The Last Parsec Core Book Coming Next Week!

The Last ParsecIt’s time to get the full skinny on the races of the Known Worlds and the far frontiers of space in The Last Parsec with the release of The Last Parsec Core. Get ready, and be here for full details and ordering information July 21!


Pinnacle Plans for Gen Con

Pinnacle Seminars at Gen Con 2015It’s almost time for Gen Con, and we thought you’d like to know what we’re going to be up to.

Pinnacle Entertainment is part of the Studio 2 Publishing block in the Exhibit Hall. You’ll be able to find us hanging out there, as well as all of our stuff for sale. Be sure to check it out.

I hear very reliable rumors that several of our setting books will have advance copies available—very reliable rumors.* There will also be the brand-new Savage Worlds logo messenger bag available for a low, low $20.

Saturday, August 1, is the big Savage Worlds Seminars day. At 3:00, we’ll host the PEG Seminar in the Crowne Plaza Grand Central Ballroom A/B. Come see what’s cooking in the Pinnacle kitchens for the coming year and beyond!** Immediately afterwards at 4:00, the Savage Worlds Licensee Seminar will be nearby, in Victoria Station A/B. This year, the licensees get their own hour, so you can expect to hear a lot more of their plans!

Our own Jodi Black will be featured in a few panels, too. Be sure to find her at Women at the Table (Friday, 10:00 AM, SEM 1576176) and Business Sense (Saturday, 5:00 PM, SEM 1576204). She’s chock full of insights, so I’d be sure to catch those seminars if you can.

We look forward to seeing you there!


* And here is where we see that I don’t have the Big Mouth Hindrance as some of the staff (cough, Shane, cough) do…

** Remember that Big Mouth thing I was just talking about. Truly, not a seminar to be missed.

Savage Worlds Deluxe PDFs Updated

Savage Worlds Deluxe - UpdatedThe Savage Worlds Deluxe PDF and the Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition PDF have both just been updated. We believe the new file is at all the PDF outlets—the note on the cover should say “Updated 7/11” if you want to verify you have the latest version.

For those of you who regularly read the Tuesday updates, this might sound a little familiar. We updated the PDF in June with the recent change to the Shaken recovery rules. This update fixes a few discrepancies between the two editions and ensures all bookmarks, layers, and internal links are working properly. While most of us never noticed, we felt we should take care of it before it was an issue for anyone else.

Italian High Fantasy Coming to English!

Enascentia Kickstarter Campaign AnnouncementGG Studio is Kickstarting the English-language translation of the Italian high fantasy Savage Worlds setting Enascentia. The Kickstarter campaign launches July 24.

Enascentia is a world where heroes are literally made, not born—but so is everyone else! With several unique races and factions to choose from, the potentially unending lives of characters can take several interesting turns.

For full details on the setting and the upcoming Kickstarter, be sure to check out the Enescentia Kickstarter announcement.

Frozen Skies Primer Available as Pay What You Want

Frozen Skies PrimerThe Frozen Skies Setting Primer is now available as a pay-what-you-want PDF download! Introduce yourself to Alyeska’s dieselpunk skies, the different factions, and the unique gear that the Frozen Skies setting requires.

Beware—the pirates in the clouds can be just as deadly as the wolves in the snow, and they can definitely arrange an unhappy introduction! Be sure to check it out today.

GRAmel Releases Tricarnia: Land of Princes and Demons

Tricarnia: Land of Princes and DemonsTricarnia: Land of Princes and Demons is the latest release for the Beast & Barbarians sword-and-sorcery Savage Worlds setting.

Come to a land of interwoven politics, sorceries, pacts, and betrayals, a place where the merely ancient is considered young, a place where twisted curiosities are played out in nature, beasts, and man.

