Gen Con 2016: A Glance Back

Pinnacle Entertainment Group at Gen ConGen Con 2016 was a great time—and a great time to play Savage Worlds.

Our own Clint Black ran a couple demos of Rifts® for Savage Worlds, and they were filled in the first five minutes of sign-up! Some folks were waiting two hours for chance. Check out one of his crowds in this handsome photo, including Palladium‘s Kevin Siembieda:
Clint Black's Savage Worlds Game at Gen Con 2016

All of the games went fast! If you’ve ever thought about running a game at Gen Con and wanted to make sure you had players, running Savage Worlds seems like a great way to do it. And don’t forget—Savage Worlds GMs who have a game on the books get swag at the Pinnacle Booth. Free stuff and a good time? Sounds like you should sign up for next year!

Catch Our Quinns at conFUSE 2016

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouOur own Sara and Brendan Quinn are going to be at conFUSE 2016 this Saturday, August 13. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, you should drop by the Richland Public Library and say “hi.”

Every year, this free gaming day has tabletop RPGs, board games, and card games. Did we mention “free”?

If there are three things* we can really get behind, it’s gaming, libraries, and local conventions. This is your chance to grab all three!

* If we get to pick four, my personal vote would probably include for pecan pie. Maybe I should go eat something.

The Garnet Town Gambit for Savage Rifts® Released

The Garnet Town Gambit Adventure for Savage RiftsA small town is trapped between competing groups that want to exploit their region. Can you survive long enough to make a difference? Do you have what it takes to help the Tomorrow Legion tackle The Garnet Town Gambit?

Remember, we bring you options for your adventures! You can get The Garnet Town Gambit as a separate PDF, in print with the Savage Rifts® GM Screen, or as part of a bundle (either the Savage Rifts® Print Preorder Bundle or the Savage Rifts® Virtual Bundle)! If you’ve already bought the PDF as part of a bundle or as a Kickstarter backer, the file should be waiting in your account downloads right now.

The people of Garnet Town are waiting for a hero. Don’t make them wait too long…

Deadlands Noir Bundle of Holding for Sale!

Deadlands Noir Bundle of HoldingIf you’ve ever wanted to get into Deadlands Noir, now’s the time! The hard-boiled fantasy goodness* is now available in the Deadlands Noir Bundle of Holding.

For the low price of $12.95, you get all the PDFs you need to start a Deadlands Noir game, including the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition, Deadlands Noir, and more. That’s a $56 value, my friends!

For a little extra, you can add in another $61 worth of fun for your mean streets, including adventures, music, and more! That’s over 70% off right now!

Need more reasons to get your Deadlands Noir Bundle of Holding? How about it’s a limited time offer and you’ve only got until August 15 to grab it? How about 10% of your purchase price goes to a charity that deserves all the support we can give—The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children? How about three lucky buyers will get a sweet bonus prize package of a set of Deadlands Noir Dice, a set of the minis from Deadlands Noir (Stone, Femme Fatale, Houngan, Grifter, Detective, and Patent Scientist), and one metal Kickstarter Edition of the “badge with a bullet” from Shane’s personal stash.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Get your Deadlands Noir Bundle of Holding today!

* “Goodness” may be a slight misnomer for what you can expect on the gritty streets of depression-era New Orleans. But, hey, a positive attitude like that can stop bullets, right? You better hope so…

Pinnacle Entertainment at Gen Con!

Pinnacle Entertainment Group at Gen ConCome on by and see us at Booth 2029 in the Gen Con Dealer’s Hall!

Jodi Black, Clint Black, and Scott Woodard (Sixth Gun RPG and Flash Gordon RPG) will be around the booth most of the time. Shane Hensley will be available at the booth now and again.* Heck, you might even get to see the Mysterious Teller in his WWI uniform ready to sign autographs!

If you’re running a scheduled Savage Worlds game, be sure you stop by the booth and get your special thank you coupon (good at the booth or online) from Jodi!

