Available Now! Savage Rifts®: The Tomorrow Legion Archetypes – Set 1

Get to the action faster using our new “print and play” pregenerated Archetypes for Savage Rifts® —now including an Advancement track!

These six ready-to-play archetypes are presented in our latest character sheet format, feature expanded rules references, loads of background information, and include the following:

  • Cyber-Knight
  • Glitter Boy
  • Juicer
  • Ley Line Walker
  • Mind Melter
  • City Rat

Add a little “character” to your Savage Rifts® games with The Tomorrow Legion Archetypes – Set 1.

This product requires the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules, Rifts®: The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide (Second Edition), and Rifts®: Game Master’s Handbook (Second Edition) to play.


Get Yer’ Deadlands: Lost Colony PDF Accessories Right Here!

The Deadlands: Lost Colony transdimensional flood gates are opening and right now we’ve got a number of new PDF releases all ready for you to use in your campaigns!

Our custom set of GM Screen Inserts contains full-color, landscape format pages for the Customizable GM Screen and features fantastic art from Deadlands: Lost Colony, plus all the tables and handy reference items a GM needs to run the game, all for the low price of just $3.99!

And spare your wallet with this terrific trio of freebies including new Power Templates (with purple energy trappings to complement the SWADE Power Templates), Power Cards (detailing a few new powers like Banshee’s howl and ghost in the machine), and six new wicked Harrowed Cards — a new way to manage Dominion for the Harrowed.

And if you don’t have them already, PDF versions of the Deadlands: Lost Colony core book, Widowmaker adventure, and Archetype Cards are already available in our store.

Plus, right now you can preorder ALL the Deadlands: Lost Colony physical items (books, boxed sets, and more) through our PledgeManager. Once you’re done picking and choosing over there, be sure to email site.admin@peginc.com for all your complimentary PDFs!


Shipping Now! Rifts® for Savage Worlds American Armageddon

Savage Rifts® American Armageddon is now on its way from our Tennessee warehouse to your doorstep!

Kickstarter backers: simply log into PledgeManager.com and look at your receipt to find your tracking number (located right below your shipping address). If you do not see a Tracking ID there, please wait at least a day for the software to update.

Check out the latest Kickstarter Update for all the latest news as well as additional information regarding international orders.

For those wanting to order the physical products (maybe those of you who weren’t able to be a part of the original Kickstarter), you can now order the Rifts® for Savage Worlds Adventure Boxed Set plus all the individual items from the Kickstarter campaign through our store!


Deadlands: The Weird West Kickstarter Postponed

We know you’re really looking forward to the Kickstarter for the next edition of Deadlands (and a number of you would faithfully support it, no matter what). We also know that these are uncertain times for many who would like to participate, but may be facing real world issues like layoffs, unexpected expenses, and other financial hardships directly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even Pinnacle has recently been affected by illness (coronavirus is suspected, though not yet confirmed). Our Customer Service maven, Christine Lapp, fell ill Friday. If you contacted her for assistance and have not yet seen a reply, please email site.admin@peginc.com with your questions as COO Jodi Black is handling customer service while Christine recovers.

While things may get even worse before they get better, this definitely won’t last forever. Until then, stay home and stay safe, pardner.

We look forward to riding the dusty trails of the Weird West with you soon!


Deadlands Helpin’ Hands Bundle

Y’all have been mighty good to Pinnacle through the years, and in these tough times we’d like to give you a little somethin’ back in the form of our Helpin’ Hands Bundlegratis!

Since a fair number of you may be shut in for a while, we thought you might enjoy the Explorer’s Edition of Deadlands: The Weird West to keep you company.

Yes, a new edition is on its way, just as soon as the Reckoners’ latest attempt to bring us low is over (and we’d certainly appreciate it if you take a gander when we go live with that), but for now, please enjoy these complimentary PDFs of two of our all-time best-selling books: the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook (Explorer’s Edition) and Deadlands Player’s Guide (Explorer’s Edition).

And for those now gaming on virtual tabletops, you can also play Deadlands online with your friends! We recommend our partners over at Fantasy Grounds, who have a brand new and absolutely FREE Unity version that you and your compadres can try. Best of all, it’s built from the ground up to handle Savage Worlds.

We hope you enjoy your stroll through the Deadlands, amigos. Stay safe, stay healthy, and welcome to the Weird West.

~ Shane and the Entire Pinnacle Crew


Licensee Spotlight: Coming Together While Staying Apart

In this crazy, unpredictable time of COVID-19, a number of licensed products for Savage Worlds (including a few items through the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild) are currently being offered at cost, pay-what-you-want, and even free of charge to help alleviate some of the boredom. Here are a few that we know of right now, all of which are available via DriveThruRPG:

First up, there’s the Arcane Backgrounds bundle collecting 10 products from different publishers and designers into one collection, all for 50% off their cover prices. This specialized bundle includes new Arcane Backgrounds, powers, and trappings that take magic in your settings to new heights. Among the artificers, bards, and herbalists, you’ll also find The Warrior Adept penned by our very own, Ron Blessing!

