John Goff Live on Twitch TV Friday!

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebThe RPG Brewery debuts on Twitch TV with our very own John Goff! This is your chance to see the birth of a new show, ask John any questions you’ve got for him,* and be highly entertained.

Just think, with his horror experience and Deadlands background, he might finally bring Friday the Third out of the shadows of its celebrated cousin, Friday the Thirteenth! Witness the dawn of a new era of terror!

For more details or to send questions in for John, be sure to check out the RPG Brewery announcement.

* Personally, I find it very odd that I’ve never seen him, Janet Jackson, or Bruce Wayne together. He may know more than he’s letting on, and he’s never denied the rumor.

Pirates of the Dominion Available for Beasts & Barbarians

GRAmel's Pirates of the Dominions for Beasts & BarbariansWelcome back to the Dominions, me mateys! GRAmel has just published the last* sourcebook for Beasts and Barbarians Golden EditionPirates of the Dominions.

Pirates are a staple of swords and sorcery adventures, and Pirates of the Dominions delivers them to you with the wind at their backs! Find stories ancient and new of sea and sail, freedom and betrayal, gold and curses, and booze and more booze.**

Swipe a ship, strike a flag, and set sail with your own crew of piratical scum, or do your best to rid the seas of a scurvy menace. Either way, check out Pirates of the Dominions today.

* Don’t panic. Beasts and Barbarians Steel Edition is coming soon!

** Pirates are apparently something of a besotted lot.

Game Geeks Reviews Codex Infernus

Game Geeks Review of Codex Infernus by Gun Metal GamesIf you’ve always thought your awkward company picnics were bad, strap yourself in for fresh torment as you descend into hell itself!

Join the Game Geeks and listen to Kurt Wiegel’s Codex Infernus review. He’ll get to the essence of Gun Metal GamesCodex Infernus: The Savage Guide to Hell faster than you can skate over a frozen lake of the damned!

If you want more information or just want to keep up with the theme,* you can also listen to hundreds and hundreds of Kurt’s reviews of all sorts of games!

* That’s just a joke, folks. Honest.

New Deadlands One Sheet: Showdown at Canyon Diablo!

Showdown at Canyon DiabloIt looks like you’ve finally got that blasted Shaw gang where you want ’em—it’s time to round ’em up in Canyon Diablo. But you never figured you’d be walking in on a rail war, and once things get on rails, they start moving fast! See if you’re quick enough for the Showdown at Canyon Diablo.

Showdown at Canyon Diablo is a new One Sheet Adventure for Deadlands: Reloaded. Take your posse o’ cowpokes into the thick of things for a night or two of adventure or kick of a whole new campaign—it’s your call, Marshal. Either way, you can’t beat the price since, like all our One Sheets, it’s totally free.

Catch Us at a Convention Near You!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouI know most of you are expecting snow, sleet, and cold these days, but don’t forget about convention season. Heck, it’s longer than duck season and wabbit season combined now!

Right now, if you can make it to Pax South in San Antonio, TX this weekend, January 27-29, you can definitely catch Jodi Black, Clint Black, and Preston DuBose roaming around the Carolina Game Tables booth. You might even find Shane Hensley pokin’ around, too.

After that, who knows? Well, actually, you do. You’ll be able to find us at OwlCon in Houston, GhengisCon in Aurora, RadCon in Pasco, OrcCon in Los Angeles, CoastCon in Biloxi, PAX East in Boston, MACE West in Asheville, ChupacabraCon in Austin, MantiCon in Bloomington, KublaCon in San Francisco, MisCon in Missoula, ConCarolinas in Concord, Origins in Columbus, Magic City Con in Birmingham, Crit Hit in Phoenix, Gen Con in Indianapolis, Pacificon Santa Clara, DragonCon in Atlanta, Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous in Great Falls, and MACE in Charlotte. Whew.

For more information on dates, locations, who’s going to be where, or just a break from that last really long paragraph of conventiony goodness, go visit our Conventions page for all the details! You won’t get any Pokémon points, but you’ll still be glad you caught us.

