Lankhmar: Well-Met in

Savage Worlds Reviews on the WebLankhmar is getting good reviews, at least from Cedric Chin of Both his review of Lankhmar: City of Thieves and his review of Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild rate the products a 4 out of 5 stars. We presume the missing star was stolen in a dimly-lit alley—it is, after all, Lanhkmar…

Swing by Lankhmar yourself sometime. Let’s see how you like it!


Join John Goff at PAX Prime This Weekend

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouOur own John Goff will be at PAX Prime in Seattle on Sunday, August 30. He’ll be signing at the Uncle’s Games booth from 4:00-5:00 pm. He’ll even be surrounded by copies of some of his (and our) really cool stuff, including Deadlands Noir, Leviathan, Grim Prairie Trails, and the Hell on Earth Companion.

If nothing else, please drop by so he doesn’t have too much time on his hands. That is, after all, how we got the Night Train adventures. For all your characters’ sakes, keep him occupied!

LiveSheet: Bring Characters to Life on Your iPad

LiveSheet Savage Worlds Character Sheet for iPadsAlexander Winn has released LiveSheet, an iPad character sheet for Savage Worlds. If you’ve got an iPad, you really ought to go check it out—it looks pretty slick.

Did we mention that Alexander is apparently a very nice man? That’s right, he’s released it for free. I suspect you still have to provide your own iPad, though. There are limits.

Melvin Smif’s Birthday Present for You!

Melvin Smif's GeekeryMel Smif’s Geekery is celebrating Mel Smif’s birthday by giving you presents! Be sure to check out the Pitch Me a Game Birthday Contest for your chances to win.

That’s right, I said “chances.” He’s running two contests at the same time, with two separate prizes. The prize for the best Deadlands adventure pitch is a Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition signed and personalized for the winner by our own Shane Hensley!

Don’t delay—start celebrating and writing today!

Lankhmar Archetypes, Reviews, and Preorder Bundles!

Lankhmar ArchetypesWe’ve got a handful of exciting Lankhmar tidbits for you this week. After all, more than a handful is too much to pick from someone’s pocket, and that’s not the Lankhmar way!

If you need some people to linger in the dark alleyways, be sure to check out the Lankhmar Archetypes. Get eight full-color, ready-to-play archetypes, iconic characters illustrated by several brilliant artists. Not only do you get a new Novice crew ready from the get-go, but with the mere flick of a switch, they turn into a Seasoned pack of terrors! Check the Lankhmar Archetypes today for a full list of characters and artists!

If you want to see what other folks have to say about Lankhmar—since we might be just a little biased in our unabashed enthusiasm—be sure to drop by Their Lankhmar review is up and ready for you.

The Lankhmar Preorder Bundles are still available, and still discounted! If you’re looking for everything and some cash back, this is definitely the way to go. Any PDFs are available immediately, and all your print products are currently scheduled to ship in November.* At this price, why not be a completist?

* Then again, this is Lankhmar stuff. You never know when it might sneak up on you…

Lankhmar #SavageHaiku Contest Winner Announced!

Lankhmar Haiku ContestFrom several fabulous entries, we’ve selected the winner of our #SavageHaiku contest for Lankhmar. After much debate, the victory goes to world-renowned alpaca breeder* Jeff Prather of Louisville, Kentucky, the Haiku Capital of the World.**

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future contests, because everyone wins. Jeff gets his $50 credit to the Pinnacle Web Store, and you get to enjoy the following haiku!

I thought we were friends,
Now, your blade protrudes from me.
Black toga hides blood.

* To the best of my knowledge, this is totally untrue. In fact, I made it up as I was typing.
** Also totally untrue, as far as I know. I may have an issue.

Last Week to Back Enascentia!

Enascentia KickstarterDon’t miss your chance to back the Enascentia Kickstarter that closes in just a few days!

They’ve met their funding goals, so we can already look forward to this exciting new fantasy setting coming to Savage Worlds from the Italian-language gaming scene. With your support and a last-minute rally, who knows how many late-game stretch goals they can achieve? Backers have already “unveiled” an adventure by Enascentia author Edoardo Dalla Via, and the next stretch goal adventures are penned by Umberto Pignatelli (Beasts & Barbarians), Sean Fannon (Savage Rifts, Shaintar), and Darren Pearce (Doctor Who RPG, Savage Suzerain).

Be sure to check out the Enascentia Kickstarter for full details on backer rewards and stretch goals, and be sure to tell all your friends, too!

Geek Watch One Interview with Shane Hensley

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebKylan and Ken of Geek Watch One interviewed our own Shane Hensley at Get Con. Rather than seal the interview deep in a vault, they bundled it with several other pieces from Gen Con into one massive convention episode: Straight Outta GenCon!

If you want to go straight to Shane, he’s at the 111:30 mark. No, that’s really three ones—there’s a lot of Gen Con, you know! But don’t just listen to Shane, catch the whole thing. After all, you wouldn’t eat just the peanuts from your Peanut M&Ms, would you?

Find Us at ConFuseCon Game Day This Weekend!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouOur very own webmasters Sara and Brendan—the fine folks who make this page itself work—are going to be at ConFuseCon Game Day in Richland, Washington this Saturday, August 25. If you’re gong to be anywhere near the area, drop by, say hi, and play a game or two in the Pinnacle-sponsored Savage Saturday Night games!

Seriously, drop on by. The event is free to attend and family-friendly. What are you waiting for?

New Releases for Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop SoftwareThe latest Savage Worlds releases from Fantasy Grounds are ready to go, and it’s a gritty bunch.

Take your chances among the not-so-dearly departed with War of the Dead: Chapter One. Where were you on the day the earth died? Find out on Fantasy Grounds!

Looking for a game with a little more of a future to it? Try out Interface Zero 2.0 for a future not so very far from our own, but riddled with the problems that make cyberpunk and transhumanism so very exciting!

And don’t forget all the Savage Worlds titles available right now at the Fantasy Grounds Store! Check it out and make your on-line gaming smoother, easier, and more fun.