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Battlefield Press Releases Double Spiral War

Double Spiral War Setting Book for Savage WorldsBattlefield Press has released the Double Spiral War setting book for Savage Worlds. Put yourself into a world where mankind has spread across the stars, writing its struggles and conflicts on an even larger scale rather than leaving them behind for an intergalactic peace.

The Double Spiral War setting book has everything you need to play in the world of Warren Norwoods’ The Double Spiral War novels, also available from Battlefield Press. Don’t wait—take to tomorrow’s stars today!


Three Skeletons and a Viking Villager—New from Cast of Cards

Cast of CardsThe Cast of Cards line-up is embracing biodiversity by adding character packs of the undead persuasion (three new Corpse CorpsSkeleton Extras, Skeleton Wild Cards, and Skeleton Battle-Hardened Extras) as well as more of the living (Viking Villagers to go with their Viking Band). Be sure to check out their full line of Cast of Cards on DriveThruRPG.

Don’t forget that you’ve got a no-lose way to try Cast of Cards. Both Freebie Pack 2 and the original Freebie Pack are, as their names imply, totally free—check ‘em out today!

East Texas University and Degrees of Horror Kickstarter Goes Live Next Week!

Degrees of Horror East Texas UniversityAs high school comes to a close across the U.S., college excitement builds. This is the time when young men and women find out what they’re really made of as they pursue their dreams. And try to forget about watching their classmate get sucked into a library book. And avoid the angry ghost in the stairwell. And evade the creature prowling around the campus shadows.

East Texas University, in the heart of Pinebox, Texas, offers several fully-accredited degrees, as well as lurking dread, creeping horror, and the constant need to save the world from what lies beneath. Will you cut class, or will class cut you? Go Ravens!

We’re bringing you the much-anticipated collegiate setting and Plot-Point Campaign born of 12 to Midnight’s Pinebox, Texas horror setting through a new Kickstarter campaign that starts next week. Look forward to full details then, but you can start dreaming about East Texas University (the setting book for players and GMs alike), Degrees of Horror (the Plot Point Campaign with booster Savage Tales), GM’s screen, custom miniatures, several sets of figure flats, custom dice, and a bonanza of digital stretch goals and add-ons for the rest of the week!

Get ready for the campus recruiting drive. All our stretch goals are going to be based on backers, not on cash. After all, ETU is something of a not-for-prophet institution, and you should bring all your buddies to college with you!

If you decide you’re up to the task, we’ll see you there next week.

TableTop Season 3 Hits $1,000,000 RPG Show Goal!

TableTop Season 3 Indiegogo CampaignWell, it happened. The TableTop Season 3 Indiegogo campaign has met their $1,000,000 stretch goal and will now be producing a brand new show following RPGs! Oh, and that’s a bonus on top of funding Season 3 of  TableTop on Geek & Sundry.

And they’re already asking for your input! They recently tweeted “Now that we’ve hit $1M, we wanna know what games you want to see! Use #ilovetabletop to tell us about your favorite games! (LET’S TREND IT!)” from ‏@tabletop. So, it sounds like this is the time for everyone to let @tabletop @PEG_Games know what RPG you’d like to see. Remember the hashtag #ilovetabletop and let your opinions be heard.

Fantasy Grounds Brings Savage Worlds to Steam!

Savage Worlds on SteamFantasy Grounds is bringing the award-winning Savage Worlds roleplaying system to the highly-popular Steam web gaming engine! Fantasy Grounds will become available this Friday, May 9, at 11:00 am Pacific Time, and Savage Worlds is the first available downloadable module!

Fantasy Grounds will continue to release additional Savage Worlds content for the Steam web gaming engine to keep you happy. Just in case you feel like foolin’ around on us with some other RPG, they’ll be making those available as well. Don’t worry—we understand and we know you’ll be back…

Shaintar Adventure Deck Released

Shaintar Adventure CardsShaintar has always been a fantasy game of high adventure, and now they’ve put that in the palm of your hand! Evil Beagle Games has just released Shaintar Adventure Cards that are designed to be mixed in to your existing Savage Worlds Adventure Deck to really focus your deck on the setting.

You get 27 completely new cards designed to take advantage of and interact with the Shaintar setting, as well as the author’s personal suggestions for which cards to include from the basic deck. You can get those as a printable PDF, print-on-demand cards, or—for a [what I presume to be] limited time only—the print-on-demand cards with the PDF thrown in for free!

