Pinnacle Comes to ChupacabraCon!

ChupacabraConThis weekend, May 13-15, Savages are descending upon the third annual ChupacabraCon in the Austin, Texas area. Shane Hensley, Jodi Black, Clint Black, Sean Patrick Fannon, Ross Watson, Ed Wetterman, and Preston DuBose will all be on-site playing and running games.

In fact, one lucky fan gets an incredible Friday the 13th fantasy—to roll the dice with all of the aforementioned Savage Worlds designers in a special celebrity game of Chickens in the Mist. This game of feathers and destruction is for charity, and we’re counting on a big crowd of Savage fans to donate $1 bills to buy bennies for the players. Even better—donate for the GM to add more foes to the table! It’s all for a good cause (Austin Creative Pathways) and is sure to be a clucking good time.

If giant mutant killer chickens isn’t your thing,* Sean Patrick Fannon will be running multiple games of RIFTS® for Savage Worlds. Play it before all your friends! Unless your friends are coming to ChupacabraCon too, then play it with your friends! We are 97% sure there are no giant mutant chickens in these games—well, maybe 92% sure….

No convention would be complete without a visit to the loony bin Clint Black’s amazing SyFy-inspired games. Turn the terror up to twelve and the temperature down to twenty in Arctigator Rex vs. Robo-Croco-Sharkasuarus.** And you’re right—your life will be incomplete if you don’t play this game.

And our fearless leader Shane Hensley will be running his own Deadlands creation, The Devil Pigs of Cochise County. Take a hellish trip into the deserts north of Tombstone, and get ready for a twisted tale of twisted tails! Characters—and torment and woe—will be amply provided.

Don’t forget Savage Saturday Night. In addition to all the above game designers running and playing in games, Wine and Savages will be running their The King is Dead setting!

Want to know what’s going on behind the scenes or what might be coming out from Pinnacle? Be sure to attend the Spoiler Alert! Pinnacle Games Seminar. The massive panel will talk about projects you know, projects you don’t, and quite possibly anything else that strikes their fancy!***

Make sure ChupacabraCon is on your destination list, and check out the full line-up for games.

* And if it’s not, just what’s wrong with you, anyway?

** Yes, it’s a sequel to his Arctigator vs. Croco-Sharkasuarus game. No, they aren’t real movies…yet.

*** Which terrifies me. These are the people World War II “Loose Lips Sink Ships” posters were made for. Seriously. If you’ve ever wanted to watch a crowd leak secrets like a sieve you used for shotgun practice, don’t miss it!

Lankhmar Confusion Confusion Dispelled!

Lankhmar: City of ThievesLankhmar is a place of subtlety and stealth. Even the books about it are swaddled in misdirection, which explains how an edit snuck past us!

We’ve updated Lankhmar: City of Thieves and the Lankhmar: City of Thieves Player’s Guide by adding the Casting Modifier to the confusion power, as it was always meant to be. I guess that little bugger got away from us for a bit, but it’s in both PDFs now and ready for redownload.

If you went with the printed version, we’ve added that bit of arcane wisdom to the Lankhmar: City of Thieves Errata. Don’t worry—it still really takes up less than half a page.

Now that you’re not confused, go confuse someone else on the treacherous, murky streets of Lankhmar: City of Thieves.

Deadlands Classic Live Plays!

Savage Worlds Actual Play PodcastsYou got a hankerin’ to see how the Weird West was in the Olden Days?* Do you want to see how Deadlands worked before Savage Worlds? Or do you just want to watch some cowpokes shoot stuff up? Whichever one you’re lookin’ for, EvilSqueegee’s Deadlands Classic live plays will quench that tickle in your throat!

Each week, catch the live plays on Fridays, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm Eastern. Or you can catch up on the episodes on EvilSqueegee’s YouTube channel.

Fair warnin’, though. The language can be salty as a cured ham, at least compared to the mild tones we like to use ’round this part of the web. It’s almost certainly not a good idea to watch at work.

* That’s right, way back to 1996!

Savage Rifts® Kickstarter Wildly Successful!

Rifts for Savage Worlds KickstarterYou guys are amazing—the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter project funded almost immediately, and the fire just kept burning! In our first week, we became a Kickstarter Staff Pick. At this moment, we have over 2,000 backers, nearly $230,000 pledged, and are nearly 3,000% funded!

Curious about the new Stretch Goals? Be sure to check them out on the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter home page. Want to know more about what’s going on, including some Design Diaries, free previews, and more? Visit the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter Updates for all the latest news!

That’s not the only place to catch more about Savage Rifts®, though. You can listen to an interview with Sean Patrick Fannon on GenreTainment for some more insight on the development or read The Allspark’s Savage Rifts® preview review for an independent opinion. The web is chock full of buzz, and we’ll keep you as updated as we can!

