Rifts is Coming for Savage Worlds!

Rifts for Savage Worlds Preview CoverWe’re pleased to announce that we will be developing Rifts for Savage Worlds! We’re early in the process now, but Shane* says we anticipate a core setting book in time for Christmas.

Rifts is a classic muti-genre post-apocalypse game with elements of everything from fantasy and mythology on through cyberpunk and mecha, the realization of Kevin Siembieda’s vision of a game with everything for everyone.

“I’m really excited to see what Rifts will look like in the Savage Worlds system,” said Siembieda. “The Savage fans are great folks, and I think Rifts is going to be an amazing amount of fun for them, letting them explore all the possibilities of both the system and the setting.”

Be sure to keep up with the Pinnacle news for more information as it becomes available!

* You know, leaky ol’ Shane who likes to pass out target dates, which just gives me hives. If it weren’t for him, I might never admit to anything! — Joel


Lankhmar: City of Thieves Invades the Internet!

Lankhmar: City of ThievesLast week, we announced that Lankhmar: City of Thieves is now available for immediate PDF purchase and print preorder from the Pinnacle Web Store. Immerse yourself in the subterfuge and drama of Fritz Leiber’s world of swords and sorcery with the core setting book as well as the Lankhmar/Nehwon Poster Maps (or PDFs for Lankhmar and Nehwon).

Some of you rose to that self-immersion challenge and are sharing your thoughts with others! Not only are we featured as Sean Patrick Fannon’s Pick of the Day for April 20, we’ve also been reviewed by The Most Unread Blog Ever and Miskatonic.co.uk! Heck, for a limited time, you can even find previews on Roleplayer’s Chronicle!

Be sure to check out this exciting new world of adventure, intrigue, and skullduggery—or just go ahead and preorder today!

Dead Man’s Hand on the Lips of the Living!

Dead Man's Hand Now Available!Visit Visionary’s site for exciting news and a round-up of reviews of Dead Man’s Hand!

Dead Man’s Hand is in comic shops nationwide now! This full-sized edition includes the four one-shots originally published by Image Comics, two new short stories, an exclusive teaser for the first upcoming Deadlands novel, and more bonus content than you can shake a rattler’s tale at!

Unlike some of the less savory elements of the Weird West, Dead Man’s Hand might not last forever. Be sure to get your copies while you can.

Shaintar-Accursed Crossover Adventure Released

Darkest Tides, an Adventure for Shaintar and AccursedDarkest Tides is a full-length adventure that brings together the fantasy worlds of Shaintar and Accursed! Originally designed for a band of Shaintar Rangers, Darkest Tides is easily adaptable to a group of Witchmarked heroes from Accursed.

Darkest Tides includes details for the regions of Cata’Lasis in Shaintar and the corresponding city of Respite on Morden in Accursed as well as all the mechanics you need to combine your high and dark fantasies. Be sure to check it out today!