Deadlands Classic 20th Anniversary Edition Digital Floodgates Opening Soon!

Deadlands 20th Anniversary Edition KickstarterBackers of the Deadlands Classic 20th Anniversary Edition, clear some space on your hard drives! As soon as Kickstarter finishes processing the funds from the Deadlands Classic 20th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter, we’ll start sending out the digital products that are ready to mosey your way—and it’s right close to a stampede!

You’ll be getting the Deadlands Classic 20th Anniversary Edition PDF with all the newly-colorful art, wallpapers, bookmark PDFs, digital comics from Visionary, and much more! Be sure to catch the full list of what’s expected in the latest Kickstarter Update.

Wondering what might come down the printed trail, are you? That’d be most of it, amigo, but you can read the Kickstarter Update for details and expected timing, too.

Now, if I was a bettin’ man, I might be watchin’ my computerized version of the Pony Express closely over the next two or three days. If I was a bettin’ man, that is.

Deadlands: Good Intentions PDFs Chompin’ at the Bit!

Deadlands: Good Intentions KickstarterYou can’t keep a good man down—or keep great PDFs bottled up! As soon as Kickstarter finishes some processing on their end,* there’s a big handful of PDFs ready to come to backers of the Deadlands: Good Intentions Kickstarter.

The book itself, the final of the four Servitor Plot Point Campaigns, is ready to come rippin’ at you! Yep, we’ve got the Good Intentions PDF ready to go—no more waitin’.

We wouldn’t just set you off across the Weird West with no directions, though, amigo—that’d be ’bout the same thing as killin’ you where you stand. You’ll also be getting a mess o’ map PDFs to show you around. Some of you might even use ’em to find places to hide from what’s comin’ your way—heck, sometimes bein’ yellow-bellied is the best way not to be a red smear!

Feast your eyes on the latest Good Intentions Kickstarter Update for full details on what’s comin’ out now, what’s comin’ out soon, and what’ll be crawlin’ up out of the ink buckets and settlin’ on the paper. At least, we hope those books are paper…

* We expect that to happen sometime before the next Sunday service out here in the Weird West, but the calendar’s been known to wriggle ’round a bit.

50 Fathoms Explorer’s Edition GM Screen Inserts Available

50 Fathoms Explorer's Edition GM Screen Inserts PDFThe world of 50 Fathoms is no place to find yourself without knowing your way. A map, some charts, or substantiated rumor is something, but you’re best off really knowing what’s going on and having a guide. Let the new 50 Fathoms Explorer’s Edition GM Screen Inserts PDF be your guide to running through the drowning world of Caribdus!

The landscape-formatted pages are designed to fit neatly into the Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen and include all the charts and references you need to run the game as well as art from the books to help set the mood for the players. Chart your own course, matey, and decide what goes on the inside for you and what you run up the sails for your players! You pick what you print, so they can even be the same thing if you want.

Treats for Tricks—Free Halloween One Sheets!

Savage Worlds Halloween One Sheet AdventuresIt’s that time of year, the time to take a break and scare the willies out of your players with a Halloween game. If you think you’re too low on time or money, we’ve got you covered with a spooktacular host of Halloween One Sheets!

From the ancient past to this very day, we’ve got something scary for you in our free One Sheet Adventures. Check out The Brides of Dracula for Solomon Kane, The Eternal Nazi for Weird Wars, Scare Crow for Deadlands, The Mutator for classic zombie action, Harvest Home for Rippers horror, or Brewhaha for campy East Texas University fun.

If you want something a little meatier—and not necessarily in a good way—grab The Wild Hunt Test Drive for modern terror with characters and Figure Flats included! It even includes the introductory Savage Worlds rules.

We’re not the only ones ready to drop something in that plastic pumpkin of yours, not by a one shot!* Richard Woolcock has Samhain Surprise waiting for you, including maps, so you can go marauding as real goblins. And don’t forget the Pinnacle Forum—it’s a great place to hang out, chat, and maybe grab a copy of HawaiianBrian’s What Lies Beneath, an homage to the old Tales from the Crypt comics.

Whatever you do for Halloween, have a good time, but make sure you’ll still be there when the sun rises on November.

* See what I did there? That’s what we call a pun. Well, it’s what I call a pun, anyway.

Step Up and Save a Savage Son

Savage Worlds for a Good CauseIt’s not often we use these updates to raise money for charity, and it’s incredibly rare that we do so for a single individual. But that’s exactly what we’re about to do.

Eduardo “Dudu” is seven years old and fighting leukemia. He’s scheduled for a transplant that can likely save his life, but he needs our help to make it happen.

Why Dudu out of all the patients out there? He the son of the Savage Worlds line manager for Retropunk, our Brazilian Savage Worlds licensee.

They need to raise about 10,000 reals. While that sounds like a lot, it’s only about $3,500 US. Any contributions you could make would be incredibly helpful. Just $25 could make a big difference. If every regular reader gave a dollar, that would more than cover the procedure. Retropunk is accepting all donations via PayPal at, with every dollar going straight to the family.

Most of us play RPGs to be heroes, to make a difference, to make our mark on the world. Today, you can do that for real. Don’t let this chance pass you—or Eduardo—by.

Beasts & Barbarians Returns!

Beasts and Barbarians Golden EditionBeasts & Barbarians Golden Edition is back, now in both softcover and hardcover print-on-demand as well as PDF!

Not only is GRAmel’s sword-and-sorcery back in print, but it’s been improved with several tweaks, errata fixes, and layout upgrades. What are you waiting for? Grab a sword, a dagger, or something more arcane and dive back into a world of adventure, a world of Beasts & Barbarians!

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