Welcome to Lankhmar: City of Thieves!

Lankhmar_City_of_Thieves_Cover5inDanger lurks in every dark alley of the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes. Can your merry* band of misfits survive sinister sorcerers, treacherous rogues, mysterious assasins, and—most questionably—each other in your pursuit of money, happiness, and power? Are they really even three different things?

Your wait is ended, and Lankhmar: City of Thieves is now available for immediate PDF purchase and print preorder from the Pinnacle Web Store. Come to Fritz Leiber’s world of swords and sorcery, action and bravado! This all-new book contains details on the world of Nehwon and the City of Lankhmar, including Setting Rules, Savage Tales, monsters and foes, and persons of wide renown—including Fafhrd, the Gray Mouser, and their sorcerous sponsors.

You shouldn’t be caught dead in the Smokes without this book. Then again, you should probably avoid being caught dead anywhere. Knowing where you are and what’s around would probably go a long way to that end—consider grabbing the Lankhmar/Nehwon Poster Maps. One side details Lankhmar itself, center of the world of Nehwon, from the Plaza of Dark Delights to the dankest of docks. The other side brings you the whole world, from the lands of the East to the Steppes of the Mingols, from the Inner Sea to the Parched Mountains, and far more! Not only is the map ready to handle your adventures, but it’s wet, dry, and permanent marker erasable—”leave no trace behind” would be my motto if you could remember I was here…

* Merry is definitely optional. “Surly” and “lethal” are perfectly acceptable choices, among many others.


Deadlands Arcana Unleashed!

Stone and a Hard Place Errata and Arcana UnleashedHowdy, amigos! Some wranglin’ jobs keep you busy as a herd of homesick heifers, and we’re bringin’ a little of that to you. As part of our ongoing effort to bring all the Deadlands setting rules in line with each other—and better align them with Savage Worlds—we’re rolling out a barrel filled with a few changes* to the Weird West. Namely, the blessed and voodooist Arcane Backgrounds, and Harrowed as they appear in Stone and a Hard Place. You’ll also find about a half dozen bits o’ errata for Stone that didn’t quite make it to the printer.

It’s tough to predict all the ways the Weird West will change “after the Cackler,” but you can incorporate these three new Arcane Backgrounds into your campaign right away. Ain’t no point in waitin’ none, compadre.

The full slate of Harrowed Edges from Stone and a Hard Place, along with some rules to help keep the Harrowed’s players on their toes, is also waiting for you. Being undead just got a whole lot more evil.

* You got me, partner. It is sort of small barrel when you really look at it. But trust me, it’s chock-full of fun…

Shane’s Tour of Italy Continues!

Italian RPG of the Year 2014Our fearless founder Shane Hensley continues his travels through the shockingly large community of Italian gaming. Not only is Savage Worlds huge there, it’s even Italian award-winning! Check out Umberto Pignatelli (of Beasts & Barbarians fame) with the RPG of the Year 2014 trophy that Shane finally got to visit.

If you’re in Italy now, you can follow in Shane’s footsteps. Actually, why not meet him face-to-face—that’ll be way less creepy. He’ll be at Torino Comics convention this weekend, so drop on by!