Five New Savage Rifts® Releases for Kickstarter Backers!

Savage Rifts Game Master's Handbook and MapsIt’s a wonderful time to have backed the Rifts® for Savage Worlds Kickstarter—there are five new releases ready for your download! The Game Master’s Handbook and four new combat maps are waiting for you to enjoy them.

For those of you who missed the Kickstarter, don’t worry. You’ll get your chance at everything, including today’s releases, in time. Until then, check out our free preview materials for Savage Rifts®!

ENnies Voting Closing Soon!

ENnies AwardsENnies award voting is only open a few more days! Be sure to take a look at the list of nominees and pick your favorites. If your favorites were the three Savage Worlds nominees, that wouldn’t hurt our feelings at all.

The Deadlands Plot Point Campaign Stone and a Hard Place is up for Best Adventure. If you’re not familiar with Matt Cutter’s tale of the Servitor of Death, you owe it to yourself to fix that! Heck, you can even get the Stone and a Hard Place Player’s Guide for free!

Licensee High Rock Press has been nominated for Best Monster/Adversary for their Larger Than Life: Savage Worlds Edition. Check it out and add the unique flavor of American tall tales to your games.

Licensee Mutha Oith Creations is in the running for Best Interior Art for Low Life. If you’ve never looked at it, you definitely should—it’s art like you’ve likely never seen before!

Voting closes July 21, so make sure your voice is heard!

The Gamers Series Kickstarter Closing Soon

The Gamers: Episode 1 KickstarterYes, we know The Gamers: Episode 1 Kickstarter isn’t actually a game, much less a Savage Worlds product, but you really should check it out.

Dead Gentlemen Productions is a cool film-making group responsible for the classic The Gamers series. Not only is it a fun and clever series, but it has a 75% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes! They’ve got strong ties to the gaming industry and the gamers’ psyches. They helped our friends at Carolina Game Tables with their Kickstarter video and are being supported by Savage Worlds Licensee Rogue Genius Games.

Most importantly, they’re seriously funny. Seriously! Don’t let The Gamers: Episode 1 Kickstarter pass you by!

Daring Entertainment to Kickstart Apocalypse Campaign Guide

Apocalypse Campaign Guide from Daring EntertainmentThe beginning of the end is nigh! The Apocalypse Campaign Guide for Savage Worlds Kickstarter is coming soon, and for all of us!

Savage Worlds Licensee Daring Entertainment launches their Kickstarter for the Apocalypse Campaign Guide on July 25. Start your campaigns at the end of the world, or run your group through globe-shattering change with the information in this handy guide.

The portents are clear. Watch the skies. Be there July 25.

Weird War I Preorders Now on BackerKit

In the old days, you had to slog through the mud yourself, braving mustard gas and bombardment to get your piece of the horrors of trench warfare. Now it’s almost creepily easy—Weird War I preorders are now open on BackerKit.

Now everyone can order the vintage style canvas messenger bag, or the yellow long sleeve Ultra Cotton “Dulce et Decorum Est” T shirt designed by award-winning artist Cheyenne Wright!

We’ve been hosting the Weird War I preorders on the Pinnacle Web Store before, but the BackerKit preorders are working out well, especially for our friends in the European Union.  If you are in the EU and preordered through, be sure to let Jodi know, and we’ll get you moved over to take advantage of the much friendlier EU shipping and tax breaks.

We’ll be locking down the original Kickstarter backers and public preorders by early to mid-August, with shipping for everyone starting shortly thereafter!

Unleash the Horrors of Weird War I (in Paper Miniature Form)!

WWI_Figure_FlatsThe monsters from Weird War I are now ready to print, play, and terrorize!

More than 40 original art pieces from triple Hugo award-winning artist Cheyenne Wright are inside, formatted for printing, folding, and using on your tabletop. The Horrors of Weird War I Figure Flats  include everything from beast men to zombies and large critters you may need like the cloud hunter, gray mare, Teufelhunden, or slaughter machine. See the product page for a complete list here.

Download these versatile paper miniatures today!


Savage Rifts® Character Sheet Now Available!

Savage RIFTS® Form-Fillable Character Sheet PDFGo ahead—challenge this strange new piecework world of Savage Rifts®!

Be whatever you were meant to be, no matter what dimension you once called home, with the form-fillable Savage Rifts® Character Sheet PDF. It joins several other free Savage Rifts® preview PDFs, ready and waiting on you!

As the tears in space widen and settle, the changes come ever closer to all of us—Savage Rifts® preorders, including all the physical items from the Kickstarter, will be available through BackerKit later this month!

The Sixth Gun RPG Releases for Players and Retailers Alike!

6G_players_guide_coverWhether you’ve got rail baron dreams with prospector’s pockets or you think there’s no point in buying bacon when beans’ll do, we have just the thing for you—The Sixth Gun RPG Player’s Guide PDF!

The Sixth Gun RPG Player’s Guide PDF has all of the player information from the front of The Sixth Gun RPG in one handy PDF. It also comes with a site license that covers your gaming group!* And all this at a low fraction of the price of the full book!

And for you retailers out there, it’s time to stock up! You can now order the softcover version of The Sixth Gun RPG straight from our fine fulfillment partners, Studio 2 Publishing.

* Be sure to actually read that license, though. It’s pretty generous for a PDF license, but don’t go too crazy on us.

Deadlands Novels from TOR

Ghostwalkers, a Deadlands Novel from TorYes, that’s with an “s” at the end of “novels”!

The first in the line of Deadlands novels from Visionary Books/Tor Books was released last year to glowing reviews. Ghostwalkers by Jonathan Maberry is now available in paperback in the mass market. Wherever you like to buy books, you should be able to get a copy there!

The second book is now available for preorder, with the release of the first edition coming in late September.Thunder Moon Rising, a TOR Deadlands Novel Thunder Moon Rising, by Visionary’s own Jeffrey J. Mariotte, is another thrill-ride into the Weird West! As a wave of brutal killings sweeps through Arizona, all rumors point to things not quite beasts, but not quite men!

See the Weird West through fresh eyes, and settle in for a long, dark night of (d)reading…

The Cackler Reviewed!

Savage Worlds Reviews on the WebCreator Comics posted a review of The Cackler (Part 3) graphic novel on YouTube.

John compared The Cackler to the graphic novelization of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, saying “that Cackler beats it in every way, shape and form.”

Wow. Thanks!