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The Sixth Gun Kickstarter Launches Next Week!

The Sixth Gun KickstarterSix pistols of otherworldly power surfaced in the darkest days of the Civil War. The First strikes with ungodly force. The Second spreads the flames of Perdition. The Third kills with a flesh-rotting disease. The Fourth calls up the spirits of those it has slain. The Fifth can heal the wielder from even a fatal wound. The Sixth holds the key to rewriting the world. And, until only recently, the Sixth gun was lost.

Join us next Tuesday at noon on Kickstarter as we bring the world of The Sixth Gun to Savage Worlds from the comic series by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Brian Hurtt. Heck, if you want to literally join us, be sure to check out the True Fan of the Sixth Gun backer reward—all the stuff plus you get to play in a game at Gen Con Indy 2015 GMed by Cullen Bunn with Scott Woodard at the table–and Brian Hurtt will doodle something in your Sixth Gun RPG book! There’s even more than that, but we gotta’ have some surprises for next week.

Well, be sure to check it out when the Sixth Gun Kickstarter is up next Tuesday, anyway. They’ll go fast, amigo…


PDF Combat Maps: More Places to Fight in the Weird and Wasted Wests

Stone and a Hard Place Combat Map Set 1Even if you’re not lookin’ for a fight, you might have one. And even if you’re just standin’ there talking among the tumblebleeds and the junkers, you still gotta be standing somewhere! With our newest map PDFs, we’ve got you covered, partner.

The Stone and a Hard Place PDF Combat Map Set I brings you a whole new town for your Western games. You get your own church, a jail, the sheriff’s office, a hotel, and a nice little house with a barn. You can scale and print what you want, create a town, or churn out a whole string of ’em! It’s your call.

Hell on Earth Wasteland Combat MapsThe Hell on Earth Wasteland PDF Combat Map Set gives you two new desert wasteland terrains with rocky spires. Fill in the desolation of that gaming table with the proper desolation of the Wasted West! While you’re at that particular radioactive itch, remember the Hell on Earth book bundles and minis bundles to scratch it with a little less scratch…

That might be all for now, but it ain’t all, my friends. Keep watching for more maps, maybe even Hell on Earth: Wasteland Highway Combat Map Sets with a full set of car figure flats. You know, just maybe.

Save a Bundle on the Lankhmar Bundle

Lankhmar Preorder BundleDo you want everything that Savage Lankhmar has to offer? You know you do, and we’re just the sort to make that easier on you. Check out our newest Savage Lankhmar Preorder Bundle.

You’ll get the entire line in one convenient order with as reduced shipping costs as we can muster. How can we do that? Not volume—we’ll send you all your books in one shipment to save you as much as we can, instead of dripping your books out one at a time with individual shipping charges. If you’ve already bought an earlier bundle and want an upgrade, just contact and we’ll get you sorted out!

You might want to take advantage of that soon. There’s no tellin’ how often you’ll find an honest deal like that in a world of thieves like Lankhmar.

Name Our Newsletter (by Friday) for Valuable Prizes

Pinnacle Tuesday E-MailRemember that $100 prize we offered you a few weeks ago? Well, it’s about time to pick a winner, and it could be you!

This Friday, May 22, at midnight Eastern Time is the deadline for submissions for names for our e-mails of the Tuesday website updates. Be sure to send your suggestions in to Jodi before then. In case of duplicate winning submissions, the earlier e-mail will be the winner.

We’ll announce the winner in June, and it could be you. That’s right, you might have the honor of naming the e-mail as well as spending $100 in cold, hard, electronic cash in the Pinnacle web store. And you can spend it on whatever you want—PDFs, print products, custom Bennies, t-shirts, dice, or even shipping!

Let us hear your ideas while you can still profit off ’em!

Last Call for Last Parsec Backers

The Last Parsec Kickstarter ProjectThe backer rewards from the Last Parsec Kickstarter are nearly ready to ship. If you backed at the $35 Crew level or below, your pledge will be marked as complete in BackerKit, and we’ll start shipping to everyone else who has entered their address.

Did you catch that “who has entered their address” part? That means if you’ve not put your address in the system, we can’t ship you your stuff. You want it, we want you to have it, so help us out and get your address in there if you haven’t—just follow the direction in your e-mail from BackerKit. Be a buddy and remind your friends while you’re at it, too!


