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Reviews from the Ancient Past to the Interstellar Future!

Savage Worlds on the WebIt’s been a big week for the span of Savage Worlds reviews, taking us from the secret histories of Weird Wars: Rome to the far reaches of space in The Last Parsec! doubled down on their Weird Wars: Rome coverage, adding Matt Staggs’ interview with authors Shane Hensley and Teller to last week’s review of Weird Wars: Rome. Drop by for the full scoop on our vision of a Roman Empire fighting battles lost to history against dark foes biding their time to strike again.

If you’d rather see the future, check out Game Geek’s review of The Last Parsec series. Game Master Kurt Wiegel goes into depth on what the different books are, how they relate, and what you can do with them. If you’ve got any questions, he’ll probably cover them for you as well as give you his learned opinion!

As always, you can pop over to the Pinnacle Web Store for more details on Weird Wars: Rome, any of the other Weird Wars games, or The Last Parsec.


Get Priority Registration for Your Gen Con Games

Gen ConIf you want priority registration for your Gen Con games, you have to register your games by this Friday, February 6. You’ll get better slots* for your games before that. If you don’t make that cut-off, you can still register until March 13, but why wait?

Remember to start your Savage Worlds scenario titles with “[SVG]” so you’re easier to find, keep the titles under 30 characters for the best chance of making the printed program, and be sure to e-mail Jodi Black, our Marketing Manager, with your game title and code to get details on goodies for you and your players. That includes the elusive invitation to hang with the Pinnacle crew on Thursday night.

Register now, and watch for us there!

* Not only do the more popular slots go faster, but you have a better shot at getting your requested slots as a priority game registrant. Plus, you can call yourself a Gen Con PGR. Nobody will know what you mean, but, hey, it sounds cool.

Major Upgrades to Savage Worlds on Fantasy Grounds!

Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop SoftwareThe latest release of the Savage Worlds rules set for Fantasy Grounds gives you an electronic boatload of upgrades! The fifty-or-so new features include:

  • Campaign calendars you can use to track time,
  • Rollable tables with an easier interface,
  • Greater GM visibility with the ability to interact with all players at once,
  • Wounds, Shaken and Incapacitated now on the character portraits,
  • Automatic display of how many raises you rolled,
  • Better handling for the Hold status, and
  • Armor Piercing weapons that really, really work!

You can get the full list of Savage Worlds v4 features or catch SmiteWorks’ Doug Davison’s YouTube video overview.

If the upgrades to the basic Savage Worlds rules set weren’t enough, they’ve just released Weird Wars II as a supplement module. All the setting information and artwork from the PDF—monsters, items, vehicles and more—pre-integrated into Fantasy Grounds to minimize prep time. Get Weird Wars II and other licensed Savage Worlds products at the Fantasy Grounds Store today!

Dead Men Walking…Right Now!

The Dead Men Walking Kickstarter duo has begun! Even now, you should feel the clammy hand of dread stretching your way. Don’t be shy—reach out and give it a shake! Join us for a walk on the dead side as we kick off two very different—but closely linked—projects that start us on the road for the 20th anniversary of Deadlands in 2016!

Stone, an implacable killer with a taste for heroes, is coming full force in the Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter. Bring all the danger of the third Deadlands Plot Point Campaign to “life” with your support, and get more than you rightly bargained for. That’s right, amigo, Stone and a Hard Place is a sourcebook for the Southwest, detailing strange locales, creepy characters, carnivorous critters, and Setting Rules to highlight Death’s grip on the land. There’s also new material for your favorite Harrowed heroes and any hexslingers you got ridin’ the trail beside you—after all, in a place this hungry for souls, you shouldn’t let anybody ride behind you…. Check it out today!

The Cackler is an ancient Harrowed, walking the earth in undeath since before the age of the Weird West was upon us, and The Cackler graphic novel Kickstarter will let us tell his tale at last! The Cackler seeks a very particular blood relative for a mysterious and nefarious ritual that could change the world of Deadlands forever, a ritual so threatening that the Texas Rangers and the Agency have invoked the Twilight Protocol in a united state against his success. Can Morgan Lash, a former Wichita Witch, save the Cackler’s quarry—who just happens to be her own sister? There’s only one way to know!

See if you can figure out the Cackler’s secret identity before the end of the tale. We’ve been putting out clues for twenty years (with the best ones in The Black Circle for the original Deadlands Classic), but everything you need is retold right in the graphic novel. You’re never too late to the party to be touched by evil!

There are some very limited Kickstarter rewards for select backers for both Stone and a Hard Place and The Cackler graphic novel, so don’t let the weeds sprout under your feet, partner. Check ’em out as soon as you can!

Hell on Earth Companion Gets the Unread Once-Over

Savage Worlds on the WebThe Most Unread Blog on the Internet Ever has a new review for the Deadlands Hell On Earth Companion. Not only will you get to see Tommy’s take on the matter, not only will you have some good information to see if it’s the book for you, but you’ll get to see what is possibly the most aggressive truth-in-review disclosure statement I have ever seen.

Savage Worlds at a Show Near You!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouWant to find one of us at a convention near you? You’re in luck—we’ve updated the Pinnacle Conventions page with all new information for 2015! You don’t need a crystal ball for your prognostications, just a web browser and this link!

If you’re looking for love in all the con places, check out where we’ll be for Valentine’s Day this year. John Goff, Sara Quinn, and Brendan Quinn will all be at RadCon in Pasco, Washington, February 13-15, while Michael Ysker is shivering at Con of the North in Plymouth, Minnesota. Randy Mosiondz will be working the long weekend, February 13-16, at DunDraCon in San Ramon, California.

