We’re Everywhere This Week!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouThe Pinnacle staff is stretched all across the US this November 13-15 weekend. If we keep this up, we might burst open like some vast fleshy pinata!* But that’s good news for you if you want to come see us—and we’d be happy to see you right back.

  • MACE in Charlotte, North Carolina
    Come see Jodi and Clint Black and have a blast—the small, medium, or large template is up to you! There’ll be a fabulous Savage Saturday Night, a set of the Sixth Gun swag bag in the charity auction, and you can even visit Jodi’s Beautiful Brains Books and Games booth.
  • Living Dead Horror Convention in Portland, Oregon
    Scott Woodard is a guest at the convention and will be appearing here and there. Be sure to drop by Saturday at 4:00 for the Horror Games panel, in which they’ll discuss “what we love, what we hate, favorite gaming systems, what’s new, the best from our past, and a full look at the horror gaming world.” I suspect you’ll get an earful of Sixth Gun, Rippers, and Deadlands, but you have to show up to see if there are any surprises! Oh, and see below for more Scott.
  • AetherCon on the Internet
    This virtual convention has the biggest Pinnacle crowd of any event this weekend, and you can expect to bump digital elbows with Shane Hensley, Aaron Acevedo, Sean Patrick Fannon, and Alida Saxon! Check out the web page for the wide variety of events, but keep a special eye out for these:

    • The Pinnacle virtual storefront will be available the whole convention. Think of it as our electronic show booth.
    • Our own Matt Cuttter is featured on the cover of the convention program, and you can sign up for cool prizes when you download the AetherCon Convention Program.
    • Friday, November 13, 6:00-7:25 Eastern, Aaron Acevedo will host Painting by Number: Getting Started as an Artist in the Gaming Industry. Not only is he chock full of insight, he might even be hiring!
    • Friday, November 13, 4:30-5:55 Eastern, you can catch Alida Saxon’s In the Margins: The Mysteries of Graphic Design. Pretty is, after all, as pretty does.
    • Saturday, November 14, 12:00-3:00 Eastern, Alida Saxon will be moderating a block of Speed Painting Duels. If you’ve never watched paint dry, don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it!
    • Saturday, November 14, 5:00 Eastern, Sean Patrick Fannon will be running Savage Rifts: The Tomorrow Legion via Roll20 and Google Hangout. He may even still have open spots!
    • Sunday, November 15, 1:30-2:55 Eastern, catch Shane Hensley on the Masters of Horror panel—if you dare!
    • Sunday, November 15, at some point, Shane will also be live in the Coin and Quill tavern. It’s a chat you won’t want to miss.
  • OryCon 37 (November 20-22) in Portland, Oregon
    Some people don’t rest. Scott Woodard may be one of them. He’ll bounce back next weekend for a whole host of panels (including some gaming panels) at OryCon 37.

* Sadly, we’re not filled with candy. I suggest heavy-duty umbrellas.


Accursed Cast of Cards Now Available!

Warning Label Productions brings their instant-prep game tools to Melior Via’s Accursed setting! With two new packs, Accursed Core 1 and Accursed Core 2, you can be up and running in no time—and running can be a very important feature in a dark world like Accursed!

Besides, how can you not want two packs of cards that run the thematic gamut of Maggot Hound to Hunger Troll? You can’t! Be sure to check out the full line of Cast of Cards for whatever game you’re planning on trying next!

Rippers Resurrected Released!

rippers virtual bundleIt’s finally that special time of the year—that time when you can look forward to the holidays, family, and tearing things out of the dark creatures of a darker night to implant them into your own body! That’s right, Rippers Resurrected is now available!

It’s not just available—it’s available in bundles! If you want to preorder all of the Rippers Resurrected print material, grab a copy of the Rippers Resurrected Preorder Bundle. You’ll get all the PDFs that are available immediately—and we’ll let you know when the other PDFs are ready—and the books will ship to you right after the Kickstarter backers get theirs and before release to the general public.

For those of you who want or need the PDFs without the chains of worldly books weighing you down, grab the Rippers Resurrected Virtual Bundle! You’ll get all of the goodness with none of the mass: the distilled spirit of Victorian monster-hunting horror.

And keep your eyes open. We’ll share more news about early 2016’s Rippers Resurrected minis from Reaper as we have it. Soon, no table will be safe from the evils of the past, nor without the heroic hope from the same source.

Just ask yourself one question—what are you willing to do to fight the evil in the night?

The Weird West Comes to the Weird West!

figure flatsNo, friends, and neighbors, that is not a simple error of typography!  All products of the Sixth Gun RPG are now available to everyone, not just backers of the Sixth Gun RPG Kickstarter.
Our latest batch of Figure Flats features 17 amazing full color figures by three-time Hugo Award winning artist and colorist Cheyenne Wright, based off the phenomenal work of Brian Hurtt! You get:
White Hats: Becky Montcrief, Drake Sinclair, Billjohn O’Henry, Brother Roberto, Kirby Hale, Gord Cantrell.
Bad Guys: General Oliander Hume, Missy Hume, “Filthy” Ben Kinney, Silas “Bitter Ridge” Hedgepeth, “Bloodthirsty” Bill Sumter, and “Old” Will Arcene!
You also get Cowboys, Pinkertons, Husks, Indians, and the mysterious Asher Cobb!

