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Rogue Warden Interviews Our Own Shane Hensley

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebRogue Warden interviewed Pinnacle’s illustrious leader Shane Hensley. If you’re interested in some of Shane’s thoughts on the RPG industry, industry awards, or personal tidbits from Pinnacle’s past, be sure to read the interview today!

As a rare and special bonus, you’ll get to see Shane field questions that he admits he hasn’t gotten in an interview before! With questions like that, you know there’s bound to be answers you’ve never heard before, too!


Wild Card Creator 1.0 Released!

Wild Card Creator from Journeyman GamesJourneyman Games has released the 1.0 version of Wild Card Creator, their Savage Worlds character creator tool. Be sure to give it a look!

Wild Card Creator  lets you import content directly from your Savage Worlds PDF files. It already supports content from the most popular settings, including Pinnacle’s recent Deadlands Noir and newly-released Weird Wars Rome. Journeyman Games’ goal is to support every published setting from over 20 licensees within a year!

You can also export your character directly to a form-fillable PDF character sheet, including the Fantasy Companion character sheet released just last week.


The Amulet of Dogskull Arrives for Beasts & Barbarians

It started simply enough: the jewels of a wealthy woman, a theft in the night, and a lack of honor among thieves. A simple night like so many others, but this one leads across the Godaxe river to an ancient evil behind a door that should not be opened, to the dangers of the savage North, and to betrayal.

Take your life into your own hands in The Amulet of Dogskull, a Beasts & Barbarians adventure for Veteran heroes. The Amulet of Dogskull also includes an extensive Book of Lore dedicated to Northeim and a small expansion on designing a Trial of Manhood scenario.

Weird Wars: Rome Now Available for All!

Weird Wars Rome on the Pinnacle Web StoreRejoice at the good news! Even better than bread and circuses, we’ve got the Weird Wars: Rome core book for everyone! Get the Weird Wars: Rome PDF right now, preorder Weird Wars: Rome in softback or limited edition hardback, or get the Weird Wars: Rome Print-PDF Bundle in softback or limited edition hardback (with immediate access to the PDF plus a preorder of the print version, all at a discount).

Stride forth with the legions of Rome to the corners of the world—the Celtic wilds, the forests of Germania, the deserts of Aegyptus—and into a history few will ever know. Witness a history of the dark things that rise as blood and war mingle with shadows and fear.

Fight the darkness in a war that spans centuries. Fight the darkness to your last breath—and beyond! Fight the darkness for Rome!

Teufelshunde—New from Wendigo Tales

Teufelshunde from Wendigo TalesHerbert Lansing is a coward, forced to fight in a land far from home in a war he barely understands. In the darkest corners of Belleau Woods, he finds something that might make his chest heavy with valorous medals…at the cost of the soul beneath.

Teufelshunde (by long-term Pinnacle contributor and author John R. Hopler) is set in the world of Weird Wars and joins HellfighterNo Man’s Land, With Utmost Dispatch, Without Fear, and Texter in our new line of e-fiction, Wendigo Tales.

Accursed Kickstarter Begins!

Accursed Kickstarter ProjectThe forces of evil have triumphed, and those who would continue the fight must rely upon monsters to hold back the darkness. The Accursed—remnants of the Grand Coven’s army twisted into monstrous forms by the Witchmarks burnt into their flesh—wander the land, unable to return to their past lives, and trying to atone for their sins.

Though many succumb to corruption, greed, and insanity, these malformed spawn of a fallen evil are all that stands between the dying light and the uncontrolled tide of the Witches’ malice.

Come to Melior Via’s world of the Accursed. Join in a dark fantasy world in which you struggle to keep the evil transformations of your body from becoming the dark stains upon your soul!

Be sure to check out the Accursed Kickstarter project for full details on awards, stretch goals, and pledge levels.

Fantasy Companion Character Sheet Now Available

Fantasy Companion Character SheetThe Fantasy Companion Character Sheet is now free loot waiting for your adventuring group to snap up! No traps, no dungeons, and no monsters to fight—it’s ready for the taking on our Savage Worlds Core Rules Downloads page.

Do you want a character sheet that’s form-fillable, ready for you to put in whatever numbers and names you like? Do you want a sheet that’s been formatted with graphics pulled from the Fantasy Companion itself? Have you always wanted a document laid out by Michael “Trigger” Ysker? Do you want all this for the low, low price of absolutely free? Then the Fantasy Companion Character Sheet is for you!

Be sure to check out the rest of our free downloads while you’re at it—you never know what life-changing download is just a click away!

Savage Worlds Conan Actual Play Released!

Savage Worlds on the WebHave you always wanted to play a Conan-style game with Savage Worlds? The good folks over at Gamerstable did, and they had the foresight to record it!

Champions of Mother Earth introduces the characters and starts the adventure of the Tower of the Ape. Get in on the ground floor of adventure and see how other gamers adapt Savage Worlds to the swords-and-sorcery genre! Listen today.

Editor’s Note: Conan is the property of Conan International. We aren’t claiming any ownership or licensing in any way, and we don’t have a “Conan for Savage Worlds” book in the works. This is one group’s use of Savage Worlds to play a Conan-style game. Also, while their audio production quality is quite high, it’s likely to get more mature than we tend to be here.

Hellfighter—New in Wendigo Tales!

Hellfighter e-Fiction in the Pinnacle Web StoreThe 369th Infantry Regiment is home to World War One’s African-American “Harlem Hellfighters.” Sergeant Buck Henry’s men said they’d follow him to Hell and back. Somewhere along the French front, they just might get the chance to prove it.

Hellfighter (by Ed Wetterman of 12 to Midnight fame) is set in the world of Weird Wars and joins No Man’s LandWith Utmost DispatchWithout Fear, and Texter in our new line of e-fiction, Wendigo Tales.

Hell on Earth Reloaded Now Available for Fantasy Grounds!

Hell on Earth Reloaded for Fantasy GroundsHell on Earth Reloaded is now available for Fantasy Grounds for Savage Worlds! Bind a tech spirit or two to bring your gaming group together across the trackless electronic void and adventure in the post-apocalyptic future of the strange past of Deadlands!

Hell on Earth Reloaded is available in either the player module only or the two-pack of player and GM modules, expanding the already-impressive list of settings and adventures ready for Savage Worlds on Fantasy Grounds! Check out the whole list today, and get your game going across the globe—no matter how shattered it may be!