Get Into Irongate for The Last Parsec Today!

After a very successful Kickstarter, the PDF for Irongate, our brand new sourcebook and Plot Point Campaign for The Last Parsec, is now available for purchase in our store, and we’ll soon be accepting pre-orders via Pledge Manager for the print edition, as well. Watch this (outer) space for details!

On top of that, you can also now order and download a host of support products for Irongate and The Last Parsec including a new set of Irongate Archetypes and figure flats, a free form-fillable Table Tent style character sheet, and A Fistful of Ones and Zeroes, a complete adventure set in Irongate written by Savage Worlds veteran, John Goff (Deadlands Classic and ReloadedDeadlands: Hell on Earth Classic and Reloaded, Deadlands Noir, and many others).

Welcome to Irongate!


Lankhmar: Savage Seas of Nehwon Pledge Manager Now Accepts PayPal

We’re excited to announce that our partners at PledgeManager are now offering PayPal as a payment option for the Lankhmar: Savage Seas of Nehwon Pledge Manager!

We close the Pledge Manager on September 28th but don’t tarry. After ordering your physical products in the PledgeManager, email for complimentary PDF copies! And we’d also greatly appreciate it if you’d share the link with friends who might have missed out on the Kickstarter so they can get in on this amazing deal as well! (New pledges can “Request an Invite,” which will then auto-generate an invite for them.)

Get those sea legs ready and we’ll see you all aboard soon!


Savage Rifts® Bennies Are Back!

Attention all Glitter Boys, Juicers, Ley Line Walkers, Mind Melters, and Techno-Wizards!

Savage Rifts® Bennies are now back in stock in the Pinnacle store for just $14.99. These custom, high quality ceramic Bennies come in sets of 20 and feature the Savage Rifts® logo on one side and four unique designs ripped from the universe of Savage Rifts® on the other.

Gear up with a brand new set (or two) of Savage Rifts® Bennies today and take the fight back out into the Megaverse® tomorrow!


Savage Worlds Heads to Germany Thanks to Ulisses Spiele

While we’re all still working behind the scenes on the next edition of Savage Worlds, here’s some exciting news straight from our friends with Ulisses Spiele (Torg Eternity, The Dark Eye):

Ulisses Spiele is thrilled to announce that we will be publishing the German translation of the next edition of Savage Worlds from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. After recently collaborating with Pinnacle President, Shane Hensley on the Torg Eternity roleplaying game, we are happy to work with him once again to bring Savage Worlds to German speaking gamers. Ulisses Spiele will strive to make the German translation of the Savage Worlds “Black” edition just as fast, furious, and fun as the English original!

With Savage Worlds, Ulisses Spiele will add a customizable system to their existing line-up of games, one that has proven adaptable to a multitude of settings over its 15 years of publication. This new edition improves on Savage Worlds’ strengths and incorporates the designs and experiences gained over fifteen years and through the tens of thousands of playtests by its active and enthusiastic fanbase.

We can’t wait to see what Ulisses Spiele comes up with for this new German language edition of Savage Worlds!


Women in Tabletop: The Business of Tabletop Games 2018 with Jodi Black

If you were unable to attend the fantastic Women in Tabletop: The Business of Tabletop Games panel at Gen Con 51, the entire hour-long discussion is now available on YouTube for you to enjoy.

Moderated by Ann Losito from Twist Gaming, our own Jodi Black (Chief Operations Officer and Managing Editor for Pinnacle Entertainment Group) is joined by Meghan Caves (Saving Throw), Brooke Nelson (Asmodee North America), Amanda Hamon-Kunz (Paizo Inc.), Kira Peavely (Kolossal Games), and Julie Ahren (Greenbrier Games Inc.) for a fun, lively, and very informative discussion about the roles of women in the tabletop gaming industry.

Kick back, relax, and click here to check out the entire panel, and our thanks to Saving Throw for making it all happen!


Licensee Spotlight: Danger Magnet’s Legacy of Darkness

New Savage Worlds licensee, Danger Magnet, has a Kickstarter running right now for Legacy of Darkness – a pulp/horror adventure utilizing the Ubiquity system from Exile Game Studio. While the project was funded in just seven hours, of particular interest to Savages is their final, $8,000 Stretch Goal – a complete Savage Worlds conversion!

Legacy of Darkness is a thrilling adventure set within the pulp-inspired imaginations of tabletop gamers the world over. Player characters will scour the surface world of Europe in a race against the Nazis to recover one of the greatest treasure hordes lost to antiquity: the lost treasure of Vlad Tepes, the man the world would come to know as Dracula.

Stock up on garlic, carve a few extra stakes, and head over to the Kickstarter page today to pledge your support and help unlock the Savage Worlds version of Legacy of Darkness!


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