For pay-what-you-want products (with printed books currently offered at cost), check out Crystal Heart (Up to 4 Players), Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776 (Happy Monster Press), Sagas & Six-Guns (Gallant Knight Games), The Savage Sign 01 (Sigil Entertainment), Savage Tokusatsu (BPB Games), and Titan Effect (Knight Errant Media).

And lastly, Daring Entertainment is currently offering their ENTIRE catalog of Savage Worlds PDFs (including the Apocalypse Campaign Guide, Super Powers Unleashed, and War of the Dead) all for FREE!

While we’re all stuck in our homes for a while, you can fill some of your time reading through and playing with these incredible licensed products for Savage Worlds.


Walk the Mean Streets of The Big Easy

If you backed the Kickstarter for The Big Easy, your copy of this remarkable new card game set in the universe of Deadlands: Noir, should be dropping into your mitts any day now!

Designed by John Goff (Deadlands Classic and Reloaded, Deadlands: Hell on Earth Classic and Reloaded, Deadlands Noir), The Big Easy is a stand-alone card game for 2-4 players set on the mean streets of Deadlands: Noir’s unique take on New Orleans, 1935. Players take the role of grizzled private detectives seeking a solution to a brutal crime.

If you missed out on the original Kickstarter, be sure to sign up for Last Lion Games’ newsletter as the game should be available for order very soon!

We look forward to seeing you in the Crescent City, pally!


The PledgeManager for Wendigo Tales: Volume One & Deadlands: Lost Colony is NOW OPEN!

If you missed out on our Kickstarter campaigns for Deadlands: Lost Colony and Wendigo Tales: Volume One, don’t dismay! The PledgeManager for both is NOW OPEN for business.

Through the PledgeManager, just select the highest reward tier you desire, and then pick-and-choose all your various Add Ons including Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, The Cackler graphic novel, Deadlands: Hell on Earth, 50 Fathoms, and discounted bundles for Deadlands: Noir, East Texas University, Weird War One, Rippers, and Weird Wars Rome.

Please note that if it’s your first time using the portal, especially those of you overseas, be sure to read through all the fine print in our latest Kickstarter Update for details about taxes, shipping label prep, and more.

Be sure to contact site.admin@peginc.com for any reward level upgrades or if you have any questions at all. Thanks!


Wendigo Tales Volumes Zero and One are Now Available!

First Look at Wendigo Tales, Volume One!

If you’re on the hunt for some exciting Savage Worlds-inspired fiction, the electronic versions (.epub and .mobi (Kindle) formats) of our Wendigo Tales collections, featuring chilling tales of horror and adventure by some of today’s top authors, are now available for purchase directly from our store!

Wendigo Tales: Volume One features:

  •  FAIT ACCOMPLI, by Shanna Germain (Predation, No Thank You, Evil!)
  •  RAIDERS OF THE POISONED PLAINS, by Tim Waggoner (The Winter Box, Deep Like the River)
  •  ON THE FLIP SIDE, by Aaron Rosenberg (DuckBob, Dread Remora)
  •  THE IRISH GOODBYE, by Matthew Cutter (DeadlandsThe Goon™ RPG)
  •  THE FIRES OF ROME, by Shane Lacy Hensley (Savage WorldsDeadlandsWeird Wars)

We are also now offering revised collections of our original three “Seasons” of Wendigo Tales, now referred to as Wendigo Tales: Volume Zero.

These three uniquely-themed volumes contain several thrilling tales set in the worlds of The Last Parsec, Necessary Evil, and Weird Wars by authors like Christine Thompson, John Wick, Ed Stark, Jon Leitheusser, and of course, Shane Lacy Hensley.

If you would like print + complimentary PDF/ePub versions of these volumes, order the books as part of our Wendigo Tales: Volume One (and Deadlands: Lost Colony) Kickstarter’s PledgeManager. Then be sure to email site.admin@peginc.com with your completed receipt and request a comp copy of the PDFs/ePub. Please note you will be pledging as a late backer and purchasing at minimum Wendigo Tales: Volume One in print (plus comp PDFs).


Wendigo Tales Volume 1: Heroes PLUS Free Bookmarks

You’ve read the stories, now add a little character to your Savage Worlds games with this new collection of pregenerated heroes ripped right from the pages of Wendigo Tales: Volume One!

Wendigo Tales Volume 1: Heroes contains five Novice and Seasoned heroes including a Mad Scientist for Deadlands, a Syker for Deadlands: Hell on Earth, a Grifter for Deadlands: Noir, a transfer student for East Texas University, and a muscle-bound gladiator for Weird Wars Rome.

Plus, be sure to download our FREE set of four Wendigo Tales Bookmarks to mark your place in the Wendigo Tales books or your favorite Savage Settings.