Pinnacle Staffers Secretly Infiltrate Dragon Con and TactiCon!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouShhh…don’t tell anyone. Several of the crew from Pinnacle Entertainment are going to be smuggled into conventions this weekend, but not necessarily as Pinnacle people.*

Our own Jodi Black and Clint Black will be at Dragon Con this weekend. Look for them at their Carolina Game Tables booth on the 3rd floor of AmericasMart Building 2.**

Our own Sean Patrick Fannon will be embedded at Tacticon this weekend, but you’ll have to check for him with the Evil Beagle*** crowd. Heck, you can probably just listen for him, actually.


* Yes, I know that sounds like some creepy low-budget horror movie set in the mountains where innocent RPG writers slowly become cannibals from a weird altitude-initiated disease and start hunting down hikers and skiers like winter-sport bacon-on-the-hoof. But, no, that’s not what we’re talking about. I promise. But if you happen to be out hiking or skiing this weekend, feel free to go slower so I have a chance at lunch, eh?

** There are actually four entire floors of Exhibit Hall down there this year. Take a map and a friend.

*** Yes, there’s a “who let the dogs out” joke to be made here. No, I’m not going to do it. Honest. See.

Enascentia Released!

Enascentia Game Masters Guide Enascentia Players GuideCome to a world where heroes are made, not born—just like everyone else! It’s a fantasy world like no other, with several unique races and factions—and characters that just might live forever.

Brought to you by GG Studio, who translate several of our Savage Worlds settings into Italian, the Enascentia Player’s Guide and the Enascentia Game Master’s Guide are the result of their successful Kickstarter to bring their original fantasy world to English.

Should you buy this because it makes it more likelier that other great non-English settings will come to English in the future? Probably. Should you buy this to help support the globalization of our intellectual community? Probably. Should you buy this because the world is amazing, the art is beautiful, and it looks overall awesome? Most definitely!

New Low Life Kickstarter—Holy Crap: The Great Sects Change Operation!

Holy Crap Kickstarter ProjectThe world has been brought low—incredibly low. But there are still those, uh, things that look to a higher power, and this book is for all those faithful evolved snack cakes, walking garbage piles, and croaches out there that still believe.

Holy Crap: The Great Sects Change Operation is a hardcover, full-color, lavishly-illustrated sourcebook for Andy Hopp’s endearingly bizarre Low Life setting for Savage Worlds. If you’re not familiar with this peculiarly post-apocalyptic (many times over) world, check out his 113-page free preview! Seriously, the man’s a giver.

Like all Low Life books, Holy Crap is written from the point of view of an actual denizen of Oith. Unlike all the other Low Life books, it explores over sixty religions, cults, sects, and creeds as well as dozens of new monsters, Edges, Hindrances, and other exciting jazz. All the rules and game info are in the appendices at the end so you don’t even have to play the game to enjoy the book.

All of Andy’s work is truly something you have to see to believe. And you definitely want to see the available rewards for the Holy Crap Kickstarter! Believe it!

Mutation Deck Released by Just Insert Imagination

Just Insert Imagination's Mutation DeckJust what sort of freak would want a Mutation Deck? Draw a card and find out for yourself!

With this new deck from Savage Worlds licensee Just Insert Imagination, you can become the wasteland monster, chaos warrior, or alien race you’ve always wanted to be—in an instant! It’s like having freeze-dried freak powder!

This special Action Deck comes with four Jokers, custom art, and random mutations on each and every card.* Players can customize their own mutant characters, and Game Masters can modify existing monsters or NPCs from their favorite bestiary. New Setting Rules even let you introduce mutation injuries inflicted by horrific eldritch spells.

Seriously, where else are you going to find 4 jokers, 52 playing cards, 156 new abilities, 3 new Setting Rules, 6 new Edges, and a new Hindrance for a price so low I’m hesitant to even type it here? Nowhere, that’s where! Don’t wait, check out The Mutation Deck today!

* That’s right. Not just each card. Not just every card. Each and every card. It’s amazing, I tell you.

Savage Rifts Release Trio!

Rifts Archetypes Set 2Rifts Archetypes Set 1Starved for a new release or two for Rifts® for Savage Worlds? We’ve got your cravings covered and then some!