And for those times that one of the Six Guns does show up, be prepared with our latest freebie—The Cards of the Six. These handy printable cards have all the details for the Six Guns ready to go for you. Just print, trim, and use!

Finally, we’re reformatted our PDF for The Sixth Gun RPG Companion so the comic by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt flows better. Go re-download it if you already have it, or buy it now!

We’ll see you on the trails, amigo.

Enter the Dwarven Clanhomes of Shaintar

Shaintar Dwarven ClanhomesGo where nobody has gone before—deep into the Dwarven Clanhomes of Shaintar. See what happens during the dwarven marriage, birth, and death ceremonies. Discover the secrets behind their craftmasters’ amazing stone and steel work.

Ideally suited for your Shaintar games, Dwarven Clanhomes of Shaintar could be used to expand any dwarven society for any fantasy game.

Envelope yourself in the world of Shaintar’s dwarves today!

Rippers Resurrected Halloween Surprises!

Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter ProjectIt’s time to celebrate Halloween and the wild success of the Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter!

Kickstarter backers can look for download information for Rippers Resurrected in their e-mail. It might even be there waiting for you right now! You’ll get a PDF of the Rippers Resurrected Players’ Guide and the Rippers Resurrected Game Master’s Handbook, ready to use for your Halloween gaming enjoyment and beyond! See Monday’s Kickstarter update or your e-mail for more details.

What if you didn’t get to the Kickstarter in time and want to have Rippers Resurrected at your table for Halloween? Check this article on Friday October 30th–we’ll make it available for PDF or print pre-order then!

And, in case you hadn’t heard, Reaper will be making Rippers Resurrected minis planned for early 2016. Expect archetypes like an Explorer and Detective, monsters like Vampire Lords and Minions of Set, and the most recognizable faces from Rippers—including Mina and Jonathan Harker, Dracula, Jack the Ripper, and more!

Happy Halloween, bats and ghouls!

Save With Lankhmar Bundles

lankhmarYou can now get everything in the Lankhmar line with one easy click! Save your energy for staying alive in a city happy to see you otherwise.

The Lankhmar Total Package Print Bundle includes all the printed materials for Lankhmar—that’s City of Thieves, Savage Foes of Nehwon, Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild, and more, all at your fingertips!

For those of you more comfortable in the electronic age or low on shelf space, we’ve got the Lankhmar Total Package Virtual Bundle. Not only does it have all the electronic versions of the printed books, but you’ll also get the PDF-only materials, as well!

Lankhmar is a place where you have to grab opportunity, drag it down a dark alley, and subdue it. These bundles are the easiest marks you’ll ever see, so don’t let ’em walk on by.

Horror Bundle of Holding with Several Savage Titles!

Savage Worlds Great Deals For A Great CauseThe latest offering from Bundle of Holding is the Bundle of Nerves +3—a celebration of horror RPG materials and their third annual limited-time Halloween bundle.

For the base price of only $11.95, you get four PDFs (a $50 value), including the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition and the Savage Worlds Horror Companion. If you pledge more than the going average ($19.74 as I write this), you’ll get an additional block of bonus books, including the original Rippers, the original Rippers Companion, and Melior Via’s Accursed setting. Each pledge also gets some great games from other publishers—effectively for free since a single book covers the base bundle price!

As much as we love to add a little make-believe horror to the world, we hope you’ll help us remove at least some of the real horrors out there. Proceeds benefit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

With a deal like that helping some of the people who need it the most, how can you wait? Get your Bundles of Nerves +3 today! Hurry, because this deal only lasts until November 2!

Rippers Resurrected Wraps Thursday!

ends ThursdayThe Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter is ending soon. You only have until Thursday, October 22 to lay claim to the return of our celebrated Victorian monster-hunting horror setting!

With nearly 800 of you pushing us beyond the 1300% funded mark, we’re about to catch the final stretch goal of bringing Frightful Expeditions to life. If we do and you’ve pledged at the Print GM level or higher, you’ll get that book added to your rewards for free!

You’ve only got until October 22 to back the Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter. Be sure you check out the full range of add-ons and stretch goals, including maps, bennies, dice, cards, adventures, character sheets and folios, and much more!

Game Geek’s Rippers Resurrected Review!

Game Geeks Reviews Rippers ResurrectedWondering just what exactly you’ll see in Rippers Resurrected? Don’t take our word for it—listen to Kurt Weigel’s Rippers Resurrected review!

Kurt goes into detail on what sets Rippers Resurrected apart from other Victorian games and shines a light on some of the things that really make it rip-roarin’ fun.

While you’re there, you might want to catch some of Game Geeks‘ several hundred other reviews. There’s almost certainly a review you’re interested in!