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Career Opportunities with PinnacleHere’s proof that 2017 is a shining new year, filled with hope and opportunity unimagined in 2016—you have the chance to join the Pinnacle Entertainment Staff! If you’ve dreamed of having your thumbnail and brief bio included on the Pinnacle Staff page, this might be your lucky day!**

We want to add a part-time Production Assistant to our mix. Check our new Careers page for the link (or download the job description PDF directly).

Even if this isn’t the opportunity for you, feel free to forward it on to anyone you think would be a good fit, even if they aren’t Savage Worlds players. We’re shockingly accepting that way.

* If you actually read that in a pirate voice or added “matey” at the end, then this might be for you.

** You may also want to look into some bigger dreams. I’d offer you some of mine, but I suspect the rest of the crew would advise you against it very, very quickly.

*** I know, there isn’t a three-asterisk reference in the text above. I just wanted to say that your chances of finding a better bunch of folks to work with and get to know is, in my experience, slimmer than the Slender Man after a juice cleanse. If you’re interested and qualified, don’t hesitate. — Joel

New Deadlands One-Sheet: The Soul Stealer Box

The Soul Stealer Box - A One Sheet Adventure for DeadlandsBoxes are for mystery, joy, and wonder. Presents come in boxes. Shipments from the far corners of the world come in boxes. But coffins are boxes, too. You never know what’s going to come out of them…or what might go in…

The Soul Stealer Box, like all our Deadlands One Sheet Adventures, is ready to go as a night or two for your game group, something to slide into an ongoing campaign, or the starting point for a new campaign. Like the others, it’s also totally free.

Get off your duff, hombre. It’s time to answer that age-old question, “What’s in the box?”

Level One Wonk Reviews Savage Rifts®

Rifts for Savage Worlds on the WebThe fine* folks at Cannibal Halfling Games have added Level One Wonk: Savage Rifts® to their series of game reviews. Not only can you see more opinions and application, but this review covers a lot more history of Rifts® than most do.

Go read it today. After all, it’s best to know everything you can before a Rift opens in your neighborhood.

* I actually assume they’re short, angry, and hungry, but that just doesn’t flow as well, nor is it as friendly as “fine.”

Kick Up Your Savage Worlds Games at Genghis Con

Genghis ConMake your plans for Genghis Con 40 now! It plays host to the most Savage Worlds games of any convention, including the big hitters like Gen Con!

With that sort of record, they’ve got some of the best, most experienced Savage Worlds GMs around. This is your chance to learn what they know, and do what they do, by signing up for Savage Worlds Gamemastering: Raising the Bar!

That’s right, you can join Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs plus three more Game Masters that have gone above and beyond with their Savage Worlds games in the last few years. We’re confident in saying that, because we’ve got a hand in picking them! Get their tips, tricks, and techniques for running consistently excellent games.

Who all will be on the panel? Will there be special guests? Will everyone be sucked through a Rift or attacked by creatures of the Weird West? Will it be recorded and available afterwards? Could there be free cookies? Will there be free cars for all attendees? The only* way to find out for sure is to join us there!

* Okay, you can probably just apply some common sense and guess that there won’t be free cars, at least not the full-size kind that actually operate.

Fabled Environments Releases Olympus Inc!

Olympus Inc from Fabled EnvironmentsYou know those conspiracy theorists who say a few handfuls of corporations and secret societies run the world? Not only are they right, but they didn’t go far enough!

The shadows are filled with war and intrigue, greed and betrayal. And you’ve just tiptoed into those shadows, filled with the offspring of the gods of old, stepped down from their perches on Mount Olympus and drawing power from people in a new way.

Welcome to the age of Olympus Inc, the new Savage Worlds setting from Fabled Environments. Get all the details and setting customization you need to play, including a fabulous—some might even say mythical—Adventure Generator.

Remember, if you hear hissing when someone’s brushing their hair, look away.

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