The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ on Saving Throw

Last week, brand manager and writer, Scott Woodard, appeared on Saving Throw’s Twitch channel to run a one-shot of The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ Roleplaying Game for Savage Worlds. If you missed out, the archived show is now available on YouTube, and here’s Scott’s brief behind-the-scenes story of that event:

On Tuesday, January 9th, I was invited to the Saving Throw studio in Los Angeles to slip behind the GM screen and run an original one-shot of The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ live on their Twitch channel.

There were a lot of firsts that night: it was my first time on Saving Throw, three of the players had never tried Savage Worlds before, and all of us were gaming on a brand new Streamer game table from Carolina Game Tables! Saving Throw producer Dom Zook made me feel very welcome and my players were all friendly, enthusiastic, and great fun. I opted to run a short adventure titled The Deadly Dust, inspired by elements from a classic Flash Gordon™ film serial.

The adventure party consisted of Ryla the hawkwoman (Jen Kretchmer), Yithanir the lizard man (Dylan Riley Snyder), Pranasha the shark woman (Allisyn Ashley Arm), and “Jaq” the giant (Jordan Caves-Callarman). During the session, the heroes alerted a small village to an imperial threat, encountered a foul-smelling cave hobo, battled a giant, two-headed Tsak, and infiltrated one of Ming’s secret weapons labs!

If you want to check out a few of the Flash Gordon™ setting rules, see how some of the new core rule tweaks work, and laugh along with the cast, watch the entire archived show now on Saving Throw’s YouTube channel.


Savage Worlds Explorer Comes Alive on Twitch

Savage Worlds on the WebIf you’ve picked up issue 3 of Savage Worlds Explorer, you might have read through The Black Claw, an exciting adventure for use with Savage Worlds and the Super Powers Companion (2nd Edition):

The Black Claw wants to brainwash supers to turn them into SUPERNINJAS! Well, who wouldn’t want to do that? In the guise of Yakuza mobsters, they have infiltrated the heroes’ city because of the concentration of supers there. The gang war is just the front page of the cover story — a convenient way to draw supers out where they can be targeted by the Black Claw!

Now, watch as writer Terry Whisenant takes his players through his own adventure on the Bell of Lost Souls Twitch stream!

Click here to order a Print+PDF copy of the complete third issue of Savage Worlds Explorer for just $9.99. Or if you just want to order The Black Claw, a PDF of the adventure is available here for $2.99.


Licensee Spotlight: Savage Mojo

Heads up, Shaintar fans!

The Thundering Skies Player’s Guide is now available from Savage Mojo. Written by Darren Pearce, this 32-page supplement includes new player options and enough campaign background to create any hero you want in this turbulent time. You’ll find some great new character options that run from skills, languages, Hindrances, Edges, and gear as well as a few hints about what’s to come for the world of Shaintar.

The Thundering Skies Player’s Guide is an extract of the full Thundering Skies campaign book, coming soon from Savage Mojo.


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