SWADE Update 4.0—Print Candidate—Now Ready for Download

Update 4.0 (double check the “Sticky Note” on the PDF cover to be sure) of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is now ready for download!

This latest update finalizes the core rules for printing. Please note that we won’t be opening a dedicated forum for feedback this time as this is our print candidate and we really need to lock this down. We’ll certainly keep an eye on general conversations in our forums and in the Official Savage Worlds Facebook Group for any critical issues.

Thanks again for all the incredible feedback, and may all your dice Ace!


The Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild Launches January 22nd!

Next Tuesday, January 22nd, the new Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild goes live offering you (yes, YOU) the opportunity to create new and original content using the Savage Worlds rule system and sell it on OneBookShelf platforms like DriveThruRPG.com, DriveThruCards.com, DriveThruFiction.com, DriveThruComics.com, and WargameVault.com.

For creators, we’ll offer a range of art, templates, and logos to help you accomplish your ideas for Savage Worlds, and we have created comprehensive guidelines to start sharing your worlds with the real world.

Unlike other community content programs, creators will retain the rights to the material they publish and once you activate your Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild title for public sale, your account will begin to accrue a 60% royalty every time your title sells.

You may also now publish using the Savage Worlds Fan License if you wish to produce unapproved, free, material on your own website. Fan licensed material does not allow Pay What You Want pricing or exclusive content to patrons—it must be completely and immediately free to everyone. And please note that a new, high-res PSD of the Fan logo is now available for download.

Please visit our licensing page for further details or contact PEGLicensing@gmail.com.

We can’t wait to see what you all have in store for the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild!


The Big Easy: A Deadlands Noir Card Game – Coming to Kickstarter!

We here at Pinnacle are VERY excited to team up with Last Lion Games for the first of what we hope are many card and board games based on our properties!

First up is The Big Easy, a stand-alone card game that takes place in the world of Deadlands Noir. Best of all, the game was designed by the author, himself, John Goff (Deadlands Classic and ReloadedDeadlands: Hell on Earth Classic and Reloaded, and many others).

The Big Easy casts you in the role of a hard-boiled private detective, patent scientist, houngan, or other noir hero. Your gumshoe must prowl the mean streets of depression-era New Orleans to solve a gruesome murder or other mystery. Along the way you’ll encounter some of the city’s most unsavory characters, cultists, and criminals. You’ll also run afoul of terrible monsters like crossroads demons, Hydes, tonton macoutes, and more! But the greatest challenge will be racing your rivals to solve the mystery…and earnin’ a hell of a payday.

To learn more, visit Last Lion Games and sign up for the newsletter, so you’ll be the first to hear when The Big Easy comes to Kickstarter soon, along with other news and updates.


Meet Jodi and Clint Black at PAX South This Weekend

This weekend, January 18th – 20th, Jodi and Clint Black will be representing Carolina Game Tables at PAX South in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.

If you’re attending the convention, visit Booth #10206 in the main Exhibit Hall where you’ll find them along with Sean and Robin Bircher of the Savage Rifts® development team!

They’ll answer all your questions about Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and they’ll also have some additional information to share about the upcoming Deadlands Noir card game, The Big Easy!


Have You Seen The Savage Sign?

The Savage Sign is live on Kickstarter through Friday, February 8th.

Inside this amazing-looking volume from Ace licensee, Sigil Entertainment Group, you’ll find an impressive bundle of goodies to enhance your Savage Worlds fun. There are four immersive, ready-to-play settings, exciting new character options, awesome gear, new custom setting rules, creature features, stand-alone Savage Tales, short stories, a six-page comic, and lots more to make your fun faster and even more furious!

Want an insider’s look and a few extras? Check out The Savage Sign Patreon. And be sure to join The Savage Sign Discord community where you can chat with contributors, play games, and meet up with fellow Savage Worlds fans.

Support The Savage Sign on Kickstarter today!


East Texas University Premieres Friday on Saving Throw

Savage Worlds in the Media

The popular Savage Worlds livestream, Wildcards, returns to Twitch this week with a brand new campaign!

After concluding their epic Deadlands: Reloaded game at the end of 2018, the entire cast is back, but this time they’re headed to East Texas University.

The all-new campaign begins this Friday at 8pm Pacific, and unlike the 1980s ETU: Undeclared mini-series they ran for the SWADE Kickstarter, this game will be set in the modern day. In fact, they’ll be playing through the Degrees of Horror Plot Point Campaign for ETU, but you can bet they’ll definitely be putting their own stamp on it.

With new characters, a new setting, and a whole new edition of Savage Worlds to explore, this promises to be a wild ride through the hallowed and only somewhat haunted halls of academia, so be sure to head over to the Saving Throw Twitch channel this Friday night for the live, world premiere.

“Go Ravens!”


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