Necessary Evil: Breakout Available for Preorder!

Necessary Evil: BreakoutThe villainous resistance of New York City was one of the last to hold against the alien invasion, so the evil v’sori placed Manhattan beneath an unbreakable energy field. Trapped within, the city’s toughest and most cunning super villains must battle it out for food, weapons, resource, and dominance—but they are not alone! Can you survive? Can you Breakout?

Necessary Evil: Breakout, the second book in the series, is actually a prequel set before the events of the Necessary Evil Plot Point Campaign. You’ll need the Savage Worlds core rules and a copy of the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition) to play, but you don’t have to have the original Necessary Evil.

Necessary Evil: Breakout is available in your choice of editions. You can get the print copy in either paperback or hardback—both of which come with a free PDF of the book—or you can go all digital and buy the PDF itself. Note that the PDF is not available right now, but you’ll get an e-mail when it is available (which we expect to be sometime this week). For those of you running for groups that like PDF, check out the Necessary Evil: Breakout Player’s Guide—it includes all the materials the players need and come with a site license to print a copy for everyone at the table (and is available immediately)!

Either way, gear up for adventure, because you’re the last, best hope to get off the prison island of Manhattan once and for all!


Tour the Wasted West with New Combat Map!

Hell on Earth Wasteland Highway Combat Map PDFWhether it’s you or your motor runnin’, we’ve got the Hell on Earth Wasteland Highway Combat Map Set PDF to put the ground under your feet! You get three desert wasteland highway maps with broken rubble, an intersection, and a two-lane highway between rocky spires.

You can use these maps separately or with our Hell on Earth Wasteland Combat Map Set PDF for a larger slice of the Wasted West. Either way, you get several print options, including your choice of gridding, scaling, and zooming! Shape the world to your desires today and in the far-flung radioactive future!

#SavageSeptember Contest Begins!

#SavageSeptember ContestIt’s finally time for you to be an internet sensation* (if you’re not already)! For our #SavageSeptember contest, tell us which Savage Worlds setting is your favorite and why in a share-worthy graphic. It can be anything from a photo to an animated gif to a short video—use your imagination!

The winner gets $50 credit to the PEGinc webstore for you to use on anything. Whether you go for something exciting like Bennies or books or something practical like offsetting shipping to the Antarctic Research Station, you can use that credit however you like!

Remember, you must email a link to your post to If you don’t, you’re just not eligible to win. All Savage Worlds settings from Pinnacle or Savage Worlds Licensees are eligible.

* We’re using “sensation” pretty loosely here. Don’t expect those big iChecks to start rollin’ in…

Stone and a Hard Place Now Near You!

Stone and a Hard Place for Deadlands: ReloadedStone and a Hard Place is shipping! Most Kickstarter backer orders should have left the warehouse by now, and the preorders will be following immediately. The warehouse thinks they’ll all be shipped by the end of next week. Be sure to keep an eye out for any packages you’ve got coming soon.

That means all the books, maps, and minis for Stone and a Hard Place are no longer preorders from the Pinnacle Store—they’re just plain ol’ available to buy in the Deadlands: Reloaded section! Check ’em out today, and get ol’ Stone dead to rights. Just watch out, because he’ll still be dead on your left, and it ain’t slowed him down none yet!

Find Us Nearly Everywhere!

Savage Worlds in the MediaIf you’re going to be at Tacticon this week, keep an eye out for Shane Hensley and David Boop. They’re going to be there too!

Our own Preston DuBose will be interviewed live on Living 4 Crits, a G+ On Air event scheduled for 10:00 pm Central/11:00 pm Eastern. Tune in for the full fun factor!

Catch a big block of Savages (Clint Black, Scott Woodard, Jodi Black, and Sean Patrick Fannon) with Kristian Serrano on Savage Blogger’s Network’s Gen Con 2015: 28 Days Later with Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Listen to one of our webmasters Sara Quinn as a guest on Meeple Syrup talking about all sorts of things Savage Worlds and gaming.

Heck, with this amount of coverage, you might want to check behind that cupboard door to make sure I’m not hiding in your kitchen right now…

Wild West Floor Plans from Fabled Environments!

Fabled Environments' Wild West TownThis is the time for all you purists out there to start a western game! If you’re a fan of the old west and have had trouble finding good floor plans, then welcome to Whistle Reach Junction. It’s the town in Fabled Environmentsnewest release and is sure to please.

An Average Wild West Town gives you everything you need to build your own little slice of Western heaven! You’ll get seven buildings, plus a cemetery, plus the streetscape to tie it all together—check it out for full details. Plus you also get lots of print and overlay options, all produced by a professional interior designer/architectural drafter. Yep—you get bathrooms and fire escapes!

To help celebrate the release, Savage Bloggers Network is excited to bring you the Fabled Environments Map Giveaway Contest. The rules are simple—in 250 words or less, submit an adventure or encounter you’d like to run on one or two Fabled Environments maps. Send that to with the subject line “FE Giveaway Entry” by September 8, 2015, for your chance to win one of these three prizes:

Each of the winning contestants will have the opportunity to write up a one-sheet adventure based on their submitted summary to be published by Fabled Environments with full credit to the author. Get prizes, get published…get crackin’!

Dramascape Releases the Atlantean Temple

DramaScape's Atlantean TempleDramaScape’s latest release is the Atlantean Temple, a 48″ x 30″ battlemap with Hex, Square and No overlay options. It also includes a Savage Worlds adventure, a 360 view of the inside of the Temple, and the VTT (Virtual Table Top Images for online play)!

The temple is land-based, includes the interior map and the exterior surroundings, and is set in an era before Atlantis slips beneath the sea. Designed for fantasy settings or as a temple of worship, the Atlantean Temple could be used for all sorts of arcane and mysterious purposes. Grab it and try a few of your own!

A Belated Farewell to Dave Magnenat

In Memoriam Dave MagnenatWe get a lot of mail and e-mail at Pinnacle, and most of it is pretty familiar. Sometimes, though, it’s not.

Mary Jane Magnenat contacted us to update her husband’s contact information so we could ship his rewards from the Last Parsec Kickstarter. We were glad to hear from her so we could ship the rewards, but not to hear why we were hearing from her. Dave passed away from leukemia in December.

She said, “I am still getting things in the mail that are perks for Kickstarters that he helped fund. He was busy while in the hospital! Savage Worlds made him happy. I am still gaming with the group Dave and I started 20 or so years ago in Bremerton, WA.”

She sent us the picture of Dave we’ve used here, a selfie from the hospital. He’s smiling and hasn’t lost his hair yet. It’s five days after his diagnosis, but only weeks before he passed away.

Our sympathies—as delayed as they may be—go out to Dave’s family and friends. We’re glad to hear the group is still gaming, and that at least that much of Dave lives on with his wife, his buddies, and us all.

If you’ve got a long weekend coming up with Labor Day, be sure to spend some of it with family and friends. Enjoy their company, and let them enjoy yours. Have a good time and cherish it. Make some memories. There may be a day when that’s all you have left or have left behind.