Rippers Resurrected Comes to Kickstarter!

Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter ProjectThere was a time when a Cabal led by the monstrous Jack the Ripper put the world in peril. You tore into the creatures of the night, and had to implant parts from those very monstrosities into yourself to turn the tide, no matter the consequences. Those were the the good old days.

Darkness washes across the land again, bleaker and more sinister than ever. Surely you can save Queen and country once more, but can you hope to save yourself?

Welcome to the Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter! In one ferociously fearsome fortnight, the world of Rippers will rise again at your command. These next two weeks* are your chance to lay your hands on the updated return of our beloved Victorian monster-hunting setting.

October 6th—22nd is the only window you have to look at the full range of add-ons and stretch goals, including maps, bennies, dice, cards, digital regional settings, and much more! The only true evil would be letting something this exciting get past you!

* Yes, if you really do the math, it runs a little more than fourteen days. Let’s just keep that between me and you, because I don’t get to use “fortnight” that often. Thanks.


The Sixth Gun Companion Ready for (Pre) Orders

The Sixth Gun CompanionEverything’s cocked and ready to pull the trigger on your very own copy of The Sixth Gun Companion for The Sixth Gun RPG! Before I tell you what’s in it and how you can get it, you have to promise to read to the end. Go on, promise.

Now that we got that settled, keep your eye out for:

Sharp-eyed readers might’ve noticed the links for each part of The Sixth Gun Companion. You’ve got options—loads of ’em. You can preorder the print version today, buy the whole PDF version right now, or get just the pieces you think you need—sort of a mix-your-own Sixth pack—as individual PDFs.

A big part of life out west is fixin’ stuff. Fences break. Roofs leak. Print has errors. That’s why we’ve updated The Winding Way adventure for you. Download it again for the latest version or get just the errata if you’re the type that wants it that way instead. Again, the choice is all yours, compadre.

What you do now, though, is your call. Aim true.

We Have a #SavageSeptember Winner!

SavageSeptemberwinner#SavageSeptember might be behind us, but now we get to enjoy the winner of the #SavageSeptember contest!

Our big winner is Ronnie Walton for his homage to Deadlands! The $50 credit to the PEGinc webstore is certainly well-deserved—kudos to you!

We want to thank all of you who submitted your graphics highlighting your favorite Savage Worlds settings. You made that winning call a tough one, and we’re looking forward to what you’ve got up your sleeves for our next contest. Watch this space to see what that might be…

Last Parsec Total Package Unboxing Review!

Savage Worlds on the WebNow you can get a taste of the excitement of getting your very own Last Parsec Total Package Bundle thanks to Nicholas Bergquist at Realms of Chirak!

Once you’ve read his “unboxing” blog post and have his opinion of the Total Package Bundle, be sure to head on over to the Last Parsec section of the web store to see just which bundle is right for you. That’s right, there’s like a million* of ’em to choose from, so you better start comparing now!

* There might be a reason I’m writing this instead of technical manuals for NASA. Just maybe.

Volume 3 of Savage Tales of Horror and Rippers Preview!

9.08_update_v2This week rounds out the trifecta of terror, bringing you Volume 3 of Savage Tales of Horror, with a sneak peek at another horror from Rippers Resurrected!

If you’re one of us who are right-thinking people and like free stuff, then you should pre-order the three print volumes of Savage Tales of Horror Bundle and get all the PDFs for free! Free stuff with immediate gratification—can it actually get any better?

Not a fan of free stuff? Prefer not to have your world cluttered by the physicality of printed books? Oh, I know you guys are out there—I’m not here to judge. You can get all three of the individual volumes as PDFs—that’s Savage Tales of Horror Volume 3, Savage Tales of Horror Volume 2, and Savage Tales of Horror Volume 1.

