We Have the Most-Anticipated Game of the Year!

Savage Worlds on the WebEN World just conducted a poll of thousands and published the Top 10 Most-Anticipated Games of the Year. In case you missed the headline, the top spot goes to one of our projects!

This is your last chance to scroll on before I tell you what it is, just in case you don’t want the surprise spoiled. I know there’s at least some of you out there.

It’s really gratifying to find out we’re working on something you’re looking forward to so much, and that’s RIFTS for Savage Worlds! Watch here for more news as it breaks.


Lankhmar Comes to Spanish!

Lankhmar En EspanolOur Spanish licensees, HT Publishers, are now taking orders for Lankhmar.

Even if you don’t understand Spanish, their Lankhmar trailer is still really fun to watch! Check it out.


People Talkin’ Savage Worlds!

Savage Worlds on the WebIf chat on the web is any indicator, people are really groovin’ on some Savage Worlds this week!

EN World has broken the newsFantasy Grounds’ top 5 games played last year were Savage Worlds and four flavors of D&D!

And then there’s this video of a video game reviewer talking about why he loves tabletop RPGs and Savage Worlds. For 51 solid minutes. It’s also got a nice intro to the hobby. Be warned—he casually leaves our regular family-friendly language and wanders into NSFW territory now and then.

For a wonderful example of using The Last Parsec’s Adventure Generator and Archetypes, check out Living 4 CritsCygnus Adrift – A Savage Worlds: The Last Parsec Adventure.

So, go ahead and talk about us all you want—we’re listening!

Support the Savage Bloggers Network, Get Free Dice!

Savage Bloggers NetworkRon and Kristian over at the Savage Bloggers Network podcast have a deal for you—if you’re willing to support SBN on Patreon for $2 a show, they’re happy to send you one of a limited-edition custom Wild Die as a thank you!

While I’m sure they’re willing to take all the help you’ve got to offer, they only have a few dozen more dice as I write this, so I wouldn’t dawdle. Go read the details and give ’em a hand today!

Dark Places of the Dominions Available for Beasts & Barbarians

Dark Places of the Dominion for Beasts & BarbariansDark Places of the Dominions for GRAmel’s popular Beasts & Barbarians setting takes you back to the Dread Sea Dominions and fills the area with detailed, ready-to-play places of mystery!

Each location is ripe with interesting opportunities and terrible dangers, including a no-prep, stand-alone adventure Instant Plot. Grab your sword, check your bow, and venture into the Dominions again!

Lankhmar Bennies Released!

Lankhmar for Savage WorldsIf you’re looking to find your fortune in the world of Lankhmar, you might need a little bit of edge over the other guy—you know, the one also looking to find your fortune!

That makes this your lucky day, with custom Lankhmar Bennies now available for your adventures in the city of smoke and thieves. You can grab ’em now or add them to a Lankhmar Complete Bundle—the options are all yours!

New Rippers Resurrected Freebie: Character Sheet

Rippers Resurrected Character SheetThe Victorian world is a complicated place filled with complicated people, and the life of a Ripper is no simpler. Keep your character details together and easily referenced with the newly-available Rippers Resurrected Character Sheet.

Once available only in the Rippers Resurrected PDFs, it’s now available on the Rippers Resurrected page as a free download. And for those of you who spent your youth fighting monsters instead of learning the fine art of penmanship, the PDF is even form-fillable!

Yearly Best-Of Mentions for Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds on the WebIt’s that time of the year, when people look back at the year that was and make lists. Happily, we’re making it onto the good lists!

MadBeardMan has a list of his favorite games of 2015. Rippers Resurrected and Savage Worlds in general get high praise!

Even EN World is talking about us! We made their list of Top Non-D&D News Items this year with their article about Rifts coming to Savage Worlds!

And it’s not all about last year, either. Watch this space for news of the upcoming year soon!


Accursed: World of Morden Kickstarter Begins!

Accursed: World of Morden KickstarterMelior Via just launched a Kickstarter to expand the Accursed setting. Their first goal, Frost and Fang, is available in draft form as soon as you become a backer!

Be sure to check out the Accursed: World of Morden Kickstarter page for more details about backer levels and rewards, including special print compilations!

Rippers Combat Maps Released!

Bring the world of Rippers: Resurrected to your tabletop and virtual games with the newly-released Rippers Combat Maps! Whether you’re sticking to the cityscapes of the Empire or going to exotic foreign locales, we’ve got the map for you.

The more rural settings of the downloadable PDF maps bring you an Ancient Tomb, a Castle Courtyard, a Country House, and a World of the Rippers large-scale map. Maps for city settings include a Lodge and a set of Urban Alleys (with bonus Rooftops map).

These maps let you control the printing and can be used with any setting you like, not just Rippers: Resurrected. Besides, the night is dark, and you best know where you’re going…

If you backed the Rippers: Resurrected Kickstarter, check the Kickstarter Updates for details on downloading.