Horror Maiden Puts Deadlands: Ghostwalkers in Top 12!

Ghostwalkers, a Deadlands Novel from TorHorror Maiden’s Top 12 books of 2015 is out, and we’re on it! Jonathan Maberry’s Ghostwalkers, the first of the Deadlands novels from Tor Books, is number 8!

If you’ve not read it yet, you should do yourself a favor and fix that. If you have, be sure to check out the rest of her top 12 for other great horror suggestions from the year that was.


Great Tips for Great Convention Games!

Savage Worlds Free DownloadsSavage Worlds supporter and Smiling Jack’s Bar and Grill co-host “Savage Mommy” Chris Fuchs recently put together two great lists—Tips for Players at Convention Games and Tips for Running Convention Games with the help of the Rocky Mountain Savages

Each list is fairly short and targeted, but still manages to provide a good grounding to approach convention games. Never ones to let talent go to waste, we thought we’d share those lists with you. You can click on the article links above or find them in the future listed on our Conventions page.

Make all your convention games better with a little planning and some good advice!

Israeli Charity Gaming Marathon with PEG Prizes!

Savage Worlds for a Good CauseIsraeli podcast On the Shoulders of Dwarves is gaming to raise money for charity—specifically Appleseeds Academy—and we’re going to be providing prizes! Keep your January 2 open and start the new year off with a bang!

For more details, be sure to check out the main gaming marathon page and be ready to watch the live streaming and chat. Oh, and you’ll probably want to brush up on your Hebrew or have your handy internet translation utilities ready to go.

Doomtown Releases Foul Play Saddlebag

Doomtown Foul Play SaddlebagFoul Play, the latest release for Doomtown Reloaded, is now available in stores and on-line. Be sure to check it out wherever card games are sold or catch this preview for more information and a few sample cards.

This is actually the eighth expansion for Doomtown Reloaded. If you haven’t looked at the rebirth of the classic card game Deadlands, don’t wait!

Happy Holidays From Pinnacle

Merry ChristmasAll of us at Pinnacle Entertainment wish all of you the very happiest of holiday seasons. Enjoy your traditions, family, and friends. Embrace the familiar even as you look forward to the fresh excitement of a new year.

Whether it’s the solstice’s literal increase in light, Christmas’ metaphorical light of the birth of Jesus, or Hanukkah’s blend with the miracle of the oil,* most of the season’s holidays are about bringing light into the darkness. While you’re celebrating the lengthening of the day, be a point of light in the darkness yourself.

There is no kindness we can do for one another that’s too small, and you may be the only glimmer someone else sees. Heck, you’ve done it for us all year long with your smiles at conventions, interest on-line, and encouragement when we find ourselves at the bottom of a pile of edit and layout work. Share that part of yourself that we’re always so happy to see, and make the world a better place for us all!

* You’d be right to guess I am not a rabbinical scholar, but I believe I have the gist of it correct. Please be kind if you’re going to let me know I’m wrong.

Gen Con GM Sign-Ups Open Soon

Savage Gen Con 2016It’s almost that time again—early event submission for Gen Con is open January 6 through February 8. Don’t dally, but be sure you have all your ducks in a row in time—it’s not a first-come, first-served affair. For more details, be sure to check out the Gen Con Host page.

We’re excited to support our Savage Worlds GMs for Gen Con, even if you don’t register through us. All GMs running 48 “player hours” of Savage Worlds get a $20 gift certificate for the Pinnacle booth—or the PEG online store!—to use for anything they want. Contact Jodi Black for details.

While you’re planning, you might want to look at the Gen Con High Demand Games page for ideas. There is a very familiar system around number four on the list!

We’re looking forward to an awesome Gen Con and incredible slate of Savage Worlds games!

Cook Like a Gamer With Dinner and Dice!

Dinner and Dice: A Gaming CookbookDinner and Dice: A Gaming Cookbook is a collection of recipes and anecdotes from gaming industry professionals. Get the story on their favorite dishes as they dish about their favorite game stories!

It’s chock full of good food, entertainment, and Savages! You’ll get our own Clint Black, Jodi Black, and Scott Woodard, Fun Sized Games’ Jason Blair (Streets of Bedlam), Green Ronin’s Nicole Lindroos and Steve Kenson (including Savage Freeport), Mutha Oith’s Andy Hopp (Low Life), and Atomic Overmind Press’ Christopher Helton (Day After Ragnarok). You’ll even get the layout talents of our own Aaron Acevedo and Alida Saxon.

For the full details and a list of all the contributing game designers—including from Pinnacle’s past and the halls of D&D—be sure to check out Dinner and Dice today!

A Very Savage Week in Poland!

Savage Worlds: Polish EditionIt’s been a huge week for Savage Worlds in Poland with five new releases—one in Polish and four in English!

Savage Worlds: Polish Edition has a new version available with rules from Savage Worlds Deluxe and Deadlands: Noir, as well as a new layout. For the low price of only $10 (and the ability to speak Polish), all this can be yours! There is also a limited stock of hardcovers, so don’t delay.

Nemezis: Cyborgs lets you become a war machine with rules for full cyborgs and incorporating them into your existing campaigns. Balance that thin line between mechanized glory and the tatters of your remaining humanity!

Rifles of Atlantis is a 32-page long pulp adventure for Savage Worlds, set in an alternate reality where Atlantis is about to join WWII. Can you get the Atlanteans to join the war on your side—and solve some pressing mysteries of the island while you’re at it? Nazis, mutants, and ancient undead psionic priests all await!

There are also two supplements for GRAmel’s spy action thriller Tropicana: Pregenerated characters in Lost in San Jose and a pregenerated agency in Prisma Service!

Savage Lairs: Fantasy Forests Now Available

Savage Lairs: Fantasy ForestsPlayers are unpredictable. You’re all ready for the adventure in your richly detailed city, and they say, “This is when we shall randomly traipse into the woods.” Now there’s help.

Savage Lairs: Fantasy Forests gives you sixty encounters all ready to go for whatever forest they decide to go roaming through. Whether you need some filler, adventure hooks, or a kick-off for an unexpected adventure, they’ve got you covered.

Never find your game lost in the woods again!

Beware Set Rising!

Set RisingWhat if the industrial revolution took place in Egypt—long before it did in our reality? The Pharaohs never lost power and the Egyptian gods rule the world and beyond.

The scheming Set has built a dark mirror reality of the Egyptian empire. His minions raid the mortal realms, enslaving humans to construct mysterious, impossible pyramids. Worse, they’re invading alternate realities and no one can figure out why. Can you serve as Ra’s chosen and end the darkness?

Across the universe, the future is about to be Set.

Set Rising is part of the Suzerain Continuum and is available in print and pdf from Savage Mojo.