Savage Tales of Horror is Coming for You!

Savage Tales of Horror, Volumes 1-3That’s right, even now a trio of books that can only be called Savage Tales of Horror are finding their way into your home—if you preordered, anyway. The printed books are now available, and preorders have all been shipped.

Each volume of Savage Tales of Horror brings you five adventures to bring terror to your gaming table and to haunt your players long after they’ve left your house. Doesn’t that just sound like…fun?

Maximize your potential for horror by buying all three of the Savage Tales of Horror in the Best of Horror Bundle, and get 10% off any of our other horror titles like the Horror Companion, East Texas University, Deadlands Reloaded, Hell on Earth, Deadlands Noir, and our Weird Wars titles. You can even summon forth a free set of Deadlands Fate Chips (Bennies) when your bundle order goes over $100. Try it. I dare you. Put over $100 from the bundle in your cart, and the “Add Free Fate Chips” coupon will appear like magic!

If you’ve not ordered yours, be sure to look them over today. You know, while the sun is still up, so you can still sleep tonight.


Game Geeks Reviews the Lankhmar Setting!

Game Geeks Review Lankhmar: City of ThievesTake a step into the seedy alleys of Lankhmar: City of Thieves—but not without a plan! Be sure to listen to Kurt Weigel’s Lankhmar City of Thieves review! To be more honest than anyone in Lankhmar, it’s actually a review of the entire Lankhmar setting!

Kurt walks you through the genre itself as well as going into detail on the whole line of Lankhmar products. After you’ve listened to the entire Lankhmar review, catch some of Game Geeks‘ several hundred other reviews. You know there’s one just for you!

Catch Us at GameStorm and MACE West!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouWe’re going to be at the edges of the U.S. this weekend, so be sure to come out and join us for a good time!

  • Scott Woodard, Brendan Quinn, and Sara Quinn will all be at GameStorm in Vancouver, WA. This is one of those long conventions, March 17-20, so you’ll get extra time (perhaps to make up for this whole Daylight Saving Time madness). Brendan and Sara are running a homebrew Savage Fallout game, and Scott is running a Savage Flash Gordon preview game!
  • Jodi Black and Clint Black will both be at MACE West in Asheville, NC. Drop by March 18-20 to join them for a weekend chock-full of gaming! The crowds and games at the MACE events are always a good time. Clint is running his semi-famous homebrew Arctigator vs. Crocosharkosaurus, a SyFy Original Movie game, and Jodi can run you through the fastest 15 minute demo game of Savage Worlds on record.

If you can’t join us this weekend, be sure to check out the Pinnacle Convention Calendar to see when we’ll be near you next. We’d really like to see you more, you know.

DriveThruRPG’s GM’s Day Sale Ends Soon!

GM's Day Sale at DriveThruRPGDriveThruRPG’s GM’s Day Sale ends Thursday, March 17. Over 400 Savage Worlds products are discounted by 30%!

Use any of the links in this article to visit DriveThruRPG and your purchases will help benefit the Savage Bloggers Network! Help yourself to a big ol’ discount and help keep more great Savage Worlds material on the web—double down on the good deals today!

New Monster Brief and Accursed Expansion

New from the Savage Worlds LicenseesWe’re not the only ones releasing new materials, you know. Our Savage Worlds licensees are always coming up with more goodness for you, and here are just two examples from this week alone!

Keep your eyes on this page and all our licensee pages to make sure you don’t miss anything over the coming spring and summer.

Weird War I Funded—Spectacularly!

Weird War I Kickstarter FundedYou did it again! We issued the call, and you answered in droves. With nearly 900 backers and over 800% of our fund target raised, you can rest easy that the unseen horrors of the War to End All Wars will be coming your way. I mean, if that sort of idea makes you restful…

You can expect to hear from us soon (which tends to be a little over three weeks for most of our Kickstarters) about PDF downloads, with release dates coming later. Keep an eye on the e-mail you’ve given us and on the Weird War I Kickstarter Updates page.

