Rippers Resurrected Available for Everyone!

Rippers Resurrected is free from preorder purgatory. Direct orders are available to everyone, Kickstarter backer or no! Retailers can watch for newsletters from our fulfillment partners Studio 2 Publishing for information on a release date.

Heck, you can even order the Limited Edition Rippers Resurrected hardcover books. For now, anyway. We only make so many. When they’re gone, they’re gone—just like with the Science Fiction Companion!

The Cackler Graphic Novel Preorders Continue

The Cackler Graphic Novel Cover PreviewWait not, want not.* Preorder your copy of the limited edition hardcover of the Cackler Graphic Novel today, and unravel one of Deadlands‘ oldest mysteries.

We’ve been very happy with our experiment taking the Cackler Graphic Novel preorders through Backerkit. There has been one little issue, though. Backerkit had a problem with their automated e-mail updates and many of you received multiple copies. They’re currently working on the issue, and we hope to hear it’s fixed any time now.

* Yes, I know that’s not the actual saying. It’s creative license, and I don’t think mine has expired yet. My creative insurance may have lapsed a little, though.

Strange Arcana Kickstarter Launches!

Strange Arcana KickstarterThe Strange Arcana: The Stars are Right Kickstarter project from Savage Worlds licensee Sigil Entertainment Group is now live—horribly alive, slithering from a darkness made of cold doom rather than simple shadow!

This is your chance to get your own copy of a dangerous book. Between its covers is a mind-bending collection of eldritch horror stories in a weird, dangerous universe, where superheroes face powerful ancient beings, crazed doomsday cultists, and a dark secret they all share.

Featuring stories from Arnold T. Blumberg, Satyros Phil Brucato, Ian Eller, Dean Gilbert, Shane Lacy Hensley, Dan McGirt, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Aaron Rosenberg, and John Wick. With illustrations by Aaron Acevedo, Matheus Calza, James Denton, Jason Engle, Bien Flores, Grosnez, Aaron Riley, Alida Saxon, Jonathan Taylor, and Jeremy Wilson.

The Strange Arcana Kickstarter runs through July 22.

Cackler Graphic Novel Available for Preorders

The Cackler Graphic Novel Cover PreviewThe time is close upon us, the time when one of the oldest Deadlands mysteries will be revealed with the Cackler Graphic Novel. Backers have had access to the PDF since March, and it’s time to take preorders for Limited Edition hardcover print editions.

We’re trying something new to get your preorders to you a little faster. We’ll be taking the Cackler Graphic Novel preorders through Backerkit, so they’ll be shipped at the same time as backer fulfillment. So don’t be surprised when the link doesn’t take you to the Pinnacle Web Store.

This way we can also offer EU friendly shipping on preorders of The Cackler! We pay the customs taxes and ship from Germany, so you wonderful people in the EU save money. Check out the Backerkit Preorder page today!

The Sixth Gun Comic Comes to a Close

The Sixth Gun FinaleThe Sixth Gun, the comic series inspiration for the Sixth Gun RPG, finishes its story with episode 50. It’s being released to stores now, so be sure to get your copy of the conclusion while you still can!

To help ease your pain, we’re doubling the discounts on the Sixth Gun RPG Bundles and sending it off with a sale. If you want the limited edition hardcover, order quickly—there’s less than 100 left!


Look Straight into the Rifts®…

Rifts for Savage WorldsThis is your chance to get a peek at what’s in Rifts®: The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide and the Rifts®: Game Master’s Handbook—in a fairly literal sense! The table of contents for each book is now available from the Savage Rifts Kickstarter Updates page.

We know how hard waiting can be, so we wanted to let you have something to start thinking about. Enjoy the preview and your summer.

Shane’s Secret Appearance in Myrtle Beach

Savage Worlds Coming to a Town Near You!Don’t tell anybody, but our own founder Shane Hensley is going to be at White Widow Games in Myrtle Beach this Wednesday, June 15, at 5:00 pm. Drop on by for your chance to see him live.

He’ll sign things for you, answer questions, wash your car, darn your socks, pickle your cabbage, corn your beef, settle your scores, and roast your toasties!* Don’t miss it!

* Okay, so I got carried away. He’ll probably be happy to sign things and answer questions, but the rest is just me blathering on. Then again, he’s a really, really nice guy…

Group Interview on Fanboy TV!

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebJoin our own Shane Hensley, Clint Black, Sean Patrick Fannon, and Jodi Black as they join the fine folks at Fanboy TV for an interview at Chupacabracon.

If you’re short on time to watch the entirety of Episode 520, be sure to catch the parts at 4:00 and 37:45—you could say those points are the Pinnacle of the show!

Rippers: Resurrected Reviewed

Savage Worlds Reviews on the WebHave you ever considered how well the recently-released Rippers: Resurrected would support a sandbox-style campaign? You’re not alone.*

Read Martin Ralya’s Rippers: Resurrected Review to get a fairly exhaustive opinion on the matter and a good overview of the three main books. We want you to be armed with as much information as you can be. After all, as a Ripper from the future once said, “Shop smart…”

* Even in the darkest night, in the seediest of alleys, in the “safety” of your own bed! Oh, wait, sorry. Got a little carried away with the Rippers feel there.

Fabled Environments Releases a Cauldron Full of Mischief

A Cauldron Full of Mischief from Fabled EnvironmentsAllan’s roommate Jeremy has gone missing. Brittany’s college application was denied. Barbara turns to mysterious recipes tucked into romance novels. Stir it all together, and you get a Cauldron Full of Mischief.

This quirky Savage Worlds mystery from Savage Worlds licensee Fabled Environments can be played as a single session or used as the springboard into a great campaign.

You get the adventure, two full-page location maps, and five pregenerated characters, all ready to go! What are you waiting for?