Our Ranks Have Increased—Meet the New Folks

Pinnacle Staff NewsWe’ve got peeps, and I’m not talking about the oh-so-microwaveable sugar critters! We’ve added two more folks to our staff, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Jeannine Acevedo is our new Production Assistant. Out of the millions* of applications that flooded in, Jeannine was lucky enough to be pulled out of a hat by a rabbit we coated with glue.** She’ll be handling, well, all sorts of stuff, some of which might come as a complete surprise!

Thomas Shook has also joined us as a Layout Designer. Will he design layouts? Will he design? Will he layout? Will he wear sunscreen when he does? The only way you’ll know for sure is to read those credits in the fronts of the books you get from us. You never knew there was an overlay dramatic soap opera in the subtext of those, did you?***

Please extend the same warmth and friendship to them that have to all the rest of us. Soon they’ll get to understand one of the very best things about working with Pinnacle, and that’s you fine folks! Welcome aboard.

For more information about Jeannine, Thomas, or any of the very small legion of our staff, be sure to check out our Company page. You’ll even get to see pictures—you’ve been warned!


* Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. Wait, no, the Legal Department has advised me that I should admit that it’s an outright lie directly on this page. Lawyers.

** There’s an excellent chance that this is not actually how we chose Jeannine. We probably did something like check her experience and skills, see if she was a good fit for us, and make sure she didn’t weigh the same as a duck. We don’t want her turning any of us into newts, after all.

*** Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Sneak a Peek at the Cover of Deadlands: The Boneyard

Sneak Peek of Deadlands: The Boneyard CoverActually, you’ll get more than a sneak peek at Aaron J. Riley’s cover of The Boneyard—you’ll get original sketches and a little chronology of its development. Usually, you just find text when you try to look behind the cover of a book, but not this time!

Seanan McGuire’s The Boneyard will be the third Deadlands novel from Tor Books, joining Ghostwalkers by Jonathan Maberry and Thunder Moon Rising by Jeffrey J. Mariotte. This is your chance to immerse yourself for hours in the Weird West—without a character sheet!

Happy Jacks Live-Streaming Savage Rifts®

The Tomorrow Legion: Happy Jack's Actual Play of Savage RiftsOur friends at Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast have posted Episode One of the Tomorrow Legion: The Official Savage Worlds Rifts® Actual Play series.

Catch the next installment live on their Twitch feed January 23! Follow along into the future every other Monday at 7:45 pm Pacific.

If you want to get into the character creation, be sure to listen to Episode Zero: Character Creation to see how it all began. You’ll also get a good grasp of the Setting Rules that really bring the Rifts® magic!

If you’re new to the Happy Jack’s crowd, they’re an entertaining bunch, and you’re in for a good time. They don’t, however, usually subscribe to the same PG content targets that we keep around here. If that’s a concern, exercise some caution.

Raising the Bar at Genghis Con

Genghis ConDon’t miss out on Genghis Con 40—you’ll get more Savage Worlds games than any other convention, including the big hitters like Gen Con!

This is also the place to kick your GMing up a notch, too. All those games lead to experienced GMs, and they’re ready to share. Sign up for Savage Worlds Gamemastering: Raising the Bar and hear from Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs, Ron Richenbach, Camden Wright, and Norm “No Relation” Hensley. Get their tips, tricks, and techniques for running consistently excellent games.

Can’t make it? If everything works out right, there will be a video available afterwards. Make any offerings to the AV spirits you feel appropriate.

Weird War I Narrative Missions Now in Hebrew!

Weird War I Narrative Missions in HebrewDo you want to use Narrative Missions from Weird War I, but you’re struggling to read this in Hebrew through a translator? Then this is your happy day, my friend.

Weird War I: Narrative Missions in Hebrew is now available as a free download! Our thanks and kudos go to Oded Deutch for his translation and willingness to share. You may also want to check out his blog for more gaming discussions in Hebrew.

Have something you want to make available for everyone, too? Be sure to check out the Savage Worlds Fan License and go wild, my friends. Go wild.