Clint Black is running two two-hour demos of Savage Rifts® in the Kickstarter room, Room 143. Signups are available starting Thursday in Room 143 (no online signups).

Weird War I is making it’s print debut at Gen Con!** Weird War I Kickstarter backers can pick up their rewards at the convention. Drop by and see Jodi in Booth 2029.***

Bring your comfortable shoes and your best-rolling dice, and join us in Indiannapolis!

* He’s in high demand and just a little prone to chasing shiny butterflies. Bless his heart.

** You didn’t think Teller was wearing that WWI uniform just for giggles, did you? Come to think of it, that’s pretty plausible.

*** Heck, drop by and see her even if you don’t want to pick up your Weird War I Kickstarters. She’s always a ray of sunshine.

Savage Worlds Reviews and Actual Plays!

Savage Worlds on the WebThe High Level Games blog brings you Four Reasons Why You Need to Get Savage With Savage Worlds. If you’ve been on the fence or need a hand explaining why we’re your favorite game of all time, ever ever ever,* it’s a good quick read.

While you’re at it, see some of our newest releases in action to really feel the Savage! The CVG Actual Play & Community Theater Podcast has posted Episode 25, an actual play run-through of The Raid on Fort Douaumont, an adventure for Weird War I.

As always, it’s exciting to hear what all of you friends of Savage Worlds are thinking and doing. Keep ’em coming!

* Okay, so that might be just a touch of an overstatement. But just barely, right?

Savage Rifts® Bundles Available for Preorder

Rifts Print BundleEven in the face of a cataclysmic collision of realities, this is your lucky day! Preorders for Savage Rifts® Bundles are now live in the Pinnacle Store!

The Savage Rifts® Print Bundle preorder includes the Player’s Guide, the GM’s Handbook, Foes of North America, the GM Screen including the Garnet Town Gambit adventure, two combat maps, a poster map, a Savage Worlds Collector’s Case with Savage Rifts oversleeve, the Character Folio, Bennies, Dice, and all the virtual files in the Virtual Bundle! PDFs are yours as soon as they’re available, and printed products are expected in January.

If you’ve moved your game supplies virtual, we’ve still got you covered with the Savage Rifts® Virtual Bundle! The Player’s GuideGM Handbook, and Foes of North America PDFs are available for immediate download, and you’ll get immediate access to the rest of the files as soon as they become available—GM Screen inserts, Garnet Town Gambit, six different maps, Character Folio, Archetypes, Archetypes II, Coalition Field Manual, Tome of Vengeance, The Contamination Principle, and Murderthon.

Stake your claim now and get in on the Savage Rifts® fun as soon as possible!

Cackler’s Challenge Deadlands GM Screen Inserts Available!

Deadlands Reloaded GM Screen InsertsThey’re here! They’re really here!

The special Deadlands GM Screen inserts from the Cackler’s Challenge are now available! Exciting new art, art from the Cackler graphic novel, and fully updated rules and tables make this the best thing to put in sleeves at your table since, well, arms!

For the full details on downloading, be sure to check out the latest Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter update!

Win the Next Deadlands Novel, Thunder Moon Rising

Thunder Moon Rising, a TOR Deadlands NovelLet Lady Luck smile on you—enter to win a free copy of the second Deadlands novel, Thunder Moon Rising! Join the posse to root out whatever’s been mauling mule trains and killing settlers, and try to live long enough to see the Thunder Moon come into the sky!

Catch up on the whole line of TOR Deadlands novels before it gets too big—grab a copy of the first book, Ghostwalkers from Jonathan Maberry, and satisfy your cravings for Weird West adventures.

Christmas in July at DriveThruRPG

DriveThruRPG Christmas in July Sale 2016Celebrate your love of gaming with the Christmas in July Sale at DriveThruRPG. Get 25% off on hundreds of gaming titles, and treat yourself and your friends to a great summer!

But you need to hurry—there’s not a whole lot of July left!