Happy Jacks Live-Streaming Savage Rifts®

The Tomorrow Legion: Happy Jack's Actual Play of Savage RiftsOur friends at Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast have posted Episode One of the Tomorrow Legion: The Official Savage Worlds Rifts® Actual Play series.

Catch the next installment live on their Twitch feed January 23! Follow along into the future every other Monday at 7:45 pm Pacific.

If you want to get into the character creation, be sure to listen to Episode Zero: Character Creation to see how it all began. You’ll also get a good grasp of the Setting Rules that really bring the Rifts® magic!

If you’re new to the Happy Jack’s crowd, they’re an entertaining bunch, and you’re in for a good time. They don’t, however, usually subscribe to the same PG content targets that we keep around here. If that’s a concern, exercise some caution.

Raising the Bar at Genghis Con

Genghis ConDon’t miss out on Genghis Con 40—you’ll get more Savage Worlds games than any other convention, including the big hitters like Gen Con!

This is also the place to kick your GMing up a notch, too. All those games lead to experienced GMs, and they’re ready to share. Sign up for Savage Worlds Gamemastering: Raising the Bar and hear from Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs, Ron Richenbach, Camden Wright, and Norm “No Relation” Hensley. Get their tips, tricks, and techniques for running consistently excellent games.

Can’t make it? If everything works out right, there will be a video available afterwards. Make any offerings to the AV spirits you feel appropriate.

Weird War I Narrative Missions Now in Hebrew!

Weird War I Narrative Missions in HebrewDo you want to use Narrative Missions from Weird War I, but you’re struggling to read this in Hebrew through a translator? Then this is your happy day, my friend.

Weird War I: Narrative Missions in Hebrew is now available as a free download! Our thanks and kudos go to Oded Deutch for his translation and willingness to share. You may also want to check out his blog for more gaming discussions in Hebrew.

Have something you want to make available for everyone, too? Be sure to check out the Savage Worlds Fan License and go wild, my friends. Go wild.

ArcKnight Kickstarts Flat Plastic Miniatures 2

ArcKnight's Flat Pack Minis 2 KickstarterArcknight returns to Kickstarter for more Flat Plastic Miniatures in the aptly named Flat Plastic Miniatures 2! They’re expanding their range from the last two years with more and new art into new genres. If you’ve missed them so far, now is the time to join in!

The initial start includes five new big packs—Dragonborn, Demon Blood, Pirates, Spacefarers, and Cyberpunks. But the excitement doesn’t stop there, because they’re accepting custom requests! That’s right, this is your chance to get that crazy mini you’ve always wanted—if you’re lucky or convincing.

Be sure to check the Flat Plastic Miniature 2 Kickstarter today for full details on Backer rewards and stretch goals.

Deadlands: Reloaded on Geek & Sundry

Savage Worlds on the WebThe fine folks over at Geek & Sundry have been swept up in HBO’s Westworld excitement—just like many of you!* Now that the season is over, what can you do to get your fix of Western thrill and danger?

Read their 5 Western Themed Game Delights article for suggestions on how to scratch that itch with some games. Here’s a hint—Deadlands: Reloaded is on the list. There are also card, board, and dice games on the list, too. Be amazed at the variety, but you can’t marvel if you don’t go read.

* Okay, many of us as well. You caught us.

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