Aegis Releases Mystery in the Mindshatter

Mystery in the Mindshatter from Aegis StudiosHis Majesty Chuckles, faerie king of Mindshatter, has gone missing. His daughter is forced to seek help from the humanoid lands. Are you up for traveling from your world to hers, to meet with the Princess and save the King?

Aegis Studios has released Mystery in the Mindshatter, a fairy adventure suitable for all ages. Have a romp through the realms of the fae or bring your kids into the RPG hobby—or both!

Savage Worlds GM Starter Kit Sale $99!

Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday is gone. No more sales, right? Wrong!savage-sale-package

We’re hoping this specially priced bundle for our Savage Worlds GM Starter Kit—$99.99—inspires the next generation of school age Game Masters. We can tell you from experience that kids love to stat characters, and you’ll love hearing about their new creations!*

Veteran Savage Worlds GMs may also want to pick up the Savage Worlds GM Starter Kit for a new copy of Savage Worlds Deluxe, the Fantasy Companion, the Horror Companion, the Super Powers Companion, and the Science Fiction Companion, and get a sweet set of Savage Worlds Bennies and handy Savage Worlds Status Tokens to keep your combat Fast! Furious! and Fun!

Whether you’re donating the set to your local school Game Club, wrapping it up for your niece, or secretly ordering the Savage Worlds GM Starter Kit for yourself, we hope you find something special for everyone on your shopping list this holiday season.

But you better hurry: savings this good only last a short time. A week, in fact! You know you’ve wanted to get your kids or the neighbor’s kids gaming. Order the Savage Worlds GM Starter Kit today!

* True story: the electric alligator in Deadlands Noir Companion was an original creation by Clint and Jodi Black’s 8 year old daughter.

Spanish Translations Score a Big Win!

Savage Worlds en EspanolCongratulations to our official Spanish publishers, HT Publishers! The Spanish edition of 50 Fathoms won best RPG supplement in El Premio Rolea. Their edition of the Savage Worlds Core Rules was a finalist in the Best RPG category.

It’s great to know that the game is in good hands and doing so well in Spain. It’s also nice to know that if you get tired of playing in your language, there are other award-winning options available!

GRAmel Releases Worldcrafting

GRAmel Games' WorldcraftingSome jobs are just bigger than others. Building a house is tougher than building a table—but what if you’re trying to build a whole world or cosmology? Where do you start? What do you wait on? GRAmel Games has released Worldcrafting, a collection of essays by Andrzej “Enc” Stój and other experienced authors and designers to help!

You can use Worldcrafting to create a world for any game, but lucky for you it already references the Savage Worlds rules. You won’t have to do any conversion while you’re doing all your creating!

Spawning a world from nothing is a lot of work. Get yourself some help today!

Solomon Kane Black Friday Bundle!

Savage World of Solomon Kane Black Friday Bundle SaleNothing says Thanksgiving and Christmas like a Puritan, and nothing says Thanksgiving and Christmas with Savage Worlds like your favorite avenging Puritan, Solomon Kane!

Let us help you stuff your buckled stocking with all the evil-blasting goodness you want at prices almost sinful! For this weekend only, our Savage World of Solomon Kane Black Friday Bundle is over 40% off! We’re also marking each book and PDF down 20%, in case you just want to complete your collection.

Don’t let this one slip away to the far shores of Cathay before you can make it yours. Remember, you only have this weekend to get in on the deal and help rid the world (both Olde and New alike) of the blackest blight!

Deadlands Perilous Parcels Plus a Posse

Heroes o' GloomThere’s a few things no horse can outrun, my friend. Death. Taxes. Hunger. The holidays. It’s the time of year that brings ’round family and things in the mail, and it’s no different for Deadlands Reloaded!

Perilous Parcels: All the Purty Little Horses introduces a new way to see the Weird West—totin’ packages for Smith & Robards Express Delivery Service. This PDF helps get you recruited to the world of express delivery, untold perils, and questionable tipping practices. From there, you’re set to run off into the sunset of the free Perilous Parcels One Sheets, which currently include Ruckus at Worm Creek and Salt o’ the Earth. But don’t worry, your job might never really be done. Ever.

Nothing’s sadder than a get-together of one, and the Heroes o’ Gloom Archetypes makes sure you don’t suffer that horrible fate. You get a band of seven ready to tear into Good Intentions, a convention game, or your next campaign! Loneliness can be a killer on the trail or in town. After all, if nobody’s got your back, someone’s going to get your spleen and kidneys.

Cornucopia of Savage Rifts® Updates and Releases

Rifts One ShotsIt’s a big day for Rifts® for Savage Worlds5 new One Sheet adventures from Ross Watson, 6 newly-updated PDF files, and a print errata sheet* all at the same time!

For more details and a little discussion about how and when PDF files get updated, check out the latest Savage Rifts® Kickstarter Update.

* We try to keep them down, but it’s the nature of printed books to have errata. I’m excited that there’s only about a half-dozen items and that covers three books!

Savage Rifts® Bundle Added to the #Fun4Liz Raffle

Savage Worlds for a Good CauseYou’ve heard us refer to you, roleplayers at large, and other RPG companies as our community, as our friends and family. In many ways, that is truly what you are. Those of us in the industry realize just how small a crowd we are and how closely-knit our common hobby brings us.

This is also the kind of community where you want to help when times are tough, and we’re adding a Limited Edition hardcover Savage Rifts® Bundle to the #Fun4Liz Raffle to do our part. One of our friends and colleagues, Jamie Chambers, is helping his daughter Liz fight her battle with blood cancer, and this is one way we can lend a hand.

The #Fun4Liz Raffle has amassed a treasure trove of gaming goodness with a value of over $1,500, all donations from supporters in our community. Jodi and Clint Black’s Carolina Game Tables have put in a $900 gaming table (including shipping!), the team from 12 to Midnight has put up an East Texas University Bundle, and several others have chipped in as well.

If you have it in your heart and budget, buy a raffle ticket today. If you’re hoping to get a 7500%+ return on your investment, buy a raffle ticket today. If you’re thankful that you’re not battling cancers in your family today or have personal experience with the struggle, buy a raffle ticket today.

One thing Jamie points out on the raffle page sticks with me. He said, “there are many in greater need, and we encourage you to help where you can.” If this isn’t a place where you can help, reach out to someone during this season to offer what you can, even if it’s “just” a warm hello to someone who’s lonely. Likewise, if you find this is a season of struggle for you, please, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help for yourself.

GRAmel Releases The Justice of Kerir Shar for Beasts & Barbarians

The Justice of Kerir Shar for GRAmel's Beast & BarbariansRevenge, hate, and the perils of the Lush Jungle await you in The Justice of Kerir Shar, an adventure GRAmel Games has released for its Beasts & Barbarians setting.

How does the vengeance curse of a powerful sorcerer connect to a remote village and a young blind musician? Or does it relate at all?

Hardy Tales Releases Ghost Punchers!

Ghost Punchers: Bare Knuckle EditionHardy Tales brings you Ghost Punchers, their first Savage Worlds Licensee release!

Ghosts are real, and they need to be punched! Only you, a psychic gifted with the ability to sense the restless dead, touch them, and deliver a mean right hook can save innocent people from these cannibal haunts.

Ghost Punchers brings you a new setting, new Hindrances and Edges, new Setting Rules for ghostly behaviors, and “the obligatory much more.”* It’s certainly worth a look!

* No, really. That’s a piece of text straight from their promotional blurb. I think I like these folks.