Final Week for Rifts® American Armageddon PledgeManager

This is the FINAL WEEK for the Rifts® American Armageddon PledgeManager! If you were considering pledging $150 US for the MAXIMUM RIFTS® FOR SAVAGE WORLDS reward level to get everything in print, including the Boxed Set, time is running out! (You can also Add-On a Maximum Rifts® pledge level for a friend and split the shipping costs!)

We’ll close down the portal next Tuesday (March 3rd) and plan to begin shipping domestically by the end of the month.

We asked to send out reminder emails to all our backers. Just click the link in that email and log in to check your order for the following:

  1. Your shipping address is correct. Brazil, Canada, and EU backers please read the notes in our Kickstarter Update here!
  2. Verify your pledge level and all add-on items.
  3. Did you pay for shipping? If not, please do it now!
  4. Is your order marked complete?
  5. If you unlock your order to update your address or add-on additional items for your friends, be sure to click the GREEN button at the bottom to pay, or if there is nothing additional to pay, to confirm your order. Unlocked orders will not ship!

If you have not received an email from, or if you have ANY questions, please contact

Finally, as this is the LAST CALL for preorders, please share this announcement with your friends, your game group, and on social media.


Wizards of the Couch Interviews Shane Hensley

Recently, Shane Hensley (Pinnacle President and creator of Savage Worlds) sat down with the fine folks from Wizards of the Couch to chat about alternative RPGs beyond those you’re likely to find on the shelves of your local big-box stores.

Shane also deep dives into his past to share stories of his earliest days in (and out of) gaming, his time working in the video game industry, and the founding of Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Follow and Subscribe to Wizards of the Couch on Twitch and explore their archive on YouTube.

* Please note that the language in this interview, like most Wizards of the Couch interviews, gets a little salty from time-to-time, but it’s still a terrific conversation!


Tommy’s Take on 50 Fathoms: Fire and Earth

Last week, we shared an in-depth video review of Fire and Earth for 50 Fathoms from the League of Gentlemen Explorers.

This week, following on from his comprehensive review of the 50 Fathoms core book (be sure to check that out), we’ve got another detailed review of Fire and Earth from Tommy Brownell over on the Most Unread Blog on the Internet. Ever.

Note that while there’s plenty of stuff in this review for potential players to enjoy, Tommy does spoil quite a bit about this all-new Plot Point Campaign, but he does give plenty of warning to readers before he gets there.


Find PEG’s Jodi and Clint at C2E2 This Weekend

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) returns to the South Building at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

Along with all the amazing celebrity guests, panels, special events, and media screenings, C2E2 is also home to an enormous exhibit hall brimming with all things related to pop culture, entertainment, and yes, a new emphasis on tabletop gaming!

Joining in on the fun, our own Jodi and Clint Black will be on-hand in booth 653 with their company, Carolina Game Tables. Check out their incredible line of gaming furniture and accessories and, of course, chat about Savage Worlds. Our friends from Critical Role will be there (remember when they played Deadlands?) and C2E2 reached out to Jodi and Clint Black to bring more tabletop-related content to the show.

For more information, visit C2E2’s website, and we hope to see you this weekend in the Windy City!


Licensee Spotlight: Secrets of Tyland for Tyrnador

Welcome to Secrets of Tyland, the first campaign for Tyrnador: Fate of Ventar, a high fantasy setting for Savage Worlds from Ace licensee, GRAmel Books.

Stranded in the heart of the Tyland Forest, a desolate area in the south of Ventar, the heroes are involved in a complex plot involving a mysterious series of murders happening in the area. They must find the origin and motivations of the Cult of the Crawler before it is too late!

Secrets of Tyland is a hex-crawl campaign: the players will have almost total freedom in exploring the forest, visiting and discovering locations, and interacting with dozens of NPCs.

In this 320+ page supplement, you’ll find:

  • A whole region to explore in the traditional hex-crawl way
  • Ten dungeons and countless locations to explore
  • Ten Faction Quests
  • Fourteen Savage Tales
  • Rumors and Random Events
  • Dozens of new creatures and enemies!
  • The chance to build your own Stronghold!
  • Treasures of Tyland: a chapter detailing exclusive magical (and non-magical) rewards

Are you ready to unravel the Secrets of Tyland? If yes, check your backpack and venture under the dark leaves of the forest! Secrets of Tyland is now available from DriveThruRPG.


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