Savage Thunderscape Kickstarter to Bring Aden to Savage Worlds

Savage Thunderscape Kickstarter ProjectThe World of Aden is struggling for survival against a seemingly invincible foe. The golden age of magic and technology has been darkened by an unexplained eclipse and the horrors that crawled out of it across the Known Lands. The Darkfall has changed the face of the world forever. Can you turn the tide of shadow and save Aden from the Nocturnal horde?

Savage Thunderscape is the realization of a long roleplaying journey. Kyoudai Games brought Thunderscape back to desktop gaming for Pathfinder and is now happy to bring it, fully-formed to Savage Worlds. And that seems fitting, since the world was originally developed by Shane Hensley back in the 1990s!

Be sure to check out the Savage Thunderscape Kickstarter project today for full details on backer rewards and available products, and help bring a rich new setting to Savage Worlds!

Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild Now Available for Ordering!

Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves' GuildeIt’s here as promised—Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild is now available for immediate PDF purchase and print preordersLankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild brings you over a dozen Savage Tales to knit into your existing Lankhmar game, start up a new one, or use as stand-alone adventures!

The core Lankhmar: City of Thieves setting book is also available for immediate PDF delivery or print preorder. Since the intrigue never stops, keep your eyes open for more Lankhmar in June and July!

Don’t forget the free Lankhmar character sheets from the Downloads at the right of the Lankhmar page on the Pinnacle web store when you’re ready to start adventuring in a roguish world. Don’t just be somebody, be somebody with style.

Deadlands Noir Player’s Guides Now Available

Deadlands Noir Player's Guide PDFSometimes, the whole picture is just more than you need. On the desperate, dreary streets of Noir New Orleans, sometimes it’s more than you can take.

The Deadlands Noir Player’s Guide is the perfect thing for those times. It’s got all the stuff your players need out of the Deadlands Noir book without any of those pesky GM secrets from the back. Even better, it’s only $4.99 for the PDF, and you get a site license to share it with the rest of the crew at your gaming table. Times is tough, buddy, but we’ll help you stretch that greenback all the way across the Mighty Mississip.

If you’re thinkin’ that “free” is an even better deal, you’re right. Go get a copy of the Deadlands Noir Companion Player’s Guide. It covers the new Blessed and Syker Arcane Backgrounds, some of the history of Deadlands Noir, and puts a handy Hexaco map in the palm of your hand—all for the mighty cost of zero dollars and zero cents!

Still want more Deadlands Noir? Keep your eyes wide open, and watch close for more come June.

Mad Max Hell on Earth Bundle Coming!

Mad Max Hell on Earth BundleCatch Mad Max: Fury Road in theatres* this weekend to live the high-octane post-apocalypse on the big screen, then grab the Mad Max Hell on Earth Bundle to bring that same excitement to your game table!

From May 15 through May 26, you can get a Mad Max Hell on Earth Bundle including Hell on Earth, the Hell on Earth Companion, The Worms’ Turn, the Toxic Tunes Too soundtrack, Hell on Earth GM Screen Inserts, and the Hell on Earth Player’s Guide, plus all the PDFs. You even get the choice of softcover or hardback—your call! The choice is totally yours—do you want the durability of the hardcovers to help deflect a roadjacker’s bullet or the lightweight softcovers to make that go-juice last longer in the Wastes? Choose wisely…

For all you miniatures fans out there, don’t despair. We’ve got a little something** coming your way, too: the Mad Max Hell on Earth Minis Bundle!

Don’t let the fun and adventure end with the credits—Drive your own #FuryRoad with Deadlands Hell on Earth!

* It started as an Australian movie, so I reckon we can spell it that way, fair dinkum.
** Yep, you see what I did there. I’m just not allowed to flat out say that we’ve got a secret Deadlands Hell on Earth miniatures bundle coming out. I’ll get in trouble.

Clint Black on the New Shaken Rule on Savage Bloggers Network

Savage Bloggers NetworkClint Black joined Kristian Serrano of Savage Bloggers Network to answer questions about our recent change to the Shaken rules. Not only did Clint offer insight into the thought process of the change as well as the mechanics of updating the rules, he also fielded questions from additional guest Ron Blessing and proved that anyone can have a comically long run of technical difficulties. Both the discussion and Clint’s ability to mime in a muted video window are worth your time!