Steamscapes: Asia Now Available

Steamscapes: AsiaSteamscapes: Asia, the second major setting book in the Steamscapes line, is now available at Studio 2 Publishing and DriveThruRPG! Steamscapes: Asia provides:

  • a rich historical background,
  • extensive martial arts rules, including fifteen different styles from across the continent,
  • the new Apothecary profession,
  • more military, including elephant cavalry, rocketry indirect fire, new airships, and new weapons, and
  • a new racial template for Japanese war automatons.

If you want more adventures, check out Strider by Sean Bircher. In this stand-alone adventure, one of Japan’s oldest automatons must convince her maker to create a new automated weapon, and nearly everyone wants to stop her.

And, right now, the PDF is free with the print booklet, but only through Studio 2. See where else steampunk can take you!


Doomtown: The Light Shineth in Game Stores Now

Doomtown: The Light ShinethDoomtown: The Light Shineth is Alderac’s latest addition to Doomtown Reloaded. Released October 5, you can probably find it on the shelves of your friendly local game store, ready to go.

And ready is what you’ll need to be. Pine Box is no place for the slow or timid, and The Light Shineth certainly isn’t about to cool things down in the town!

If you’ve never felt all the Weird West conflict, tension, and fun of Deadlands in a card-game environment, you owe it to yourself to give Doomtown Reloaded a look today!

Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter New Stretch Goals!

Rippers Resurrected KickstarterThe Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter launched last week to incredible success! We hit our initial funding goal in less than half an hour—honestly, it went by so quick we’re not even sure when it did happen. We’re right around the $53,000 mark as this is written, which has unlocked every continent’s Savage Tale stretch goal—and the mysterious unannounced stretch goal was funded before it could be announced:

Maps Galore! All backers receive PDFs of all three maps, including the new one for The World of the Rippers, with a Combat Map of a Lodge on the flip side of a map of the Victorian world! The next stretch goal is for the Lost Library of the Rippers original adventures.

Remember that the bandwagon for the relaunch of our Victorian monster-hunter horror setting is going by pretty quickly. If you want to jump on, you only have until October 22. Be sure you check out the full range of add-ons, including maps, bennies, dice, cards, and much more, and keep your eyes open* for new stretch goals.

For those of you who want to hear more, you’re in luck! Simon Lucas, Clint Black, and Shane Hensley will be on Dan Davenport’s #rpgnet chat at 8pm Central time this Friday, October 16th. That’s the Line Manager, the Rules Manager, and our Founder all in one spot to talk about Rippers Resurrected. I wouldn’t miss it if I were you…

* You can leave peeling eyes to the Rippertechs. It’s more of a profession than a hobby, at this point.

Dead Men Walkin’ Now Available

Dead Men Walkin' Adventure for Deadlands: ReloadedSome tales weren’t meant to be told, and Dead Men Walkin’ is one of them. Every unfortunate soul who experiences this yarn of horror on the High Plains will die. That’s a fact. And it will happen fast, amigo.

Tread carefully. The dead walk here.

This incredibly deadly scenario is Shane Hensley’s personal convention adventure he runs by invitation only for players up for a little more abuse and mayhem than usual. This updated version was provided for those who backed the Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter in 2015, and now it’s available for everyone!

This is your chance. Grab death by the horns. What could possibly go wrong?

Lankhmar and Last Parsec Core—Preorders No More!

The Last Parsec Core BookLakhmar: City of ThievesIt’s an exciting day in the dimly-lit past and the future bright with stars, because they’re both available right now! That’s right, both the Lankhmar line and The Last Parsec Core are no longer considered preorders. Order either one, and they’ll be shippin’ any ol’ day now!

Quick Combat Guide

Savage Worlds Free DownloadsThe Quick Combat Guide gives you options for those times when combat isn’t the main focus, but you don’t want to just hand-wave it away. This mid-ground choice is what our own Shane Hensley uses in his games, and now we’re making it available to all of you who may need it. Enjoy!

FG Con 7 October 16-18 (With Prizes)

FG ConFG Con 7 will run from Friday evening Australian time on October 16 until midnight Eastern Time on October 18! This community organized virtual convention uses the premier virtual table top platform Fantasy Grounds.

Being so close to Halloween, many of the over 50 game sessions have a bit of a horror twist—bring your flashlight and a friend!

Did we forget to mention the prizes? Yes, there will be prizes, and many of them will come straight from us here at Pinnacle Entertainment! Enjoy some games, stay at home, and win free PEG merchandise—how can you possibly beat a deal like that?

Savage Worlds Things We Like

Savage Worlds Fan License ProjectsNothing beats seeing you guys flex your creativity and coming up with Savage Worlds settings that we never thought of.

This week’s example comes from the Savage Worlds Google+ Fan Community—Karl Keesler’s 1970s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Not only is the idea awesome, he’s even put everything you’d need out for download, including the 8-track label character sheets. Yes, that’s what I said—”8-track label character sheets.”

Seriously, go check it out.

Rippers Resurrected Comes to Kickstarter!

Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter ProjectThere was a time when a Cabal led by the monstrous Jack the Ripper put the world in peril. You tore into the creatures of the night, and had to implant parts from those very monstrosities into yourself to turn the tide, no matter the consequences. Those were the the good old days.

Darkness washes across the land again, bleaker and more sinister than ever. Surely you can save Queen and country once more, but can you hope to save yourself?

Welcome to the Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter! In one ferociously fearsome fortnight, the world of Rippers will rise again at your command. These next two weeks* are your chance to lay your hands on the updated return of our beloved Victorian monster-hunting setting.

October 6th—22nd is the only window you have to look at the full range of add-ons and stretch goals, including maps, bennies, dice, cards, digital regional settings, and much more! The only true evil would be letting something this exciting get past you!

* Yes, if you really do the math, it runs a little more than fourteen days. Let’s just keep that between me and you, because I don’t get to use “fortnight” that often. Thanks.

The Sixth Gun Companion Ready for (Pre) Orders

The Sixth Gun CompanionEverything’s cocked and ready to pull the trigger on your very own copy of The Sixth Gun Companion for The Sixth Gun RPG! Before I tell you what’s in it and how you can get it, you have to promise to read to the end. Go on, promise.

Now that we got that settled, keep your eye out for:

Sharp-eyed readers might’ve noticed the links for each part of The Sixth Gun Companion. You’ve got options—loads of ’em. You can preorder the print version today, buy the whole PDF version right now, or get just the pieces you think you need—sort of a mix-your-own Sixth pack—as individual PDFs.

A big part of life out west is fixin’ stuff. Fences break. Roofs leak. Print has errors. That’s why we’ve updated The Winding Way adventure for you. Download it again for the latest version or get just the errata if you’re the type that wants it that way instead. Again, the choice is all yours, compadre.

What you do now, though, is your call. Aim true.