In Savage Tales of Horror Volume 3 you’ll have several unique opportunities:

  • Do your best to enjoy your time on the Isle of Death. Does it matter how well you can kill Nazis if they just won’t stay dead? Try it with the Weird War II setting.
  • Read The Final Page of an ancient tome of evil, in which a Witch’s soul is written. Who can stop this terror but those like you, witchmarked yourself, one of the Accursed? Best with Melior Via’s Accursed.
  • Answer a deep space distress call and reignite a bitter eons-old war between two deadly adversaries. Do they want to draw you into their conflict, or do they just want to Hear You Scream? Use it in your next The Last Parsec campaign!
  • Visit Hotel 96. The fine music, great food, and a release for the soul are all waiting just for you…but will you ever leave? It has a burning desire to make you stay for good! This is a lovely side trip in any East Texas University game.
  • Dance through the streets of old London town, possibly with ghastly apparitions, perhaps until you die from euphoric exhaustion. Can you survive The Dance of the Dead? It’s party time in the Savage World of Solomon Kane.

Savage Tales of Horror requires the Savage Worlds core rules and Savage Worlds Horror Companion.

And as we have been beset by the Halloween hobgoblins of little minds*, we’re keeping up the “long” tradition—we have yet another horror preview from Rippers for all the fans out there. Just remember that the Kickstarter for Rippers Resurrected is Oct. 6th—22nd (and it’s only 2 weeks long)!

* That’s not why I’m here, but I’ll probably do a little of that anyway. 

Rippers: Resurrected Kickstarter Begins Next Week

Rippers ResurrectedIn Rippers, the evil Cabal formed under the leadership of the monstrous Jack the Ripper and brought the Victorian world on its knees. You and the other Rippers were there to fight back, using Rippertech pulled from the creatures of hell and implanted into yourselves.

Darkness is awash upon the land again, and you have been called once more. Can you save the world for Queen and country? Can you keep evil from obliterating all that is good? Most importantly, can you maintain proper decorum through an entire Whist Society Patrons’ Tea while you’re still juiced up on extracts of werewolf spleen?

These and many other perils will be yours to face when the Rippers: Resurrected Kickstarter campaign launches next week! Save the date, because the whole campaign is only going to last two weeks, and we don’t want you to miss one terrifying minute of it!

So You’re Wanting to Start a NE Gang? Kudos!

Necessary Evil 2: Running a GangCongratulations on your first step in starting a gang—admitting that you have a problem, and that the problem is you don’t have a gang!

Whether you’re starting your gang as part of the Necessary Evil: Breakout campaign or for the Gang War Savage Tale, we’ve got your back. Just download the Running a Gang freebie from the Necessary Evil page, and you’re all set. No license, no waiting period, no quarantine to make sure your gang doesn’t have super-rabies—it’s like starting a gang is a totally unregulated activity outside the scope of the law!

So, please, enjoy your fledgling steps as a new gang owner, and let us know how your efforts are working out.

#SavageSeptember Sundown Starts

#SavageSeptember is nearly over, as is your chance to enter this month’s contest.

Some of the best choices so far include these three links. Check those out for inspiration and be sure to share your own graphic (static, animated, or video) on social media #SavageSeptember telling people your favorite Savage Worlds setting (and why). Then you’ll be eligible for your chance to win $50 credit to the PEGinc webstore—yours to do with what you will!

Pick a Pinnacle setting or one from a Savage Worlds licensee, but you’ve got to email a link to to be eligible to win. Don’t let the month sneak by you!

Black Lantern: Mercenary Companies Available for Shaintar

Black Lantern Report: Mercenary CompaniesWho is the shadowy organization known as The Black Lantern? Perhaps the unfounded rumors can be put to rest with the recent discovery of a report from one of their agents!

This agent has infiltrated all six of Shaintar’s main mercenary companies, learning who is welcome where and what their different, secret, and sometimes sinister motivations are.

Enjoy Black Lantern Report #6: Mercenary Companies, the first of the reports to wind their way to the public eye.

The Thin Blue Line Now in Print!

The Thin Blue LineParanormal activity is on the rise in Detroit, and an angry spirit, dangerous creature, or pack of desperate cultists hides under every sewer cover and within every abandoned building. But Corktown Precinct has a secret defense—its crew of supposed washouts are either psychics or have encountered the paranormal. These damaged, over-worked, and under-paid officers keep paranormal activity in Detroit under wraps and out of sight—no mean feat in a city as old, large, and haunted as Detroit!

Once available only to Kickstarter backers, The Thin Blue Line: A Detroit Police Story is now available in softcover, hardcover, and premium hardcover as well as PDF. For the supporters of local game stores, preorder now and look for it in distribution next month.