One last congratulations is in order. In the last few minutes of the Kickstarter project, you pushed us just over the mark for an additional free adventure for all backers! We thank you, and so do all the other backers!

Welcome, New Savages! Check Out These Sales!

One of the side effects of hosting a Kickstarter is a fresh crop of gamers new to Savage Worlds—welcome! We’re a pretty friendly bunch, and we’re glad to see you.


GM Starter Kit

If you’re new to these Savage Worlds, you might wonder how to get started. We gotcha covered with our Savage Worlds GM Starter Kit. Our Companion books offer optional rule sets for those genres. If you’re here because of the Weird War I Kickstarter, you might want the Horror Companion!






We have a bunch of settings, actually–not just the Weird Wars line.  If you like your horror Victorian and against classic monsters like Jack, Dracula, and <redacted>, check out Rippers. There’s a preorder bundle available to get you started playing now.






If you’re looking for something more heroic–maybe superheroic–check out our iconic Necessary Evil setting. The only forces left to take on the alien menace are the crafty and self serving super villains! Yes, there’s a bundle for that.






Perhaps you’d like to escape the bonds of gravity and explore space while waiting for the Weird War I PDFs to release? The Last Parsec is a “starbox” setting with a variety of flavors to enjoy outer space, including three Plot Point Campaigns! Yes, there’s a bundle for that.






We have many and more settings for you to explore, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the grandpappy of them all, Deadlands, which celebrates 20 years of horror! Adventure in the 19th century in the Weird West in Deadlands Reloaded, the grim horror of 1930s Deadlands Noir, or the post-apocalyptic Hell on Earth Reloaded. (The Classic versions of Deadlands and Hell on Earth harken back to the 1990s, my friend, and that game system is not Savage Worlds—but plenty of people still enjoy them! In fact, Classic Deadlands is the basis of what evolved into Savage Worlds.)

Whatever brought you here, it’s clear you’re a Savage now! Welcome to the community.



Don’t Miss the DriveThruRPG GM’s Day Sale

GM's Day Sale at DriveThruRPGFrom now until March 17, you can grab a sweet deal at DriveThruRPG’s GM’s Day Sale. They’re selling loads of select books and PDFs at 30% off!

Some of our best-selling titles are included in the sale—Savage Worlds Core Rules, the Companions, most everything released for Weird Wars, all flavors of Deadlands (Reloaded, Noir, Hell on Earth) including adventures and fiction, even our newest materials like Last Parsec, Lankhmar, and Sixth Gun!

It’s not just Pinnacle products. It’s not just Savage Worlds products, either—it’s over 24,000 different titles! Be sure to check it out and save while you can.

Plan Spring and Beyond with Pinnacle!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouOne of the things we enjoy most is the chance to meet all of you at game shows and conventions. To do that, we need you to come to one that we’re at!

Be sure to check out the Pinnacle Convention Calendar for a sneak peek at who will be where, and join the fun. You just missed Gamerati Day in Tacoma, but Gamestorm (Vancouver, WA) and MACE West (Asheville, NC) are both coming up in just a few weeks and promise to be a lot of fun!

March, April, and May are chock full of con appearances, with June and July focused mainly on Origins and Gen Con, respectively. If you’re a planner, we’ve even started the calendar well into fall for you!

Be sure to check the Convention Calendar to see where it would be easiest to come join us. If you can’t make it out, keep hanging with us on-line here, on our web forum, or on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

Survive the Hoppocalypse Live Web Game

Hoppocalypse Savage Saturday NightJerrod “Savage Daddy” Gunning hosts a special “Easter”-themed game Saturday, March 26, beginning at 7:30 pm Eastern, and he’s inviting you to join in the fun! Feel free to watch or join as a player.

A toxic chemical spill has mutated hundreds of rabbits to the size of SUVs overnight. Can the rag-tag townies get together with the sheriff and the part-time dog catcher to save their city?

This Savage Daddy original horror comedy is just in time for Easter, and pregenerated characters are provided for 3-5 players. Sign up now for a spot!