The SavageCast Premieres with Guests Shane, Jodi, and Clint

SavageCast Episode 1The SavageCast’s premiere podcast was recorded live at GenghisCon 2016 and is now posted for your listening enjoyment!

Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs and Christopher “Savage Bull” Landauer (founder and coordinator of the Rocky Mountain Savages, respectively, and former hosts of Smiling Jack’s Bar and Grill) host several Savage Worlds luminaries, including our own Shane Hensley, Jodi Black, and Clint Black.

The discussion is wide-ranging. Want to know how everyone got into gaming? They got it. The origins of Necessary Evil? They got it. Why choose Savage Worlds? They got it. The licensing program, how to use it, Savage Worlds at Genghis Con, East Texas University, Savage Saturday nights, Weird War I Kickstarter, and far, far more? They got it! Go take a listen!


Weird War One Engulfs the World!

Weird War One Kickstarter ProjectNews from the Weird War One Kickstarter front is incredibly encouraging. After just a week, the campaign is over 500% funded with over 500 backers!

You’re knocking down stretch goals faster than mustard gas clears a trench! We only have four left, and we’re just about to hit the next one as I type. After that, we move into War Neverending—we keep adding more adventures as you keep adding more money. The War to End All Wars may never end itself*! Be sure to check the Weird War One Kickstarter today for full details on backer levels, add-ons, and stretch goal rewards.

Don’t believe that the dark children of war and madness are all around us, waiting to take us by surprise? Then look to the skies to see the Graf Schmidt, a new Weird War One Creature Feature detailing a mysterious zeppelin. Some say it’s crewed by the dead who are far, far from their graves’ embraces. Learn the truth for yourself, and download it now for free!

And there’s even more in the latest Kickstarter Update.  Get the location and set-up for James Walls’ upcoming Downton Abbey Goes to War live actual play on March 1, and find out how to get a free zeppelin map from Fabled Environments that’s perfect for the Graf Schmidt. It’s not really a World War until you get your friends involved, too…

*Actually, it ends in just 9 more days!

The Best of Horror Bundle Now Available!

The Best of Horror Gaming Bundle for Savage WorldsWe may have finally gone mad. We’ve collected the best of our horror material into one place, all together. That takes a toll on a mind. Maybe that’s why we applied a discount and a way to get a free set of Deadlands Fate Chips.

The Best of Savage Worlds Horror Bundle starts with all three Savage Tales of Horror as its core. It’s up to you how much more terror you can take by adding on the Horror Companion, the East Texas University line, several Deadlands Reloaded titles, the Deadlands Noir line, Tour of Darkness, Weird Wars Rome, and the PDF for Weird War Two—all at a 10% discount!

If you take your bundle to more than $100, we’ll add a free set of Deadlands Fate Chips to your order. That’s forty custom Bennies that make a perfect Deadlands Fate Pot, all for buying stuff you know you want anyway!

Remember, the dark underbelly of the world is never far away. The bundles are expected to ship in March when the printed copies of Savage Tales of Horror become available!

Bamfsie Awards for Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds on Doctor Belmont's BlogSavage Worlds got a lot of love from the 2015 Bamfsie Awards for Superhero RPGs.

Necessary Evil 2: Breakout won the Bamfsie for Best “Bad Is Better Than Good” Product. This prequel to Necessary Evil takes you to a metropolis-turned-island-prison. All you have to do is escape—and save the world.

Savage Worlds Licensee BlackWyrm Games took the Best “History Is Fun!” Product Bamfsie for Larger Than Life. Grab a copy and bring the greatest characters from history and legend to life.

Cementing its Legendary status, the original Necessary Evil was awarded the 2015 Hall of Fame Pick! We knew people enjoyed having the fate of the world left to the villains after all the heroes are destroyed, but we’re excited to see just how much! I assume an original copy is enshrined in a massive museum at the end of a stately corridor with dramatic lighting. As soon as we have the address, we’ll let you know.

New Savage Worlds Actual Play Podcast Available

Savage Worlds Actual Play PodcastsThis is your chance to hear the beginning of a multiverse-spanning campaign, the Wandering Alchemist’s Brave New Worlds Actual Play Podcast.

Listen as the heroes try to join an organization to fight against cosmic horror. How could that possibly go wrong?

Note: There are a few instances of NSFW language in there. If we didn’t keep to a PG-13 rating around here, though, it probably wouldn’t have been worth mentioning.

Savage Worlds Licensee Kickstarters Ending March 1

Savage Worlds KickstartersIt’s an exciting time for fans of our Savage Worlds Licensees on Kickstarter, at least until March 1.

The High Space Kickstarter brings the popular sci-fi setting to Savage Worlds. The new version brings over the races and spaceships you’ve come to love to one of your favorite game systems!

The Aaron Allston’s Strike Force Kickstarter brings one of the original superhero settings in constant development for decades to a new generation of gamers, including a conversion to Savage Worlds. Get ready—break out your spandex and deeply consider the question of cape or no cape!

Both of these Kickstarters are fully funded right now, but you’ve still got the chance to join in the excitement. Be sure to look at the separate Kickstarter projects for full details on reward levels and setting details, and be sure to do it before March 1.

Weird War One Now on Kickstarter!

Weird War One Kickstarter ProjectThe War to End All Wars didn’t live up to its name, but tales of horrors that lurked in the trenches and strode boldly across the fields have gone untold—until now!

Weird War One brings you a bloody era of war across Europe and beyond, with more monsters, mayhem, and horror than a sane mind can believe. There are also heroes and weapons to fight the rising darkness, but are they enough? Are you enough?

Visit the Weird War One Kickstarter project for full details on rewards, products, and special options. Be quick to the front, because the Kickstarter is only up until March 3 and it’s not to be missed!

Frightful Expeditions Available for All!

Frightful Expeditions for Rippers ResurrectedPreviously only available to Kickstarter backers, the Frightful Expeditions PDF is now available to everyone!

Take your Rippers on adventures around the world, into the far corners of the Empire, exotic locales beyond, and the shadowy corners best left forgotten. Frightful Expeditions combines all of the regional adventure material from the Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter goals with even more Savage Tales to spread your monster hunting across the globe!

Bring your passport and set sail for adventure without limits—grab a copy of Frightful Expeditions today!


Fresh Horror—Companions, That Is

Horror CompanionThey say there’s nothing new under the sun, but much of horror has never been touched by that light. New things arise in the darkness all the time.

The Horror Companion has been updated both on the Pinnacle Web Store and DriveThruRPG. If you’ve got the PDF, go download a fresh copy today.

Bad Medicine for Doomtown Reloaded Released

Bad Medicine for Doomtown ReloadedBad Medicine, the eighth Saddlebag Expansion for Doomtown Reloaded, is now available from Alderac Entertainment.

Gears continue to grind as plans for Gomorra’s development continue, including a feverish deal that promises to change the face of the Morgan Cattle Company forever and reveal a secret from Sloane’s past!

With 21 new cards, it’s a sure-fire winner.