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Savage Bones Brings Savage Worlds Stats to Reaper Bones Minis

Savage BonesSometimes, you guys take the Savage Worlds Fan License and do things that just make us go, “Hey, that’s awesome!” Savage Bones is one of those things.

Since the middle of last year, Savage Bones has been creating Savage Worlds stat blocks for all the minis from the Reaper Bones miniature line. We might not be quick on the draw, but we certainly recognize a good idea when we finally see it. Now you can drop any of the Reapers Bones minis straight into your Savage Worlds games with virtually no effort at all!

For all you minis fans, be sure to check out the Savage Worlds Minis from Reaper as well as Reaper’s full line of minis.


MTE Releases Savage Insider #10: Make It Epic

Savage Insider #10: Make It EpicMystical Throne Entertainment takes you to the earlier days of high fantasy adventure with Savage Insider #10: Make It Epic! Draw your swords, grab your staves, cast your spells—get ready to defend your realm (and treasures) as best you can!

Savage Insider #10: Make It Epic brings you

  • A brand new, full-length adventure
  • A series of fantasy encounters for DramaScape’s The Crypts battlemap.
  • A look at the ranger fantasy archetype
  • Discussions about creating your own pantheon
  • An article about power trappings
  • Magical weapons, and more!

That’s way too much good stuff to let pass you by—be sure to get your copy (PDF or Print-on-Demand) today!

DramaScape Takes You to Their Cabin in the Wilderness

Dramascape's Cabin in the WildernessDramaScape brings you their newest game map, Cabin in the Wilderness. This 40″ x 20″ map comes with square, hex, and gridless options for printing and contains the Virtual Tabletop files for online use.

Several different views from inside and out make this creepy little cabin as immersive as possible, and the included Savage Worlds adventure lets you terrorize your friends use it in your games immediately!

Check it out today and take your games to the woods tomorrow!

Paladins and Cappers Join the Ranks of Streets of Bedlam!

Streets of Bedlam: Paladin and Capper SOB PackThe Streets of Bedlam are home to all sorts of people—good, bad, young, and old. You never know who you’re going to meet, but you can be certain they’ve all got an angle.

The newest SOBs pack brings two new Archetypes to your Streets of Bedlam campaigns. You can take on corruption face-first as the determined Paladin or stand up for the downtrodden as the bad-guy-turned-good Capper. Either way, you get a full write-up for the new options, including signature sample characters designed for use as NPCs!

Be sure to check out the Streets of Bedlam full line of products for the total mean-streets experience!

Shane’s Trip to GameStorm 2014—In Pictures!

If you weren’t able to meet up with Shane Hensley during his recent trip to GameStorm 2014 or just couldn’t follow him around as closely as you might’ve liked (which is starting to sound creepy), here’s the trip he remembers in photos!

01: Game Storm 16 was actually held in Vancouver, Washington.
02: But it’s still “Portlandia” :)
03: With lots of great people and food. This is the Farmer’s Market across the street from the convention.
04: We visited a GREAT game store called Guardian Games.
05: This is the inside…and they had lots of great Savage Worlds books.
06: Shane, Zev Shlasinger of Z-Man Games, and Mike Selinker (lately of the Pathfinder card game) were the Guests of Honor.
07: One of the nicest guys we know… Zev of Z-Man Games!
08: Jim Pinto was there running Postworld Games’ Protocol series, featuring Deadlands.
09: Mike Kelley ran a GREAT Deadlands Noir game for Jim Pinto, Noir editor Scott Alan Woodard, and our web team…Brendan and Sara Quinn.
10: Shane ran a game of Savage Marvel, featuring the Midnight Sons!
11: These gators may have taken a bit of zombie Deadpool…
12: Gaming Coordinator Ron “Batman” Steinhauser played a mean Blade, the Vampire Hunter!
13: Savage Saturday Night featured tons of great games, from Hell on Earth to Noir to the debut of our upcoming setting “The Last Parsec.”
14: John Goff goes for a TPK with Hell on Earth.
15: Shane debuts “The Last Parsec.”
16: And what trip to the Portland area would be complete without a quick stop at Powell’s Books!

