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Doctor Tregan’s Mechanical Wonders Joins Deadlands Tall Tales

Deadlands Tall Tales: Doctor Tregan’s Mechanical WondersDoctor Tregan’s Mechanical Wonders joins Broken Hearts in the Deadlands Tall Tales line-up. Who ransacked Doctor Tregan’s shop, and what’s happened to him? Where he ends up, whether he can be saved, and everything else in the story is in your hands as you play!

Deadlands Tall Tales is a series of zero-prep, GM-less narrative games set in the Deadlands universe, powered by the Protocol Games Series. Not sure if that’s for you? No problem—Broken Hearts is available for free! Give it a try—you’ve got nothing to lose.



Extreme Earth: Kickstarter for a Dystopic Super-Future

Extreme Earth KickstarterFainting Goat Games, one of our newest Savage Worlds Licensees, is Kickstarting Extreme Earth, a supers campaign set in the Iron Age of comics.

Take the world we know and strip away many of the natural resources. As if to make up for this loss, some people suddenly develop super talents and powers. The lines between governments, corporations, and media are so blurred that everyone is out for themselves. Add a layer of paranoia and corruption that affects all levels of society, creating conflicts that consume those quickly-dwindling resources—resources like those people with newly-developed powers. It’s a dark dystopia far too easily imagined.

Check out the Extreme Earth Kickstarter for the full details and the various rewards levels.

Keep Up with Obatron Labs

Savage Insider MagazineObatron Productions, the fine people who bring you Savage Insider and their own Tunseal line, want you to know what you want to know. Makes sense, right?

Sign up for their new newsletter today. You’ll get to select the topics you’re interested in, how you want to get the e-mail, and how often they send them to you. How can you beat a deal like that? Sign up today!

Oh, and if you like keeping up via e-mail, don’t forget that you can sign up to get the Pinnacle Weekly Updates and News via e-mail. We like to keep you informed, too, you know.

TAG Kickstarts Hellfrost Rassilon Expansion

Hellfrost Rassilon Expansion Kickstarter CampaignTriple Ace Games is expanding their fantastic frozen north with the Hellfrost Rassilon Expansion II Kickstarter. They’ve already reached their initial funding goal, but there are several interesting stretch goals that you can help bring to reality all while getting in on the ground floor of further frozen fun.

The books are already completed, ready to go to print. For full details on formats, stretch goals, and content, be sure to visit the Hellfrost Rassilon Expansion II Kickstarter today. Fight against the encroaching winter for honor, glory, and fame!

Celebrate Harry Mack’s Birthday with 50% Off Pinnacle Soundtracks!

Pinnacle Gaming SoundtracksHarry Mack, the man behind the sounds of several of Pinnacle’s soundtracks, is having a birthday. To help us all celebrate, we’re going to give you 50% off all our gaming soundtracks!

Always wondered what our gaming soundtracks sounded like, but never had the chance to find out? Don’t worry—we’re putting out a sample track from each one just for you. Like the sale, though, these sample tracks are only available for a limited time—carpe CDiem

Science Fiction and Super Powers Companions Shipping Predictions

SciFi and Super Powers Companions Coming SoonSpring is in the air. The flowers are beginning to bloom, birds are chirping, and a young gamer’s thoughts turn naturally to shipping cycles. Yes, I said shipping! The Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion and the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (Second Edition) are both expected to start shipping in early June. Finally, something to look forward to as the seasons change!

Our dear friends who preordered books will be shipped to first, and then attention will turn to shipping for distributors, retailers, and new direct sales. It’s not too late to join the ranks of the preordered, you know, but it will be soon!

Jim—Yes, That Jim—Talks Deadlands

Savage Worlds on the WebJim Ryan (of Jim—Yes, That Jim and Crucible of Realms infamy) just released an episode nearly-entirely about Deadlands, with a splash of mash-up genre philosophy thrown in for flavor. Check out his Deadlands and More Deadlands episode now!

For those of you who are particularly fond of imaginary animals, Jim claims no jackalopes were harmed in the making of the podcast. Personally, I have my doubts…

Get Your Horde on with MTE’s Ultimate Mongol Empire Guide

Ultimate Mongol Empire Guide for Savage WorldsThat cloud of dust, those thundering of hooves, and that air of doom can only mean the coming of the Khan! Mystical Throne Entertainment is proud to bring you the Ultimate Mongol Empire Guide for Savage Worlds.

Throughout the Asian steppes and to areas well beyond their borders, the Mongols’ efficient and effective war tactics allowed the Empire to grow rapidly, consuming everyone around. Those who submitted to the Empire found a vast merchant network connecting Eurasia, religious freedom, and laws the reflect those still in use today. Ultimate Mongol Empire Guide is a detailed look at the might of the Mongol Empire and the Khans they rallied behind during the Middle Ages, including:

  • Historical equipment
  • Military tactics and formations
  • The Mongol Khans
  • A timeline of major battles and events
  • New Character Options for making Mongol warriors
  • Two Savage Tales

Build (or fight) the warriors of history! Lay the foundations for a historical—or alternate history—game set in the Mongol Empire! Be the Khan you know you are!

Realmworks Campaign Manager Tool Now Available

Realm Works Campaign Management SoftwareThe fine folks that brought you Hero Lab are at it again! Realm Works is made to help you manage your campaigns—spend more time gaming and creating amazing stories instead of handling notes, charts, maps, and all that other paperwork that builds up on you!

You can even use Realm Works to help you bring digital content into your game—from stat blocks to image, even audio and video files. Don’t want to tip your hand too early? You can use their Fog of World tools to reveal only what the players have seen.

Published material, like our own Blood Drive Trilogy for Deadlands, will be integrated in the upcoming Realm Works Content Market, so there’ll be even less work for you!

Realm Works is available for a special introductory price of $49.99! Be sure to check out their web site for full details before it’s too late.