A New (Free) Adventure for Deadlands Noir!

While The Big Easy is a complete game in its own right, it can also be used as an adventure generator for the Deadlands: Noir Roleplaying Game! And that’s precisely what designer John Goff did for Perchance to Kill, a free adventure for Deadlands: Noir, now available from our store:

The investigators are drawn into a string of murders when one of their professional acquaintances is killed within her own workshop. However, things aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes, they’re actually much simpler—and deadlier.

To inspire himself, John drew Motive, Evidence, and Encounter cards from the deck to form the basis of the adventure, and then he developed the rest of the story from there.

Add Perchance to Kill to your Deadlands Noir library and check out The Big Easy on Kickstarter now!


Free Flash Gordon™ Threat Cards & Bookmarks Now Available

Just like our Creature Cards for The Goon and Fear Agent, this FREE PDF set of fourteen, two-sided Threat Cards for The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ Roleplaying Game puts some of Mongo’s most iconic creatures and adversaries in the palms of your hands.

The fronts of these cards depict original artwork from the Flash Gordon™ comic strips to let players know exactly what sort of threat they’re facing, while the backs feature all the stats the Game Master needs to run encounters.

And to make it easy to find key sections in your rulebooks, download and print our FREE Flash Gordon™ Bookmarks featuring full-color, original character art straight from the pages of The Savage World of Flash Gordon™.


The Big Easy – Funded in 23 Minutes!

Thanks to you, The Big Easy: A Deadlands Noir Card Game from Last Lion Games, was fully funded on Kickstarter within a half hour!

At last count, the first four Stretch Goals have already been unlocked adding new Cases, new Clues, and a new, bloodthirsty Fearsome Foe to the game.

Next up, at $12,000, the Lamia arrives in The Big Easy with the power to Seduce you and seal your fate with her come-to-bed eyes.

Visit the Kickstarter page to learn more, download a PDF of the rulebook, and pledge your support for The Big Easy today!

“Laissez les bons temps rouler!”


This Weekend, Find Savage Worlds at Genghis Con and Con Nooga

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouThis weekend, things are getting downright Savage at Genghis Con and Con Nooga!

First up, it’s Genghis Con 42 in Aurora, Colorado boasting one of the biggest collections of Savage Worlds events (90+!) on the planet, along with one of the largest gatherings of Savage Worlds industry pros and expert Game Masters. This is your chance to meet and game with luminaries like Shane Hensley, Darrell Hayhurst, Christine Lapp, David Lapp, Gilbert Gallo, Karl Keesler, and Scott Woodard, as well as cast members from Saving Throw, the folks behind the incredible Wildcards live stream over on Twitch.

Genghis Con is an incredible show featuring over 70 Savage Worlds games, Friday Night Bar Fight (sponsored by Pinnacle Entertainment Group), and one of the best run Savage Saturday Nights around!

For those on the eastern side of the country, you’ll find Jodi and Clint Black at Con Nooga, Chattanooga’s largest multi-fandom convention held at the Chattanooga Convention Center. While they will be there promoting their amazing line of game tables through their company, Carolina Game Tables, both will be happy to answer all your Savage Worlds questions! A Savage Thunderscape game is planned for Savage Saturday Night, Game Mastered by Mark Swafford, and at least four other Savage Worlds games are on the menu at Con Nooga.

Whether you travel East or West, there’s likely to be a Savage Worlds game near you. If not…start one today!


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