Join Flash Gordon™ for a Journey to the Center of Mongo!

Available NOW in PDF for The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ RPG… Journey to the Center of Mongo, an epic, 32-page serial presented in six thrilling chapters for just $5.99 USD!

Dare you enter the uncharted realm of Subworld, home of Wandu, the crystalline kingdom of the mysterious mole-men?

CHALLENGE these strange subterranean dwellers!

CONFRONT ravenous, rock-eating tunnel gators!

COMBAT Ming’s soldiers for control of a massive white sapphire mine!

Journey to the Center of Mongo includes full-color maps, new Mongonian monsters, NPCs, a treacherous new Hazard, and more!

While Journey to the Center of Mongo is designed to be run end-to-end, there are a few places where you can insert your own side-jaunts within this strange, unexplored realm.

This product requires both The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ RPG and Savage Worlds core rules to play.


New Flash Gordon™ GM Screen Inserts

The Flash Gordon™ GM Screen Inserts contain full-color landscape format pages for the Customizable GM Screen and features art from the archives of Flash Gordon™!

For just $3.99 USD, The Flash Gordon™ GM Screen Inserts present all the tables and handy reference items a Game Master needs to run adventures on Mongo in PDF, including new rules updates and alterations available only in the pages of The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ core rulebook!

This product requires the The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ RPG and Savage Worlds core rules to play.


Doomtown Pledge Manager is Closing Soon!

Listen up, pardners!

You’ve got until Monday, March 26th to jump into the Doomtown Pledge Manager and preorder your bundles.

Pick the Marshal reward level ($75 USD plus shipping) featuring everything needed for 2-4 players to dive right into Doomtown including the Base Set, There Comes a Reckoning expansion, all unlocked stretch goals, and the new Doomtown Trunk to hold all your base set cards and expansions.

Select the Sheriff level ($50 USD plus shipping) with the There Comes a Reckoning expansion, all unlocked stretch goals, and the Trunk box.

Or just grab the Millennium Blades Promo Pack for only $5.99 USD plus shipping.

Visit the Doomtown Pledge Manager today and make your selections before they all ride off into the sunset.


Savage Worlds Licensee Kickstarter Roundup

There’s so much Savage goodness on Kickstarter right now, and here are a few standouts from some of our licensees that are currently looking for a few good pledges!

First up, it’s Freedom Squadron from Sean Patrick Fannon (Savage Rifts®) and licensee Evil Beagle Games in partnership with SpyGlass Games. This high-octane “Love Letter to 80’s Cartoon Action Heroes” features new rules and several new options for Savage Worlds including Plans & Operations, Vocation Frameworks and Specializations, Skill Focuses, Gear Points, new Edges, and more!

Next, check out The Dinosaur Protocol from Battlefield Press, Inc. Written by Chris Halliday and Jonathan M. Thompson, The Dinosaur Protocol is a game of mystery, exploration, discovery and adventure in which players take on the roles of scientists, scavengers, hunters, and traders, trying to survive a world whose first masters have returned.

Lastly, get ready to do battle with rampaging kaiju in Savage Tokusatsu from BPB Games. Within the pages of the core rulebook are new rules and character options to get your team of heroes working together to control giant mechs to halt the advance of unstoppable monsters that tower above the city’s tallest skyscrapers. Both Sean Patrick Fannon (Savage Rifts®) and Eran Aviram (Up to 4 Players) are part of the creative team behind this one.

Help support these amazing licensed Savage Worlds settings today!


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