And, just in case we didn’t make this clear, thanks for all your support and enthusiasm. We couldn’t do these things without you, and we wouldn’t want to do them for anyone else.

Weird War I Archetypes Onslaught!

Weird War One ArchetypesThe faces and fronts of war are many, and the spread of the Great War has made them seemingly limitless! A few weeks ago, we made the Weird War I Archetypes: Civilians available on the Pinnacle Web Store, and now it’s time to cover most of the uniformed fighters of the massive conflict.

This week, we’re proud to bring you Weird War I Archetypes for the American, British, French, and German troops.* We’re not giving you an army…we’re giving you four armies! Each character is presented with full-color art, stat blocks for Novice and Seasoned, and ready-to-use Figure Flats!

Weird War I Archetypes let you see the war through new eyes, through eyes on the fronts and in the trenches, through eyes that will see horrors history will deny, through eyes that may never see home again.

* No, we’re not showing any favoritism or nationalism. Those are in alphabetical order. That’s just the way they shake out.

Savage Worlds on Social Media

Savage Worlds on Doctor Belmont's BlogThis is a great time to be a Savage Worlds fan on social media. Our Google+ group has over 4,000 members and is a great place to connect with other Savage Worlds players . Our Facebook group has over 1,800 members, and our own website’s forum is incredibly active and the place to get official answers.

If you’ve not had the chance to reach out across the web and meet your fellow Savage Worlds gamer, take the time to do so soon. You’ll be happy you did, because you’re all a pretty amazing bunch of folks.

Savage Worlds Deluxe Core Rules PDFs Updated

Savage Worlds Rules UpdateDo you remember when we announced the exciting change to the Shaken rules? In addition to updating that wording in the Savage Worlds Deluxe PDF and the Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition PDF, we’ve also updated the Extended Combat example in both books (page 79 and pages 90-91, respectively).

To get the newest, most up-to-date file, just redownload from the Pinnacle Web Store or DriveThruRPG.*

* Depending on where you actually purchased it. I know, that probably is pretty obvious, but sometimes you just have to say these things.

Savage Rifts® Kickstarter Launches!

Savage RIFTS® Kickstarter ProjectAtomic fire and arcane Armageddon destroyed all that once was, bringing on a world of magic and monsters, cybernetic post-humanism, and infinite potential for both greatness and disaster. This is the terrifying, wonderful world of Rifts®, and it’s gone completely Savage!

Join us as we bring the over-the-top heroes of Rifts® to the popular Savage Worlds system! With everything from Juicers to Ley Line Walkers, Glitter Boys to Mind Melters, demons to war machines, the gonzo, big-guns-and-super-magic world comes to a new generation.

Be sure to check the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter project for full details on the different backer levels, Stretch Goals, and available add-ons. Between the three core books—all scheduled for PDF release a month or so after the Kickstarter—the maps, the GM Screen, and all the extras, there’s a backer level package for everyone!

For more information and input, just check the Internet! Catch the interviews on MythWits, Interrogation Droid, Through Gamer Goggles, The Wild Die, and The SavageCast to hear more about the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter. Or you can see what other people are saying now in the reviews from Tommy Brownell on The Most Unread Blog on the Internet and Christopher Helton on ENWorld.

Join us as we enter a new world—or several—of high adventure with the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter project!


Last Call for Rippers Resurrected Missing Backers

Rippers ResurrectedHey, you. Yes, you, the one that ordered some of the lovely printed products from the Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter but never responded to the BackerKit survey e-mail. We can’t send your stuff to you without an address!

There’s about 30 people that we’ve not heard from yet, and those folks can expect their shipments to be delayed until we know where to ship it. Don’t make yourself sad—check your e-mail and let us know where you are!

Remember, any time you join one of our Kickstarters—like, say, the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter—you’ve got to respond the distribution survey so we know what your current address is for shipping. We want you to get your stuff as soon as possible, but we need your help!

If you’ve gone all “web native,” digital reward backers already have their products (And therefore will not be bothered with a survey).

Limited Editions Selling Out!

Savage Worlds Science Fiction CompanionWhen you see “limited edition,” we’re not kidding. The Science Fiction Companion Limited Edition is now completely sold out.

Once our Limited Editions are sold out, they’re gone. We don’t reprint those—that’s why we call them “limited,” you know. But you don’t have to panic. We’ll keep the current softcover books in stock, reprinting as we need to.

If you’re a fan of the hardcover Limited Editions, you might want to double-check your library. We’re running low on Limited Edition hardcover versions of the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition), East Texas University, Degrees of Horror, and the Sixth Gun RPG. Don’t let them slip away!