The Savage World of Flash Gordon’s ALIVE!

After an exciting couple of weeks of holiday bacchanalia (during which most of us here were dividing our time between working and celebrating the season with family and friends), the complete PDF of The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ Roleplaying Game core rulebook is now available for purchase for just $19.99 USD!

The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ Roleplaying Game core rulebook contains updates to the Savage Worlds core rules system, new rules for powers, races, Edges and Hindrances, gear, rocket ships, and some of the most unique Setting Rules we’ve ever designed! It also includes a gazetteer of the fantastic world of Mongo, a Plot Point campaign, Savage Tales, and a host of heroes, villains, and horrific beasts for the Game Master’s eyes only.

Charge your engines and set a course for Mongo! Download The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ Roleplaying Game core rulebook* today.

*** Note: If you purchase this PDF today, we’ll email you later with details on how to upgrade your purchase for a print copy of The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ RPG (+PDF). Print purchases must be from or from the post-Kickstarter PledgeManager. Eligible PDF purchases are from only. For more information, please email:

*Please note that The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ RPG requires the Savage Worlds core rules to play.


Get The Goon™RPG… Now in Print!

The wait is over, buckos!

While all the preorders for The Goon™ Roleplaying Game are currently on the way to their new homes, you can now order your own Print + PDF bundles directly from us to ensure you get your mitts on these goodies right away.

Printed in our standard graphic novel format and also available in a Limited Edition hardcover, the The Goon™ RPG gives you and your pallies the opportunity to join up with the Goon’s crew to take down rival gangs, crush brain-eatin’ zombies, and KO rampagin’ robots.

This product requires the Savage Worlds core rules to play.


The Fear Agent™ Roleplaying Game – Now in Print!

Listen up, “recruits” (note the quotes)!

Your mission (and choosing not to accept it isn’t an option) is to go forth and kick some serious alien butt in the intergalatic, pan-dimensional universe of the Fear Agent™ Roleplaying Game! For those who’ve been champing at the bit to head out into the farthest and most twisted corners of the galaxy, the Fear Agent™ RPG is now available in print. While preorders are rocketing their way to homes as we speak, the rest of you can order your Print + PDF bundles directly from us right here, right now.

Printed in our graphic novel format and also available in a Limited Edition hardcover, the Fear Agent™ RPG will take you to the terrifying edges of space and time!

This product requires the Savage Worlds core rules to play.


Flash Gordon™ RPG Action with Scott Woodard This Week

Savage Worlds on the WebTonight, starting at 8pm Pacific, tune in to Saving Throw’s Twitch channel for a Savage World of Flash Gordon™ One-Shot adventure run by Flash brand manager, Scott Woodard. Discover the sinister secret behind… The Deadly Dust! Scott will be joined by Allisyn Arm, Dylan Snyder, Jen Kretchmer, and Jordan Caves-Callarman (the Marshal from Saving Throw’s Friday night Deadlands show). Expect plenty of action, adventure, and just a dash of hilarity!

Then, catch up with Scott on #rpgnet this Thursday, January 11th starting at 7:30 Central. Follow along and interact with Scott as he discusses all things Flash. Feel free to ask questions about the game, plans for the line, or anything at all about the history and universe of Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, Dr. Hans Zarkov, and Ming the Merciless.

If you can’t make it, be sure to read the transcript afterward on The Hardboiled GMShoe’s Office #rpgnet* interviews.

* Nope, #rpgnet and aren’t the same. Get the details here.


Meet Jodi and Clint at PAX South This Weekend

This weekend, January 12th – 14th, Jodi and Clint Black will be representing both Pinnacle Entertainment Group as well as their own company, Carolina Game Tables, at PAX South in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.

If you’re attending the convention, be sure to swing by Booth #10453 in the main Exhibit Hall. Bring all your Savage Worlds questions along for Clint (aka “The Rules Guru”) and, if you’re especially nice, he may just share a few details with you about Savage Worlds Black!


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