Weird War I Box Sets are Marching to Game Stores Now

If you’ve been eyeing the amazing, jam-packed Weird War I Collector’s Box Sets from afar, they are now officially on their way to your friendly local game shops so that you can take a good, hard look at ’em up close and support your favorite store with your purchase.

If you’re not sure if your FLGS carries Savage Worlds (or if you’re a retailer who would like to be listed with us), check out the Savage Retailers page today to search for stores in your area or to register your store with our Savage Retailer program.

Lastly, if you buy one of the Weird War I Collector’s Box Sets from your local game shop, contact us at with a copy of your receipt (or some other proof of purchase) and we’ll get a comp PDF to you right away!


Critical Role’s Matt Mercer Loves Him Some Deadlands!

Savage Worlds on the WebRecently, the charming and talented Matt Mercer, resident Dungeon Master on Project Alpha’s wildly popular Critical Role show, joined Big Rick of Game Trade Media for a fun and informative chat about gaming and so much more.

While much of the interview is focused on Critical Role and Dungeons & Dragons, at around the 16-minute mark, Matt reveals that one of his other RPG loves is none other than… Deadlands!

Check out the entire interview for yourself and imagine, if you will, Mr. Mercer pinning on the Marshal’s badge to run a few sessions of Deadlands… Hey, stranger things have happened in the Weird West, pardner!


Get Savage This Weekend at a Convention Near You!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouIf you’re looking for conventions in your area featuring Savage Worlds events, just head over to the Pinnacle Conventions page. It’s positively brimming with up-to-date con information for 2018!

This weekend (Presidents’ Day weekend here in the United States), consider a trip out to GenghisCon in Aurora, Colorado, Tri-cities RadCon in Pasco, Washington, or DunDraCon in San Ramon, California.

The Rocky Mountain Savages put on one heck of a show with GenghisCon featuring over 50 Savage Worlds games and, of course, one of the best run Savage Saturday Nights around. You can also game with a few fast, furious, and fun folks, friends, and fellow fans (that’s a LOT of “Fs”) including Sean Patrick Fannon and Darrell Hayhurst, both of Savage Rifts® fame. If that’s not enough to convince you to attend, wait ’til you get a load of their latest promo video!

If you’re near Pasco, Washington this weekend, be sure to head over to the Red Lion Hotel for RadCon, this year featuring Scott Woodard (Flash Gordon™, The Sixth Gun) as this year’s Gaming Guest of Honor, plus John Goff (Deadlands, Deadlands: Hell on Earth, Deadlands Noir, and so much more), as well as Sara and Brendan Quinn of Squid & Crow.

Finally, find frequent collaborator, Randy Mosiondz at DunDraCon in sunny San Ramon, California.


Licensee Spotlight: Melting Point Publishing

Melting Point Publishing is a small RPG publisher and Savage Worlds licensee that is currently looking for a shot of financial support to get some exciting new projects off the ground. Pledge now to help them release adventures like The Krell Effect, Carjacked, Hammer of Fate, and much more.

If you want to get a taste of what’s to come, pick up Still Life and Death, a 43-page adventure of Victorian horror available now on DriveThruRPG.  Early Birds can pledge for the £5 reward level for Still Life and Death, getting it cheaper than DriveThru and helping them toward their goal!

Visit their Kickstarter page today where you can watch their video presentation and check out all their pledge levels and stretch goals.


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