Savage Worlds Kickstarter: Two Final Rules Previews!

With just one week (gasp!) until the launch of our Kickstarter for the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, Pinnacle Entertainment Group President, Shane Hensley presents two final sneak peeks of what’s in store beginning with a eulogy for Charisma, followed by a look at the revised rules for Multiple and Repeat Actions.

Take it away, Shane:

So Long to. . . Charisma!

Yup. You read it correctly. Charisma as a Derived Trait no longer exists in the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Effects of Edges like Attractive are built directly into the description now instead, granting a bonus or other effects to relevant skills.

We’ve felt that Charisma was problematic for quite a while, and the change to Support and its wide variety of uses was the nail in its very likable coffin.

For example, you might want to use Persuasion to Support a friend’s Spirit roll. Attractive adds +1 to Persuasion and Very Attractive adds +2. That works pretty much like it did when it increased Charisma, but we’ve reduced the bonus and it’s more direct in exactly what it affects.

That’s a pretty easy adjustment in play since it works almost exactly the same as before, but it’s a very large change overall and helps greatly with the “Charisma bloat” problem we’ve seen crop up over the years.

This is arguably the single biggest change to the rules, and we know it will take a little adjustment, but our extensive playtests have clearly proven it’s the right move. We’ll also have some specific advice for settings that rely on it heavily, such as Rippers Resurrected, sometime after launch.

From the start, the rule in Savage Worlds has always been that you can’t do the same thing twice… we had other ways to allow things like rapid firing, but characters were very restricted if they wanted to cast two spells as a Multi-Action, for example.

Well… no more! Here are the new Multi-Action rules. Note that they don’t say you can’t repeat an action. You can now make three separate Fighting or Shooting attacks, cast three of the same or different spells, and so on!


Characters can perform up to three actions on their turn. Each additional action beyond the first inflicts a −2 penalty to all actions. Taking two actions, for example, incurs a −2 penalty to both, and three actions is a −4 penalty.

Wild Cards get their Wild Die on each action as usual.

All actions must be declared at the start of the turn and before any dice are rolled. Penalties remain even if a later action doesn’t happen (usually because it was dependent on an earlier success).

Movement and Multiple Actions: A character may perform multiple actions at different points in his movement.

And that’s it for the sneak peeks, amigos. Next week, we’ll be launching the Kickstarter and soon after, you’ll be able to see for yourself how it all works together to make the Adventure Edition the Fastest, most Furious, and most Fun version of Savage Worlds yet!


The Last Parsec: Irongate Pledge Manager is Now Open

For Kickstarter backers, as well as those who might have missed out on the Kickstarter the first time around, the Pledge Manager for Irongate for The Last Parsec is now open for business!

If you supported the Kickstarter, you should have received an invitation and a direct link from via email, but if not, just click this link and log in using the same email address you use for Kickstarter. For new arrivals/late backers, click here.

All of the products from The Last Parsec: Irongate Kickstarter are there, plus a selection of our existing Savage Worlds books and other items, including our exclusive Last Parsec Adventure Deck Cards.

Also note that this is the ONLY way to get your hands on a hardcover copy of The Last Parsec Core, in one of the remaining Limited Edition Box Sets!

We plan to keep the PledgeManager open until November 5th, so make sure you reply by then or shipping costs may change, especially for our international customers (We use freight forwarders for our international customers… if you literally miss the boat, we have to send it by more expensive means!).

If you have any questions at all, email us at

Welcome to Irongate!


New PDFs for Deadlands: A Fight They’ll Never Forget & Map of Gomorra

Doomtown: Reloaded’s 2014 relaunch was accompanied with fiction that allowed players to follow the denizens of Gomorra through a new suite of stories. A Fight They’ll Never Forget is a brand new Savage Worlds adventure for Deadlands: The Weird West written by Shane Hensley along with Alex Wirges & David Lapp of of Pine Box Entertainment.