Customize your Adventure Deck and crank up your “Shaintariness” to 11 today!

Game Geeks Reviews Achtung! Cthulhu

Game Geeks Reviews Achtung! CthulhuAfter many tries, Kurt Wiegel overcomes his Cthonian lingual lock and manages to talk about Modiphius Entertainment’s Achtung! Cthulhu. Watch Kurt’s Achtung! Cthulhu review and get his learned opinion on how well this particular mix of madness and war might meet your gaming needs—your nazi-filled, tentacular, horrible gaming needs…

If that wasn’t enough to scare you off, I’m sure you’re brave enough to keep digging into the full range of Game Geeks reviews for the low-down on hundreds of gaming books, from both Savage Worlds and many other fine RPGs!

Wild Card Creator Updated with More Homebrew Support

Wild Card CreatorWild Card Creator—the Savage Worlds character creation utility that supports all your PDFs—has just released a significant update. Oh, sure, it has new options for auto-downloading updates, support for optional rules in published settings, and even more program settings for you to have more control. But for me the excitement is all about the expanded homebrew support.

A big part of the Savage Worlds mindset is that each setting will have little tweaks to the core rules to really bring that genre to life. We expect you to be using your own house rules, and Wild Card Creator is there to support you. Have campaign rules that apply to everyone? They’ve got you covered. Have a new Edge or Hindrance? No problem. Did you customize the way something works for one particular character alone? Good for you—and that’s supported!

Don’t just listen to me ramble on, check out Wild Card Creator and the latest update today!

[So, I misread something and claimed that Wild Card Creator now supports the recently released Science Fiction Companion and Super Powers Companion (Second Edition). I was wrong. They tell me it's coming soon, but isn't there now. I apologize for any confusion I've cause about that.—Joel]

Celebrate the Deadlands XBox Originals Announcement!

Deadlands on XBox Originals AnnouncementIn case you haven’t heard, we’ve just announced a dramatic series in development with XBox Originals! You can read more about it here!

We’re incredibly excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to tell you more about it. In the meantime, whether you’re new to the Deadlands roleplaying game or are one of our original Deadlands Classic fans looking to catch up, we’ve put together a pair of special bundles of the current and latest version of the game. Act fast—these two Deadlands bundles will only be available for 2 weeks (or one fortnight, or until May 13).

The Little Deadlands Celebration Bundle – $150: You get the Deadlands Player’s Guide and Marshal’s Handbook, the Marshal’s Screen with Murder on the Hellstromme Express, Smith & Robards 1880 Catalog, and the two Plot Point Campaigns, The Flood and The Last Sons, in both print and PDF. Alone, those are worth over $280. Heck, we’ll even throw in the domestic shipping, so that’s half off!

The Big Deadlands Celebration Bundle – $299You get everything in the Little Bundle plus most every print and PDF product we’ve made for Deadlands Reloaded! That’s over $550 worth of Weird Western wonder and adventure, amigos! Just like the Little Bundle, domestic shipping is on us!

The Third War Finishes Wendigo Tales: Season Two!

The Third War in Wendigo Tales: Season TwoCrusader is the most isolated man in Star City. He is hunted by the cops, targeted by the underworld, and reviled by the public as a ruthless vigilante for his impressive bad guy body count. When the v’sori build a weapon that could kill every super villain on Earth, destroying the resistance in one fell swoop, can he work with his hated foe, the indestructible strongman Invictus? Can he adapt his moral perspective and work with criminals he knows he should kill? Or will he let humanity remain under the alien yoke so justice is done?

The Third War is written by Steven S. Long, a writer and game designer from North Carolina. While best known for his work with Champions and the HERO System, he’s worked for many other RPG companies including Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Last Unicorn Games, Decipher, and White Wolf. Recent forays into fiction writing have advanced his Master Plan for World Domination to Stage 62-Gamma. You can find out more about Steve at

The Third War is the final installment of Wendigo Tales: Season Two in the world of Necessary Evil, where the super villains of earth have to fight an occupying alien force and their own baser natures to save the planet! Be sure to check out the previous tales from Season Two—Faces of Destruction (insanely, still free), Thicker Than WaterFallenPurgatory, Maps to the Stars, and Tablets of Destiny—or any of the stories of the Weird Wars from Wendigo Tales: Season One.