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The Sixth Gun RPG Kickstarter Finishes as a Wild Success!

Sixth Gun KickstarterThanks for supporting The Sixth Gun RPG Kickstarter. With every stretch goal reached, nearly a thousand backers, and over 1100% funded, it looks like you are as excited about the project as we are!

If you couldn’t back The Sixth Gun RPG or just missed it, we’ll have the preorder page ready for you in the next few weeks. We’ll tell you when you it’s available, partner. Don’t fret.

We’re not the only ones talking about the Sixth Gun right now, either. The Savage Bloggers podcast covers the end of The Sixth Gun RPG Kickstarter. Threats from Gallifrey interviews Savage Tim, and he talks in detail about Sixth Gun RPG sessions he’s run as well as the upcoming Savage Rifts.

Thanks again, amigos. We couldn’t do these things without you!


More Maps for Deadlands

Stone and a Hard Place Combat Map Set 2The Weird West is the place to be, so we’re bringing you more places to be in the Weird West! The new Stone and a Hard Place PDF Combat Map Set 2 brings you a bank, a bunkhouse, a general store, dance hall livery, and theater. But life ain’t all fun and games, amigo, so we’re bringing you the undertaker and, finally,* a gallows.

Just like with the first Stone and a Hard Place PDF Combat Map Set, you’ve got the option to print what you want or combine it all in one big ol’ map. It’s your town, make it to your tastes!

* And sometimes not-so-final in the world of Deadlands

Lankhmar Haiku Contest

Lankhmar Haiku ContestNo, we’re not kidding—we’re asking you to bring Lankhmar and haiku together for valuable prizes!

Write your best haiku about the world of Lankhmar, tweet it or post it on Facebook, tag Pinnacle in your post/tweet, and e-mail Jodi a link. At that point, you’re entered for you shot at a $50 credit for the Pinnacle Web Store to spend as you see fit.

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Check out this 50 Fathoms haiku!

Focus your word skills
Capture Lankhmar with your verse
Revel in your prize


Nova Praxis for Savage Worlds Augmented PDF Available

Nova Praxis: Savage Worlds Edition Enhanced PDFIn the world of Nova Praxis, the future brings us man melded with machine to leap beyond evolution. It’s only fitting that the Nova Praxis PDF go through a similar metamorphosis.

The Nova Praxis: Savage Worlds Edition Augmented PDF lets you use the PDF faster and easier than you’d ever thought possible. It’s built for widescreen laptops and tablets, including fillable forms and cross-links.

Be sure to look at the future today!

The Thin Blue Line Kickstarter Launches

The Thin Blue Line KickstarterThe city is not as quiet as it seems. Cultists, creatures, and the paranormal are all on the rise, bringing untold danger to the already beleaguered population of Detroit. It doesn’t take a cop, it takes a special kind of cop to try to keep people as safe as they can be. Are you that special kind of cop?

Join Melior Via in their Thin Blue Line Kickstarter. Help bring a modern horror setting based on the existing tales of what goes bump in the nights of Detroit to life. You’re not just getting a game, you’re keeping a history alive…even if it would be just as happy to make you dead…

Be sure to check out the Thin Blue Line Kickstarter today for full details on backer levels and rewards. Don’t wait—some of those rewards are very limited!

The Hammer Falls on The Sixth Gun RPG Kickstarter

Fracture Frontiers: A Sixth Gun / Deadlands RPG Crossover ScenarioDon’t blink, hombre. The Sixth Gun RPG Kickstarter ends Thursday, June 25, at 10:00 pm Eastern.

Exclusive backer rewards are still available, but they’ll be gone by the end of the week. Be sure to check out the levels and rewards before you let something ride off without you.

You also still have the chance to reach a few more stretch goals. We recently announced two new stretch goals, and they’re within your reach. Fractured Frontiers brings the worlds—and spirit worlds—of Deadlands and The Sixth Gun together in one brave stand to save two realities from an increasingly united evil! The final stretch goal brings several of the electronic backer rewards into a printed compilation at no additional cost! Round up a posse of friends and take the The Sixth Gun RPG Kickstarter by storm!

Speaking of “at no additional cost,” the Sixth Gun RPG Fillable Character Sheet is ready to go for those of you who’ve already started your games with the free adventures—check the Downloads link on The Sixth Gun RPG page.

Player’s Guides and Actual Plays for Lankhmar: City of Thieves!

Lankhmar: City of Thieves Player's GuideIt’s time to claim your slice of the dream—Lankhmar: City of Thieves Player’s Guide gives you everything you need as a player without the stuff only the GM needs! With one small PDF, you can set sail into the subterfuge that is Lankhmar.

But Lankhmar: City of Thieves Player’s Guide isn’t just for players. If you’re running the game, it can save your book! Like most of our Player’s Guides, it comes with a site license so you can print a copy for each player in your game. No players waiting on books, and no players smearing your books with their greasy fingers!

Curious about how other people are spending their time in Lankhmar? Well, find out—Roo Sack Gamers has four episodes of Lankhmar actual play podcasts available, and you can listen to Episode One—including a little Lankhmar background—right now!

Get a Sneek Peak at Cackler Issue Two!

The Cackler: Issue Two PreviewThe Cackler Graphic Novel, Issue 2 is coming soon, but you don’t have to wait to get a quick preview.

You’ll get the original script with art direction, a preview of the original black-and-white, and even a look at the colored piece awaiting one small caption to come.

Be sure to get in the mood for this next installation of the Cackler story. You’re going to be visiting an English moor, the Badlands, Kansas, and even Shan Fan! Hold on to your horses, amigo, especially during that crossing-the-ocean part!