“A shot rings out from the top of Charlie’s Place, ending Roderick Byre’s promising career. Then three more shots ring out and Wilbur Crowley follows his opponent to the afterlife!”

A Fight They’ll Never Forget is set in the fallout of a conspiracy that led to the very public murders of Roderick Byre and Wilbur Crowley—Gomorra’s latest mayoral candidates. It takes place prior to the Plot Point Campaign The Flood and requires the Savage Worlds core rules and the Deadlands: The Weird West setting books to play. To accompany this adventure, we’re also now offering a detailed Map of Gomorra (known as “Doomtown” to the unfortunate souls who visit it) for just $2.99.

Grab the PDF of A Fight They’ll Never Forget for just $4.99 and the new Map of Gomorra for only $2.99 and take your posse deep into the heart of Doomtown.


Weird Wars II in the Latest Bundle of Holding

Weird War II“Ten-hut!”

If you’re a Weird War II fan, check out the current Bundle of Holding now offering a number of Weird War II products for Savage Worlds as well as your d20-compatible games.

For just $7.95, the Savage Collection bundle includes the Weird War II core rulebook, the Weird War II Player’s Guide, the Island of Dreams adventure, the Ardennes of Darkness mini-campaign, and the Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules.

Plus, if you want to greatly expand your Weird War II experience, grab a hold of the d20 Collection starting at just $17.95. You’ll bring home Horrors of Weird War IIAfrika KorpseBlood on the RhineHell Freezes Over – The Russian FrontLand of the Rising DeadDead from Above, and Hell in the Hedgerows. And while these sourcebooks and adventures are packed with d20-compatible content, the supplemental material can easily be adapted to your Savage Worlds games.

The Bundle of Holding is a site that presents time-limited offers of RPG ebooks at amazingly low prices in support of fantastic causes, and this time around, 10% of each purchase of these Weird Wars offers (after gateway fees) goes straight to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Act now, because these incredible Bundles wrap up, Monday, October 22nd!


Licensee Spotlight: FREE Crystal Heart Starter Set

While the Kickstarter for the upcoming Crystal Heart setting book (from Eran Aviram and Aviv Or) doesn’t launch until mid-November, you can snag a PDF copy of the free Starter Set right now simply by signing up for their mailing list through the Up to 4 Players website.

“In a world where people’s hearts are made of stone, special Agents of the mysterious organization Syn can replace their hearts with ancient Crystals, which grant them superpowers – but also affect their personality and moods in unpredictable ways.

Inspired by anime and superhero comics, the Crystal Heart setting was developed in the webcomic Up to 4 Players as the characters were playing it. Now you too can become a Syn Agent, explore ancient locations and hunt down powerful Crystals!”

Grab the free, 21-page, fully-illustrated Crystal Heart Starter Set today to get the rules for using Crystals, six ready-to-play Agents, a one-shot adventure, a summary sheet with all the necessary Crystal rules, and a two-page comic explaining how to play Savage Worlds!

And to keep up on all the latest developments, be sure to follow Up to 4 Players on Facebook and Twitter.


Hurricane Florence Relief Charity Bundle

Savage Worlds Great Deals For A Great CauseHurricane Florence was a powerful storm that caused catastrophic damage in the Carolinas, leaving several dead and thousands homeless. Not only is the flooding there continuing, residents are now preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Michael.

Fainting Goat Games (The Savage Worlds Deluxe Super Villain HandbookSecret of Sapphire Lake) has partnered with a number of publishers to raise funds for the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund and the One SC Fund. The Hurricane Florence Relief Bundle contains 25 fantastic PDF products including four items for Savage Worlds.

For just $25.00 (retail value, $179.27), not only do you get some amazing Savage Settings and supplements (including the core books for Accursed and Judgment Day), you’re also helping a number of Savage Worlds fans get back on their feet.

Order the Hurricane Florence Relief Bundle through DriveThruRPG today!


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