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Happy Armistice Day

Armistice Day and Veterans' DayAs often as we’ve extolled the U.S. Veteran’s Day, it seems a little more appropriate to wish you all a good Armistice Day this year. This is the hundredth anniversary of the start of World War One, and the Armistice Day remembrances have been particularly poignant.

British Army cadet Harry Hayes planted the last poppy at the Tower of London’s commemorative installation of nearly 900,000 ceramic poppies. That’s one poppy for each of their fallen soldiers of World War One. That was about one in three men of military age lost in five years.

The French dedicated the new Ring of Remembrance at the International Memorial of Notre Dame de Lorette. It is inscribed with the names of nearly 600,000 World War One dead of all nationalities, brought together in death even as they struggled against one another in life.

Here in the U.S., we remember our fallen soldiers as well as thank those who have served and survived. On the Pinnacle staff, the latter includes Shane Hensley, Teller, John Goff, and Aaron Acevedo. From my time at the conventions, I also know it includes many of our loyal friends.

As gamers and authors, we tend to think of wars and conflicts as rich ground for fiction and settings. It is a place many of us go to play and escape. Let us always be mindful these are places many did not escape, are sources of tremendous pain and anguish for millions, and are not yet confined to our past.

To all who have served and will serve in the future, our heartfelt thanks. To all who have paid and will do so in the future, our sincerest condolences.


Massive Price Drop on Savage Worlds for Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop SoftwareFantasy Grounds has always helped connect on-line gamers, but now it lets you do it a little cheaper! Prices have dropped across the board for Savage Worlds and Pinnacle products. Games and modules once priced at $20 or more are now down to $9.99! Products that were $14-15 can now be had for only $4.99!

I know it’s crazy. You know it’s crazy. And we both know you better jump on it before someone comes back from the asylum and fixes things!

Get a Gander at Misfit Studios’ New Releases

Misfit StudiosThe folks over at Misfit Studios have been busy this last week, with three new releases now available!

Need some creepy critters in handy single-dose packs? Check out their new Slime Dragon and Doom Worm, ready to go any place you want them.

Need something a little more superhero-organization-ish? Head straight on over to AEGIS, updated for use with the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition)!

While you’re there, be sure to check out the whole Misfit Studios line-up. You’ll never know what you’re missing until you do…

Get Half Off Gun Metal Games in November

Gun Metal GamesGun Metal Games is having a half-off sale until the end of November! That’s right—half the cost for the same great stuff, or twice as much for nothing more!

You may be most familiar with their cyberpunk setting, Interface Zero 2.0, but be sure to check out the whole Gun Metal Games catalog while you’re looking. At prices this low, you can have a very happy Thanksgiving or get some of that Christmas shopping out of your hair really early.

The Last Parsec Soundtrack Now Available!

The Jump Soundtrack for The Last ParsecIt’s time we put the sound back into space, and we’re doing it in style! The Jump—the The Last Parsec’s official soundtrack—is now available from the Pinnacle Web Store.

Eleven tracks from fan favorite Harry Mack give you nearly an hour of music to guide you through your journeys in space. Remember, the difference between tragic home footage of multiple deaths and a spectacular film chronicling your JumpCorp team’s heroic adventures in space is the background music. Be honest—which would you rather be featured in?

New Payment Options for the Pinnacle Web Store

Pinnacle Web Store Accepting Amazon and PayPal PaymentsThose of you who use our Pinnacle Web Store may notice something new—you can now pay with Amazon Payments if you like! That’s right, you’ve now got two different options for payment processing when you shop with us.

You can click the Pay with Amazon button for a pop-up to connect to your Amazon payment and shipping defaults, all without leaving the Pinnacle Web Store page at all. If you do a lot of Amazon shopping, this may be the option for you.

You can also still click the PayPal payments button to either use your PayPal balance or use your regular credit cards (even without any PayPal account at all and without the need to sign up for one). If you’ve got a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card or happen to have a PayPal balance, this is probably the option you’d want to pick.

Either way, we’ll get your order out to you as soon as we can. The choice is yours.

Join Us at MACE This Weekend!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouWe all know how it goes. You’re sitting there, peacefully minding your own business, and the voices start up in the back of your head. “Join us,” they say, calmly and quietly—at first. Then they become a tad more insistent. In time, the constant “join us” chorus becomes simply too loud to ignore and incredibly hard to deny. So, really, why fight it?

Come see us this weekend at MACE in Charlotte, North Carolina. Clint Black will be there running games, Jodi Black will be there running the Beautiful Brains Books & Games booth, and Joel Kinstle will be there…well, we know how likely you are to catch him actually running

But there’s more than just us. Savage Saturday Night has nearly a dozen games already, and Clint will be running two brand new games that nobody has ever played before! And all of the MACE conventions are always a good time.

So, seriously. Join us.

Spread the Word for ETU Preorders

ETU Preorder Helper NotesAre you trying to get your local game store to stock or pre-order all the collegiate horror goodness that is East Texas University and Degrees of Horror? Well, we’re here for you—we’ve compiled all the notes and info you’d need for that into one handy spot.

So, drop by your local retailer today and help them help you get into the spookiest college of your choice!

The Taxidermist’s Tale—A New Deadlands One-Sheet Adventure

Taxidermist's Tale - A Deadlands One-Sheet AdventureWho doesn’t like a cuddly bunny, or even a regal mountain lion? The folks Back East are turning the taxidermy of the West into a booming business. As much as the Weird West is accustomed to exporting tall tales back to the cities, the frontier isn’t used to importing the same style of questionable news. Who’s going to believe it when they hear that top-hat tinhorns actually are just dying for taxidermy or that mounted critters really are all the rage?

Is terror really somethin’ they’ve started shippin’ back to the East, or is someone pullin’ the wool over your eyes? Either way, what are you going to do about it?

The Taxidermist’s Tale is a new One-Sheet Adventure for Deadlands. Grab it and go for a night or two of no-prep adventure with your posse. Be sure to check out all the One-Sheet Adventures we’ve got available for Deadlands and all our other settings, too.

Don’t forget—they’re all free. Free as the wind that howls across the desert, free as the chills down your spine…

Pinnacle’s on YouTube!

The Pinnacle YouTube ChannelVideo may have killed the radio star,* but we’re going to make it work for us now! That’s right, Pinnacle Entertainment now has our very own YouTube channel.

If you ever need to find a video we’ve put up, now you’ve got a one-stop shop for it. The Pinnacle YouTube Channel currently has all our Kickstarter videos that we’ve produced, including the multi-part animated Deadlands Noir series.

Keep your eyes on this space for more videos as they come, or subscribe directly on the Pinnacle Channel page itself!

* I suspect Video actually incapacitated the radio star then performed a finishing move on him. Video is one mean cuss, you know. You’ve really got to watch him…