as a thank you for your loyalty and patience!

Visit the Conan: Rise of Monsters Kickstarter page to pledge your support, and if you’re attending the Origins Game Fair, Shane will be running Conan: Rise of Monsters demos all weekend long!

The time to crush your enemies and see them driven before you… is now!


Find Us This Weekend at the Origins Game Fair

Pinnacle at OriginsThis weekend (June 14th-18th), join Shane Hensley along with Jodi and Clint Black at the Origins Game Fair inside the Greater Columbus Convention Center in beautiful Columbus, Ohio!

Pick up your physical copy of the premiere issue of Savage Worlds Explorer (featuring all-new, full-color adventures for Weird War I and Deadlands) and then check in with Shane as he runs some colossal Conan: Rise of Monsters demos all weekend long!

Find Pinnacle Entertainment Group (and Carolina Game Tables) in the Studio 2 Publishing area, Booth #547.


Savage Worlds Explorer Premieres at Origins

SW_Explorer_Cover_900[11330]If you’re attending the Origins Game Fair this weekend in Columbus, Ohio, be sure to swing by Pinnacle Entertainment Group (in Booth #547) to get your mitts on the full-color premiere issue of Savage Worlds Explorer!

Issue 1 features adventures penned by Teller (Weird War I) and Matthew Cutter (Deadlands: The Weird West), both of which feature detailed maps, wicked monsters, and loads of Savage surprises.

Hellfighters is a Plot Point Campaign for Weird War I that follows the exploits of the American 369th Infantry Regiment from the time the unit is attached to the French army until shortly after the Second Battle of the Marne. The campaign covers a period of five months and covers a wide geographic area of the Western Front.

Knights With No Armor is a Savage Tale for Deadlands: The Weird West that begins in southern Cochise County, Arizona Territory. What starts out as a simple rescue soon turns into a peek into the machinations of one of the Weird West’s most wicked and corrupt villains. Get a taste of what the next edition of Deadlands has to offer, amigo!

*** As a special introductory offer, if you order a print copy of issue 1 from now through this Saturday, June 17th, you’ll save $4.99 off the shipping price. Plus, you’ll get the PDF download immediately. A perfect Father’s Day gift for Savage Dads everywhere. And please note that the PDF version on its own won’t be available to order just yet, so grab this print+PDF special deal today!

All orders for Savage Worlds Explorer will begin shipping the week after Origins.


The Fighting Ravens of East Texas University

Savage Worlds on the WebIf you’re wondering what campus life is like at East Texas University, we recommend hanging out with the Fighting Ravens, Class of 2020 over on their Twitch channel!

Since November of 2016, the Fighting Ravens group has been posting live play sessions of East Texas University for all to enjoy. Whether you’re watching them live on Twitch or catching up on archived shows on their YouTube channel, the Fighting Ravens are sure to entertain.

Please note that some of their language and subject matter can get a bit salty from time to time. You have been warned!


Game On Tabletop Launches with Fear Agent™ RPG and The Goon™ RPG

GameOn_Logo_FINAL_crop[11238]Beginning Tuesday, June 6th, you can now order your physical and PDF copies of both Fear Agent™ and The Goon™ via the brand new Game On Tabletop platform, created by our great friends across the pond at Black Book Editions.

Game On Tabletop takes over where Kickstarter leaves off, offering new backers a way to join the campaign with individually-priced rewards starting at $29.99 for a softcover + PDF copy of each book.

To find out more (and to get your hands on both Fear Agent™ RPG and The Goon™ RPG visit the Game On Tabletop site today.



The Pinnacle Forums… Shall Rise Again!

Savage Worlds Web ForumTrust me when I say that we’re all frustrated about our forums being MIA. We know what a valuable asset they are, housing more than a decade’s worth of Q&As, ideas, suggestions, tutorials, house rules, and so much more, and because of that, we’re not about to let them go!

To explain to you all exactly what’s going on, allow me to hand control over to one of our resident webmasters, Brendan Quinn of Squid & Crow.

Take it away, Brendan!

Hey folks, Brendan from Squid&Crow here…

Jodi and Clint asked me to come out of my basement to give you an update on why the forums are taking so long to get back up. First, a little history… While has been rebuilt a couple times from the ground up, the forums have largely stayed the same. phpBB, the software running the forum, had a massive essential upgrade that was performed a couple years back when we moved it over to, but aside from that it has largely been running on its own.

That all changed a few weeks ago when users started noticing that when they logged in, they were actually logging in as other users (with access to private messages, posts, etc). phpBB had another significant upgrade, and while we applied it successfully, it didn’t actually fix the login problem. Scouring support forums, running code reviews, etc., came up with nothing so we decided to shut the site down while we began a migration off of phpBB to vBulletin’s cloud services so that we could have forum software experts keeping an eye on things. 

The truth is, migration of this nature is outside of the Squid & Crow wheelhouse, so we needed to pull in another company specializing in data migration. The company we’ve been working with for the past few weeks has let us know now that for some reason their methodology of migration isn’t working with our database/server config and so we’re now searching for a new migration specialist. 

Believe us, folks, we want the forums back up as soon as humanly possible. And understand that we have the old site backed up completely from just as we were beginning to see the problem, so aside from the login issue being unresolved, the data is all still there. If you’ve had experience with migrating about 280,000 posts, and a few thousand user profiles from phpBB to vBulletin, shoot a note over to We’re happy to take referrals for this kind of service.

Thank you!


Doomtown: Reloaded is Goin’ Global

PBP 5 - Dude - 4R - Ivor Hawley Exp[11231]“Pestilence sends its regards.” – Ivor Hawley

As the Servitors prepare to reveal themselves during our July Kickstarter campaign to fund the Tales from the Epitaph supplement for Doomtown: Reloaded, Pine Box Entertainment will be running a number of world-wide Epitaph Series companion tournaments that you won’t want to miss.

Doomtown: Reloaded players in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, the Netherlands, and the Philippines can gather ’round the tables, have a great time, and maybe walk away with some sweet, sweet prizes including the new Ivor Hawley promo card featuring incredible art by 2015 Marshal Winner, David Hammond.

Head over to the Pine Box Entertainment Epitaph Series page for a full schedule of events and up-to-the-minute information about the Tales from the Epitaph Kickstarter coming your way in July.