Pinnacle Panels from AetherCon On-Line

Savage Worlds in the MediaIf you weren’t able to make it to AetherCon, at least you can still catch the Pinnacle panels that were held!

You can watch Aaron Acevedo’s Painting by the Numbers: Getting Started as an Artist in the Gaming Industry, Alida Saxon’s In the Margins: The Mysteries of Graphic Design, and Shane Hensley’s Save vs. Insanity: Masters of Horror.

With that much expert advice, you could launch your very own RPG company, ready to rival the greats, prepared to…oh, wait, maybe you shouldn’t watch those after all…


Weird War I Kickstarts Next Week

Weird War One Kickstarter Launching SoonThe lines are drawn, the trenches are dug, and war will be among us soon. In the muddy darkness where the only light comes from gunfire, flares, and mortars, hope falls as chaos, madness, and the creatures that are their children rise anew.

Next week, join us in the Weird War I Kickstarter and help hold back the tide that threatens all humanity, regardless of national boundaries. Don’t dawdle at the homefront—the campaign runs a short seventeen days and you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Want a sneak peek? Check out this Creature Feature preview of the Gas Terror, with the Battlefield Hazards: Gas rules for Weird War I!

Rippers: Resurrected Lodge Sheets and Archetypes!

Rippers Resurrected ArchetypesThe reach of Rippers Resurrected continues to grow!

The Rippers Resurrected Archetypes are now also available on DriveThruRPG. Whether you prefer to shop for Rippers Resurrected in the Pinnacle Store or on DriveThruRPG, the option is yours. Any proper Victorian monster hunter can tell you that diversity of commerce is, after all, what fuels an Empire!

Don’t forget to keep your affairs at home in order, too. Let us help you with a new, free Rippers Lodge Sheet. Be sure to check the Rippers Resurrected page for all our Rippers freebies!

Stone and a Hard Place Figure Flats Available!

Stone and a Hard Place Figure FlatsIt’s an interesting and dangerous world, and now you can have all the people who make it that way!

The newly-released Stone and a Hard Place Figure Flats bring you print-and-play miniatures for all the important characters, critters, and villains in Stone and a Hard Place. Since they’re done by three-time Hugo Award-winning artist Cheyenne Wright, they look fantastic!

Bring your tabletop to life (or something that looks like it, in some cases) with our easy-to-store, easy-to-transport Figure Flats!

Pinnacle Comes to Genghis Con!

Genghis ConPinnacle is going to invade Genghis Con this weekend, February 11–14, in Denver, CO. Drop by and see us there! You’ll be able to meet

  • Shane Hensley, founder and owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Group as well as the mind behind many of our most popular settings
  • Jodi Black, Chief Operations Officer and Managing Editor who  keeps the train on the tracks
  • Clint Black, Savage Worlds Brand Manager (aka Rules and Questions Guru who works on all the rules for everything we do)
  • Trinity and Bethany Black, Clint and Jodi’s delightful daughters who will run several ETU-based convention games apiece (including a game set in rival West, Texas!)
  • Sean Patrick Fannon, Savage RIFTS Brand Manager, creator of Shaintar for Savage Worlds (now managed by Savage Mojo), and Chief Visionary Officer of Savage Worlds licensee Evil Beagle Games.
  • Ross Watson, PEG editor and Managing Director for Evil Beagle Games
  • Bill Keyes, creator of The Widening Gyre for Savage Worlds

If that’s not enough for you, go for the over 100 unique Savage Worlds games that will be available, including a Savage Worlds RIFTS preview and the running-real-time East Texas University campaign. There’s also going to be the kick-off of a new Savage Worlds podcast.

It’s not to be missed. If you’ve got any chance at going, be sure to check out the Genghis Con home page for more details, and we’ll see you there!

Strike Force Kickstarter Coming to Savage Worlds!

Strike Force KickstarterIt’s not often you find us touting Kickstarters for Champions-based games around here, but that’s what you’re looking at right now. Don’t worry, there are options available for other systems, including Savage Worlds!

Aaron Allston’s Strike Force Kickstarter began February 1st, and we think you should give it a look.

Aaron may no longer be with us, but Strike Force is. When it was originally released, it was the first superhero campaign sourcebook available. The newest edition will contain insights, tips, and material from over 22 years of constant play and refinement.

Be sure to check out the Strike Force Kickstarter today for full details and backer rewards, some of which are both limited and mighty interesting. Don’t wait—it’s already passed its funding goal with 400 backers. Limited rewards are going fast.

Sail the Stars to the Heart of Darkness!

Heart of DarknessMiddle Kingdoms Adventure & Trading Co. has released a new science fiction gothic horror love story adventure, Heart of Darkness.

After the Mara Irons sets sail on a honeymoon cruise, she becomes the victim of an unexpected solar event. Blown off course and out of control, the luxury cruise ship is thrown into the uncharted regions, tossed about, and battered. Severely damaged and lost, she comes to rest in a sea of mangled metal, lost hope, and broken dreams—a graveyard of ships. And in the darkness, something evil wakes.

Go give it a look, and be sure to look at their whole library on DriveThruRPG while you’re at it!

Researchers of the Lost City Releases for Tropicana

Researchers of the Lost CitySpies, chases, and duels await for you as you seek fortune and glory! You may not be the only ones looking for a legendary lost city of the ancients.

Researchers of the Lost City is a long adventure designed specifically to introduce new players to the Tropicana Savage Setting from Polish licensee GRAmel (don’t worry; their English is excellent).

Thanks and Kudos to Our Web Community Managers!

Savage Worlds Web ForumFor those of you who might never have considered it before, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep a web community going. The fine folks who’ve kept up our Facebook and Google+ communities have done a very good job, and we can’t express our appreciation enough.

Chris Fuchs, Michael Ysker, and James August Walls are stepping up to be our new group administrators for the Official Savage Worlds Facebook Group. Let’s give them a round of applause as we send our thanks to retiring admin Tommy Brownell and continuing admin Aaron Huss, who got the group up and running in the first place, then took it from Unofficial to Official!

On the Google+ front, we want to thank Kristian Serrano for single-handedly starting and running the Savage Worlds G+ Community!

Without friends like these, we’d be adrift in a sea of bits and links. Thanks again!

Weird War One Kickstarter Coming Soon!

WWI_announce3The veneer of peace and civility that blankets Europe is about to shatter. When it does, some of those cracks will release things. Things! Beware the madness of men at war, and the desires of those things that feed off such madness!

The Weird War One Kickstarter launches in two weeks. It’s so exciting, even Archduke Ferdinand is looking forward to it. The Kickstarter will run February 16–March 3*, so don’t let it sneak past you while you hunker in the trenches. Be sure you Otto VonBismark your calendars!

*We originally reported a run time of Feb. 9th-25th, and then decided to push our Kickstarter back. There are currently several licensees running Kickstarters—High Space, the Hell on Earth Folio, Olympus, Inc., Against the Axis,  Aaron Allston’s Strike Force—and our friend John Wick launches a Kickstarter for Seventh Sea on the 9th. We want to support all our friends in the industry, so we moved back a week. :)