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XBox Entertainment Studios News

Stone and a Hard Place Cover PreviewAs many of you know, XBox Entertainment Studios licensed the rights for a Deadlands live action series. Unfortunately, Microsoft soon after decided to refocus on their core business and shut the studio down. A group of the development team remained to continue on with some of what they considered their top prospects, including Deadlands, but given the delays and other difficulties we eventually agreed to part ways. We thank the XBox team for their fantastic support and dedication to the project, and we can’t wait to see the work we all put into it land somewhere else.

As of November 1st, the Deadlands rights have reverted back to Pinnacle. Our AAA writer / director is still attached (we haven’t revealed who he is just yet) and his script and personal involvement is still getting lots of attention, so we’re hopeful we’ll land at another venue soon.

In the meantime, check out a preview of the stunning cover art for the Deadlands: Stone and a Hard Place Plot Point, set to release in December 2014. With your unflagging loyalty and support, Deadlands keeps on a-rollin’, amigos!

Thanks all!

Shane Hensley


Visionary Update!

Deadlands in Visionary ComicsWe’ve had some GREAT developments on the fiction front with our partners at Visionary, and our friends at Tor and IDW. In January Tor will be announcing release dates for the first Deadlands novel from New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry, and IDW will be doing pre-orders for the direct market edition of Dead Man’s Hand releasing in March. For those who missed it, Dead Man’s Hand is a collection of four, one-shot Deadlands comics Visionary published with well-known creators such as Ron Marz, David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Lee Moder, Jeff Mariotte, and Bart SearsWe’ll get you all the info to pre-order this one from your local comics shop ASAP, so keep an eye out, and make sure you let them know you want a copy.

In light of Visionary, Tor, and IDW’s commitment and excitement and our own plans for the upcoming 20th anniversary of Deadlands, we’re putting the Stone graphic novel on the backburner for a bit longer to bring you a very important tale that will change the Weird West forever! We’ll tell you all about that VERY SOON. Look out, January will be HUGE!

Horrors of ETU Figure Flats Available for Everyone

Horrors of East Texas University Figure Flats PDFThe Horrors of East Texas University Figure Flats collection brings a set of 50 monsters, felons, miscreants, and demons to your happy little corner of the ETU campus! The characters in your ETU games have been lonely long enough—it’s time you introduced someone to play with them…

Horrors of East Texas University joins the existing Heroes of East Texas University Figure Flats and all the other great East Texas University and Degrees of Horror material just waiting to be given a good home. For less than ten bucks, it’s a bargain!

Of course, if you backed the ETU/DOH Kickstarter, you could download these a few days ago and do so for free. Be sure to catch those Kickstarter opportunities when they come around, friends and neighbors!

The Last Parsec Archetypes Now Available

The Last Parsec Archetypes Space can be mighty lonely, so it’s best to have some friends. The Last Parsec Archetypes will help you fill that void in the stars and your heart while bringing the known races to your table.

These thirteen ready-to-play archetypes can also be used for PCs, representing iconic JumpCorp crew members from all the core races of the Known Worlds. They’re ready to roll with The Last Parsec rules, the Figure Flats that come with the archetypes, or The Last Parsec Miniatures (which are coming soon).

For a complete list of who’s who (and what’s what), be sure to take a look at The Last Parsec Archetypes today!

Come to the Caliphate of Al-Shirkuh!

Realm Guide: The Caliphate of Al-ShirkuhWelcome to The Caliphate of Al-Shirkuh, a paradise for the Faithful! For merely a handful of coins, this marvelous book will guide you to the delights of this great city, introduce you to many illustrious persons, and reveal an enlightened and benevolent culture! Find danger and glory, learn of those who honor the gods, and fuel your imagination beyond reason.

Triple Ace Games presents The Caliphate of Al-Shirkuh, Realm Guide #20 for their Hellfrost: Land of Fire setting. Discover the secrets that lie within, including

  • Details on social structures, governance, and persons of great note,
  • Hundreds of new locations throughout the eight great cities, including the Little Shop of Horus and Meet for Meat,
  • An expansion of the Brotherhood of Unfortunate Souls, with information for players and GMs alike, and
  • Great and sundry knowledge of topics from funerary to flatter, and new herbs to new Edges!

Savage Characters, Volume 1—New from Dragonlaird

Savage Characters, Volume 1 from DragonlairdThey say adversity builds character, but maybe it’s time to let someone else do the character-building—and Dragonlaird has you covered with Savage Characters, Volume 1. This first volume gives you 20 characters, ready to go, covering several wildly different genres.

Each character comes with a full body portrait, stats and build path from complete Novice through Legendary rank, and adventure ideas for each and every rank on the way. Whether you need a fantasy character, a spacefarer, or a made man ready to fight with demons, you’re covered.

Check out Savage Characters, Volume 1 today.

Happy Armistice Day

Armistice Day and Veterans' DayAs often as we’ve extolled the U.S. Veteran’s Day, it seems a little more appropriate to wish you all a good Armistice Day this year. This is the hundredth anniversary of the start of World War One, and the Armistice Day remembrances have been particularly poignant.

British Army cadet Harry Hayes planted the last poppy at the Tower of London’s commemorative installation of nearly 900,000 ceramic poppies. That’s one poppy for each of their fallen soldiers of World War One. That was about one in three men of military age lost in five years.

The French dedicated the new Ring of Remembrance at the International Memorial of Notre Dame de Lorette. It is inscribed with the names of nearly 600,000 World War One dead of all nationalities, brought together in death even as they struggled against one another in life.

Here in the U.S., we remember our fallen soldiers as well as thank those who have served and survived. On the Pinnacle staff, the latter includes Shane Hensley, Teller, John Goff, and Aaron Acevedo. From my time at the conventions, I also know it includes many of our loyal friends.

As gamers and authors, we tend to think of wars and conflicts as rich ground for fiction and settings. It is a place many of us go to play and escape. Let us always be mindful these are places many did not escape, are sources of tremendous pain and anguish for millions, and are not yet confined to our past.

To all who have served and will serve in the future, our heartfelt thanks. To all who have paid and will do so in the future, our sincerest condolences.

Massive Price Drop on Savage Worlds for Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop SoftwareFantasy Grounds has always helped connect on-line gamers, but now it lets you do it a little cheaper! Prices have dropped across the board for Savage Worlds and Pinnacle products. Games and modules once priced at $20 or more are now down to $9.99! Products that were $14-15 can now be had for only $4.99!

I know it’s crazy. You know it’s crazy. And we both know you better jump on it before someone comes back from the asylum and fixes things!

Get a Gander at Misfit Studios’ New Releases

Misfit StudiosThe folks over at Misfit Studios have been busy this last week, with three new releases now available!

Need some creepy critters in handy single-dose packs? Check out their new Slime Dragon and Doom Worm, ready to go any place you want them.

Need something a little more superhero-organization-ish? Head straight on over to AEGIS, updated for use with the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition)!

While you’re there, be sure to check out the whole Misfit Studios line-up. You’ll never know what you’re missing until you do…

Get Half Off Gun Metal Games in November

Gun Metal GamesGun Metal Games is having a half-off sale until the end of November! That’s right—half the cost for the same great stuff, or twice as much for nothing more!

You may be most familiar with their cyberpunk setting, Interface Zero 2.0, but be sure to check out the whole Gun Metal Games catalog while you’re looking. At prices this low, you can have a very happy Thanksgiving or get some of that Christmas shopping out of your hair really early.