Savage Worlds GM Starter Kit Sale $99!

Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday is gone. No more sales, right? Wrong!savage-sale-package

We’re hoping this specially priced bundle for our Savage Worlds GM Starter Kit—$99.99—inspires the next generation of school age Game Masters. We can tell you from experience that kids love to stat characters, and you’ll love hearing about their new creations!*

Veteran Savage Worlds GMs may also want to pick up the Savage Worlds GM Starter Kit for a new copy of Savage Worlds Deluxe, the Fantasy Companion, the Horror Companion, the Super Powers Companion, and the Science Fiction Companion, and get a sweet set of Savage Worlds Bennies and handy Savage Worlds Status Tokens to keep your combat Fast! Furious! and Fun!

Whether you’re donating the set to your local school Game Club, wrapping it up for your niece, or secretly ordering the Savage Worlds GM Starter Kit for yourself, we hope you find something special for everyone on your shopping list this holiday season.

But you better hurry: savings this good only last a short time. A week, in fact! You know you’ve wanted to get your kids or the neighbor’s kids gaming. Order the Savage Worlds GM Starter Kit today!

* True story: the electric alligator in Deadlands Noir Companion was an original creation by Clint and Jodi Black’s 8 year old daughter.

Spanish Translations Score a Big Win!

Savage Worlds en EspanolCongratulations to our official Spanish publishers, HT Publishers! The Spanish edition of 50 Fathoms won best RPG supplement in El Premio Rolea. Their edition of the Savage Worlds Core Rules was a finalist in the Best RPG category.

It’s great to know that the game is in good hands and doing so well in Spain. It’s also nice to know that if you get tired of playing in your language, there are other award-winning options available!

GRAmel Releases Worldcrafting

GRAmel Games' WorldcraftingSome jobs are just bigger than others. Building a house is tougher than building a table—but what if you’re trying to build a whole world or cosmology? Where do you start? What do you wait on? GRAmel Games has released Worldcrafting, a collection of essays by Andrzej “Enc” Stój and other experienced authors and designers to help!

You can use Worldcrafting to create a world for any game, but lucky for you it already references the Savage Worlds rules. You won’t have to do any conversion while you’re doing all your creating!

Spawning a world from nothing is a lot of work. Get yourself some help today!

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