Adventures of the Pulp Age!

pulpcoverMovie matinees. Dime novels. Comic books. Cheesy stories. Remember when bizarre was the norm and you never knew what was around the corner? The classic adventure stories never went away. Now, you can relive them in your gaming sessions with Savage Worlds licensee GRAmel’s Adventures of the Pulp Age!

This book combines three highly-praised adventures packed chock full of action and adventure:
– You’ll face martial artists, sky pirates, alien gods, and flying jellyfish witches in Prison of the Dragon God…
– Then challenge warrior women, dinosaurs, ancient tribes, and techno-organic sorcery in Terror Planet of the Amazon Queen…
– And finish with Nazis, mutants, and undead prophets in Rifles of Atlantis!

All of these adventures were written to present not just a plot, but an entire mini-setting, full of adventure hooks for exploration and development.

To top it all off, they’ve added some exclusive content, not available in PDF. Adventures of the Pulp Age! contains:
– Tips on writing and running B-movie and pulp-style adventures.
– New setting rules, Edges and Hindrances
– A discussion of magic in pulps, plus a new Arcane Background: Lucha Libre for Savage Worlds!

Relive classic adventure stories now with Adventures of the Pulp Age!

Deadlands Classic Duo Arrives!

Paradise Lost: An Adventure for Deadlands Classic or ReloadedDeadlands Classic is still growing!

An unexpected whistle in the night signals trouble for Paradise, Idaho. Some trains aren’t on the time table, and some cargoes aren’t from this world. Can you help save this sleepy town, or is it truly Paradise Lost?

Paradise Lost is dual-statted, ready to go for either Deadlands Classic or Deadlands Reloaded. Either way, it’s barrelin’ straight out of the dark mind of John “Night Train” Goff, so strap on some pistols and hope for the best…

And we don’t want you ridin’ that dusty trail without a really good handle on who you are and what you can do, partner. That’s a good way to pull a thick dirt blanket over your head for a long, long nap. But don’t worry—the Deadlands Classic Form-Fillable PDF Character Sheet is also here for you! Keep everything handy and neat—it’ll really help when they’re tryin’ to write your obituary.

Come See Us at Genghis Con 40!

Genghis ConIt’s finally here—Genghis Con 40! Join in the great gamer migration as they flock to Aurora, Colorado, this weekend for one of the biggest collections of Savage Worlds games ever seen!

This is also the place to kick your GMing up a notch, too. All those games lead to experienced GMs, and they’re ready to share. Sign up for Savage Worlds Gamemastering: Raising the Bar and hear from Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs, Ron Richenbach, Camden Wright, and Norm “No Relation” Hensley. Get their tips, tricks, and techniques for running consistently excellent games.

Be sure to catch Shane Hensley, Ed Wetterman, Ross Watson, and Sean Patrick Fannon as they run games and schmooze with the crowds. You know you want to…

Find Us at the Cons This President’s Day

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouPresidents Day weekend is chock full of great conventions, and we’re headed to them, too!

Aside from Ghengis Con 40, we will also have John Goff at RadCon in Pasco, Washington, and Scott Woodard at OrcCon in Los Angeles. Stop by, say hello, and play!

Turn Your Console Games Into RPGs!

Savage Worlds on the WebYour game is going great, and your players are clamoring for more—sometimes even after they’ve gone through everything you had!

When you need to come up with more for your game,* why not turn to…games? Game Radar has a great article about turning your favorite console games and their stories into adventures for your RPGs, including a specific link between Red Dead Redemption and Deadlands Reloaded.

Go give it a read and keep up with the great gaming!

* And don’t forget all those free One-Sheet Adventures.

Judas Steer Live Finale Friday!

Savage Worlds on the WebJoin in the fun as Evilsqueegee streams the season finale of the Deadlands Classic game Judas Steer on Twitch! It’s this Friday at 10:00 am Eastern.

You’ll be happier if you watch it live. For Deadlands, that’s usually safer than watching it when it’s, you know, not-so-live any more.

Savage Rifts® Available for Direct Order—In Bundles!

Rifts_BundleThe wait is over! Rifts® for Savage Worlds is now available for direct order in print. No more preorders, no more waiting—order it, it goes into the mail, and high-flying adventure is on its way.

We’ve also made the ordering even more convenient. The Savage Rifts® Virtual Bundle and the Savage Rifts® Limited Edition Print Bundle are both ready to go for one-click ordering to get you everything in the line! Just choose the tree-friendly PDF bundle or way cool Limited Edition Bundle (which includes the Rifts® Collector’s Case!). All that, and the bundles come at a discount—20% off the Virtual Bundle and 10% off the Limited Edition Print Bundle!

If you’re looking  for softcover versions of the books, or just need one more set of Savage Rifts® Dice, you can order those individually from the Rifts® for Savage Worlds category page. You’ll also find  free downloads like a form-fillable Character Sheet, ten One Sheet adventures, and Sean Fannon’s Savaging Your Favorite Rifts® Ideas to help you include more of Palladium Books‘ popular Rifts® world into your Savage version.

If you are a Kickstarter supporter of Rifts® for Savage Worlds and do not know where your rewards are, please email There are about 60 folks who have not answered the address-collecting PledgeManager survey yet (and we can’t ship if we don’t have the address to send it to, right?). We’ve shipped all the Kickstarter reward packages we can, and preorders have shipped too.

One click ordering to get it all, plus all these free products to get your game going? There’s a MEGA verse® to explore. There’s no better time to step into Savage Rifts®!

Unexpected Colony—A New One Sheet for The Last Parsec

Unexpected Colony, a One Sheet Adventure for The Last ParsecHow did that elephant get in my refrigerator? When did I grow extra toes? Where did that settlement come from? All three of these questions are things you don’t really expect to ask yourself, but at least one of them will come up in Unexpected Colony—the new One Sheet Adventure written by Keith Garrett for The Last Parsec.

When you answer the distress call of the downed cargo ship Azimuth, you were expecting a simple rescue and recovery. When has space ever been simple?

Like most all of our One Sheet Adventures, Unexpected Colony is good for a quick adventure, easy to expand to a larger timeline, ready to be inserted into an ongoing game, or a good spot to start a campaign. Like absolutely all of our One Sheets, it’s also free! Grab it while the bits are still fresh!

Obatron Kickstarts Retribution for Savage Worlds

Obitron RetributionObatron Productions, publisher of Savage Insider and creator of Tunse’al, has a new Kickstarter. Retribution is a supernatural fantasy setting opening up a world of possibility with spirits (who can be PCs) and an array of extraplanar entities and supernatural phenomena intertwined with classic fantasy elements.

Be sure to check out the Retribution Kickstarter for details on backer rewards and levels—they’ve got some really good looking options out there. While you’re there, be sure to follow the links out to some of the interviews they’ve done, too.

The Kickstarter ends Friday, February 17, and you don’t have to worry about them meeting their goals.  They’re already set to print, but don’t miss the chance to get in on special Kickstarter only deals and stretch goals!

Preston Dubose Talks ETU on Paranormal Encyclopedia

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebEast Texas University is smothered in layers of mystery—the deadly town of Pinebox cradles the normal-seeming campus which cloaks the hunters of the night who keep the secrets of the paranormal from the population.

Throw back the final curtain and listen as Paranormal Encyclopedia interviews Preston Dubose, one of the creators of ETU, and he reveals the behind-the-scenes secrets of collegiate terror!

Listen to all 66* minutes of knowledge probably not meant for man—if you dare.

* It’s two-thirds of the digits of the number of the beast. That makes it sort of scary, right? Right?