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Mystical Throne Entertainment Releases Mercenary Breed 2.0

Mercenary Breed Second EditionThe new second edition of Mercenary Breed is now available as a three-book core set—the Mercenary’s Handbook (a player’s guide), the Galaxy Guide (a GM’s guide), and the Xenopedia (a bestiary). The updated books (in full-color PDF and Print-on-Demand) are a major revision to the original, including an expansion of the setting into a full sci-fi sandbox!

And don’t limit yourself to Mercenary Breed. The books can be used with any Savage Worlds sci-fi setting, and the Mercenary’s Handbook is only $1 for the PDF! How can you not check it out today?


Ain’t It Cool News Interviews Sean Patrick Fannon

Shaintar: Legends UnleashedAin’t It Cool News recently interviewed Sean Patrick Fannon (most notably of Shaintar fame). Interestingly, they know him from so many of the other things he’s done in the industry, and they talked to him about Shaintar!

Curious about what else SPF has been up to out there? Want to know more about Shaintar? Feeling particularly irresponsible with your company internet connection? If any of these (or many other questions) apply to you, check out the interview!

So It Begins—ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter

ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter CampaignPack your bags, folks, because it’s time to head off to college in lovely Pinebox, Texas! East Texas University is definitely a place where you can find your place in the world—sharing a dorm room with someone who died from a cursed towel in the locker room.

The eagerly-awaited college horror setting and Plot-Point Campaign born of 12 to Midnight’s Pinebox, Texas comes to life as a full-fledged Pinnacle product through the new ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter campaign. East Texas University is the main setting book with everything players and GMs alike need to start telling their own ETU stories. Degrees of Horror brings you a full Plot Point Campaign with booster Savage Tales to take your cohort through a full four years college, presuming you (literally) survive being a freshman.

But just as with college, the books aren’t the whole story of the Kickstarter. There’s the GM’s screen, custom miniatures, several sets of figure flats, custom dice, and a bonanza of digital stretch goals and add-ons! Be sure to check out the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter campaign for the full details and reserve a spot today.

Speaking of stretch goals, don’t forget that the college experience is also about making new friends (sometimes literally, in the basement of the biology building), and the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter is no different. All of our stretch goals are based on backers, not on cash. The bigger the crew you bring to campus, the bigger the campus is for your crew!

What are you waiting for? Take a gander at the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter and put your eyes on the ETU campus. Be careful, though, because campus may have its eye on you…

Yukon Terror Comes to Deadlands Tall Tales

Deadlands Tall Tales 3: Yukon TerrorYukon Terror is the newly released addition to the Deadlands Tall Tales stable. Your group of strangers is braving the elements in an Alaskan cabin at the edge of civilization—a place where the cold and snow have hidden abominations from the eyes of men, a place where the abominations may walk as men themselves! As the storm outside rages on, you have to decide which is easier—surviving the elements or surviving the shelter.

Deadlands Tall Tales is a series of zero-prep, GM-less narrative games set in the Deadlands universe, powered by the Protocol Games Series. Yukon Terror joins Doctor Tregan’s Mechanical Wonders and Broken Hearts (the free introductory adventure).

Shane Hensley Talks All Things Deadlands with Geekerati

Deadlands on GeekeratiGeekerati is airing an interview with Shane Hensley about the history and future of Deadlands. Follow the conversation from Deadlands‘ debut, through its various incarnations, and to its new status as an XBox Originals television show in development!

Be sure to listen to the podcast for the most recent developments in the Deadlands XBox Originals show. While you’re there, you might also want to catch older RPG and Savage Worlds installments as well.

Battlefield Press Releases Double Spiral War

Double Spiral War Setting Book for Savage WorldsBattlefield Press has released the Double Spiral War setting book for Savage Worlds. Put yourself into a world where mankind has spread across the stars, writing its struggles and conflicts on an even larger scale rather than leaving them behind for an intergalactic peace.

The Double Spiral War setting book has everything you need to play in the world of Warren Norwoods’ The Double Spiral War novels, also available from Battlefield Press. Don’t wait—take to tomorrow’s stars today!

Three Skeletons and a Viking Villager—New from Cast of Cards

Cast of CardsThe Cast of Cards line-up is embracing biodiversity by adding character packs of the undead persuasion (three new Corpse CorpsSkeleton Extras, Skeleton Wild Cards, and Skeleton Battle-Hardened Extras) as well as more of the living (Viking Villagers to go with their Viking Band). Be sure to check out their full line of Cast of Cards on DriveThruRPG.

Don’t forget that you’ve got a no-lose way to try Cast of Cards. Both Freebie Pack 2 and the original Freebie Pack are, as their names imply, totally free—check ‘em out today!

East Texas University and Degrees of Horror Kickstarter Goes Live Next Week!

Degrees of Horror East Texas UniversityAs high school comes to a close across the U.S., college excitement builds. This is the time when young men and women find out what they’re really made of as they pursue their dreams. And try to forget about watching their classmate get sucked into a library book. And avoid the angry ghost in the stairwell. And evade the creature prowling around the campus shadows.

East Texas University, in the heart of Pinebox, Texas, offers several fully-accredited degrees, as well as lurking dread, creeping horror, and the constant need to save the world from what lies beneath. Will you cut class, or will class cut you? Go Ravens!

We’re bringing you the much-anticipated collegiate setting and Plot-Point Campaign born of 12 to Midnight’s Pinebox, Texas horror setting through a new Kickstarter campaign that starts next week. Look forward to full details then, but you can start dreaming about East Texas University (the setting book for players and GMs alike), Degrees of Horror (the Plot Point Campaign with booster Savage Tales), GM’s screen, custom miniatures, several sets of figure flats, custom dice, and a bonanza of digital stretch goals and add-ons for the rest of the week!

Get ready for the campus recruiting drive. All our stretch goals are going to be based on backers, not on cash. After all, ETU is something of a not-for-prophet institution, and you should bring all your buddies to college with you!

If you decide you’re up to the task, we’ll see you there next week.

TableTop Season 3 Hits $1,000,000 RPG Show Goal!

TableTop Season 3 Indiegogo CampaignWell, it happened. The TableTop Season 3 Indiegogo campaign has met their $1,000,000 stretch goal and will now be producing a brand new show following RPGs! Oh, and that’s a bonus on top of funding Season 3 of  TableTop on Geek & Sundry.

And they’re already asking for your input! They recently tweeted “Now that we’ve hit $1M, we wanna know what games you want to see! Use #ilovetabletop to tell us about your favorite games! (LET’S TREND IT!)” from ‏@tabletop. So, it sounds like this is the time for everyone to let @tabletop @PEG_Games know what RPG you’d like to see. Remember the hashtag #ilovetabletop and let your opinions be heard.

Fantasy Grounds Brings Savage Worlds to Steam!

Savage Worlds on SteamFantasy Grounds is bringing the award-winning Savage Worlds roleplaying system to the highly-popular Steam web gaming engine! Fantasy Grounds will become available this Friday, May 9, at 11:00 am Pacific Time, and Savage Worlds is the first available downloadable module!

Fantasy Grounds will continue to release additional Savage Worlds content for the Steam web gaming engine to keep you happy. Just in case you feel like foolin’ around on us with some other RPG, they’ll be making those available as well. Don’t worry—we understand and we know you’ll be back…