The Partisan Passenger Available from DramaScape

The Partisan Passenger ShipThe Partisan Passenger is a 48″ x 30″ floor plan for a spaceship ideal for adventures in The Last Parsec or any other science fiction setting. The layout can be used as a pure passenger transport, a science vessel, an exploration ship, or a just a visiting runabout.

Not only do you get the multi-layer PDF with a variety of grid overlays (or none at all), you also get the full virtual tabletop images for use in online play!

Take a trip to adventure in the stars on the Partisan Passenger today!


Savage Mojo Black Friday Sale

Savage Mojo Black Friday Sale 2015See, we’re not the only ones that like you—so do the nice folks at Savage Mojo. Not only do they want to help you with all your last-minute shopping, they want to help with your budget, too!

The Savage Mojo Black Friday Thanksgiving sale starts at midnight Friday morning (well, 12:01) and runs for 48 hours. You can get their entire line of digital products for 30% off through the Savage Mojo Store. Just use the discount code Turkey15 at checkout and feast on the savings!

Our French and Grieving Friends

Black Book EditionsOne thing that we tend to take for granted any more is just how widespread and diverse the Savage Worlds community has become. As last week’s bad news came in from across the globe, we were reminded tragedy anywhere in the world will likely affect, directly or indirectly, many of you we think of as colleagues, friends, and even sometimes as family.

From what we’ve seen and heard so far, the Savage Worlds community has been spared the worst and most direct consequences of last week’s perils. Our French licensee, Black Book Editions, has checked in unharmed. Global members of our forums have not fallen mysteriously silent.

Consider those whose stories have turned out differently, many of which came to an abrupt and unexpected end. Let’s be quick to kindness, because we simply do not know who is suffering among us.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with all of those touched by last week’s terrorism and natural disasters.

Lord of the Underworld Released for Rippers Resurrected

Lord of the Underworld Adventure for Rippers ResurrectedA famous explorer is found murdered by Cabal assassins. It’s up to you to follow in his footsteps…deep into the terrifying and labyrinthine Underworld. Struggle in the lightless deep against the Cabal and a greater terror than the world has ever known!

You can buy the Lord of the Underworld PDF right now or preorder the printed copy, which is packaged with the Rippers Resurrected GM Screen. Either way, this adventure will take you deep (very literally) into the world of the Rippers, the Victorian era’s finest hunters of monsters!

The Pinnacle Black Friday Sale Starts Next Week!

Pinnacle Black Friday BlowoutIf you’re anything like my sister, you’re deep in the midst of planning your Black Friday shopping for the day after Thanksgiving.* We want you as informed as you can be, so here’s the low-down on our own Black Friday Blowout!

Starting at noon Eastern, November 24, we’ll be running a huge sale through the Pinnacle Web Store! Our festively low prices will last until November 30 at midnight Pacific.**

What’s going to be on sale? Well, full details won’t be available until next week. We’ve got to give you something to look forward to, you know. Discounts will range from 10% to 50% to even more! Whole lines will be available cheap, and the sale will apply to print and PDF alike!***

Two specials to keep in mind are freebie Promo Adventure Deck Cards and shipping specials. Any physical order over $50 will get a free set of the hard-to-find Promo Adventure Deck Cards from various conventions and promotions. Any orders over $150 will also get free domestic shipping!

What won’t be on sale? Well, in the interest of full disclosure, individual copies of Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition and preorders definitely won’t be on sale. So if that’s what you’re looking for, there’s no reason to wait.

Watch here for more information next Tuesday, and be sure to come on back after Thanksgiving and get the big discounts while you can!

* You also shouldn’t be trusted with knives, either, but you’re probably not that much like my sister…

** Well, mostly. Some of our sale prices will continue, but you’ll just have to wait and see which ones those might be. Are you feelin’ lucky?

*** Especially for all of you who might otherwise be facing international shipping fees—e-books have a remarkably low mailing cost!

Sixth Gun RPG Figure Flats Updated

The Sixth Gun RPG Figure FlatsSometimes, the Weird West is a giving place. This week, it’s giving you an updated copy of the Sixth Gun RPG Figure Flats that now includes the Thunderbird, Winter Wolf, Great Wyrms, Serpent Men, and the legendary Griselda.

Sometimes, “giving” isn’t necessarily “good.” At least it’s the same great art from our great friend Cheyenne Wright, based on the work of Brian Hurtt. Good luck with those additions, amigos!

You can download an updated file from either the Pinnacle Web Store or DriveThruRPG, depending on where you bought your PDF.

And, yes, if you’ve got those electronic eagle eyes, you might’ve already spotted this announcement on the Sixth Gun RPG Kickstarter page. It’s the same update, if you’ve already done that.

G+ Savage Worlds Community Now Official!

Savage Worlds G+ GroupWell, now it’s official! That’s right, we now have an official Google+ home for the Savage Worlds community. We’re saving our creative talents for new settings and rules, so it’s called Savage Worlds: The Official Savage Worlds G+ Community!

I believe you’re in good hands with our friend and moderator, Kristian Serrano of the Savage Bloggers Network. Drop on by and join the discussion today!

Doomtown: Dirty Deeds Now Available

Doomtown Reloaded: Dirty DeedsDirty Deeds, the latest release for Doomtown Reloaded, is now available in stores. Be sure to check it out wherever card games are sold or catch this preview for more information.

There are several preview pieces for Dirty Deeds at that link, actually. Be sure to read them all, especially if you enjoy a little Deadlands fiction!

The Rippers Lost Library Now Available!

Rippers: The Lost LibraryGet ready for Rippers Resurrected by plumbing the catacombs of Rippers lore past—get a copy of the Rippers Lost Library bundle for the most comprehensive (and inexpensive) boost to your historical Rippers collection! Each Rippers Lost Library ZIP file contains these PDFs:

  • The original Rippers setting book ,
  • Rippers Player’s Guide,
  • Rippers Companion,
  • Rippers: Death on Dartmoor adventure,
  • Rippers: The Black Ankh adventure,
  • Rippers: The Laughter of Death adventure,
  • Rippers: The Night of Thoth adventure,
  • Rippers: The Templar Legacy adventure,
  • Rippers: The Third Hand adventure,
  • Rippers Figure Flats, and
  • Rippers: the Horror Wars, a Savage Worlds Miniatures Game (for use with Savage Worlds Showdown rules).

Remember, those who don’t know the past are doomed to repeat it. Pick up your own Rippers Lost Library and choose whatever doom you like!

The Story Behind the Art Behind the Story!

Deadlands: The Art o' the Weird WestYou’ve heard the story of how Deadlands started nearly twenty years ago, but we’ve got a story you’ve not heard before—and it’s just as important!

Get the new Art of the Weird West PDF for the tale of the amazing illustrations that have brought the savage world of six-guns, sorcery, monsters, magic, and terror to life for all these years.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, amigo. Learn how we pick what we say mighty careful-like.