Sixth Gun RPG Double Creature Feature!

The Sixth Gun Creature Feature: The Great WyrmsThe Sixth Gun Creature Feature: Griselda the Grey WitchStrap on a big pair of fearshooters for The Sixth Gun RPG with today’s two new Creature Features!

Creature Feature: Griselda the Grey Witch introduces you to one of the most mysterious figures in The Sixth Gun comic and RPG. Not only do you get to learn about her origins, but you also get the Savage Tale Shack Attack!, the talisman Lair from the Loam, and the relic Griselda’s Cauldron.

And you’ll forget all about the wind beneath your wings when you realize what evil lies beneath your feet! Creature Feature: The Great Wyrms brings you the evil, ancient monsters at the heart of the creation of The Six, guns with the power to remake all of creation. You’ll get background information on the Great Wyrms, the awesome relic the wyrmskull, and two Savage Tales—Once Frostbitten and Disciple of Dragons.

At only $2.99 apiece, these are truly a fearsome bargain to behold. Be sure check out the other support materials for The Sixth Gun RPG while you’re at it!



Firefly: A Free Friend for Necessary Evil 2

NE2_FireflyOne of your favorite bit players from Necessary Evil 2: Breakout gets a moment in the spotlight with the most recent NE2 freebie—Firefly.

For many of you, he’s no more than a contact—at best a likable but unfortunate person you get to know in the course of your adventures. But there’s always the chance he’ll fill some more prominent role, and you might even manage to work him into a fighting situation. Just in case you do, the Firefly freebie gives you everything you need to run him right off the page and onto the table.

Put a little twinkle into the darkness of your game tonight and show ’em just what Firefly is made of!

Ghostwalkers Deadlands Novel Released!

Ghostwalkers, a Deadlands Novel from TorGhostwalkers, the first Deadlands novel, is now available. Published by Tor Books in partnership with Pinnacle Entertainment and Visionary Books, you can get your copy nearly anywhere books, e-books, or audiobooks are sold (even Amazon).

Jonathan Maberry—New York Times best-seller and multiple Bram Stoker award winner—brings you a story of a man literally haunted by his past and his friend, a university-educated Sioux wise in the ways of ghost rock and science. Throw in a mad scientist, a land war, an innocent small town, and something like a zombie army, and you’re bound to have a good time!

If you want a taste of Ghostwalkers, be sure to listen to the first chapter for free!

City of Thieves and Test Drive Updated

Lankhmar: City of ThievesSometimes, what lurks in the dark shadows and smoky alleyways isn’t danger, peril, corruption, or knavery. No, sometimes it’s just a few edits, skittering around in the corners, waiting to be caught and forever fixed into the book they’ve escaped. And so it goes with Lankhmar: City of Thieves.

We’ve updated a few items in Lankhmar: City of Thieves, and the PDF has been updated for immediate redownload. Those updates are also available as a separate Lankhmar: City of Thieves Errata. And, since the current Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules are a Lankhmar adventure, we’ve updated that as well.

If you’ve not taken a look at either Lankhmar: City of Thieves or the Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules, this is the perfect time to do so. After all, we’ve just refreshed that new PDF smell…

Melvin Smif’s Geekery Contest Winner Announced—Sort Of

Melvin Smif's GeekeryMelvin Smif’s Geekery has selected the winners of their Melvin Smif’s Birthday Contest! Garret Weinstein won the Savage Worlds contest, and Aaron Tudyk took the prize for the D&D 5th category.

Garrett’s initial hook was particularly eye-catching for Melvin. What do you think?

A woman stumbles into town, half-dead from thirst and exhaustion, and shackled to a pine coffin that she’s dragging behind her. She has a rather fresh-looking bloody scar on her forehead that has been bleeding into her left eye, and an empty holster at her waist. Her gun-belt is also empty of bullets.

I know—I want to read or play that adventure right now! Unfortunately, we all have to wait a bit, because Melvin is planning on debuting these at AcadeCon in November.