Now that you see how that schedule works, be sure to check for us near you for the rest of the year. Keep your eyes open, too—the Pinnacle Conventions page  will be updated as the year goes on, and we reserve the right to magically appear without warning. You might want to look behind you right now…

And speaking of cruel jokes, this one’s on us—you might notice none of us are making it to GenghisCon. The Rocky Mountain Savages are putting on an amazing gaming display with 29 GMs running 65 unique scenarios at over 80 tables with more than 500 gamer seats of Savage Worlds available, and we’re going to miss it. They’ve got 4 tables on Con Junior, 11 tables of their Weird Wars Rome Twilight Legion shared campaign, Deadlands, East Texas University, Shaintar, and a smattering of home-brew settings, and we’re going to miss it. There are going to be 15 tables for Savage Saturday Night, and…well, you know. So, if you’re anywhere close, you should be sure to turn out and catch the Savage Worlds extravaganza that’s going to be GenghisCon in Denver, February 12-15.

Dead Men Walking and Dead Man’s Hand Closer Than Ever!

The Cackler Graphic Novel Cover PreviewCan you feel it getting closer? The Dead Men Walking Kickstarter duo starts next week, January 27.

You can sign on for the tale of Death’s favored son, Stone, with the third Deadlands Plot Point Campaign Stone and a Hard Place. You can hitch your wagon to The Cackler graphic novel that will expose Deadlands‘ most infamous villains in a way that changes the world of Deadlands like nothing before it. If you’re mucho enough of an hombre, you can even take both Kickstarters on at once. In the end, though, keep in mind that both Stone and a Hard Place and The Cackler will be coming for you

For more details, be sure to check out our Dead Men Walking Kickstarter info page.

While we’re talking Deadlands and looking ahead, this is the final stretch for preordering your copy of Dead Man’s Hand. Remember, you can print the handy Dead Man’s Hand Preorder Form to get all the information you’ll need to give your local comic retailer. Then you can get the free stuff (including a digital copy of The Kid and a Deadlands Reloaded PDF of your choice) just for mentioning your preorder online—be sure to check the full details.

Be sure to read this week’s Dead Man’s Hand spotlight series with a focus on the dark tale of murder and mayhem from Ron Marz and Bart Sears, Death Was Silent. There’s even a bonus interview with Bart on the upcoming The Cackler graphic novel!

Fill Your Table with New Last Parsec Maps and Figure Flats!

The Last ParsecFill up that empty space on your table with our exciting space of the future—The Last Parsec! Today we’re releasing enough maps and figure flats to choke out a black hole!*

There’s two sets of Figure Flats ready for you—Explorers of the Last Parsec Figure Flats and Terrors of Deep Space Figure Flats. Whether you need folks from all the races of The Last Parsec or you just need the most dangerous beasts those people may eventually run afoul of, we’ve got you covered. Both sets are ready to be printed and assembled into either tri-fold figures or based-tent figures to suit your preferences, and you can make as many as you want to. You caught that, right? As many as you want. There’s no reason to stop at five or six players against one or two beasts, not when you can add in a few (or a few hundred, or a few thousand) of their allies…on both sides!

With persons and things covered, it’s time to round out the nouns and give you some places for your Last Parsec games! Right now you can get your hands on four different PDF maps, each ready to print at 24″ x 30″ (if you’ve got the printer) or to be tiled to suit your printing and table needs. Whether you need a Dropship Map, a Freighter Map, Pirate Vessels Maps, or a Research Ship Map, this is the place to be! Each is ready to be filled with your minis or our Figure Flats.

For those of you out there with the foresight to have joined the Last Parsec Kickstarter as backers, these files are already waiting for you. If you’re not in that special crowd, what are you waiting for? Get your Last Parsec Maps and Figure Flats today!

* Okay, a very small, highly theoretical black hole that probably doesn’t exist and may have sent our actual physicist readers into conniption fits. Sorry about that. I get carried away sometimes.

Savage Worlds GM Round-Up for Gen Con 2015!

Gen ConIt’s that time again—time to get your games submitted for Gen Con 2015! Submissions are already being accepted, and placement priority goes to those with events in by February 6.

For those of you who are running Savage Worlds games at Gen Con or are interested in it, thanks! You’re the folks who will keep the Gen Con program full of Savage Worlds options and bring the game to new and old friends alike.

To sign up to run a Savage Worlds game, create your Gen Con account and submit your games via their web system. Be sure to start your scenario title with “[SVG]” so you’re easier to find. You’re more likely to make the cut into the printed program guide with a Scenario Title under 30 characters and a Scenario Description of 50 characters or less. This is where all that Twitter practice finally pays off!

If you’re running a Savage Worlds game, be sure to e-mail Jodi Black, our Marketing Manager, with your game title and code. She’ll set you up with details on goodies for your players and our thanks to you for running two or more games!* That thanks is definitely going to include at least coupons/gift certificates and an invitation to hang with the Pinnacle crew on Thursday night. Don’t forget that Gen Con also offers a free badge for GMs who meet their criteria.

We’ll have more details on all the Savage Worlds Gen Con doin’s as it gets closer. For now, be sure to get in your games and plan on seeing us there!


* Okay, what you’ve really got to do is run 48 player-hours of Savage Worlds games. If you run two four-hour games for six people (the most common set-up), that takes care of that (2 games times 4 hours times 6 players equals 48 player-hours). Sounds pretty easy when you put it that way, doesn’t it?

Suvudu Reviews Weird Wars Rome

Savage Worlds on the WebIf you’ve ever wondered about roleplaying in the Legions of Rome, of living in an Empire that spans the known world (and possibly beyond), then this is your lucky day. You can get’s review of Weird Wars: Rome right now to see what they’ve got to say.

When you’re done with that review, be sure to pop on over to the Pinnacle Web Store to get details on Weird Wars: Rome or any of the other fine Weird Wars lines and titles!