The Sixth Gun RPG Has Arrived!

The Sixth Gun RPGPop a few rounds off in celebration, but be sure you know what pistol you’ve got—The Sixth Gun RPG is here and available for preorders and immediate PDF download!

That’s right, you can preorder the Sixth Gun RPG, the Sixth Gun GM Screen (including The Winding Way adventure), or both right now. If you’re after PDFs, you can visit The Sixth Gun RPG section and get the Sixth Gun RPG PDF, the Sixth Gun GM Screen Inserts PDF, The Winding Way Adventure PDF, the all-new Sixth Gun RPG Wallpaper (only 99¢!), and several cool freebies.

Bring a new weird west to your RPGs today!


Find Pinnacle at Gen Con

Pinnacle Seminars at Gen Con 2015It’s that time again—Gen Con. Pinnacle staff are swarming into Indianapolis as we speak, and the Pinnacle Entertainment booth (that’s booth 2016, part of the Studio 2 Publishing block in the Exhibit Hall) is just waiting for the doors to open! Be sure to drop by and see us there—and don’t forget all the special Gen Con-only products!

Be sure to leave room in your schedule for these exciting Pinnacle and Savage Worlds events:

  • Women at the Table Seminar:
    Friday, 10:00 am, SEM1576176 (featuring our own Jodi Black)
  • PEG Seminar:
    Saturday, 3:00 pm, Crowne Plaza Grand Central Ballroom A/B, SEM1575666 (with the Pinnacle gang)
  • Savage Worlds Licensee Seminar:
    Saturday, 4:00 pm, Victoria Station A/B, SEM1575984 (with tons of Savage Worlds Licensees)
  • Business Sense:
    Saturday, 5:00 pm, SEM1576204 (with our own Jodi Black)

Oh, and if you’re running a Savage Worlds game that you registered with Jodi, be sure you’ve checked your e-mail for your super-secret invitation to that exclusive private thing. You know, the one we’re not talking about here in front of everyone.

If you’re not able to join us there, be sure to keep an eye out on our media feeds through Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. We’ll do our best to show you what’s going on as it happens!

New Savage Insider Released

Uprising: Savage Insider, Volume 3 Issue 2dd Uprising: Savage Insider Volume 3, Issue 2 is now available on DriveThruRPG! This issue is too good to pass up—it’s actually a money-making proposition!

You’ll get the regular columns. You’ll get the special installments from industry notables and game companies. You’ll get the latest scoop on recent and upcoming Savage Worlds projects.

But you’re also going to get a couple of valuable coupons. You’ll get a limited-time offer for $5 off the Pinnacle Entertainment Group Web Store, and a 20% off coupon from Obatron Productions. The Pinnacle coupon is worth more than the cost of the Savage Insider all by itself!

Keep up on the industry, get some valuable RPG tips and guides, and save yourself some money—buy Uprising: Savage Insider Volume 3, Issue 2 today!

Deadlands Classic Bundle of Holding Returns!

Deadlands Classic Bundle of HoldingIt’s a lucky day for all you Deadlands Classic fans out there—Bundle of Holding is resurrecting their Deadlands Classic Bundle of Holding for a limited time! This is a really good deal, and a portion of the proceeds goes to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The Deadlands Classic Bundle of Holding brings you to the original 1996 Weird West RPG from Shane Hensley and Pinnacle Entertainment.

  • The Starter Collection is yours for only $7.95, and includes the Weird West Player’s Guide, Marshal’s Handbook, Fire & Brimstone, Hucksters & Hexes, Rascals, Varmints & Critters, and Smith & Robards.
  • If you put in more than the average price (currently $14, but fluctuates), you’ll also get the Bonus Collection, including The Agency: Men in Black Dusters, Book o’ the Dead, Canyon o’ Doom, The Collegium, Ghost Dancers, Law Dogs, and Lone Stars: The Texas Rangers.

There’s no better way to bulk up your Deadlands Classic collection. Heck, these are even better prices than we have!

The Last Parsec Core Book Now Available!

The Last Parsec Core RulebookThe future of humanity—and its new neighbors—is now available with The Last Parsec core book! With all the Setting Rules to create action-packed scifi adventures in The Last Parsec setting, it’s time to bring our far tomorrows from the depths of space to your gaming table today!