In addition to new creatures and Edges, The Clash of Kings is an included system for handling large organizations and their battles for supremacy. Be careful what that heart really belongs to when you plunge your dagger into it…

Vote Savage Worlds in the ENnies

Savage Worlds ENnies Nominations

It’s time to vote for the ENnies again, and you’ve got several Savage Worlds options to choose from!

East Texas University is a Judge’s Spotlight featured product as well as having two separate nominations, and the Science Fiction Companion is up for Best Supplement. There are also a crop of Savage Worlds licensees nominated, including Gun Metal Games, Fabled Environments, and Modiphius Entertainment.

ENnies voting is open now and runs through July 14. Don’t miss your chance—vote now!

Fun Tidbit: Fabled Environments’ Best Adventure nominee Cake Walk was originally written for a Beautiful Brains adventure contest. From humble beginnings come greatness—and baked goods.

More Lankhmar Coming Soon!

Eyes of Goro'mosh for LankhmarSo many things, people, and “friends” are willing to sneak up on you in Lankhmar, we figure it would be rude to let Lankhmar itself do the same thing!

Next week, we release the new Lankhmar adventure Eyes of Goro’mosh. We’re also releasing the Lankhmar GM Screen next week.

Want a taste of Lankhmar without that pesky need for money? Be sure to drop by for the new Savage Worlds Test Drive rules, featuring an all-new Lankhmar adventure in them! Not now, mind you, but next week with everything else.

Right now, though, you can still enter the Lankhmar Haiku Contest! Write your best haiku about the world of Lankhmar, tweet it on Twitter or post it on Facebook or Google+, tag Pinnacle in your post/tweet (and don’t forget the #SavageHaiku tag), and e-mail Jodi a link . At that point, you’re entered for a shot at $50 credit to the Pinnacle Web Store to spend as you see fit. You’ve got until the end of July, but why wait?

Lone Killers and Express Trains Come to Deadlands

Lone Killers of the Southwest for Deadlands: ReloadedReady to slap a little real-life history in your Deadlands? Let us help you do that and keep the lethality up with Lone Killers of the Southwest. Deadly real-life gunmen stalked the Wild West and this PDF brings you five of ’em: Clay Allison, Black Bart, John Wesley Hardin, Deacon Jim Miller, and Dave Rudabaugh. Each one has their history, stats, Story Seeds—and a gun! Five bad, bad men, ready to drop right into your Deadlands game or any Savage Worlds Western—get them before they get you!

The West is also a place you want to cross, get into, or get out of right quick-like. A horse may be a cowpoke’s best friend on the trail, but a locomotive does a right better job of putting the countryside behind you! Catch one today with the Hellstromme Express Train Car Combat Maps freebie. That’s right, we’re giving you a state of the art (for the time) train to use as you see fit—all you gotta’ do is download it and print it out!

Me? I’d be takin’ that train away from the Lone Killers, but here’s hopin’ a few of you hombres are a fair sight more heroic than that!

Massive Deadlands/Sixth Gun RPG Bundle in ENnies Auction!

Deadlands and the Sixth Gun RPG MegaBundleWhen we had the chance to put something in the ENnies charity auction, we decided to go big or go home. There’s not much bigger than the wide open Weird West, amigos, so that’s where we went.

From now until Monday, you have the chance to bid on a Unique Deadlands-Sixth Gun RPG Megabundle! The bundle includes a complete print and PDF set of everything in the Deadlands: Reloaded product line (see the auction listing for the ridiculously long list). The print-only retail value alone is $277!

But our friends at Oni Press aren’t going to let us steal all the spotlight here. They’re including a swag bag of ultra-rare first issues and convention exclusives from some of their biggest titles. You also get a deluxe art print of the cover from the first issue of The Sixth Gun that’s signed, numbered, and limited to a run of 15. That’s right, there are only 15 copies of the Gen Con 2015 True Fan of the Sixth Gun backer art prints on earth—you can’t get much more exclusive or limited than that, my friend!

Don’t let this auction—and history itself—pass you by! Bid today!