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Preorder The Last Parsec Now!

The Last Parsec Preorders PageStake your claim to space and the future of humanity (and “friends”) today from The Last Parsec Preorder Page! You’ll get any PDFs as soon as they’re available and your physical products are planned to ship during May 2015 (earth time, that is).

This is your first chance to preorder everything from The Last Parsec line-up, including adventures, the GM Screen, tokens, the three system books (each with its own Plot Point Campaign)—even custom dice, Bennies, and miniatures! Check it out today.

Oh, and there’s two things you need to keep in mind if you’re one of our original Last Parsec Kickstarter backers. First, thanks again—you’re fashionable, good-looking, pleasantly aromatic, and generally awesome. Second, you don’t have to preorder anything you’re already getting unless you want another copy. You’ll still be getting everything coming to your backer level through other means.

Get a jump on the future today—it’s not going to wait on you, you know.


Super Powers Companion Nominated for a BAMFsie Award!

Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (Second Edition)The Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (Second Edition) has been nominated for a BAMFsie! Check out the full list of BAMFsie: Gamer’s Choice Nominees, review our worthy and illustrious competition, then cast your vote for your three favorites.

And for those times you want to try something other than superheroes, check out our full line of Savage Worlds Companions today!

Savage Worlds Google+ Group Milestone

Savage Worlds on the WebThe Savage Worlds Google+ Group has topped 3,000 participants and continues to grow! Drop on by for news and conversation with a dedicated group of Savage Worlds fans and friends today.

Want to keep up with Savage Worlds on social media? Be sure to follow us on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and our new YouTube channel!

A Thanksgiving Wish for You All

Happy ThanksgivingIt’s Thanksgiving week again here in the U.S. For those of you in other countries, I hope you either had or will have a good similar holiday and will indulge us in our belief that everyone, everywhere is having the same holiday with us right now.

While you’re thinking of all the things you’re thankful for this season, be sure look around at all the people you’re thankful for. Whether it’s family, friends, favorite coworkers, or someone who finds the humor in their character being hit in the face with a garden weasel for 31 damage, take a moment and realize what they mean to you. You might even want to let them know.

Here, let me start. To all our loyal friends, fans, and followers, thanks for being with us all this time.  For everyone we’ve met at conventions, talked to on the web, gamed with, and gotten to know, we’re truly grateful for that chance. Thank you for continuing to support us here at Pinnacle, for hanging with us and letting us hang with you.

New Last Parsec Releases for Kickstarter Backers!

The Last Parsec November 25 ReleasesWelcome to the space of the Known Worlds with our first wave of The Last Parsec releases, available now to Last Parsec Kickstarter backers!

Eris Beta-V is a magnificent ringed gas giant with several moons on the icy fringes of interstellar space. You’re there to protect its valuable commercial potential from unscrupulous enemies of JumpCorp. Discover ancient artifacts of enormous power and solve the oldest mystery of Eris Beta-V before time runs out…if you can.

Eris Beta-V is the first setting book for The Last Parsec, bringing you new locations, character, and adventure as well as new starships, Setting Rules for asteroid mining and ringstorms, a Plot Point Campaign, several Savage Tales, and a host of new creatures from these strange worlds.

The Last Parsec wallpapers are now available to all backers. Those who backed at Crew Member or above are also getting The Last Parsec Customizable GM Screen PDFs.

All three are available now by logging into your account and checking your vault. Once we’re sure everything’s working smoothly here, we’ll send those out via DriveThruRPG and RPGNow links. See, aren’t you glad you backed The Last Parsec Kickstarter?

If you didn’t, don’t worry. Space is still out there, and it’s not as lonely as you thought. Just watch this space—or The Last Parsec Kickstarter Updates—for more details and dates for general releases!

ETU Hits Finals with Kelley’s Bane One-Sheet

Kelley's Bane One-Sheet Adventure for East Texas UniversityWhat a long strange trip it’s been. I can’t believe we started out at East Texas University together earlier this summer, and now we’re finished.

That’s right, folks. With Kelley’s Bane—the new One-Sheet Adventure for ETU—we finish up all the stretch goals from the East Texas University/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end. We’ll always be Best Fiends Forever! Keep watching for more things from Pinebox and its local university…or it might sneak up on you!

Speaking of Kelley’s Bane, what do you do when people start turning up headless around campus? Well, the heads aren’t missing so much as they just aren’t attached any more. But, still, that doesn’t seem like something you’ll want in the next recruiting brochure, does it? Get the latest totally free One-Sheet Adventure for ETU for a low-prep round of campus adventure. Just watch out, because some things actually go “bite” in the dark!

What Do You Mean It’s Not “Smell on Earth”?

Hell on Earth Reloaded ErrataWho would’ve thought mistakes could happen in a post-apocalyptic, radioactive, doom-filled wasteland? On the up-side, the little weasels glow in the dark, so you can catch ’em pretty easy!

We’ve rounded up all the errors we could find in Hell on Earth and put ’em down with one handy-dandy Hell on Earth Errata PDF. Don’t fret too much—it’s barely as big as our free One-Sheet Adventures!

For electronic copies, new versions have all the edits made and current owners can download an updated copy from their point of purchase right now.

Sale on Savage Worlds for Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy GroundsHelp your Savage Worlds games reach out through the ether with Fantasy Grounds‘ on-line gaming tools. To beat the Black Friday rush, you can do it even cheaper with Fantasy Grounds Savage Worlds Sale! Wednesday, November 26 through Tuesday, December 2, all adventure modules will be 10% off.

Enjoy the Bounty of Our Licensee Cornucopia!

Savage Worlds on DTRPGIt’s an exciting week! First, there’s a whole passel of new Savage Worlds licensee products available. Second, I got to use the word “cornucopia” without getting looked at too funny.* Be sure to check it all out!**

Our licensees bring a lot to your gaming table, and not just some weird relish tray your great aunt keeps telling you was all the rage in the forties! Be sure to try a slice or two of their gaming desserts this holiday!

* Sure, it’s a little odd now, but if you use “cornucopia” around St. Patrick’s Day instead of Thanksgiving, it’s even weirder.

** You really don’t need to look any closer at my enjoyment in using “cornucopia.” Really.