Weird War One Kickstarter Coming Soon!

WWI_announce3The veneer of peace and civility that blankets Europe is about to shatter. When it does, some of those cracks will release things. Things! Beware the madness of men at war, and the desires of those things that feed off such madness!

The Weird War One Kickstarter launches in two weeks. It’s so exciting, even Archduke Ferdinand is looking forward to it. The Kickstarter will run February 16–March 3*, so don’t let it sneak past you while you hunker in the trenches. Be sure you Otto VonBismark your calendars!

*We originally reported a run time of Feb. 9th-25th, and then decided to push our Kickstarter back. There are currently several licensees running Kickstarters—High Space, the Hell on Earth Folio, Olympus, Inc., Against the Axis,  Aaron Allston’s Strike Force—and our friend John Wick launches a Kickstarter for Seventh Sea on the 9th. We want to support all our friends in the industry, so we moved back a week. :)


Hell on Earth Adventure Kickstarter in Last Week!

The Folio 7 KickstarterThe Folio #7 Deadlands Hell on Earth Kickstarter is going into its last week. Art of the Genre brings you an OSR-inspired module featuring a Mad Max style adventure titled Perils of the Co-Kan Run!

Pledge levels are for both digital and physical copies of the module, including a removable cover as in days of old. Stretch goals will bring you more content and even special adventure add-ons.

For more product details, pledge levels, or stretch goals, be sure to visit the Folio #7 Deadlands Hell on Earth Kickstarter today! Remember, this particular future is already on a countdown timer…

Savage Worlds and Deadlands Get High Ranks!

Savage Worlds on the WebYou like us! You really, really like us! You certainly do if Ranker’s Best Tabletop RPG list is any indication, at least.

Go check it out. It’s a user-generated poll of the best tabletop RPG games, and both Savage Worlds and Deadlands are staying near the top. Since it’s updated live, all the games float around a bit, but we’re happy to see two of ours holding their own!

While you’re there, be sure to chip in your own two cents for whichever games you like the best. Let your opinions out for some fresh air!

Savage Fan Star Wars Adventure Available

Savage Worlds Fan License ProjectsWe’re always excited to see what you do with Savage Worlds, and Heathen Monkeys‘ latest adventure is a great example. Aboard the Grinning Gundark is a space adventure set in the world of Star Wars!

No, we’ve not started licensing Star WarsAboard the Grinning Gundark is a great example of what an interested and enthusiastic player can do within the Savage Worlds Fan License. Be sure to visit our Licensing page to find out how easy it can be to generate your own Savage Worlds materials to share.

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