Take a tour of close space in Sol’s galactic neighborhood, where hundreds of slower-than-light missions spread humanity among the stars. Meet the people we’ve become in space, along with a few neighbors we met before the advent of faster-than-light travel opened up the furthest reaches of space. Join JumpCorp’s interstellar exploration teams and reach the limits of Known Space…and beyond!

Whether you want a PDF, a print book, or both, The Last Parsec gives you an array of aliens, a host of galactic personalities, new gear and vehicles, and even an adventure generator! Unshackle yourself from the confines of the big ball of mud and fly to The Last Parsec today!

First Outing for The Sixth Gun RPG!

sixthgunCan you feel that danger in the air? That little bit of safety that just isn’t there any more? The Sixth Gun is loose, my friends, and The Sixth Gun RPG is upon us!

The Sixth Gun RPG PDF has already been sent out to Kickstarter backers. Both the book and the GM screen will be available for preorder (or immediate PDF purchase) to everyone next week! Heck, I even hear tales there might be some special limited stock available at Gen Con…

Gen Con Surprise Products—Spoilers!

SavageWorldsSecretGenConSurpriseProductsOkay, this is between me and you, so you have to act really surprised if you’re at Gen Con. I can trust you to do that, right?

So, nobody knows this, but we’re going to have a special selection of preview products at Gen Con that just aren’t available anywhere else yet.

Remember, not only are these a secret between me and you, but they’re very limited quantities that we’ve had sent over directly from the manufacturer. That doesn’t mean they’ll be there for the whole show, or that they’ll be in stores right after Gen Con, or that you can get your preorders filled at Gen Con. If you’re interested, be sure to go by the Studio 2 booth (#2016) in the Exhibit Hall early. And if anyone asks, the magic word is “giraffe.”

That Old Time Religion Reviewed

Savage Worlds Reviews on the WebWretch Plays recently reviewed That Old Time Religion, a visual novel set in the world of Deadlands: Noir and available on Steam!

There’s lot of actual game play involved, so the review will definitely give you a good feel for visual novels in general and That Old Time Religion in particular.

Enascentia Kickstarter Launches Friday

Enascentia KickstarterWhy are we so excited about the Enascentia Kickstarter that opens this Friday?

Sure, it’s a cool new fantasy setting. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter announcement for a good look. I’m sure you’ll be with us in looking forward to more.

More importantly, though, it’s at the beginning of what we hope is a trend. Like so many interesting Savage Worlds settings out there, it was not originally developed in English. Like Packs before it, though, the Enascentia Kickstarter will bring an interesting new setting to Savage Worlds‘ original language.

If you’re not excited, you should be. With recent changes to the Kickstarter platform, more EU developers will be able to take advantage of this sort of funding. Creativity is by no means limited to English-speakers, the world is filled with a rich body of folklore and myth that we don’t get to see much of, and here’s hoping for the opening of the floodgates! It’s a Savage world out there—let’s embrace it!

More Adventure and Secrets for Lankhmar!

Savage Worlds Test Drive with Triple Cross Adventure for LankhmarLankhmar steps to the forefront of Savage Worlds this week!

The new Lankhmar GM Screen with the adventure  the Eyes of Goro’mosh is now available for preorder. This handy screen includes frequently needed charts and references so that you’re both prepared and safe from players’ prying eyes. It also includes a new Lankhmar adventure, the Eyes of Goro’mosh, ready to go.

If you can’t wait or prefer electronic materials, you can get the Lankhmar GM Screen Inserts PDF and the Eyes of Goro’mosh PDF immediately! (Actually, preordering the print gets you the PDF for free—we’re just nice that way.)

The new Savage Worlds Test Drive rules feature an all-new, exclusive Lankhmar adventure. You get enough of the rules to try your own Savage Worlds game, you get the full Lankhmar adventure Triple Cross, and you get it all for free! If you’ve not tried Savage Worlds, this is your chance. If you’re already enjoying our game, be sure to pick up the free adventure!

If you’re planning to be at Gen Con, be sure to find us at the Studio 2 Publishing booth. We’ll have printed copies of the new Savage Worlds Test Drive with Triple Cross available for free—as long as they last, anyway.

Don’t forget the Lankhmar Haiku Contest! Write your best haiku about the world of Lankhmar, tweet it on Twitter or post it on Facebook or Google+, tag Pinnacle in your post/tweet (#SavageHaiku), and e-mail Jodi a link. You’re entered for a shot at $50 credit to the Pinnacle Web Store to spend as you see fit. Contest runs to the end of July, which is coming on us faster than you think!