You can catch Melvin, probably running that game if you’re lucky, at AcadeCon or on Melvin Smif’s Geekery. You can find Garrett at his website, Ninjas Riding Dinosaurs.

The Future of Shaintar Secured!

Have you heard the latest news about Shaintar and its next steps to fulfilling its Kickstarter campaign? So, Evil Beagle Games and Savage Mojo walk into a bar—uh, I mean meet up at Pacificon—and took some time to plan out the future of Shaintar.

As a result, Shaintar is now a Suzerain product and Savage Mojo has taken on the responsibility for fulfilling the Kickstarter campaign. Of course you’ll see the guidebooks, Black Lantern Reports, and sourcebooks from the Kickstarter, but there will be even more to come when that’s finished!

Sean Patrick Fannon and Carinn Seabolt are still creatively involved to keep that special Shaintar spark, and Gayle Reick is the new Shaintar project coordinator.

We look forward to a Shaintar future as epic as its fantasy world!

Savage Tales of Horror Volume 1!

Savage Tales of Horror Volume 1 is now available for preorder and immediate PDF download. You get the PDF free with either the Limited Edition hardcover or the standard softcover, or you can order it all by itself—choose your own terror!

While we warned you it was coming, it might be even more chilling than you’d expected. In this single volume, you’ll get

  • The chance to lose your soul to witches while you wander the Black Forest of The Savage World of Solomon Kane in Face Snatchers,
  • To let someone else keep your beautiful looks in the bitter northern chill of Cold Storage,
  • A relaxing lakeside spring break—if you can ignore the scratching at the door and those smiles of the townies—in The Retreat,
  • Flickering gaslight in the exceptionally inviting Manor of Blood—a manor that doesn’t want you to leave, and
  • A chance to look into the suspicious death of an old friend in the mix of mobsters and magic that is Deadlands Noir‘s New Orleans in Moonshine Blues.

Heck, you’ll even get a free Rippers Monster preview file to get a sneak peek at the upcoming Rippers Kickstarter!

Like we said last week, you can preorder all of the Savage Tales of Horror starting today, even though they’ll be coming out weekly for the rest of September. Terror doesn’t wait, why should you have to?

More Free Stuff for Necessary Evil: Breakout!

Who knew villains could be so generous and giving? Well, maybe villains aren’t, but we can be.

We now have three completely free* freebies for Necessary Evil: Breakout:

Super Foes! This supplement features six ready-to-go generic supers you can add to rival gangs and other encounters to beef ’em up. Sneaky assassins, unmoveable bricks, flashy speedsters, and more are all here for the Game Master to inflict more pain and misery on his villains.

Aliens Update v.2 for Necessary EvilIn addition to bringing the bad guys from the original Necessary Evil up-to-date with the more recent Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion, the newest version has all the  v’sori vehicles from the original game to be compatible with the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion

Necessary Races! This freebie updates the Atlantean and Atlantean hybrid racial rules from the original for the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion.

Download them all and enjoy Necessary Evil: Breakout today!

* Heck, I’m pretty sure they’re even gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, and GMO-free. Pretty sure. As always, consult your health professional if in doubt…

Welcome to the New Pinnacle Site Design!

New Pinnacle Web Site ThumbnailYou know, not everything is about the looks.

The new website design loads faster, which is always a good thing. The news archive is easier to navigate, for all of you who want to relive the glory days of Tuesdays past (or find that one reference that proves you’re right and your buddy’s oh-so-terribly wrong). The new design also works a lot better on mobile devices!*

Plus, well, it’s pretty. Not everything is not about the looks…

* And we don’t mean laptops you happen to be juggling.

#SavageSeptember Hits Hump Day!

It’s the half-way mark of the month, so we’re at the midpoint of the #SavageSeptember contest.

Share a graphic (whether it’s static, animated, or a full-blown video) telling people your favorite Savage Worlds setting (and why) for your chance to win $50 credit to the PEGinc webstore—yours to do with what you will!

You can pick a Pinnacle setting or one from a Savage Worlds licensee, but you’ve got to email a link to to be eligible to win.