Smiling Jack’s Talks with Several Savage Friends

Smiling Jack's PodcastSmiling Jack’s Bar and Grill has released podcast Episode 24 featuring a slew of Savage Worlds guests, including Sean Patrick Fannon, Shawn Gore, Bill Keyes, Eloy Lasanta, Michael Surbrook, and Ross Watson. See, I wasn’t kidding about a “slew.”

Find out what’s up with their various endeavors, enjoy your hosts (Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs, Doug aka Steve, and Justin Suzuki), and stay for the interesting “pick your favorite Hindrance” question at the end!


New Wendigo Tale from Shane Hensley

Fallen from Wendigo Tales Season TwoThere’s a mole in Red Jack’s Omega cell. Is it Acrobat, the former hero whose mentor died at Red Jack’s own hands? Could it be the ghostly Horseman? Perhaps the incomprehensible Golem? Or maybe the goth necromancer Nepththys? There’s only one thing that’s certain in that band of ne’er-do-wells—when the truth is revealed, someone will fall and fall hard!

Fallen—our newest addition to the Wendigo Tales fiction series—is from the pen of our very own Shane Lacy Hensley. Season Two continues in the world of Necessary Evil, where the super villains of earth have to fight an occupying alien force and their own baser natures to save the planet!

Be sure to check out Season Two’s premieresFaces of Destruction (which is still free) and Thicker Than Water—or any of the stories of the Weird Wars from Wendigo Tales: Season One.


Super Powers Companion Transition Guide

Super Powers Companion Transition GuideThe recently-released Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (Second Edition) is a significant update to the original Super Powers Companion. Because of the unique and comprehensive nature of the changes between the two, we’re doing something special for our friends who’ve supported the book since the beginning.

Normally, we provide an update document for new editions so you’ll know what, in particular has changed. This time, though, we’re giving you a basic text PDF with all of the rules from Character Creation through Headquarters, including the material that didn’t change. That gives you all of the most current rules in one place without flipping back and forth between the original and the update document.

If you compare the transition guide to the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (Second Edition), you might notice that some of the “fluff” is gone. Don’t worry—all of the rules are in there!

This isn’t something we’ve ever done before, and it’s not something we’re likely to do again. This time, though, we wanted to thank you for all your support in the past, present, and in the future!


The Epitaph Now South-of-the-Border

El EpitafioThanks to enthusiastic Deadlands supporter Manuel Alfonso Garcia, the Tombstone Epitaph from The Flood is now available in Spanish. Get your copy of El Epitafio today!

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the rest of our freebies under Deadlands Downloads on the Deadlands page. You never know what you might find buried out in the Weird West once you start pokin’ around.


Savage Worlds Reviews Aplenty!

Savage Worlds on the WebIt’s been a big week for Savage Worlds reviews. The folks at Neuroglyph Games posted their review of the Science Fiction Companion on EN World. Last week, they posted their review of Savage Worlds Deluxe, and it sounds like we can look forward to their thoughts on the new Super Powers Companion next month.

There was also a review of Melior Via’s Accursed setting posted on Ain’t It Cool News. If you want to know more about the dark setting of monstrous veterans waging war against their former overlords [And, seriously, who doesn’t?], go check it out!


Great Northwest Trail Guide Available for Fantasy Grounds!

Deadlands Reloaded: The Great Northwest Trail GuideTrail Guide: The Great Northwest for Fantasy Grounds is now available! A thick blanket of snow muffles the sounds of terror in a land where the cold and the hunger are both biting, sometimes literally! See if your posse can survive the Winter War being fought across Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho—a war most will never know of until it’s too late.

Trail Guide: The Great Northwest joins the existing catalog of Savage Worlds for Fantasy Grounds, expanding the frontier for both Deadlands and Smiteworks’ virtual tabletop gaming environment. Check out the whole list today, and get your game going across the globe—before the Reckoning claims it all, my frozen amigo!


Hero Labs Custom Files for Weird Wars: Rome and Slipstream Now Available!

Savage Worlds in Hero LabThanks to Ron and Lenny, some of the fine folks from the Hero Lab web forum, you can now download Weird Wars: Rome setting files for Hero Lab and Slipstream setting files for Hero Labs.

With these setting files, you can use Lone Wolf’s popular Hero Lab software to quickly create and manage character sheets for two more Savage Worlds settings. Be sure to check out Hero Lab for Savage Worlds—including free demo downloads for Mac and Windows—today!


Love is in the High Plains Air

Roses are red, violets are blue, you’re in my head like a manitou. — Anonymous (Thankfully)

This Friday, we’ll announce a brand new kind of Deadlands game on our FacebookGoogle+ , and Twitter pages. Like or Follow us and watch for the announcement Friday morning. The provided download link will allow you to get the first game in the new series absolutely free!

And be sure to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether it’s with that special someone or just relaxing and enjoying the weekend!

(Update: You can now download the first release of Deadlands Tall Tales: Broken Hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!)


Savage Worlds Goes Mile-High at GenghisCon!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouSavage Worlds descends on Denver for the 35th GenghisCon over Presidents’ Day weekend (February 13-16) with over 80 Savage Worlds games, a Savage Saturday Night with at least 20 games, and an ever-growing ConJr for the 12-and-under crowd! If you’re more into people than games, go for the guests—Sean Patrick Fannon of Evil Beagle Games, Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games, Ross Watson (writer for Accursed), Bill Keyes (writer for the upcoming Widening Gyre), and more. Find more information on the Denver Gamers Association page.

The Deadlands: Twilight Legions shared world campaign also debuts at this GenghisCon! Players can run their own recurring, growing Deadlands characters in seven unique games in over a dozen slots—you can hit Seasoned in one weekend and keep your character for more convention and game store games in the future! Be sure to check out the Deadlands: Twilight Legions for full details.


Calling All Savage Worlds GenCon GMs!

Pinnacle at GenConFor those of you who are running Savage Worlds games at Gen Con or are interested in it, thanks! You’re the folks who will keep the Gen Con program full of Savage Worlds options and bring the game to new and old friends alike.

To sign up to run a Savage Worlds game, create your Gen Con account and submit your games via their web system. Be sure to start your scenario title with “[SVG]” so you’re easier to find. You’re more likely to make the cut into the printed program guide with a Scenario Title under 30 characters and a Scenario Description of 50 characters or less. This is where all that Twitter practice finally pays off!

If you’re running a Savage Worlds game, be sure to e-mail Jodi Black, our Marketing Manager, by June 15. She’ll set you up with details on goodies for your players and our thanks to you—a $20 coupon for Pinnacle products at the show for running two or more games! Don’t forget that Gen Con also offers a free badge for GMs who meet their criteria.