Die Fast! Adventure Released for Tropicana

Tropicana: Die Fast AdventureThe fine folks at GRAmel have released a new adventure for their Tropicana setting—Die Fast!

On the road along the beautiful beach of Bahia del Sol, the heroes find themselves in the middle of a shooting. A hail of lead pours into an old panel van—and from there, things only get worse!

This is a great introduction to Tropicana with bullets, chases, fights, deadly mysteries, windows smashing, and glass shards everywhere. You might even find out the secrets of that corpse everybody wants to get their hands on!

RIFTS® for Savage Worlds Kickstarter Starts April 26!

This is your save-the-date card for a gaming marriage of massive proportions—RIFTS® for Savage Worlds! That’s right, the gonzo Megaversal adventure of RIFTS® is teaming up with the genre-spanning easy-prep award-winning Savage Worlds system you know and love, and the Kickstarter is running from April 26 to May 19. It’s such a big deal that we’re even running the Kickstarter campaign a week longer than we normally do!

Set aside April 26 on your calendar and come to the RIFTS® for Savage Worlds Kickstarter kick-off. See the backer rewards for players and GMs alike, start reaching the Stretch Goals, and get in on the ground floor of the magic and mayhem!

In Vino Veritas Released for Weird War I

In Vino Veritas Plot Point Campaign for Weird War ISee what the hidden horrors of Weird War I look like from the other side of the lines* in the new Plot Point Campaign In Vino Veritas!

What ancient powers have been stirred up by the violence of war? Can they be put down again—and at what cost?

If you thought that Weird War I would be slowing down after your first campaign, think again! Trundle down a dark path as the wheels of war continue to turn with In Vino Veritas.

* Remember, the Germans are the aggressors in World War I, but they aren’t Nazis. You get to be regular, good ol’ expansionists—or simply patriots for another team!

Rippers BackerKit Responses Needed!

Reaper MinisIt’s that time of the year, when young people’s fancies turn to thoughts of Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter fulfillment. Sure, there might be some love in there somewhere, too, but we know it’s mostly “gimme my Rippers!”

The Rippers BackerKit e-mail has been sent out to all backers, and we need your responses. Let us know how to spend your Add-On dollars and where you want your rewards sent. Don’t spend another night pining for goodies you could’ve had—respond today!

As a special bonus to our backers, you can order the first set of minis to ship with your rewards—at a discount! For $30, you get 6 minis. Be the first to get your hands on male and female minis for Masked Crusaders, Witch Hunters, and Frazer’s Fighters! Those prices will be higher when they’re released to the public, which will happen when we have the entire line in stock.

While we’re talking about you telling us what you want and us giving it to you, we still have backers from The Sixth Gun and Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarters that haven’t responded to their surveys. Check your e-mail for a recent reminder so you can get what’s coming to you.*

* No, not in the way most people get what’s coming to them in The Sixth Gun or Stone and a Hard Place. In the nice way, where you get stuff you want. Trust us. Always trust us…

Olympus Inc Relaunches on Indiegogo!

Olympus Inc Kickstarter RelaunchWith only days left to go, Kickstarter suspended the original campaign for the Olympus Inc setting book due to a technical error. Its triumphant return was further complicated by the mysterious Kickstarter Powers That Be, but this sort of goodness simply cannot be restrained! Fear not, for Savage Worlds licensee Fabled Environments has relaunched the Olympus Inc campaign on IndieGoGo!

The relaunched project has a shorter timeline, visual explanations, and a lower funding goal—but no real changes from the original campaign. You’re getting the same great setting with all the fantastic artwork!

For more details on the setting that recasts the Titan-Olympian power struggle as a corporate battle to control man’s love for money, be sure to check out the Olympus Inc campaign page or visit the  Fabled Environments Olympus Inc page.

Weird War I: New Adventure, New Front

Raid on Fort Douaumont Adventure for Weird War I“This war will be small and quick,” they said. “Home for Christmas,” they said. But the dark machinery started by blood, pain, and madness spun out of control, spreading and continuing beyond all hope.

Face a new adventure for Weird War I, Raid on Fort Douaumont. Now that you’ve answered the call to action, can you push on to victory?

Speaking of fortifications, put a new front between you and your players with the newly-released Weird War I GM Screen Inserts PDF.Weird War I GM Screen Inserts PDF Get the handiest charts for your side, the most mood-setting artwork for theirs, all arranged however you want it to be!

Both of these new PDFs have been added to the Weird War I Virtual Bundle and are available for immediate purchase. If you’re looking for the physical copies, those are added to the Weird War I Preorder Bundle, and are still available as preorders.

Don’t wait to grab these. Idle hands (or characters) are the devil’s workshop—and that workshop is already working overtime!

FG Con April 8-10

FG ConFG Con 8 is coming up fast—April 8–10! Don’t worry about not having travel plans or a hotel yet, because you won’t need them! FG Con is a community organized virtual convention using Fantasy Grounds.

It’s a great way to meet active online community members or maybe highlight your games on Fantasy Grounds. Speaking of games, be sure to check out the whole FG Con Event Listing and see everything that’s going on. Be ready to take some time, because that’s a lot of stuff!

Accursed’s April Additions!

Accursed: Bone and BarrowMelior Via continues to expand their Accursed setting with the last PDF in the World of Morden series, Accursed: Bone and Barrow. Get all the information you need for Cairn Kainen and the Outlands, two regions that fell early to the Witch Armies, including additional character options!

For those of you who prefer a big ol’ book instead of pick-and-choose PDFs, you’re in luck! The print compilation, Accursed: World of Morden, is now available through DriveThruRPG and should be in distribution this summer. With 120 pages, all six nations, and your choice of print formats, what are you waiting for?

Preorder Flash Gordon Today!

http://s3.amazonaws.com/peg-assets/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/04071643/FlashCoverAprilFools.pngThe day you’ve been waiting for is finally here—you can preorder Flash Gordon: The Extra Years for Savage Worlds today! If you’re a fan of PDFs, that means you can download it today!

Join us in a time after what you’ve seen in the movies and comics. It’s a time where the evil Emperor Ming has been reduced back to his childhood, as has the lovely Dale. It falls to our hero Flash to see that they’re both raised safely to be well-balanced adults.

Explore the Isle of Reparations, where Ming and Dale struggle to rehabilitate the worst of the former Emperor’s genetic experiments and find them a place in the natural world. Struggle through the high school drama of our twice-teens as their single father figure fights both to keep up with the children and to save the universe from threats from the present, past, and future!

It’s Flash Gordon as you’ve never seen him before, and you’re in the thick of it! Get your copy today!



Weird War I Bundles Now Available!

Weird War I Virtual BundleWeird War I Virtual BundleThe cacophony of war is humanity’s foolish call to wake slumbering evils, terrifying things that rise to the feast of blood and violence. We’ve collected all those horrors into two bundles for your convenience (and safety)!

You can now get the Weird War I Preorder Bundle or the Weird War I Virtual Bundle. Either way, you can select the products you want to add to your particular bundle, so you get as much or as little fear and darkness as you want!

Now that we’ve taken the work and worry out of acquiring your Weird War I materiel—from books to PDFs, from maps to bennies, from adventures to fiction—you can put your effort into enjoying the game!