We’ve got two new sets of print-and-play characters ready to go for you. Rifts® Archetypes Set 1 and Rifts® Archetypes Set 2* are both available right now as PDFs to help get you into the swing of things quicker or populate your one-shot games! Each set of Archetypes gives you a six pack of classic Rifts® personality that can be played immediately or serve as a base for your own creativity.

But I promised you more than a release or two, so here comes the third one—the Savage Worlds Rifts GM Screen Inserts PDF is just waiting to help you run your next game of Rifts® for Savage Worlds. You get all the charts and tables you need to run the game and enough stunning art from the book to really set the mood at the table. These printables are ready to go straight into the Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen—or on whatever you’re using as a screen now!

* I know. We really spent the whole creative budget right there on that name, didn’t we? Never saw it coming, did you? All the good stuff is inside!

Shane and Jodi on Through Gamer Goggles

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebThrough Gamer Goggles caught our very own Shane Hensley and Jodi Black at Gen Con! Listen to the interview for more on Savage Rifts, Carolina Game Tables, the Flash Gordon RPG, miniatures, and even health tips for surviving Gen Con. What can I say, we’re a well-rounded bunch.

If you’re interested in becoming all well-rounded, too, you might want to listen to all of Through Gamer Goggles’ Gen Con coverage.

Reviews, Discussions, and Podcasts—Oh My!

Savage Worlds on the WebWhere are those extinguisher ear muffs—our ears are really burning! Who’s talking about Savage Worlds lately?

The fine folks at The Gauntlet Podcast  have a new episode that includes a discussion of Necessary Evil and Savage Worlds in general. That part starts around the twelve minute mark, but feel free to listen to the whole thing—the more you know, and all that.

Forgot My Dice has put out a dedicated review of Savage Worlds in anticipation of the release of Rifts® for Savage Worlds. They also go into highlights of quite a few settings.

There’s also a new episode of The Wild Die: A Savage Worlds Podcast out there for you. It’s got a pretty wide variety of topics in it, so buckle up for the whole ride!

GRAmel Releases Prison of the Dragon God

GRAmel's Prison of the Dragon GodWelcome to Bailongan, jewel of the southern seas. There are secrets here—nefarious Sky Pirates preying on the helpless, strange jellyfish people, dangerous Imperial Japanese forces under the mystical Black Dragon Society, and a volcano hiding a darker secret still. Danger, excitement, and things that really shouldn’t be in the skies await you in the Prison of the Dragon God!

The Prison of the Dragon God is a pulp adventure for Savage Worlds from licensee GRAmel Games. It has enough setting material and story hooks to start a pulp campaign of your own on the exotic island of Bailongan, or it could be a standalone adventure for a group of four or so (with pre-generated characters included as a option).

Why wait? The Pacific is calling you—or is that something else calling entirely?

The Cackler Comes to Town—In Hardback!

The Cackler Graphic NovelThe identity and plans of the Cackler are a Deadlands mystery twenty years in the making, and the answers are finally in your grasp! The Cackler graphic novel and PDF is available for immediate purchase—make it yours now!

Who is this man? Why is he so terrifying that the Union and the Confederacy are willing to work to together to stop him? What dark purpose does he have for a very specific girl? Can her reformed witch sister save her? Get the answers to all your questions as well as hints at the future of the Deadlands timeline today with your own copy of The Cackler!

Art for this tale of Weird Western woe is by the legendary Bart Sears, a true master of the medium. He’s worked for every major comic publisher, from Marvel to DC, Valiant to Crossgen. Colors are by the amazing Michael Atiyeh, who includes DC, Dark Horse, and Star Wars credits to his name!

Savage Worlds Messenger Bag Now Available!

Savage Worlds Messenger BagYou really can take it with you, and you can take it with you in style with the new Savage Worlds Messenger Bag.

This is not just some sack with a logo, either! This black polycanvas messenger bag has pockets for pens, a water bottle, and a nice roomy 13″ x 11″ x 3″ pocket for your Savage Worlds books!*

Lift the flap with a secure Velcro closure to marvel at the interior organization, including a media pocket with earbud port. There’s even an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle.

Quit fumbling with your stuff and look really, really cool—grab your own Savage Worlds Messenger Bag today!

* I guess you could put other stuff in there if you wanted to. We won’t judge.