Malcontents Added to Wendigo Tales: Season Two

MalcontentsMalcontents by Jon Leitheusser is this week’s new release for Wendigo Tales Season Two. Season Two continues in the world of Necessary Evil, where the super villains of earth have to fight an occupying alien force and their own baser natures to save the planet!

Stretch is a super villain down on his luck. His occasional work for the resistance might help the war effort against the aliens, but it’s not doing all that much for his meager bank account and overdue alimony and child support.  His new assignment is to break into the terrible drone factory—where humans are turned into super-enhanced, zombie-like slaves for the v’sori. But what he finds inside is a little more—and a little more personal—than just the next score.

Be sure to check out the previous tales from Season Two—Faces of Destruction (insanely, still free), Thicker Than Water, Fallen, and Purgatoryor any of the stories of the Weird Wars from Wendigo Tales: Season One.

We’re Coming to the Northwest, the Southeast, and France!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouCome to GameStorm March 20-23 in Vancouver, Washington. Our own Shane Hensley (the RPG Guest of Honor) and John Goff will both be there running games for new friends and old! Shane will be running The Midnight Suns (Marvel’s best horror-themed heroes and heroines powered by the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion) and The Last Parsec (a preview of our upcoming science fiction setting). Join John Goff as he brings Deadlands: Reloaded into the future, running games of Deadlands Noir and Deadlands: Hell on Earth!

If you live a little more toward the east, come see us at MACE West in Asheville, North Carolina, March 21-23. Catch up with Clint Black, Jodi Black, and Joel Kinstle and play one of the several Savage Saturday Night games or the many, many Savage Worlds games throughout the weekend!

If you need a little more lead time or a European option, you’re in luck! Shane will also be at BBE Con in Lyon, France on April 19. If you’re a French speaker or can operate a web translator, check out BBE Con web site for more information.

Zed or Alive Kickstarter Begins—With Initial Funding!

Zed or Alive KickstarterZed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game launched on Kickstarter just a few days ago, and has already met its initial funding goal! This campaign-based miniatures skirmish game is set in the years following a zombie apocalypse and is powered, at its core, by the Savage Worlds: Showdown! miniatures combat system.

This is Rust Devil Games’ first release, and is already ready to be distributed by digital download—no waiting around on this one! Not only are the pledge levels cheap, but the Savage Worlds: Showdown! rules are free from the Savage Worlds downloads links.

If you want to hear all about it, including interviews with the creators, be sure to listen to The Nerd’s Domain: Episode 66. The whole podcast is about the Zed or Alive Kickstarter[Say, if you're a journalist, blogger, podcaster, webmaster, news agency, or other creator of content that might feature well here, you should talk to Jodi Black. Nerd's Domain did...]

Be sure to check out the Zed or Alive Kickstarter for details about backing and about the game itself. Did we mention that you can play as several different kinds of zombies, as humans, or even as a virus strain? That you can play with any minis you’ve got, including different scales? That there are several stretch goals that appear to be in easy reach and come at a remarkably affordable backer level?

Huh. Sounds like you really ought to visit the Zed or Alive Kickstarter instead of counting on this far-too-brief article to cover everything! Heck, they even tackle the “what do you mean another zombie game” question right on the front page, and they’ve even got a good answer!

GRAmel Releases The Dread Shard for Beasts & Barbarians

The Dread ShardA great feast is the perfect opportunity to eat, drink, be merry, and stop a barbarian invasion. Can you save one of the Iron Empire’s biggest cities? Can you stop the nefarious plot hidden in the revelry around you? Can you survive the constant lure of free wine?

GRAmel brings you The Dread Shard, a Beasts & Barbarians adventure for any group of heroes.